Thursday, 3 March 2016

cakap cakap....a no brainer choice...Najib or no Najib!

Whatever your political inclinations or affiliations you must sometime wonder where our political leaders find the time to do government when what seems to occupy their feral minds is the question of survival on a day to day basis. 

Every brand new day brings with it new lows to which Malaysian politicians of the Barisan Nasional kind are prepared to sink to. I have thought that after Altantuya and Sodomy Two I cannot be surprised by what corrupt and arrogant politicians will do in the name of government but the exposure of wrong doings in 1MDB and that RM2.6 billion donation proved me wrong. 

Then came the blatant and overt culling of any one and anything that threatened to tell us more about the massive financial rorts and abuse of political  power by those holding high public office  over 1MDB and that RM2.6 billion donation. At this time I asked myself what else can happen to top even this.

Try the dismissal of Muhyiddin and Mukhriz. Try telling me that Kit Siang and Mahathir have met. Try telling me that short of open physical warfare between those for Najib and those against Najib, there is now in our country a call to every Malaysians to make a choice  :  Not of government policies, not of any political ideologies or agendas, not even if you are for BN or Pakatan Harapan : today the choice is starkly simple : For Najib or against Najib. 

And so it has come to this. After six decades of Merdeka we are being asked to make a choice. Najib or no Najib.

Are you going to put up with a prime minister who deposits a RM2.6 billion donation into his personal account without telling any one about it - least of all the party that the donation is purported to have been made for.       

Are you going to put up with a prime minister who heads 1MDB, an entity that, by what it has done in the name of business, cause America, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Australia, UK and that neighbor of ours, Singapore......cause foreign government to begin investigation of financial mismanagement and abuse within 1MDB in their own country? Financial mismanagement and abuse  that has insanely benefited and profited, among others, prime minister Najib Razak himself!

Are you going to put up with a prime minister who is corrupt, arrogant and in hubris over his failure to obtain a mandate in the last general election from the electorates to govern?

Now, no gentleman would bring into this equation a wife whose excesses would make Marie Antoinette and Imelda Marcos into saints, but I am not a gentleman I shall do so.

This wife of Najib other name is vanity. Her constant companion is arrogance and hubris and her only saving grace is that when the dust settles, Umno can, with much justification,  lay the blame for it's demise, and that of Najib Razak, on her. 

In closing I only have this to add. 

Thank God we are not asked to make a choice as to who will come after Najib. 

This "core group" that Mahathir is talking about is held together only by one matalamat : Get Najib out. So at least for now we do not have to think of what or who will come after Najib....but surely this is a sad indictment of what politics in Bolehland have come it not?