Friday, 11 March 2016

Woo Haa!!! Another Brave Malay Warrior (NOT!).

Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein today said that he was neither afraid nor scared by the reported attempts by the Islamic State of Iraq…

steadyaku47 comment : Another brave Malay warrior who is fearless in the face of kidnap threats from ISIS! Hail to the Malay Warrior! Hail to this Din guy who declares that he is prepared to stand unflinching in the face of almost certain death (yes that is what usually happen to those who are kidnapped by ISIS). 

Really Din? You are really not afraid? 

Forget ISIS,  because if they ever decide to go for you, you will not have time to be afraid. You might have time to wet your pants when you realize that ISIS already have you in their grasps....nothing more. Then you are dead meat!

Can that Twit of an IGP produce any credible evidence and put that evidence onto the public domain for the rakyat to judge for ourselves the veracity of these claims by these politicians that they are the targets of ISIS? 
Or are these all grandstanding by politicians bereft of anything else to bolster their pathetic images except grandiose lies that even their own supporters question? 
All of them now reduced to fighting for their political life and conjuring non-existing tales of threats and danger from anywhere in their attempt to win public sympathy. Huh!   
Woi Din ....stop making a fool of yourself. Like that cousin of yours, you are no warrior who will not flinch in the face of threats and danger. You may think back to that so-called moment of glory when you wave that Kris in the air and brayed for Chinese blood.with much smugness at your "courage" for doing so......but when push comes to the proverbial dog, you will only turn and run with your tail in between your legs!

And the last word from Christina.....

Christina S. Suntai
Christina S. Suntai .....I heard ISIS is no garbage collector.