Wednesday 29 November 2017


Just heard this today.  Talk is Kepala Bapak wishes to see an end to the libel suits filed against Claire Rewcastle Brown (Sarawak Report). They are planning to despatch “Khalid” to see Claire and get her to agree if the suit against her is withdrawn.
At the same time they also want Claire to cancel her counter suit and her counter claims.  I checked with someone who knows Claire who says she is in the dark about this plan.
If that is the case, do get ready Ms Brown. They must be prepared to pay big money to get out of this really stupid  mistake.  Another one of their strategic bungles.
By the way, did you know that Kepala Bapak’s entire team of media advisors are all “slow learners”? Yes they are UITM graduates. That Tengku fellow, Farid etc. I think even Sup Kambing Kuala Kangsar.  No wonder. Dudsville.
If Kepala Bapak seeks to have the suits terminated, please ask for costs, plus, plus, plus.  If a high school failure (an MCE dropout) can be paid RM5 million for writing rubbish, surely withdrawing a suit which will embarass Kepala Bapak and his entire team of slow learners must be worth a lot more.
Christmas can come extra early Ms Brown.  Do take them to the cleaners.
They are realising now that the defense filed by Claire Rewcastle Brown will embarass them to the sky.
Plus they have hired the most expensive lawyer in the UK to file the suit.  Who is going to pay the legal fees, believed to run into a few million Ringgit ?
What if that Bawang fellow just drops the suit because there is ‘no more money’ to pay the lawyers? That would be doubly embarrassing.
They cannot ask the ahli  lembu to donate more funds. The ahli lembus know the number plates of all those expensive cars that have been bought with that money.  They cannot be that stupid. Or can they?
As the stomach churns.

Dari Jakarta : Kelohan Malaysian Diaspora

(Saya bukan penulis malah bahasa Inggeris saya tidak bagus)'Unsung Heroes/Pejuang tidak memerlukan tepuk gemuruh':Ikhlas 'Malaysian Diaspora')

Terlalu kecil diri ini untuk berkata sebagai 'Pejuang Bangsa/Patriotik'.Kita berdiri diantara gendang 'Perang Politik' yang tidak pernah saya fahami tapi sangat dimengertikan dan diamalkan oleh ramai 'Pejuang kantong/Non ethic Political Survival'.

Ketika kita bermastautin di luar negara(Residing/berkerja ataupun seketika diluar negara),yang kita bawa adalah jiwa dan semangat 'Ibu Pertiwi'.

Ada diantara kita dilantik sebagai wakil negara(Diplomat),tapi hanya mementingkan satu pihak,bukan pentingkan Negara dan Bangsa yang beliau hanya tahu bercakap politik dan tidak bertindak sebagai 'Diplomat' yang berwibawa.

Yang kita perlukan Diplomat/Wakil Kerajaan yang baik dan jalankan tugas sebagai wakil kerajaan yang menjaga maruah Kerajaan yang di lantik oleh rakyat bukan jalankan tugas sebagai wakil satu parti politik.

Mungkin saya kurang memahami tugas seorang Diplomat tapi apa yang saya faham tugas seorang Diplomat adalah untuk Negara.Dan ada ketika seorang Diplomat tidak menyukai warganegara nya sendiri yg tinggal dinegara dimana Diplomat tersebut 'bertugas',maka warganegara tersebut akan dipinggirkan atau difitnahkan.

Para Diplomat sering lupa kami para 'Malaysian Diaspora'lah yang sedikit sebanyak membantu ekonomi Negara serta juga menjaga maruah Bangsa dan Negara. Anda Diplomat datang dan pergi.Sebahagian dari kami akan tetap berada diNegara yang anda ditugaskan.

Jangan lupa 'Jalur Gemilang' didada kami bukan saperti anda yang jadi 'Jaguh kampong dan Jaguh Kantong celana',takut nanti celana akan dilondehkan.

Salam Hormat Malaysia dari kejauhan.

A Cry for Help perhaps from within BNM.....

Fikir-fikirkanlah....kenaikan harga barang bukan salah kerajaan!!!

steadyaku47 comment : Thank you Tokaisan Caspian for sharing the following "Fans of Lisa Baiduri" comments with us. Baca sendiri dan gunakan otak kamu dan persoalkan bagaimana ada orang sabodoh Lisa Baiduri di dalam Malaysia.....atau adakah ini hanya rekaan cybertroopers daripada parti terbodoh dan terbesar di Malaysia?

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Tuesday 28 November 2017

Padan Muka!!!

Setiausaha Parti terbesar di Malaysia yang bodoh, bangang dan biol!! 

Smile and the whole world smiles with you...

Another Sardar story:
A sardar and a woman decided it was finally time to get married.
Before the wedding they discussed finances, living arrangements and so on.
Finally, sardar decided it was time to broach the subject of their physical relationship.
'How do you feel about sex?' he asked, rather tentatively.
'I would like it INFREQUENTLY' she replied.
The sardar sat quietly for a moment, adjusted his glasses, leaned over towards her and whispered - *"Is that one word or two?"*
Professor Higgins at the University of Sydney was giving a lecture on 'Involuntary Muscle Contraction'.
This was not an exciting subject and the professor decided to lighten up the mood.
He pointed to a young woman in the front row and asked, 'Do you know what your asshole is doing while you're having an orgasm?'
She replied, 'Probably golfing with his buddies.’
It took 45 minutes to restore order in the classroom.

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