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Sirul Azhar : Can his Malaysian Lawyers get Sirul what Sirul wants? Let me tell Sirul why this will not happen!

For those of you who think that Sirul has something earth shattering to say about the murder of Altantuya....please lah....THINK! 

Sirul is a Corporal who was ordered by Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri to accompany him on a job. If you are in PDRM or even the Army, you know that there is no way that Corporal Sirul will ask Chief Inspector Azilah where they were going, why did they need the C4 for, nor was there an option for Corporal Sirul to do anything but do as instructed by Chief Inspector Azilah. 

He did not ask Chief Inpsector Aziah why Altantuya's body was to be wrapped in C4 after they have shot her dead with two shots to her head. He followed the orders of Chief Inspector Aziah to the best of his abilities.

What about Chief Inspector Azilah? What did he know of Altantuya whom he was  about to terminate and then blow to pieces? 

As much as Corporal Sirul knows. 

We know the sequence of events from the time Corporal Sirul got the order to go out on the job to terminate and blow up Altantuya but we are yet to know who gave the order to  Chief Inspector Azilah to termintae and blow up Altantuya.

That order has to come from Najib's aide, DSP Musa bin Haji Safri and the Malaysian court, in all it's wisdom, has deemed is uneccessary to find out who ordered DSP Musa bin Haji Safri to terminate Altantuya. 

Just a thought. Razak Baginda was in trouble because Altantuya knew too much about the Scorpene Submarine caper - and she threathen to reveal all if she was not paid her dues. As Aide to Najib Razak, DSP Musa Safri takes instruction from Najib Razak not from Razak Baginda. Razak Baginda is a good friend/advisor to Najib Razak. In the trouble that Razak Baginda was in, DSP Musa Safri will only act with specific instructions from his boss, Najib Razak, to do the neccessary to resolve Razak Baginda's problems with Altantuya! The veracity of what I am saying can only be resolved in a Malaysian Court out to find out the truth and nothing but the truth. That Malaysian Court does not exist at this point of time.   
Now on to Sirul.
Sirul does not want to go back to Malaysia. Simply said he has a better chance of staying alive here in Australia then in Malaysia.....but.....and it is a big "but" ....the money, if he can get his hands on it, is in Malaysia! 

This is what Sirul wants for himself : 

He wants to stay unconditionally in Australia with Azhar, (his sixteen year old son now in Sydney), with his seventen year old daughter (who is now being cared for by friends in KL) and with his mother who is now in Taiping.  In his simple mind what is so hard about that? He and his son are already in Australia and all the Australian Immigartion has to do is to allow his daughter and mother to join him in Australia.

Then Sirul wants money to keep quiet about the events before, during and after the Altantuya murder - the amount of which is still being negotiated by persons unknown on behalf of persons unknown with persons unknown.  
This is what his Malaysian Lawyers are now trying to make happen - who pays his Malaysian Lawyers and under whose instructions they work is not known to me.

These are his Malaysian Lawyers:

Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin and Hasnal Rezua Merican
The Chambers of Kamarul Hisham & Hasnal Rezua
Sirul's Lawyers do what other Lawyers do when they have a client that would be their ticket to a retirement where yachts, mansions and unheard of wealth may be possible...and what did these two Lawyers do? 
They Isolate Sirul from anyone and everyone who could possibly give Sirul "advice" that would allow Sirul to think for himself and decide what is best for himsef and his family.

Can his Malaysian Lawyers get Sirul what Sirul wants? 

Let me tell Sirul why this will not happen!
This is Australia. Not Malaysia. There are laws and regulations to be adhered to and conditions to be met. 

Sirul must convince the Australian Minister of Immigration that it is safe for Sirul to be released into the Australian community. He has to satisfy section 501 of the Migration Act 1958 which refers to the Character, general and criminal, of a visa applicant.  

Is this to say that the Australian Government have never made any "back door" arrangements on a G to G (Government to Government) basis before? Yes they may have and will continue to do so in matters of "national interest". Sirul is not a matter of "national interests" to Australia thought he may be of "national interest" to Malaysia. 
Immigration Australia have not allowed Sirul's daughter to enter Australia to be with her father - not even on a visitors visa that would allow her to stay for three months - because they know that once she is in Australia she will do what her father and brother did when they came over on a visitors visa....stay indefinitely in Australia.  

The Minister will not generally  override the provision in the Migration Act where public interest is involved. To do so would be political suicide. The Minister  will not release Sirul, a convicted murderer, into the Australian community. 
After the recent airing of "Dirty Secrets" by  60 Minutes and "State of Fear" by Four Corners the Australian Public will be better informed of Sirul and why he is here....and you can bet anything you like that the Australian government will NOT do any sweet heart deal with Malaysian that will allow his daughter to come over here or allow Sirul free to go into the Australian community and make a life for himself in Australi until the Immigration Department is convinced that Siurl clears his character issues - that he committed the Altantuya  murder because he was "forced " to do that he was not a criminal...just a UTK officer following the orders of his superior. 
The Malaysian government wants Sirul to return to Malaysia (because they and the powers that be will have sirul by the balls! italics!
Sirul will not return to Malaysia without being granted a pardon for the killing of Altanayuya and thus become a free man...or he is prepared to go through retrial provided he is guaranteed to be proven innocent of the same crime. And, of course, there is also the matter of the millions "requested" by Sirul. 

His Lawyer cannot get a pardon or another trial without Sirul FIRST returning to much strings as those Lawyers can pull...there is the matter of due process to be adhered to if a Pardon or another trial is to be "arranged" with a prearranged verdict as requested by Sirul. 

There is always the possibility that the Malaysian government can give a formal undertaking to the Australian government that it will not hang Sirul and commute his death sentence to life imprisonement.....and ask for his extradition. 

What Sirul will do in htis situation is for him to know and for us and the Malaysian governmnet to find out!
So ...stalemate. 

As for the millions "requested" by Sirul....masih di runding.....boleh di runding...akan di runding....sedang di runding (strike out whatever you feel inclined to do so).

How much of all of the above Sirul understand is suspect.
All that his Malaysian lawyers have done so far is appoint this Datuk Ganesan (the Datuk title is from parts unknown because it certainly did not come from parts unknown in Malaysia!) to take care of Sirul's and his son's financial needs in Sydney  - with money remitted from KL (from where and from whom is a matter of conjecture or guesswork)...though I am certain that if you trace the paper trails of all the monies remitted to Dato will lead to you know who lah.
This has been the situation since February 2015.

Note : More to come with emphasis on what Sirul has to do to stay in Australia, about Siirul 16 year old son living in Sydney on a "bridging visa" and about that myterious Datuk Ganesan with links to the Sultan of Sulu! 

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