Thursday, 10 March 2016

Where were all these UMNO Ministers when God was giving out brains?

Now who can tell me what is the difference between these people?. Yes the answer is below......but try to come up with your own original thoughts!

 difference ...they are all stupid!

Now any decent, right thinking, gracious blogger would not stoop so low as to start getting personal with those who are intellectually challenged as these Umno minsters are.....what more hantam them.......but thank god I am not one of those bloggers. No Sir! I am not decent, not right thinking and I will stoop as low as I can when I come across stupid and corrupt politicians .....and I go for their balls lock stock and barrel!

  I dare any of you out there to give me one good point about any of those idiots above. I double dare you! Hell I will even triple dare you ! Go on...tell me! 

Stupidity resides in Najib's cabinet...they are not visiting or camping just for the weekend..they are permanent resident in that cabinet.  

It gets weirder by the day. Everyone in Najib's cabinet gets inflicted with the same debilitating disease, A paralysis of the mind's ability to reason.A blockage in their brain that stops them from being rational. And the same infuriating inability to understand that it would be far far far better thing that they do to keep their mouth shut and make people wonder if they can think of not....then to open it and forever tell us all that they are really really stupid. If without opening their mouth they already look like a fool, behave like fools and even have fools as their peers...why compound it by opening their mouth to crown themselves as fools?

All this talk about ISIS wanting to kidnap Hishamuddin, Zahid and Najib...huh!... That is all what it is...just talk!! Trust me, if any ISIS operative were to kidnap any of them for any reason, once ISIS really get to really know the three of them, ISIS will send them back to Putrajaya! Who wants them...not ISIS...only Umno does! Umno just does not seem to understand that life is hard ..why make it harder for themselves by having stupid people to lead them?

And I have something to say to NSTP, TV1.2, TV Tiga, ASTRO, Utusan and all those main stream media working so hard to report on these Umno and Barisan Nasional so called political this!

Mahathir, Muhyiddin, Mukhriz and those who have had enough of Najib Razak now have new T shirts that they wear whenever they get together at their local teh tarik hangout... wherever that may be! Here it is.

Next on the menu is Rosmah Mansor.

I know the answer to at least two stupid things that women do...or should I say I know two stupid women? One married Najib Razak and the other marry Bung Mokhtar.

 And if any of them are upset...

Of course I have left the best for last. 
     This is how John Clease describe people like Ahmad Maslan.