Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Laughter the Best Medicine : Respect MYPM

Najib Razak's PR team really should have seen this coming.|By Steve Mollman

Which comes first, or ?

How am I to when I stole billions from the nation!



Yong Yek Ming ‎@shiokguy
Respect is EARNED NOT Demanded shld start by earning the respect. The people are not stupid & mindless 

Lynnette Tay ‎@LynnetteTayWL
Respect is EARNED,
Not paid, not forced and DEFINITELY NOT FROM A HASHTAG. 

this is the funniest hashtag I ever seen

Brother ArtHarun ‎@Art_Harun
Respect is earned. Not demanded. Nor asked for. Pls understand to concept. Msia is not North Korea. Or is it?

Syahmi Asmari ‎@shamiebledsoe
I will if he decided to resign.

Merong Mahawangsa ‎@erepit
is better than
What say you

cos he had billions in his private account, which we were unaware of before it was exposed by foreign media.

because nobody in this world received a bigger political donation in their personal bank account than him. NOBODY!