Monday, 7 March 2016

cakap cakap : To be Malay I must live in Malaysia, be a card carrying member of Umno, write in Bahasa and believe in Ketuanan Melayu?

5.42 AM Monday 7th March

At the risk of boring some of you, let me share with you my thoughts.

It is now 5.44 AM here in Melbourne. Five minutes ago I woke up from sleep, allowed myself a few minutes to collect my thoughts, powered on my Mac and started to put into words my thoughts. I am still too tired to make myself a cup of Nescafe but what someone said to me last night has been bothering me and I want to write about it.

"But for me you are not the right person to speak for the Malays. More so you are not here and all your comments are based on hear say" 

It would be presumptuous of me to even think that I am the right person to speak for the Malays! 

Yes I am a Malay and I have been a Malay for 67 years but for more than half of those years I have not lived in Malaysia, 

Yes I am a Malay but I am not in Umno so how dare I speak for the Malay! 

I am a Malay and I do not write in Malay

How dare I write about the Malays and about what was happening in a land where the Malays are the Tuans? 

It would seems that to be Malay I must live in Malaysia, be a card carrying member of Umno, write in Bahasa and believe in Ketuanan Melayu? 

And in all counts I have failed!  

Agree! Not only have I failed but failed miserably because there is not an ounce of regret in my self for having failed. 

How many Malays are out there who are like me? Maybe not on all counts but at least that part about being a member of Umno? And that part about not believing that the Malays are the Tuans of Bolehland? 

There was a time when I was all that this guy think a Malay should be. I lived in Malaysia, I was a member of Umno and I could write in Bahasa...though not as well as I did in English and I did believe that Malaysia belongs to the Malays because the Chinese had China and the Indians could always go back to India (yes I did then!)

So what changed?

Over the years the leaders of Umno changed and as these leaders changed so did Umno 

Where once Tunku sold his shop houses to raise money for Umno today Umno buys shop houses and more for their leaders. Much much more!

Where once Malay leaders were leaders for all Malaysians and politics was an honorable calling, today Malay leaders are first Malays and are no longer honorable. Malays and politics, Malays in politics have all become synonyms for corruption, arroggance, hubris and just for safe measure...throw in racists and bigots too.

Where once the Malays leaders were decent and had the respect of others in Malaysia, today the Malays leaders in Umno, from Umno and of Umno are probably the very leaders I, a Malay, would NOT want to be associated with in any way....what more the other races!

So let me reiterate....I do not claim nor do I want to speak for the Malays. The Malays of today, especially those from Umno can speak for themselves and this they already do through their deeds. 

A Prime Minister with RM2.6billion of "donations" in his personal account. 1MDB. And a slew of other scams, outright financial abuses and mismangement of our nations resources and wealth all done by Umno, all Malays, all living in Malaysia (at least until they are forced to go into exiled!) and all proudly announcing themselves to be Malays and Muslims to the world. And here are some of them in Umno, from Umno and of help me God! 



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