Thursday, 3 March 2016

Tariq Ismail : Consider this - UMNO will still be in power. You have a choice of Muhyiddin and Zahid. Who do you pick?

Think Very Hard and Ponder this.

Let's say come March 27 5 million people turn up to ask Najib to step down and let's say Najib does step down, what next?

Here are key questions for all to ponder.

1. Malaysia's GDP growth as of end 2015 is 5.0%. Let's say Najib steps down will that improve or get worse due to more uncertainty.

2. 1MDB. Everyone's favourite topic. Discard it, sell it (they hold key assets), float it, save it? Remember, any actions regarding this entity will have effects on the economy.

3. BR1M, although not perfect is a safety cushion for the working class. Do you get rid of it, do you improve it? If so how?

4. Zero rating GST. You do that government loses key revenue to implement infrastructure projects (although allocations of some projects can be better utilised elsewhere, but that's a different matter and discussion). Also you risk at causing hyperinflation. You think the cartels and monopolies will suddenly lower their price when their profits go up?

That's just on the economic side. Consider this as well - UMNO will still be in power and you have a choice of Muhyiddin and Zahid.

Who do you pick?