Friday, 11 March 2016

Quickies : The late JJ, his daughter and 1MDB.

The bank employed the daughter of the Malaysian prime minister’s former ally when it worked with the scandal-hit 1MDB, according to the Wall Street Journal.|By Vishakha Sonawane
steadyaku47 : Even death will not allow JJ to rest in his daughter will be the focus of attention until someone else is dug up from the abyss of corruption and deceit that 1MDB has become....and they then become the next center of attention.
Let this be a reminder to any one - family, cronies, friends or acquaintances who had somehow profited from the corruption in Umno and BN - that until Najib and his cohorts are dismissed, prosecuted and have served their punishment for their crimes against our people and our people...there will be no rest or peace for them!