Monday, 14 March 2016

cakap cakap....Why I still blog!

I know Susan from Adelaide....from Kuala Pilah, ex TKC, who has done well for herself in Oz. A Malaysian who, if she had stayed in Malaysia, would have done more for Malaysia than Malaysia could have done for her. She is SONICLEAN - click here and you will learn more about her...but I digress...let me tell you what happened:

About a week ago I received a note from her on FB:

What is your address for delivery?

I sent her my address thinking that she will surely be sending me some interesting news cutout that she must have come across recently....wondering in my hearts of hearts why did she not just email me a copy of the said news....but I did as requested. ......these TKC  girls, as MCKK guys do know,  are not to be questioned. Ours not to reason why.....

Yesterday this is what happened: 
  • Today
  • Susan Lee
    Susan Lee
    Hi HH, Just want to give u a little treat , I have organised an alfresco Malaysian Halal restaurant in Kew call Satay Hut to deliver satay etc to you .. Just need your phone number for him to contact you re time and your favourite food ( the bill is paid)
  • Susan Lee
    Susan Lee
    Satay inn Kew
    He is waiting to hear from me re your phone number for him to deliver
  • Hussein Abdul Hamid
    Hussein Abdul Hamid are too kind....many many mobile 041-----------
  • Susan Lee
    Susan Lee
    If u r in Adelaide, I would have cook for you .. The guy is TPLim ., just choose all your favourite dishes and if u have freezer space , put a way some
  • Hussein Abdul Hamid
    Hussein Abdul Hamid
    tqs Susan....looking forward to it.
  • Susan Lee
    Then I got an sms from TPLim:
    Hi Hussein I have been contact by Susan Lee from Adelaide . She has asked me to cater for you. I need the time and date to deliver the food to your Fitzroy address.
    Can I suggest the following please:
    Ikan assam Pedas
    Sayur Lodeh
    Curry Ayam
    Spicy Sotong
    Belacan Bendi atau Kankung atau French beans.
    Nasi Beryani orPlain Rice.

    Please advise.

    Satay Inn Halal Malaysian Restaurant
    100 Denmark Street 3101

    I was out of credit for my I had to go downstairs to the Korean Deli on the other side of the street, bought some credit ......and this was my reply to Lim.
    Tqs. The following will do.
    Curry Ayam, nasi beriani for one and chicken satay for three people.
    I m already hungry. Possible tomite at 7pm?

    Long story wife, son and me had a wonderful Malaysian dinner last night!
    As I was eating my meal I thought of Susan and sent her the following message through FB
  • Hussein Abdul Hamid
    Hussein Abdul Hamid
    Susan...I am having that meal now....beriani, chicken curry and satay...thank you so much...and Lim tells me that he does read cup runneth over.
  • Susan Lee
    Susan Lee
    Hope the food is ok .. Although u can cook , it's good to have a break and eat someoneelse cooking. But nothing beats home cook food !! Enjoy!
  • Hussein Abdul Hamid
    Hussein Abdul Hamid
    ...will you stop disturbing me....I am eating!
  • Susan Lee

What better way to end the weekend? 

Many thanks made and old man and his family very happy by your kind thoughts of us in Melbourne while you are  724 kilometers away in Adelaide....this is one of those reasons why, after almost seven years and over 7000 postings...I still blog day in and day out! 


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