Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Nazri lagi....

It Is You Who Will Be 'Dead', Mr Nazri

“He (Mahathir) is a ‘kaki gaduh’ (serial troublemaker). If we follow him, we’re dead,” he stressed.
Nazri said those in Umno have become used to this and therefore, the emphasis is on the party and to prevent it from crumbling.
As for Mahathir’s intention to participate in the March 27 gathering, Nazri attributed this to personal embarrassment and vengeance.
He said Mahathir wanted to stoke the people’s anger after nobody had come forward to protest his son Mukhriz’s removal from his post as Kedah menteri besar last month.
“You have to remember that Mahathir is a vengeful person. He was embarrassed when his son lost the menteri besar post after less than one-term. That is a big shame for his family and nobody wanted to demonstrate.
“So he (is joining) the (March 27) demonstration to seek revenge against Najib. To me, he just wants to make people angry,” he added.


There is a reason for Mr Nazri’s unflinching loyalty to Najib (apart from the usual handouts).
He was the minister responsible for the MACC, who was so pally and helpful to crook Sabah timber runner Michael Chia.
Chia even gave a massive Hummer motor-vehicle to Nazri’s thuggish son – happily accepted and used.
If Najib had acted on the damning MACC dossier, which landed on his desk, regarding massive and destructive timber corruption in Sabah under the BN henchman Musa Aman, Nazri would have been caught up to his neck.
Instead, Najib abused his power and suppressed the due process of the law to protect this multi-million dollar crime, which saw hundreds of millions swish through Musa/Chia’s off-shore bank accounts.
Najib said it was all OK, because the money was for the party and election buying! Does that sound familiar?
Nazri is one of those who will sink or swim with Najib.  That is why if the country follows Mahathir and the legions of the opposition HE will be ‘dead’.