Friday 31 October 2014

Dementia is Coming my Way?

Dementia is coming my way?

I lost two days this week. Thought it was Friday when it was really Wednesday and lost three years somewhere when Dian rightly pointed out that I am 67 not 70. Camna ni? I know it is not dementia when you know after the fact that you have erred but in my mind I was certain that Wednesday was really Friday and 70 was really 67. So how? When I realized a few minutes ago of my "memory loss/confusion" I allowed myself a nervous smile at my expense and seek to justify what had happened as being simply a mistake on my part. A lapse in concentration. Huh! It must be the onset of dementia.

To all you good people out there that taken the trouble to send me good wishes on my 67 birthday I can only say many many thanks to: 

                                                                         Lee Hs
Dian Abdullah
Boon Chai Loh
Tan Soo Beng
Pak Idrus Abu Bakar
Lee Huaong Sing
Ambrose Munai
Kent Lau
Sunny Oon
Zainah Mahmud
Raymond Munesinghe
Kassim S.A.
Ann Ibrahim
Azman Shaari
Robert Lai
Nagaratnam Navalan Arumugam
Wahtong Lee
Antares Maitreya
Zainudin Yunus
Kuhan Sparkz
Nor Ibrahim
Iza Abdullah
Zarina Mustafa
Susan Lee
Aziah Mohd Yusoff
Zubaidah Aziz
Zubaidah Shariff
Ruban Raj Kumar Ganesan
Gui Kian Hoon
Mimi Roslan
Arbaiah Aird
Cooper Assuncion Deanne
Vivienne Hor
linling Chong
Franklin Lim
Allin Loh
Julai Julie
Fizal Othman
Hall Liam
Esther Lee
Kent Lau
Sunny Oon
Katie Loke
Yunos Othman
Aznijar Ahmad Yazid
Yahya Malek
Bru Tall
Jennifer Cross
Ahmad  Albakri Fatani
Mohd Yusoff Ramli
Super Snake Cobra
Mohd Arshad Raji Raji
Farinordin Ibrahim

And forgive me if I have inadvertently left anyone in my thanks. ...and how did I spend the day? Trying to fix my Samsung Washing Machine that is slowly but surely dying on me, roast chicken for lunch and Pad Thai for dinner. Once again a heartfelt thank you.

Travelin' Man : Ricky Nelson.

SALUTE : Laughter the Best Medicine.


steadyaku47 comment: Highlighting the relevant information that should be of concern to all of us - how come the adik lelaki of the Timbalan Menteri Kewangan Ahmad Maslan is driving a BENTLEY? Whose BENTLEY? Why a BENTLEY?  

Berpusing elak lopak air

Alor Gajah: Adik lelaki kepada Timbalan Menteri Kewangan Datuk Ahmad Maslan, Rahim Maslan, 42, terselamat selepas kereta dipandunya terbabit dalam kemalangan di Kilometer 202.1, Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan arah selatan di sini, kelmarin.
Dalam kejadian jam 4.30 petang, kereta jenis Bentley dipandu Rahim dipercayai hilang kawalan selepas cuba mengelak lopak air dalam hujan lebat sebelum kenderaan itu berpusing beberapa kali.

dan lain lain comment dari Rakyat Malaysia. 

Mohd Fudzail nilai pasaran dalam 1.3 juta kabarnya...

Iju Idris Idris Ni cgpa brapa lak xreti nk drive keta ni.. maybe dr kancil trus upgred bentley kut.

Azaman Abu Bakar Apa agak nya bisnes Rahim Maslan.....

Muhd Reezal Wowww...itu baru ADIK kpd TIMBALAN menteri....

Haslan AbdRahim Bentley Continental GT 2013
Continental GT Harga : RM1,350,000 - RM1,738,000
...See More

Bentley Kuala Lumpur +60 3 21622033 - Home

Haslan AbdRahim Bentley Continental GT 2013
HARGA Dari: RM1,350,000 Hingga: RM1,738,000
ANSURAN Dari: RM12,875/bln Hingga: RM16,575/bln
...See More

Fauzin Mustafa innalillah...

Azlan Adnan My Perodua Viva got ABS, tak kan Bentley tak ade kot...

Jo Johari Kalau aku kaya jalan raya tiada lubang kalau aku kaya aku tk pakai kereta aku pakai helikopter

Tugas Utama Perdana Menteri Malaysia.


The Malays. My People, My Race.

There are Malays today who are at ease with their identity, their place in society with thier life and understand that what, who and whom they have become are the sum of the experiences and the choices they make in their life. They are not defined by the circumstances of their birth but shaped by the manner of their upbringing and how they seize the opportunities that comes with education and self awareness as age and the ability to think comes to them. I will not be so bold as to put myself in the company of those Malays who have triumphed in spite of the circumstance and negativity that surrounds them for I have chosen to live away from my country of birth for too long a time. What I have become are the sum of my travels and what I have learned and choose to do outside Malaysia - though my life and upbringing in Malaysia contributed in making me what I am today. 

But it is those Malays who chose to live, work and survive triumphantly in Malaysia  in spite of the odds and the "assist" of Umno through their "Ketuanan Melayu" policies that must now stand up and be counted. For in them lies the future of the Malays in Malaysia and more importantly the success or failure of what all Malaysian aspire too - a decent, safe, secure and successful future for generations of Malaysians to come. 

Then there are the Malays who think that entiltlements and privileges accorded by birth , family and who they know are all rights conferred upon them by birth, race and religion. That "Ketuanan Melayu" is theirs from cradle to grave. That political dominance is an opportunity for personal gains that these Malays take for themselves and their families. These Malays though few in numbers are the Malays that we Malays and Malaysian everywhere must fear and loathe for in them are vested the ability to ruin and wreck asunder the future of our children and our nation. 

To be a Malay in Malaysia today is glorious. Race, religion and politics are all in your favor through no efforts of your own. This is more than what many other Malaysian have at birth. Now the challenge is what you make of yourself after you become aware that race, religion and politics already puts you leaps ahead of other Malaysian! Do you do good or do you use race, religion and politics to do evil? 

You know what "good" is and you know what "evil" is. It is all around you. 

Today the evil Malays are those complicit in the trial of Anwar Ibrahim - simply an attempt to prosecute someone for political expediency - no more no less. Today the "evil" Malays are those arrogant political leaders who use public office for personal gains. Today the "evil" Malays are those who believed erroneously that race, religion and politics entitles them to serve themselves not the people not the nation. These Malays are few but what they do harms us all.

Rightly or wrongly the Malays by and large are taken at face value by their peers and by Malaysians. For Malaysians if a Malay succeed in life it must be because they are Malays and for the Malays if one of them succeeds in life it must be because of Umno. While there may be some truth in that equation there is also truth in the reality that few Malays are today what they were a decade ago. Many Malays no longer owe alligience or loyalty towards Umno for to them alligience and loyalty needs to be deserved and earned.   

I resent that even as late as a few days ago I received this comment by a Malays who read what I write:

"Upon reaching 70 you decide not not to associate yourself with Umno or BN 's govt anymore. Not even for another day you wrote.Well I don't exactly know whether before this you needed Um no and BN's govt to secure your successful life.    

My reply was that 40 years after leaving Malaysia to live abroad you still tell me that I have to be thankful to Umno for being whatever and whoever I am today? Why do we not make Umno responsible for what the Malays have become to day? By the words of Umno's past president Mahathir Mohammad:      
"The Malays are lazy, they are not interested in studying and revising. If we go to the universities, 70 per cent of the students are women, where are the men?” .....They prefer to become Mat Rempit (Malay motorcycle gang members), that is why I said they are lazy. Malays think nothing of taking money that is not theirs. I have seen it with my own eyes. They also struggle to manage their finances well or with any degree of honesty..... If you take something that does not belong to you, what you are doing in essence, is stealing".
I want to ask Mahathir and Umno who have made the Malays lazy, taught them to steal and be dishonest? 

If not Umno and you, who then?

These debates will no doubt endure for more time that we care to give them because Umno politics thrive on the negativity that these debates casts in the minds of many Malays as they continue to think that their survival as a race and as individuals do depend on Umno holding on to political power. 

Let us not dwell on these negativity for too long for as I have said before...their numbers are few though their voices are strident in their insistence to be heard over the silent majority. 

Let me tell you what most of you already know.

In most part of the civilized and democratic world the individual - not race, not religion not politics -  rule. Today in Australia I and many others care not if the Prime Minister is a Jew, a Chinese or a white Australian.  What we do care about is that the Prime Minister of Australia must be a Prime Minister for all Australians. The government of Australia must govern for all Australians and they must govern responsibly and be answerable to all Australian for the things they do while in government. For the privilage of holding public office they will serve for the good of Australia, Australians and all those that chose to make Australia their home...and that includes me. Our race, religion and political leanings may differ but together we strive to make Australia a better place to live, work and when the time die in. The Australians leave the business of government to their politicians and the politicians leave the business of life choices to the individuals. This works because by and large we have politicians and Australians who are mindful of their responsibility to each other - and that translates into making Australia a great place to live in.

If I can find all that in Malaysia then there will be no reason for me to live elsewhere. No reason for me to leave a country I was born in, a country for whom my wife and children have much affection for, a country where my parents are buried in and certainly a country that I and many others are reluctant to give up on. But the truth is simply this - life is hard anywhere you chose to live it in - why make it harder by having to face the discrimination that race, religion and political affliliations burdens us with? 

But if, for any reasons, you need race, religion and political affiliations in your life, then stay in Malaysia. Stay where Ketuanan Melayu gives you that "assist" in life. Stay where your religion gives you what you perceived is a spiritual and real advantage over those who are otherwise inclined and stay where politics dictates all facets of your life from cradle to grave. Stay in Malaysia but do not begrudge others of their right to chose where to live their lives in and we in turn will not begrudge you for your choice to live in Malaysia.

Thursday 30 October 2014


Duhai kekasih pujaan hatiku
Apakah kau memberiku satu arti
Sedikit rasa yang bisa kumengerti
Bukan sumpah atau janji

Buktikanlah bila ada cinta
Setulus hatimu bisa menerima
Sebatas kejujuran yang kau miliki
Bukan sekedar bersama

Jujurlah padaku bila kau tak lagi cinta
Tinggalkan aku
Bila tak mungkin bersama
Jauhi diriku lupakanlah aku
O... Ho... O... Ho...

Jujurlah padaku bila kau tak lagi suka
Tinggalkan aku
Bila tak mungkin bersama
Jauhi diriku lupakanlah aku

cakap cakap...nobody knocking on my door!

Friday is a so so day. The end of a week and the beginning of the weekend which may or may not be good for some or too much time away from work for others. For me the days, weeks and months are no longer a concern for my life is no longer dictated by the tyranny of time. So unconcerned am I by the passage of time that I need to be reminded what day it is and sometimes even what time of the day it is. For those of you that measures your day activities by the hour or even by the minutes please do carry on for we have need of people like you who keep the world spinning. I got off the spinning world a few years back and will not watch the world spin anymore because it makes me dizzy!

Each of us will have our druthers. For me there are no more great plans made for the weeks or months to come so that I will reap the financial rewards of my efforts in work or business. Whereas in the world I use to live in before in KL I had access to the highest level in politics, in government and in business here in Melbourne the high light of the past week for me was discussing with my son what sort of patio furniture we need to get for Summer. If in KL in the days long gone by I might be planning for a weekend spent on my Father's boat with my family at the Yacht Club in Kelang, today about the only thing looming on my weekend calender is to decide where I will go for a drive with my wife and then allowing her to decide if she will have pancakes at Hungry Jacks for breakfast or Fish Fillets at McDonald's for lunch. 

As for today - Friday - I am planning for my latest foray into business. In the building where I am staying I am discussing with s Sudanese how we can start a small business doing removals and the buying and selling of household stuff. He has recently bought a Van to do the same thing but is in need of some guidance from someone savvy in that kind of business (ME!) and our initial discussions have been "fruitful". Whether that fruit is going to be sweet or sour or whether it is going to be left hanging on the tree until it ripens and is eaten by the birds or dropped to the ground to be consumed by insects and worms is to be seen. Suffice to say that the three weeks he had spent working with a courier company has ended with him being out of pocket and not being paid for work done. Such are the ways of the world where you will be taken advantaged of if you are too trusting of people that promises you the world and deliver naught! This is a work in progress and from time to time when it moves me, I will share our trials and tribulations with all my friends that stops to read what I write.

For the time being my immediate worry is the Samsung Washing Machine that is about to die on me and of course the putting together of a business plan for this business that I am embarking upon. Ahh how good is it to be turning 70 and not have the burdens and worries of the world upon your shoulders! Eat your heart out Najib, Anwar and Mahathir....better to be me than to be anyone else....Amen.

Andak Zack Zohdi.

Last night I posted "cakap cakap....on being  70" reminiscing about life as I see it. I recieved a comment on that post on my facebook and like to share that comment and my reply to it here:

  • Andak Zack Zohdi Upon reaching 70 you decide not not to associate yourself with Umno or BN 's govt anymore. Not even for another day you wrote.Well I don't exactly know whether before this you needed Um no and BN's govt to secure your successful life.
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  • Hussein Abdul Hamid Andak Zack Zohdi I am living in Melbourne in a two bedroom apartment subsidized by the Australian Government and living on a pension provided by the same government. All that I have today...whether the food in my fridge or the car that I bought last week I have been able to have because of that pension. I needed Umno and BN like I need a hole in my head because I had to trade on my wife's Australian citizenship to get PR in Australian because after many years of trying I was still not able to get PR for my wife and children to stay in Malaysia. I migrated to Australia over 40 years ago....I repeat 40 years ago.....what has Umno or BN got to do with who or what I am today? If you say that I have a successful life over here in Melbourne I would like to inform you that living on a pension is BELOW the poverty line in Australia cannot, by any criteria, consider that a success. I am contented because I have all that I need and as I needs are few. So if you think that that is successful so be it.....but Umno and BN certainly have nothing to do with it!

cakap cakap....on being 70.

I was about to write.."I will be 70 tomorrow"...but it is already tomorrow now! 

Its past midnight. ......7 minutes past midnight to be exact...and so I have been 70 for over 7 minutes! 

Mentally and physically I feel good. No illness that troubles me. Enough good food to eat...hell the last time I checked the fridge we have chicken, lamb chops, lamb shanks and lamb cutlets, diced rump steak, salmon and basa fillets, drumstick, meat pies, beef spring rolls, vegies, three tubs of different flavor ice cream, pears, watermelon, grapes and oranges.....and that is just the fridge! 

Last week I got myself a Merc C200 Elegance - an old one but adequate for our needs. I sold the A160 when I stopped writing for FMT because I was worried that I would  need some reserves...but I managed okay without the stipend from FMT...and so I went and got the C200 from A Malaysian who was going back to Malaysia to be with his wife who was about to deliver their first born...and then he is staying put in Shah Alam. Chris if you are reading this...thanks for the wife and me are happy with our purchase. 

Two weeks ago I did think about taking a sabbatical from writing and blogging. Why? Well I did asked myself why do I bother about something that does not and cannot affect my life over here  in any way whatsoever? In fact I did stop writing for a week and it felt good because I had more time to spend with my wife and more time to do what I wanted to do - which is mostly doing nothing! After a week there were so many things stacked up in my brains waiting to go into my blog that I had to power on my PC and write. 

Now back to being 70. 

No big deal. I am under no illusion that I am God's gift to women. Never have been and never will be! I draw comfort in the fact that Mick and Paul (that is as in Jagger and McCartney) are older than me. Hendrix, Lennon, George and MJ are all dead. I am not...and that alone is something I am grateful for. Whether I will still be around this time next year is of no concern to anybody but me and possibly my immediate family - wife and two children! Everyone else really does not care a damm one way or another! And I can deal with that with the fact that like most other people there will be no state funeral when I go nor will any flags anywhere be flown at half mast. If anything, when I go, some people will be troubled with having to bury me. How I wish I could just self destruct and save everyone the trouble. 

Are there things I still want to do? Wish to do? Dream of doing?

Yes some....but all can wait for my wife comes first. These last few months her ability to do physical things - get to bed, get up from a chair, walk and even stand up straight has begun to be a chore for her. Adjust, adjust and adjust I tell myself. Have patience and understand that that is how dementia creeps up on someone I tell myself. Enjoy and spend whatever quality time we still can together. Each day is a blessing. My son does his part with much love for his mother and for that I am happy. 

The thought of shutting myself out from what is happening in Malaysia still lingers in my head and I am pushing myself hard to continue to have the rage and keep the fire burning inside me for ABU, for Pakatan Rakyat and for goodness and decency to prevail but I know it is futile. The force is simply not with Pakatan Rakyat. Pakatan Rakyat cannot form government by default as Umno will not go quietly....and there are enough people in Malaysia who will make sure that somehow, any how....Umno will be around for a long time. 

That is why at 70 I will not subject myself to even another day of living under any Umno led BN government. At 70 time is not on my side. At 70 I want to live life as gloriously as I can before the lights go out. The lights have dimmed considerably but they have not yet gone out. The sum of all my life is simply this : Today I want for nothing that I could not have and this is so because my needs are few. I look back at a life that is indeed eventful, amazing and crowded with memories of a life with a wife who took me at 21, in London. because I told her that I did not want to wake up one morning  without her by my side. And so we marry and the rest is history...well actually My Story!   

Wednesday 29 October 2014

What can we expect next? A detail explanation of Najib's and Rosmah's daily bowel movement with diagrams and explicit description of each stool and the interval between each droppings as it splashed into the toilet bowl?

I am no who is excessively concerned with being or appearing to be proper, modest or righteous. Neither am I constrained to doing what is normally expected of me. I do as I please mindful that what I do should not intrude into the personal space of others. In Australia where I live teats and cleavage are a dime a dozen on the trams in Summer. What passes for entertainment on television at times makes looking for porn on the Internet a superfluous act -  quite like a fifth wheel on a car! I see men kissing each other on the streets and women being grabbed and fondled by their partners (men and women) in the name of love or horniness - take your pick. Nothing fazes me anymore. Go onto the Internet and you can see Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and a host of other celebrities getting their rocks off  without so much as an "excuse me!" or "pardon!". And yet I blush when I read of the goings on in the Kuala Lumpur High Court these last few days in front of these learned Judges:

Anal, rectum swab, high rectum, low rectum swab, semen samples in Saiful's anus, KY-Y jelly..Jesus Christ what has our country descended to? 

What can we expect next?  A detail explanation of Najib's and Rosmah's daily bowel movement with diagrams and explicit description of each stool and the interval between each droppings as it splashed into the toilet bowl? And we need to know their bowel movement to explain the need for a private toilet in the Government Jet used by them in their travels to far and distant lands on government service. Only by a knowing their bowel movement (noisy and smelly) can the government justify the need for a private toilet in their government jet just for their own personal use! 

Really ......I do not care a fuck about what Anwar and Saiful do in the privacy of a room! And that goes double for what Najib and Rosmah do in their own bathroom or the bathroom of the government jet There are just some things that decency and good manners will tell you is best left unsaid. But decency and good manners are not what this fucking Prime Minister of ours are familiar with. Tun Razak will be turning in his grave at the goings on in the Kuala Lumpur High Court. Najib on the other hand considers it a personal triumph to have check mate his nemesis and damm what our nation has to go through to make that happen. 

Sadly for this BN government, anal, rectum swab, high rectum, low rectum swab, semen samples in Saiful's anus, KY-Y jelly are now being discussed in schools, colleges and Universities. Najib and Rosmah too dicusss Anal, rectum swab, high rectum, low rectum swab, semen samples in Saiful's anus, KY-Y jelly over dinner in their home. In fact nothing can distracts the nation's rapt focus on Anal, rectum swab, high rectum, low rectum swab, semen samples in Saiful's anus and KY-Y jelly. Our King in his Istana too talk about Anal, rectum swab, high rectum, low rectum swab, semen samples in Saiful's anus and KY-Y jelly....we are today a nation of Anal, rectum swab, high rectum, low rectum swab, semen samples in Saiful's anus and KY-Y jelly. 

Well may we say Allah Selamatkan Malaysia dan Rakyat nya but nothing will save Najib Razak and the BN government when the time comes for the people of Malaysia to register their hatred, disgust and contempt for a government that allows Anal, rectum swab, high rectum, low rectum swab, semen samples in Saiful's anus and KY-Y jelly to overcome all other ethical and moral consideration because it is politically expedient  to proceed with the character assassination of Anwar Ibrahim. This BN government led by Najib Razak ignores the vulgarity of their method of doing Anwar Ibrahim in. Now it has become an embarrassment for our people and our nation as people from other nations laugh at how any nation can allow themselves to be the subject or ridicule and laughter as Malaysia is now. 

The only comfort I can draw from all that is happening this week in the Kuala Lumpur High Court is just this : Let us give Najib Razak and the government he leads enough rope so that they can hang themselves! This Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy Two case is probably the last few yards of rope that Najib and his cohorts will need to do just that!