Sunday, 20 March 2016

cakap cakap...senility.

Two days ago I had coffee with Neo at Umbargo - the Cafe across the street from where I live...and we were talking about what Malaysians all over the world talked about when they meet....Malaysia. He has been longer in Australia than must respect lah!

At some point of our conversation he asked me how is it that my classmates were already 70 when I was only 67 (that was what I told him my age was). I told him that maybe it was because they started school much later than me....and left it at that.

Then he asked me what was the "47" that came after "steadyaku" that was my blog name, for? I told him that it was the year I was born....Neo made some rapid calculations and pointed out to me that I am now 69...not 67!

Aiyah these Chinese...always showing up the Malays as not being their equals when it comes to numbers!

But he is right. I am not 67 as I thought I was. I am now 69! 

How did I lose two years of my life? 

I guess the onset of senility is creeping into my life. One coffee with Neo and "bang" two years of my life gone! That's life.  

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