Thursday, 3 March 2016


Thursday 3rd March 6.24 AM.

I cannot remember the last time I was on my late Father's boat "WIDURI". It must have been over fifteen years ago when he and I were still speaking to each other. When my father passed away we have been estranged for many years - in fact throughout our years together, what I remembered was that we spent more years not speaking to each other than speaking to each other. ...but the times I remember of him and me being together are more precious because of that.

From Form One I was away from home at boarding school in Kuala Kangsar at the Malay College. I did my HSC at SABS Kuantan - again staying at the Hostel there as my parents were in Kuala Lipis and after SABS it was a year at University in KL where I shared a house in Happy Gardens with friends. After failing my first year at Uni I was off to London and from there going home was never again an option because I came back to KL from London with a Greek wife, against my Father's wishes, and started life on my own in Seremban with MNI. 

It has only been since I hit my sixth decade of life - that was seven years ago - that I have been able to make my own peace with my father ....long after he had passed away. Today at 67 I have begun to understand how he must have felt when I first migrated to Australia over 35 years ago and took myself and my family away from him and my mother....for you see my daughter and her family are away from me and my wife too. They live in Canada and the last we saw of them was when they last came to visit us in Adelaide over five years ago.

Since then I have had another grand daughter, Sofie whom I have yet to see. 

But I digresss.....I was talking about my at 67 years of age I miss my father so very much. As much as I miss my mother who left us over thirty years ago....but life goes on and everything must pass. These are my thoughts this morning on an early Autumn morning in Melbourne. Life is good.