Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Conspiracy? Azalina don't cakap cakap aja. Just because you talk, act and dress like you are a lesbian, I cannot be 100% sure that you are a lesbian.

Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said today said there was a high-level conspiracy to topple Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak in what would have been a coup…

steadyaku47 comment :

If you google "Malaysia, Najib Razak is corrupt" there are 714,000 results.If you google "Malaysia, Najib Razak is an idiot" there are 711.000 results. And if you google "Malaysia, Najib Razak is a liar" there are 727,000 results.

Azalina there is no high-level conspiracy's to topple Prime Minister Najib Razak. Nobody has to organize anything or anybody to get Malaysian to work together towards toppling Najib Razak as prime minister of Malaysia. 51% of the electorate did not vote for Najib at the last election. After 1MDB and that RM2.6 billion many more do you think have gone to the other side from that 49% that did vote for Najib?

Those figures from google give you an indication what Malaysians are doing when it comes to looking for information on Najib Razak. Corrupt, idiot and liar are but just three of the words associated with Najib Razak. There is also Port Dickson, queen control, clueless ....and of late, what most Malaysians want to know is when Najib Razak will leave office. Not if but when!

This curiosity about what Najib is up too, feeds upon itself. Those who read all those bad things that people say Najib has done in turn want to have their say on the matter ...and they too write on their blog or FB what they think about Najib...and so the negativity grows. And because it is all over the Internet, on WhatsUp and SMS being sent all over the place you presume that there is a conspiracy to topple Najib. 

No lah no conspiracy....we just don't like him. 

How to like a self-confessed Bugis Warrior who hides behind his wife's skirts, put a RM2.6 billion donation he said, was for Umno, into his private account and seems to be in cahoots with people who are milking 1MDB out of billions and billions of our ringgit?  

The people can see all this and they think Najib is no good as their PM

It is like you lah Azalina. You look like a lesbian, dress like one, talk like one and behave like I assume that you are a lesbian until you deny that you are not a lesbian and prove me wrong by marrying and having kids...with a guy of course. 

So for Najib I can see why you think there is a conspiracy to topple him becasue every where you look you see or hear people telling him to conspiracy lah...we just dont like him!

Of course, I do not know what is happening at the "peringkat tinggi". I know Mahathir and Muhyiddin but they do not know I cannot ask if the two of them at that peringkat tinggi and their peers are conspiring to topple Najib. It looks like they are. They talk like they are and they are doing things that make us suspects that they are....but are they all conspiring to topple Najib or do they look like they are conspiring to topple Najib?

Remember that lesbian thing? Just because you talk, act and dress like you are a lesbian,  I cannot be 100% sure that you are a lesbian....I can only make an educated guess. Betul atau tidak you will have to tell me. 

So until you have irrefutable proof that there is a high level conspiracy to topple Najib just hush your mouth.....and even if there is a high level conspiracy to topple Najib, they still need to bring us all into the act because these "peringkat tinggi" people usually just talk lah.... it is our votes that matters. Kapish?