Saturday 31 October 2015

There was this man from Pekan.....

There was this man from Pekan
Anywhere he worked dia always cari makan
From Mindef to Putrajaya
Sekarang dia sudah jadi kaya
What do you expect when your wife is more demanding than a Sultan! 

This son of Razak is timid like a mouse.
Whenever he is around his self-proclaimed FLOM spouse
She is built like a battleship
And this I swear is no fib
And if he dares to cross her he will spend the night in the doghouse!

Now Umno is Najib's party of choice
This party is not all sugar and spice
You can get plenty of project
If money is no object
Under Umno all government business can be kautim for a price!

Before Najib there was Pak lah and Mahathir
And of these two I have plenty to say
Pak Lah likes to sleep
What I have to say on Mahathir needs to be bleeped
And all of the above three have certainly paved the way to our doomsday.

Ya Mustapha.....

While my mind is preoccupied with the state of our heart sings! Enjoy!

Cakap cakap....What could have been......

I am 68 years old today. Six decades plus eight! 

Older than Malaya Merdeka and certainly much older than Malaysia! 

As is my habit I was awake by 5.30 this morning. Awake not in my unit at Bangsar Permai in Bangsar but in my apartment in Fitzroy in Melbourne. If I had been in  Bangsar I would have had my morning ablutions and then headed for the morning market in Lucky Gardens to get breakfast and groceries....instead I waited until Coles opened and went there to get some freshly baked cheese sticks for breakfast and groceries for the weekend. 

Like me many hundreds and thousands of Malaysians....millions even...wake up in foreign land this Saturday morning and instead of Nasi Lemak, Yam Tow Foo, Roti Chanai and other Malaysian delicacies to get for breakfast (and by so doing allow the Ma Chiks and hawkers to make a bit more money from their small businesses) ...we have for breakfast pastries, cereals and what the locals too have for their breakfast....and put our hard earned money into a foreign economy instead of Malaysia's. First thing in the morning Malaysia is already losing out because millions of Malaysian now choose to live elsewhere! And that my friend is what I am thinking about when I woke up early in the morning....on a day when I turned 68 years!   

What saddens me most about Malaysia is what we...our country, our people, our economy, our way of life, our values and passions and all those things that have taken decades to evolve into making us the people we all were once.....MALAYSIANS....all these things have now been probably lost forever to the ravages brought upon by  this odious and contemptible brand of politics that divides and rules our people since the time Mahathir came to power! 

We could have been the envy of Asia if not the world as a nation that is "truly Asian".

Where that oft repeated phrase "One Malaysia" is not just an empty political slogan but a fact because we were already that and more many decades ago.

Today we could have been a multi racial, multi religious community totally celebrating our unity in diversity, instead our politicians would have us be at each others throat over race and religion because that is what serves their interest best!

We could all be building a Malaysia of our aspiration for the future instead of having millions of our people fleeing abroad to reluctantly seek places to call home where they are welcomed and where the will be given the opportunity to live as equals and appreciated for what they contribute towards nation building in that new country they choose to migrate to instead of living in Malaysia.

And most hideous of all we would not be a nation battling crippling corruption and the abuse of public office to serve the wants of a few at the expense of the many many millions of Malaysians.

Today politics permeates every orifice of every Malaysians. It troubles our ears to hear the inane chattering of politicians that shouts "ME!"..."ME!"...."ME!"...not only to themselves but to everybody else! The sights and sounds of politics is everywhere around us  - deafening us with their self praise and blinding us with the glare and dazzle of their insane wealth acquired at our expense.

That most precious part of yourself...your children...ask yourself what have they learned at school? It does not matter if they are Malay, Chinese, Indian or any other Malaysian...ask yourself what are they being taught?

when we should all be able to do this 


I am sorry to start this day off in such a negative way...I sincerely hope that out of this negativity some positivity will emerge as once again I remind you all....I am one, with you we are two. Who else will join us to rid our nation of this terminal cancer - racism - inflicted upon our people by our damm politicians? Who?

Saudara Lee Hsein Loong of Singapore says it best!
and Tunku...our Tunku!

Friday 30 October 2015

Sarawak Report : US 500,000.00 Payment From Goverment of Malaysia to Obama Chief Fundraiser. For Golf?

Friday, 30 October 2015 21:25


With the US President Barack Obama due to make a supposedly image-boosting visit to Malaysia next month, yet another embarrassing denial has come out from the Prime Minister over 1MDB.

This time Najib Razak has directed his denial against the testimony of a key aide of Obama himself, his chief fundraiser, the businessman Frank White Jr of DuSable Capital Management.

Our research shows that White registered a half million dollar payment from the Government of Malaysia with respect to 1MDB and he is assumed to have been one of the key facilitators of the friendly relationship between the two politicians, who played golf in Hawaii during the Malaysian flooding disaster at the start of the year.

DuSable Capital Management focuses on energy support services and over the past two years it has declared a somewhat ill-defined role in 1MDB’s latest energy project – a planned solar power plant in Kedah (which we have noted is budgeted at three times the amount of similar projects elsewhere).

Frank White Jr– DuSable’s Capital Management CEO and Obama’s chief political fundraiser was 1MDB’s latest JV partner

In public depositions the company has stated “one aspect of DuSable’s activities will be to communicate with US Government Officials” [23.04.14] and also “to encourage the US Government to provide non-financial support for the [1MDB Solar Power] project” [26.09.13].
Given there is no obvious need for 1MDB to require any US government advocacy to support the construction of a field of power generating solar panels in Kedah, the inevitable assumption is that Frank White Jr had agreed as part of his deal with 1MDB to promote its stated boss “the Government of Malaysia” with his own political boss Barack Obama.

For example by arranging golf between Najib and the President.

Did 1MDB money flow into fixing this glorious moment for Najib? Did 1MDB money flow into fixing this glorious moment for Najib?

Nevertheless, in a written answer to a Parliamentary question, Najib has now categorically denied that there had been any agreement between DuSable and 1MDB WHATSOEVER!
“1MDB has never signed any sort of agreement with DuSable Capital Management LLC in Kedah.” [Parliamentary reply by Najib]
The MP who asked the question, PKR’s Wong Chen, has expressed considerable surprise as a result:
“For this Parliamentary session, I put in a question for an update on the 1MDB solar power project in Kedah with DuSable Capital Management LLC (DuSable). The project was reported by The Star on 23rd April 2014.
Yesterday, I received an official Parliamentary reply from the Minister of Finance, YAB Najib Razak that 1MDB has not signed any joint venture agreement with DuSable in Kedah.
We have been told that the Prime Minister’s golfing buddy, President Obama will be visiting Malaysia again this November.
The co-founder of DuSable is Frank White Junior. He has been described by Bloomberg as “President Obama’s top individual fundraiser, a former technology executive who collected millions of dollars for the Obama’s election campaigns.
So, is Najib’s company calling Mr Obama’s aide a liar?

After all, anyone who cares to check can look up the filings made by DuSable, because the United States’ transparency laws demand that all companies register their foreign dealings under the so-called FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act).

Frank White Jr made a number of depositions about his deal with 1MDB, beginning in 2013 when the plan to build the solar station was announced.
“DuSable has engaged in a partnership with 1Malaysia Development Berhad to develop, finance and construct a 50 MWac solar project….”  the latest 2014 filing explains (second document below):
Submission to FARA by DuSable on 26th Sept 2013 
  Submission to FARA by DuSable on 26th Sept 2013

DuSable amended the declaration the following year to say that the relationship would not involve any investment in the company by 1MDB, as had been stated previously.
Presumably the publicity surrounding the news that 1MDB would be investing in DuSable had been considered unconstructive:

1MDB will no longer be an investor in DuSable, but the arrangement remains in place - 2014 1MDB will no longer be an investor in DuSable, but the arrangement remains in place – 2014
What all this documentation makes clear is that DuSable certainly had an arrangement of some sort with 1MDB.

Half a Million Dollars for Frank!

What’s more, the public declarations show exactly how much money DuSable was getting “from the Government of Malaysia” for a “joint venture partnership reimbursement for solar investment project in Malaysia” – according to DuSable US$506,079:
Over half a million dollars! Over half a million dollars!

Nice money for Frank White Jr for his activities, which included communicating with US Government Officials to provide that non-financial support. He puts in the details in a separate form, included are Frank and his co-director’s hefty travel expenses to KL showing the final total paid by 1MDB to DuSable was US$524,394.10:
Could the PM explain these payments in the absence of an arrangement? Could the PM explain these payments in the absence of an arrangement?

But, with such talk of joint ventures and partnerships, how is that Najib has stated there has been “no arrangement whatsoever”?  Does he mean that Frank White Jr, who is Mr Obama’s close and trusted confidante, is lying?!

Wong Chen has understandably now challenged Najib to straighten things out with the US Governement:
“If there is no partnership whatsoever between DuSable and 1MDB, will the Minister of Finance file a formal complaint to the US State Department of Justice against DuSable?” he asked yesterday.
Perhaps Najib should sort this little problem before Mr Obama jets in in a couple of weeks?  
Sarawak Report

Quickies : Tan Soo Beng


steadyaku47 comment : Just got the above question from Tan Soo Beng.

Think of Marcos, think of the Shah of Iran, Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein. Think of Ceicescu, of Suharto, Hitler and Mussolini.....and closer to home, think of Daim, Musa Hitam, Anwar Ibrahim and even Mahathir...and then think of Karma! 

As for the opposition most of them are looking for solutions in the wrong place.....


Cakap cakap...Fool me once shame on you. Fool me 13 times....shame on me!

In all the cuts and thrusts of political point scoring, personal vendettas and "spins" swirling around 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion donation that was deposited in Najib's personal account, what will be borne out in the end would be that no laws of the land were broken. Put aside morality, ethics and public opinion and you will have zilch.

It is a sad reflection of the state of our nation that public opinion no longer can influence the action and deeds of this BN government and the leaders of that government.  What Mark Twain wrote about the weight of public opinion over ridding that of God does not hold water with this BN government.

Its name is Public Opinion. It is held in reverence. It settles everything. Some think it is the voice of God.
- Mark Twain

They are a law upon themselves -and why not? Over half a century of persistent whittling away at the independence of the judiciary and the introduction of numerous legislation that allow for this BN government to "govern" as they think fit have made it possible for this BN government to do just that.   

Today government in Malaysia has been made into the very image of Umno and BN. One in which arrogance, corruption and the getting of all things material has become "legal"

Political donation is legal. There is nothing in our legislation that requires for Najib or any political party to declare what has been donated and how that donation is used. You can also be rest assured that with 1MDB what is not legal now will be made legal retrospectively or will be deemed legal by a court of law that takes its direction from its political masters.

Like all the previous financial abuses and deliberate mismanagement by this and previous prime ministers, and all their Ministers and many others in public office, 1MDB and that dubious RM2.6 billion donation will be "resolved" the "Malaysia way". Those who have financially profited from 1MDB and that "donation" will be allowed to keep their "durian runtoh" and will, at most, be given a limp slap on the wrist and life will go on with nary a hiccup in their lifestyle or their bank balance. And all this will be done according to the "law of the land" and all those involved will be absolved of any criminal or civil wrongdoings. Ethics, morality or decency has no place in least not in this BN government.

So where do we go from here? Where can we go from here?

Do not think that Mahathir and his merry band of "politically challenged retirees" are being galvanised into action by concern for the people of this nation that has long been trodden upon by them and are still being trodden upon now by their successors in government.

Do not think that what Mahathir and his merry men now are trying to do is to save this nation from political and economic ruin if not Armageddon as the thieving law makers of this land scheme to acquire more insane amount of wealth for themselves.

Do not think that Mahatir and his merry men will want to usher in a change in government that will see open, responsible, and decent government with the relevant check and balances in place to ensure that there will no longer be abuses by those in government!

No Sir...far from it. What concerns these geriatrics politicians is simply this : Najib, Umno and BN have put them all in a place where they belong. In retirement and no longer relevant to Umno's need. When you are no longer relevant to Umno your cash flow source also dries out!

Now you are me have a far greater grouse against Najib and his merry band of Ministers and Ketua Bahagians that Mahathir and his merry old "has been". We are angry that what they do in the name of government is self serving!

Not illegal but self serving  
Not illegal but indecent.
Not illegal but arrogant and bordering on the corrupt.

The pain of it all is this is that we have all been complicit in all this happening. You and me, the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians, Dayaks and Kadazans and all Malaysians have allowed for this odious BN government to take root into the very soul of Malaysia and having taken roots, allowed them to proceed to sprout and take abode in the very depth of our Psyche and our soul - making enough of us to be their willing accomplices in perpetrating government as BN deem fit.

The rot started in earnest during Mahathir's tenure as Prime Minister and what Pak Lah and Najib has done is to follow suit in the same ilk as their predecessor. 

Najib however, the pupil who owned so much to his master Mahathir, has now become the master superior. Possibly more accomplished in the use of political power for personal gain then his master. More odious at scheming and scamming the people of Malaysia in his pursuit of staying in power than Mahathir.

If you have been fooled once in a general election by BN you can probably blame BN for being deceptive. If you have been fooled 13th times by BN then you should ask yourself what you are! Ponder and think what you will have to do in order not to be fooled for the 14th time.  

Thursday 29 October 2015

Berita Daily : Whatever you do, just vote Barisan Nasional.

Berita Daily

The opposition is now a sailing ship motionless in a sea bereft of any prevailing winds while Umno with Najib Razak as its leader, on the other hand, is a rock of consistency
Hussein Hamid
There are many things I can take issue with what this BN government is doing in the name of Government. I have a list of what I think this Barisan Nasional (BN) government has done wrong that can more than cover both sides of an A4 size paper, and that is only from the time that Najib took over as prime minister.

Then when I look at what has happened with Pakatan Rakyat since the last general election, I believe that there is a case to be made about how successful Najib's tenure as prime minister has been when compared to Anwar Ibrahim's stint as leader of the opposition!

For starters despite his 'defeat' at the last general election when BN lost its popular mandate to govern, Najib is still prime minister. Anwar Ibrahim is in jail.

Pakatan Rakyat is no more. BN is still the government of the day with Najib Razak as its leader with no challenge to his leadership of Umno and BN on the horizon.

Like Mahathir before him he has dismissed his deputy but Najib has done so without any great upheaval within Umno or BN.

Like Mahathir before him he has dispensed favours - financial handouts and projects to those he favours. While Mahathir squandered billions in projects, contracts, privatisation, utilities and highway toll projects to a few (be it families or cronies), Najib too has done the same.

But those that have directly benefited are many including those that mattered to him politically - the Ketua Bahagians through his cash is King mentality - and the public through BR1M and other financial handouts to many others.

Like Mahathir, Najib too had taken 'donations' for Umno. These donations are part and parcel of how politics in Malaysia is played out. For me the amount is immaterial - you can never be a bit pregnant - nor can you be just a little bit corrupt. If the law says that you are allowed to take political donations without having to account for it...then you can do so.

Like Mahathir before him he has used his position as prime minister to consolidate his position within Umno and in government. Where necessary he has legislated in order to allow him to do so and he has also used the various government functionaries to do his biddings.

There is nothing that Najib has done so far that has not been done by the prime ministers before him. If you want to fault Najib it is because he has done it all in much a better and more effective way than how Mahathir and Pak Lah have done. And he has done it all to benefit himself more than the party, more that the government and more that the people of our nation.

And therein lies our problem with Najib.

click here to read more at Berita Daily

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Respect! Daulat Tuanku!

cakap cakap...The First Seri Perdana and Socfin House.

steadyaku47 comment : a snippet from my correspondence with Rahim of the few Malays who lived history as we have known it to be:

"It is interesting to know the history of this house and that owned by
London Tin situated on the next hill at Jalan Damansara called Sri

The story goes that the two prominent expatriate businessmen,
the Rubber Magnet and the Tin Magnet, both competed to build the
biggest houses from themselves! So emerged the Socfin House and Sri
Timah, and Sri Timah eventually became Sri Perdana as the Offricial
Residence of the Malaysian Prime Minister. and this happened when I
was CEO of MMC. 

Mahathir phoned me on his first day as PM, to enquire
if the house was still available to the Government which MMC offered
when Tun Hussein Onn was PM but did not respond. So when I informed
Mahathir that the house was still available, he wanted to visit it and
it was in the same afternoon that he and Dr Hasmah and myself went to
see the house. 

He took a great liking for the house and it was decided
it would be exchanged with a piece of land in KL to be arranged by
Alwi Jantan, the then Deputy Chief Secretary of Cabinet. 

Daim's construction company was given the contract to undertake the
renovation of the house at a cost of RM17 million, although it was
rumoured that it was double that sum!"

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Cakap cakap...start the day with this "Feel Good" Ellen deed!

Ellen Gives Away A Car Before Unveiling The Real Surprise Of The Day

It all started with a phone call. In the middle of the show, Ellen receives a call from Chris Banford, an officer with the Army National Guard, who throws the spotlight on his wife Mary, a guest who's sitting in the audience.

He tells Ellen that he just missed their tenth wedding anniversary — and adds that it's the first one he's ever missed. As the crowd admires this loving husband, Chris makes a request: he's hoping that Ellen will help him make this anniversary special, and she agrees. When Mary comes up to chat with Ellen, she springs the surprise on her: she's getting a brand new Ford Escape. 
She is immediately stunned, and in fact, it only gets better as we watch her tearful reaction to the gift and the final surprise in video below. Ellen clearly had significant backstory from Chris when she asked Mary to come up from the audience as she already knew the condition and mileage on the Banfords' current car. The Banfords couldn't afford to have their car repaired and, therefore, couldn't make the 6-hour drive to visit Chris.

These giveaways are a regular feature in the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and they are often the most heartwarming segments. Ellen's giveaways are either for the entire audience of the day (such as her 12 days of giveaways around the holiday season) or directed towards one particularly deserving person who has contributed to his or her community or family in a special way. In fact,  fans can nominate a "deserving person in need" to be on the show and receive a gift from Ellen (example gifts listed include "vacation, a car, or a call from Ellen").

After the show, the Banfords reflect backstage on what just happened, calling it "the best anniversary's life-changing." Mary Banford adds, "it means no more postcards counting down to when we're going to see you, the boys are going to be so happy."

Ellen regularly partners with large corporations like Ford to deliver these precious moments to "deserving persons." In this case, in gratitude for the service and sacrifice this family has made. Mary's delight and excitement, really make this gift worthwhile. Take a look at the full clip from Ellen's show below to see her reaction. What do you think about this couple?

cakap cakap....DEMENTIA : If you do not take care of those that you love ....why should any one else?

It has been a while since I last wrote about dementia...what it does to people who have dementia and what it does to people who take it upon themselves to care for them. 

It has been three years since my wife was diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia.

I remembered that visit to the doctor very well. My wife and I walked to the clinic  - a distance of about 400 yards. The thing that worried me then was that she was having hallucinations of a snake eating her face over and over again...and all this she told me with a smile on her face. 

She had lost all interest in doing housework. This, she explained to me, was because she has been doing housework all her life and now wants me to take over. I thought at that time that it was a reasonable thing for her to ask me to do and though I wanted to discussed it further with her.....the way she told me made me realized that it was a "non-negotiable" requests!

All this I explained to the GP. She thought that my wife was having some pressure within her brains that was making her have those hallucinations and was causing the change in her behaviour. She immediately arranged for my wife to see a specialist at a nearby hospital. They insisted that she be admitted to the Sunshine Hospital for observation. She spent two weeks there. I was with her everyday. The one hour bus trip to the hospital in Sunshine and then another hour back to our place in Marybyrnong did tire me out for we did not have a car then...but getting my head around the fact that my wife was being observed for a mental affliction took more out of me then anything else. At the end of the two weeks we sat down with her doctors and nurses and they told us about her dementia.         

That was three years ago. 

Today she no longer talks. Today she can no longer walk or move without our help. Today we have to do everything for her. 

I would not say that she is bed ridden but the only reason she is not in bed all the time is because we move her around the apartment as and when we feel she needs a change. She can eat by herself but I must be there by her side to ensure that she puts in one mouthful at a time, chew and swallow the food before I put the plate in front of her again for her to take the next spoonful of whatever it is that she is eating. 

She never asks for food, for a drink or for anything at all. She does not tell us if the food is too hot or too cold, if there was enough salt or pepper - or whether she liked the food or not. I have to do the thinking for her.  If I put a slice of bread and a cup of cold water in front of her for lunch or dinner she will eat it without a word. She will do the same thing if I put mashed potato and salmon. She might say nothing but I know that mashed potato and salmon is better than a slice of bread and a cup of cold water. I ask myself what will she want to eat...and go cook it for her....even if I am tired and not really keen to do so. If I do not do it for her...nobody else will! So this is what I mean by saying that I must do the thinking for her.

I think she understand what I say to her because I get hugs and a kiss every time I ask for it. At night I have to decide if she needs another blanket because it is cold or the fan because it is hot....and here is the hard part for is easier for me to sleep through the night then have to worry about whether she is hot or cold. The reason why I do not do so is because I always worry about whether she is comfortable because she cannot worry for herself. I have to do it for her.

And this is the hard part when you have to worry about other people. Do you worry enough? 

If you are tired will you still get up to make sure that she is dry so that she can sleep through the night comfortably? 

If you are tired do you still get up to make her a cup of tea or coffee because it is tea time and she might just be feeling a bit peckish and waiting for her biscuits and tea...even if she has not said a word to you about it. 

If you are going to the supermarket to get some groceries...are you prepared to take your wife with you...because taking her with you means you have to dress her up appropriately for the weather, put on her shoes, get her into the wheelchair and wheel her out to the car. Then you have to manhandle her into the car and then put the wheelchair away in the boot and repeat the process when you get to the supermarket and then do the same thing again when you get home. And while in the supermarket you have to get her involve in getting the groceries. You can see her face light up with happiness as she remembers that she once did all this by herself! And she will insists on holding on to the basket and have it on her lap on the wheelchair. 

All in all probability what you can do by yourself in half an hour will take two hours with her. Will you take the trouble to to do it? You will be tired by the time you get home...but you know that is what you should do if you love her enough. And I do love her enough to want to do all that and more. 

I am sure you all will have seen old and sick people being ill treated in homes where they have been put in by their families because it is impossible or there is no one to care for them at home. It is a sad fact of life that all the money in the world still cannot give what these ill and old people need The love of someone who care enough for them to take care of them as they would want to be taken care of themselves if they were unwell or too old to take care of themselves. 

As long as I can I want to give that care to my wife.

It is hard...sometimes very hard for me to keep doing this 24/7. My son is always there for both of us - for my wife and me, and he makes it all bearable. We know that we are all closer as a family because every time we do something for my wife together, we are the better for it. We understand each other better, we talk to each other more and the most wonderful part of it all - we care for each other more. He knows when I am tired and he will take over from me whatever it is that I am doing for my wife, his mother.... and I know that I have to wash the dishes when he cooks...and we both know that my wife, his mother, comes first! 

Two weeks ago for the first time in my life I had a hernia - too much physicality in taking care of my wife. It still bothers me now but it is bearable and that 24/7 work still goes on. 

It is 12.35 am now. I stopped writing about half an hour ago because my wife woke up and was looking towards me...just looking and looking and I stopped writing and laid down beside her, held her hands and talked to her. She did not talk back but she listened...she is still no yet asleep but she is drifting in and out of sleep. So I slipped out of bed , made myself a cappuccino and started to write again.

To all of you who are taking care of others who can no longer take care of all know that you do it because you do care for them. If you do not take care of those that you love ....why should any one else do it? And so we soldier on. 

Today has been a good day for me and for my wife. We still have a decent roof over our head. Good food to eat. Her bedsores are almost healed. The swelling in my groin caused by my hernia, though a tad painful, has subside. My son made pizza for dinner today - he did everything from scratch - made the dough, made the sauce from fresh tomatoes and used all fresh ingredients for the toppings with the sole exception of the salami and the cheese...and of course I still had to wash up after him!

All that we need for our life we have. We do not think about our wants...only our needs...and when you can do that...then life is good.       

Friday 23 October 2015

Thich Nhat Hanh

Dont Forget To Catch Me

Biff Tannen: What happened to the Back to the Future villain?

Tom Wilson and Michael J. Fox in a scene from Back to the Future.

THE actor who played Biff Tannen in the Back to the Future movies has a unique way of dealing with overly inquisitive fans.
Tom Wilson — who now focuses on standup comedy — is asked about the film trilogy so frequently that he simply hands out copies of an answer sheet to curious fans.
They get insights including “Michael J. Fox is nice”, “I coined the term ‘butthead,’” and “I don’t talk about the movies much because I’m busy with standup comedy and music performances.”

Here’s what the card says.
“I’m Tom Wilson. I was in all three ‘Back To The Future’ movies. Michael J. Fox is nice. I’m not in close contact with him. Christopher Lloyd is nice. He is a very shy man. Crispin Glover is unusual, but not as unusual as he sometimes presents himself. We got along nicely. Lea Thompson is nice. Eric Stoltz originally played Marty, but was fired due to performance issues. The first movie was shot in 1984 and ‘85. The sequels were shot ‘back to back,’ never before attempted by a movie studio. The hoverboards didn’t really fly, we were hanging by wires from a crane. The manure was made of peat moss, cork, dirt, and a food agent that made it sticky. The Delorean was an inferior automobile, and nearly impossible for a person of normal size like myself to enter and exit. There are many tiny plot points hidden in the movies, but I don’t know what they are. Among many improvisations of the set, I coined the term ‘butthead,’ as well as ‘Make like a tree, and get out of here.’ The third movie was my favorite, since I got to learn western skills like riding, roping, quick draw, and shooting a six-shooter, a great adventure for a guy from Philadelphia. I hold my co-workers in the best light, but have no idea what any of them are doing right now. Steven Spielberg was the executive producer of the movie, but Robert Zemeckis directed it. Nobody had any idea that the movies would become a cultural touchstone, but the themes of friendship and adventure moved the audience so powerfully that I felt the need to create this postcard as a time-saver. It was the first movie I ever acted in, if you don’t count being killed in the Kung-Fu movie ‘Ninja Turf.’ Love is more important that material possessions. I made less money than you think. I don’t talk about the movies much because I’m busy with standup comedy and music performances. Those performances aren’t near the magnitude of the movies, but I find them enjoyable and satisfying, so that’s the area of my concentration. I’ve performed on ‘The Tonight Show’ with both Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, but not at the same time. I’m pleased and proud of my acting credits, listed at I’m a painter as well. You can contact me at Thank you and God bless you.”

He also wrote a song about it.

Biff's question song



Quickies : "We have respect for Journalist in this Country!"

steadyaku47 comment : This is how Justin Trudeau response to one of his OWN supporter who heckled a reporter who asked Justin Trudeau a tough question about the co-chairman of his campaign who resigned because he had wrote an inappropriate letter to the staff of an oil company about how best to lobby a new government for the Energy East pipeline.

His exact words "We have respect for journalist in this country...they ask hard question and they are suppose to!"

And this is how Zahid Hamidi "respects"  journalists in Malaysia!

Thursday 22 October 2015

Richard Boyd : Courage and Humanity.

steadyaku47 comment : Listen and you will learn a lot....

Richard Boyd Barrett TD challenge Israeli ambassador at Oireachtas committee over Israel's brutal war assault on Gaza and challenged the Israeli representative over their apartheid regime and racist policies as Israel is not a normal state and should not be treated as such.

Politicians under Umno salivate every time money is being talked about. Politician conditioned to salivate at the mention of money can also be found in the opposition - for crooked politicians exists anywhere there is a buck to be made.

Does this Prime Minister and his Ministers, does this BN government, does Umno, take us all for idiots? How else do you explain the way they choose to talk to us? Time and time again Umno tell the Malays that they would have nothing to their name if not for the "struggles" of Umno....that the Malays are "bangsat" without Umno!

Umno tells the Chinese that they should go back from where they come from if they are not happy with the way things are in Malaysia. The Chinese have been threatened with being  slapped to having the streets of KL turn red with their blood!

Umno tell the Indians that they should be grateful for what they already have.  The way Najib treats Hindraf before and after the last general election says a lot about what he thinks of the Indians : that they are disposable once they have been used to achieve Umno's political agenda!

Najib Razak and his Ministers expect us to just take everything they throw at us lying down and be quiet. Do they expect us all to sit back and do nothing about it? Do they think that what they have been doing all this time in the name of government is an acceptable way to behave? To govern?

In the name of government they have recklessly and compteously use their executive powers for their personal financial gain! At their whims and fancies they interpret and define our laws to their advantage and in the process have corrupt the judiciary of its independence.  Over time they have managed to make government departments and government authorities into their image - corrupt and self serving at the expense of the Rakyat.

And they do all this while telling the Malays that the non-Malays are taking more and more of what the Malays have! They tell us that the non-Malays will never be satisfied with what they have!

What really are the Chinese and the Indians taking from the Malays? What really are they wanting more of?  What are they asking for?

Is the Chinese dominated DAP in Penang asking that the Governor of Penang be a Chinese? Are the Chinese asking that one of their own be given the opportunity to be the Yang di Pertuan Agong? Are they asking that a Chinese be given a DPM post...or heaven forbid, are they asking that a Chinese be prime minister of Malaysia?    

What are the Indians asking for?  Have the Indians asked that they be given the same discount as the Malays are being given when buying houses? Have they asked that any company going for listing on the KLSE must have 30% Indian equity for it to be listed? Have they asked that low income Indians should also be able to buy Amanah Saham Nasional? Are they asking that 30% of all government projects and tenders  be allocated to Indians?

The Chinese and Indians are not asking for special rights. They are not asking to be able to park indiscriminately during their religious festivals - as the Malays park their car every week during Friday prayers. Do you hear any Chinese complain that there are nine sultans and not one of them is a Chinese? Have you heard any Indians complain that no Indian have ever been a PM?
Now what about the Malays? Are the Malays asking for anything? 

Yes they are!

The Malays are asking that Umno stops the corruption within the party. The Malays are asking that Umno politics should not use Islam to advance their political agenda. The Malays are asking that the Police and other government departments do the work that they are being paid for and not be corrupt. The Malays are asking that Umno no longer bring shame to the Malays race by the manner they conduct themselves in government and the Malays no longer want Umno to be their champion in anything at all......all this Umno listens to, but does not hear!

And because we all have not loudly complain, Umno takes our silence as being tacit agreement to the way things are in Malaysia today!

It is time that we all make our voices heard to the powers that be in Putrajaya!

All we ask for - the "we" being Malay, Chinese, Indians, Kadazan and Dayaks dan lain lain rakyat Malaysia -  are for decent leaders and a government that puts the welfare of its people first and a government that is able to ensure the security and safety of its rakyat.

We want everybody that calls Malaysia home to be able to have a say in the manner that their country is being govern. We want freedom to worship our God...or not. We want to be safe in our own neighborhoods and anywhere else we choose to go. We want to be able to depend on PDRM and the authorities to uphold the law and implement it without fear and favor. We want the civil service and government departments to serve the rakyat - not themselves or the Umno led BN government.

We are all upset when we see Malaysians treat law enforcement authorities in the following manner :

Why have the community lost so much respect for PDRM, Council Workers and anybody else in uniform?

The root cause is corruption - corruption from the highest to the lowest level - that is why today we have Malaysians like the above - who have come to the point where they dare to confront people in uniform because they think that these enforcement officers are so corrupt  and are worst than the scums of the earth and deserves to be treated as scums....hence the above altercartion. 

Our leaders in government are blanketed by hubris! They know not the contempt and disgust we feel for them and that contempt and disgust have flowed down to the policemen on the street and the council workers who are are trying to do their job.

Today whatever your race, what ever your religion and whatever your political inclinations you know that our nation is teethering towards anarchy. Towards a nation where its people have already lost their respect and reverence for anybody in authority and for politicians holding high public office because self interest and corruption has permeate all levels of the government. And there is no higher a level than the prime minister himself who has put away RM2.6 billion of donations (so he says) into his own personal account and thinks that his continued silence on the matter will make the problem go away.

No we are not idiots. 

We are not fools who will take what our corrupt leaders tells us as gospel. 

We can and will think for ourselves and do what is the right come the next general election. 

Meanwhile we will suffer the fools from the Umno led BN government with the contempt and disgust they deserve!

We are past the half way mark towards the next general election. What we must now hope for is that the opposition will get themselves together and be the "change" we want in Putrajaya. It is not an impossible task for them to do but it will not be an easy will be a task that asks more of our politicians than what most of them have been prepared to give in the past.

Like the dogs of Pavlov - politicians under Umno have been trained to salivate every time money is being talked. Politician conditioned to salivate at the mention of money can also be found in the opposition -  for crooked politicians exists anywhere there is a buck to be made.

Maybe it would be good if you could use that most desirable of criteria to decide on who would be your choice to lead our nation- use "reason"! I think "reason" will define how our people will decide on theri elected representatives when they go to the polls in the next general election.

rea·son : the power of the mind to think, understand, and form judgments by a process of logic.         

We have almost lost everything to this BN government ...let us not loss our ability to reason what is good and what is bad for us.

There is no greater misfortune in the world than the loss of reason.
MIKHAIL BULGAKOV, The Master and Margarita