Saturday, 12 March 2016

ALTANTUYA : Najib is Guilty. Not says Bala's widow.

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She holds a press conference to try and secure RM$20,000 for her children's education. So she says.  She also says that whatever her late husband, Bala, had said about Najib's involvement in Atantuya's murder is true! 

And her husband Bala had accused Najib Razak of being directly involved in the murder of it is true that Najib Razak was involved in the murder of Altantuya!

So what is she apologizing to Najib Razak and Family for? 

Why is she apologizing to Rosmah?  For accusing her of murdering Bala? 

This is what happens when first you set out to deceive...what a tangled web you will weave. 

For a few million ringgits that Razak Baginda did NOT give to Altantuya his life has gone to the dogs. Now for RM20,000 what will happen? 

This is what happens when what you do is driven by the need for money. You change your story as and when needed to suit your purpose (that of getting money) and sooner or later, the truth does come out. 

Of course my heart goes out to the plight of this women who need money for the education of her children (so she says)....but what is truth and what is fiction?  It makes one wonder if anybody will ever lend her a helping hand ....unless she has something on Altantuya that nobody has....looks like she does not...hence her present predicament. 

Let that be a lesson to Sirul your back! 

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