Friday, 4 March 2016


Friday 4th March 5.18 AM

These are my thoughts at 5.18 AM  while sitting in my room, at my desk in the early hours of this Friday morning. My wife is asleep in the bed beside me. I am in my sarong and singlet as my mind starts to think of what is to happen in KL today.

The cacophony of confusion and dissent coming from all parties about the state of our nation is worrying. Everyone is in survival mode...or should I say the general consensus is "kill or be kill". 

There will be no room for rational and reasoned debate when there is so much hate. 

No hope that reason will prevail when everything the other side does is branded treason by the other. 

Why are our present leaders obsessed by a "take no prisoners" mentality? If "they are not with us they are against us" mindset? Surely in Parliament there cannot always be consent? Into every government and opposition there must, from time to time, be dissent? 

I hope that maybe, when "they" meet today at the Press Conference (PC), previous foes may begin the process of "musyawarah" : consensus that comes after discussions and a sharing of ideas and opinions. ...but already there are problems! 

There will be a PC of the "core group" that wants Najib out today : Friday 4th March 2016. "Friends in Pakatan Harapan" will attend the PC with Mahathir in their "personal capacity" so says the chief secretary of Pakatan Harapan. Muhyiddin is still with and in Umno. Zaid Ibrahim tells us that Azmin or Dr M can replace Najib...and from inside Sugai Buloh, Anwar Ibrahim backs the "anti-Najib" consensus! PAS will not attend!
My mind is already in overdrive just trying to process all that!
Why can't the "anti-Najib consensus" ....the "core group"....just front up at the PC, stand together in unison for all to see, appoint one spokesman - possible the most senior among them : Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad : and everyone pledges union in everything that they would have to do to rid themselves, Umno and Malaysia of Najib Razak!

As was done with Pakatan Rakyat with ABU (anything but Umno!)

This must be a "core group" united in intent, united in purpose and united against Najib Razak! Or is that too much to ask of our erstwhile leaders who have for so long been promoting their vested interest in everything that they do in the name of politics and government?

I hope against hope that wiser heads will prevail at the PC today and that it will not be an occasion for grand standing by anyone.

I would have preferred for this to be a PC attended only by Mahathri and Anwar Ibrahim - two old foes who are now putting history behind them for something that is bigger than either of them - the future of our beloved Malaysia and that of future generations to come.

But I know for now ithat is wishful thinking for Anwar Ibrahim is incarcerated in Sungai Buloh and Pakatan Harapan is adrift without him.

We can only hope that at 91 years of age, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad can carry the day and move us all towards a future without Najib, towards an Umno sans money politics, arrogance and hubris, and towards a new begging of civility and respect for each other between whoever is in the government or in opposition.        

For now it would do us all a lot of good if all goes quiet on the western front until we are actually ready to do battle with Najib Razak and anyone else still left within his much depleted camp! Possible?