Monday, 28 March 2016

Give me the racism that exists in Australia for I know I can deal with it...I am powerless against the racism that exists in Malaysia.

If there Racism in Australia? Of course there are! There are racist anywhere you go in this world. Even Sweden and Switzerland. Muslims are being killed in Burma. In the USA racial profiling is still a problem. In the Middle East, Muslims kill each other in another form of Racism that simply defies logic and reason.  

So there is Racism in Australia and there is Racism in fact anywhere you go, there will be Racism....but let me tell you what is the difference between a racist in Malaysia and a racist in Australia.  

The racists in Australia are powerless! 

There are no racists in Australia who are the law makers of the land. No Ministers in the Australian cabinet are racists. The Prime Minister of Australia is not a racist because if he is ever seen to be doing anything bordering on being a racist - he will no longer be Prime Minister of Australia - the Australian people will see to that!

The racists in Australia are mostly uneducated, low-income Australians  who, at most can rant and create havoc for a few minutes in public when they let loose their racism tendencies against the foreigners in public transport or on the streets And when they do, the Australian public will quickly go  to the defence of the racism victim and tell the offender to stop being a racist and will report the incident to the authorities for the offender to be prosecuted. And the courts will certainly prosecute the racist offender and impose upon him or her what punishment it deems necessary.

In Malaysia who are the racists?

The racists in Malaysia are from the highest echelon of government - from the prime minister down. They are the executive authorities, the law makers, the judiciary, the law enforcement authorities....the three million in Umno!

The racists in Malaysia can and do make a difference as to how our country is governed and how things are done to isolate, ostracised and harass those who are different from the Malays. Racism then becomes a tool to advance the cause of one race against the other - for the purpose of political advancement - the political advancement of UMNO!

So please give me the racism that exists in Australia for I can deal with it....I know I am powerless against the racism that exists in Malaysia.      

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