Saturday, 12 March 2016

cakap cakap....Core Group : Let the Fifty Eight do their Work. There is no turning back!

I can write good or bad on just about everything I choose. Most of what I write are guided by my own perception of of things tempered by a sense of ethics and morality honed over 67 years of life. May I say that these are MY sense of ethics, MY sense  of morality guided by what common sense I have within me, unencumbered by race or religion.

Having said that, I know that what I write will be read by a few people. If I have to choose between writing something sensible that will be read by only a few people and writing something "interesting" that will be read by many others...I must confess that I would have a hard time choosing between "sensible" and "interesting:. Like many of you, my ego tends to have a say in some of the things that I do.....only sometimes.

Nevertheless I am comfortable in the skin that I am now in. Comfortable enough to put my thoughts into the public domain and take whatever good or bad that will come from doing so.

That preamble is meant to make you understand my thought process...and bring me to what I really want to write about.

The Core Group Initiative of which Mahathir and Kit Siang are part of.

In the past I have written good and bad about Mahathir, Kit Siang and even of Anwar. But that is in the past. Today at 67 and staying far far away from the maddening crowd I have to decide what to do in this seismic paradigm shift that politics in Malaysia have just taken.

Last week when I saw Kit Siang sitting a few seat away from Mahathir at the signing of the Core Group Declaration and Azmin Ali on the other side. The symbolism of it all filled me with hope. This is what good leaders do to become great leaders.

Whatever that has happened in the past they can overcome and rise above the fray and forge whatever alliance that is required to move forward for causes and reasons that are bigger than themselves...for their people, their country and times, for what is needed for the future of the rest of the world.

No matter what are the personal agendas of the Fifty Eight that sighed the Core Group Declaration, no matter what the personal and political baggage carried into that small room on that day when they gathered to declare that they are in the Core Group, they all know that what must happen first is the removal of Najib as Prime Minister.

Even Najib's removal as president of Umno comes later!

Mahathir kept that focus throughout the press conference. Everyone else must also keep that focus until Najib is removed. Then all hell can break lose....and we know that it will. What has happened to Pakatan Rakyat can attest to that inevitability.

But for now, why don't we just bite our tongue, hush our mouth, keep that stone hidden in our hand, still our beating heart and for some moments allow those Fifty Eight that have stood up to be counted, to do their work.

Let us not talk too much about this being our last chance to bring ethics,morality and sanity back into Malaysian politics.Let us not fear too much what a rogue prime minister will do to cling to power. Let us not dwell too much on what will and will not happen and what comes after.

Let the collective wisdom of those Fifty Eight that had signed the Declaration work out what they must do now that the dye has been cast. There is no turning back.

What we need to do now is to take personal responsibility to prevent the dark forces from within Najib's side from overwhelming our Fifty Eight.

We can do this because we have the number. I hope you still have the stone hidden in your hand for a time when you might need to use it.

The line has been drawn in the once shifting sand and we all know where everyone now stands.

Do not mock Ku Li because he is not one of the fifty eight. Do not ask Pak Lah why he is not with the Fifty Eight. This is not a "if you are not with us then you are with them" sort of situation. It will be a war of attrition. It will take time.

All that we need to succeed is already with us.

Already the strongest opponents of Najib Razak are on our side.  Already many others are standing up to be counted. If we are to succeed in our endeavours it would do us all good to ponder the ramification of dissent. For sure any dissent within our side will weaken the Fifty Eight.

As I have said int first line of this posting "I can write good or bad on just about anything I choose".I intend to write only good about this Core Group Initiative. There will be time enough to do otherwise when we have achieved our goal of ridding ourselves of this pox that is upon us  call Najib and Rosmah.

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