Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Tuesday 2nd March 8.35 AM. 

Selamat Pagi....I woke up the wrong way this morning and did some minor damage to the mechanics within my neck. I would have to move with caution for the rest of the morning or I shall surely need a pain killer by lunch time to deaden the pain that I know will be there if I throw caution to the wind and not act my age. But I digress.....

Mahathir meeting with Kit Siang? The Ops Lallang instigator meets with the Ops Lallang agitator as conspirators? Huh! What is the world coming to? 

Are we soon to see Najib Razak play musical chairs with Anwar Ibrahim  - one leaves and the other one takes his place  - one in Sungai Buloh and the other in Putrajaya! 

Such are the stuff we mortals sometimes dreams to be possible as the impossible now becomes possible in Bolehland. But I am getting ahead of myself here....

These are the thoughts running through my mind this early morning as I debate with myself to continue writing or have breakfast. Until a decision is made by me, myself or I, me will have to allow my mind to wander and meander where it wants to.... meantime.... this couple must be doing something right with their life! Respect!