Monday, 7 March 2016

Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and Mahathir ....these are all good leaders. Now is the time for these good leaders to become great leaders.

In the recent past we have seen images of aruah TGNA walking through the  Masjid Besi Putrajaya, and in that walk through the mosque, aruah Tok Guru transcend his physical self to another level. His physical presence drove the crowd into a frenzy of respect and reverence for a man of politics who in their eyes was more a holy man than a politician.  


We also saw images of the late Karpal Singh fearlessly facing off a bunch of Umno hoodlums in front of Parliament. Even though outnumbered and surrounded by these Umno youth hoodlums, Karpal, in a wheelchair, stood his ground and did not hide his contempt at such a cowardly attempt by the Umno hoodlums to threaten his physical self. Not for moment did the late Karpal gave those Umno hoodlums the satisfaction of caving in to thier threats.

What has Anwar Ibrahim not endured? There is no need to dwell upon the ability of that man to stand up against anything that the powers that be in Malaysia can and did throw at him. He and Kit Siang have seen and endured it all. Now only Anwar and Kit Siang are left among us.

And then from the other side there is Mahathir. 

His commitment to do good for Malaysia and the work ethics he instilled in others and in himself, is, to say the least, extraordinary. That he was able to do so for a period of twenty two years without succumbing to the temptations that often affect other lesser mortals is remarkable. You judge a leader by the manner he conducts himself when no one is watching. From the people that I know, who knows Mahathir, I can report that while he was prime minister, he worked for Malaysia 24/7. 

Though long retired, he is still doing it now.

Anwar, Kit Siang and Mahathir ...these are all good leaders. Now is the time for them to become great leaders!

Do not burden yourself with if's or but's. Question not the sincerity or the veracity of their commitment to the core group. Remember the "core group" is a temporary alliance and the operative word there is "temporary", and in the fullness of time, that core group will be no more. 

You should by now know that Mahathir will never abandon Umno. He only wants to make Umno stronger and more relevant to the times we now live in. He wants Umno to win in the next general election and if that means sitting at the same table as the opposition, Mahthir will do so. Is he not member 000000001 of Umno Baru?

Without Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang's political future will remain just that - a future....a possibility. Anwar Ibrahim can make it into a reality - one where every one is a Malaysian. Together they are our future, so have no fear that they will not be there for each other.

These three, Anwar, Kit Siang and Mahathir, have now become strange bedfellows. Willing companions on a journey of discovery to see what can be possible when old foes unite in that classic union that even Dirty Harry would not shy away from making his own if the situation demands it : The enemy of my enemy is my friend. 

So please friends...take it for what it is : ABN - Anything But Najib!  All the other "reforms" stuff are just preambles to suck everyone in. The success or failure of this "core group" will change politics in Malaysia because, in that catch phrase of Air Asia,..."Now everyone can" together! 

Think of what it can do to civility and respect among politicians in government and the opposition. Think of how that civility and respect can translate into a future where we will once again have in parliament, men of goodwill to debate with each other. 

All this will be possible ...but first we will need to get Najib out of the way.