Tuesday, 29 March 2016

When will Najib go? "Soon" he said ...ending the conversation with a firm "OK?"

I dislike being awakened at 2AM in the morning as I normally do not go to sleep earlier than 1AM...and when I go to sleep at 1.30AM and my mobile rings at 2AM....I am not at my best. That was what happened early this morning...very very early this morning. I reached for my mobile on the table beside my bed and looked at the number calling was KL. 

I said "Hello"....and I spent the next 40 seconds or so listening to "my friend" telling me that  Najib has asked Zahid if he should leave. That it was a four eye meet - not even FLOM the FLOP was present - just Najib and Zahid telling each other what the other felt about how the cookies were crumbling and how long they each had before "lights out"....that's how we Budak Kolej like to talk about closures of any kind..."lights out!"....he is not my peer but my senior....very super I listened.  

Through past experience I know better than to interrupt "my friend" and as always his tone was measured and precise. And in closing, he asked me not to write about it yet....nothing, unless I hear about it from "other sources" or if "something" happens on the Net or until I hear from him again. 

I was tired enough to fall immediately asleep after that call from "my friend".

This afternoon I got this comment from another Budak Kolej...this time my peer:

"Brother ....heard PMN off earlier than expected"

I had to go to the Clinic to have my wife examined for a persistent cough that was beginning to worry me and when I came back I replied :

"nampak nya begitu".

And then I posted this on steadyaku47 with a sountrack of the Byrds "Turn Turn Turn" because I like the opening lines of the song "To everything, turn, turn, turn. There is a season. turn, turn, turn. And a time to every purpose under heaven". ..because if signified what was now happening in Malaysia. 

"Tuesday, 29 March 2016   The Time of Najib's leaving is almost upon us! Rejoice!!!

Then just after Magrib this evening, after his prayers, another call from "my friend" . A short half a minute call telling me to go ahead and write what I want....but no names and do not quote him in too much detail. 

I asked for a time frame as to when Najib will leave. 

"Soon" he said ...ending the conversation with a firm "OK?"

"Thanks" I said. End of conversation.

There are bits of our conversation I cannot share with you yet because I have been told not to. Bear with me friends.......for now it is enough that we know that the beginning of the end has started to be talked about not in terms of the next election, or the next year. It will not be a long will be "soon". 

It is now 9.46 on a cold evening in Melbourne. I must go to have my dinner.....Red Thai Curry with Spaghetti. I know that after dinner after I have put my wife to sleep.....after I have made myself a cappuccino...I will write some more.  


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