Sunday, 6 March 2016

Core Group : United in Purpose?

steadyaku47 comment : Everyone present in the room are united in purpose : They all wants Najib to go! If we only we can get into their minds and know for certain why they want Najib to go. If only we could!

Here are my thoughts on what some of those present were thinking about...just my thoughts ok,,,do not take it as gospel!

Zaid Ibrahim : I want to go back as Law Minister or AG?

Lim Kit Siang: Aiyah Guan Eng should come ma! 

Lee Liong Sik : Please make PKFZ go away...

Muhyiddin Yassin : Maybe still got chance to be PM? Maybe....

Mahathir Muhammad : I really, really, really, really want Najib out!

Azmin Ali : Anwar in Sugai Buloh, Azizah kat rumah....same story over again for PKR!

Sanusi Junid : What the hell am I doing  here?

Mukhriz Mahathir : Still got chance to go back as MB Kedah or not?

Tamrin Ghaffar : What the f@*k am I doing here?

Mohammad Taib : I going Australia esok......

Kadir Jasin : Have I got something to write about in my blog esok!

Hishamuddin Rais : I am so happy to be here!

Fauzi Rahman : I hope now they will all come to Pahang and make the Bauxite problems go away.

Guests Artist : 
Samy Velu : Why nobody invite me?