Wednesday, 9 March 2016


9th March Wednesday.

I have just finished "talking" to my cousin in Kuala Pilah a few moments ago through FB. He tells me that it is almost 4AM over there and he is about to go to's almost 7AM here and I am about to start my day. 

This morning I will be gong to St Vincent for a brain scan. Another one of my ongoing medical tests and scans to determine my medical condition. I have had a "don't ask don't tell" mentality in as far as my health is concerned. Until I am physically sick I do not go to now I know that is not the way to go if you want to be healthy. That is learn. Everyday you learn something new and sometimes you learn what others have known for a long long time. After knowing in these last few weeks that I have gout, hernia, possible Kidney problems and high cholesterol, my doctor is insisting on the brain scan. What to do....must do lah!

It has been almost a decade since I was last in KL. 

This time around I have no yearnings to go "home". Nothing within me that stirs when I think of things long past - of family, friends or acquaintances that I would meet if I am back "home". Maybe this time I am done with KL for good....maybe not. Your heart and mind are things you can manage from to time to time but not fully control.

I know that at times when something within me triggers some memories of a distant past in KL, I need to sit down, compose and pull myself together before I am myself again. These are mostly thoughts of my late parents - of the wonderful childhood they afforded me....and of my memories of the love they had for each other....a love I now know because I too am still in love with my wife after over four decades of being together. Because of her dementia she can no longer talk or do anything for herself - I and my son do all that for her...but she can still smile at me and with me....and we are happy together 24/7. To have that at 67 is indeed a blessing.

It's time for me to get myself organized for the brain scan this morning.

"You must not eat or drink for two (2) hours before your appointment time (water allowed)"
"Please bring along a list of your current medications"
Please bring your current Medicare, Pension, Concession and or Tertiary Student Card"

Those are some of the "what do I need to do before the test" instructions I have been given and I have been asked to come in an hour before the test to "prepare"me for the I will be there for a good part of this morning.