Thursday 30 June 2016

No words need be said. No hate. No desire for revenge. Though his heart aches, his mind will focus on the days ahead. So many things to do, so little time! His work is not yet done! Respect!

Quickies : Cerita Jack Ma & Umno

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Lest we get carried away...a reminder.

Boi .Boi and Gal. Gal...

Ever cross your mind that Justice could have also mean Lim Guan Eng going to jail for corruption ?
Too much opium liao....

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Melayu cakap pasal Guan Eng.

After the May 13 incident, LKS was the hate target of almost all Malay youths. 

'I will minced him' or 'i will slaughter him alive if I can get hoid of him' seemed to be the battlecry then.

You cant blame them, me included, for then, HE was May13, the cause of it and the cause of the rise of Chinese political awareness therafter.

Over time the perception changed, and of late, dramatically too. 

He was no longer the issue; ABU ( asal bukan UMNO ) is. 

TM, a Malay hero of sort of May 13, had turned villian, and to a handful, again a hero of late. 

Anwar Ibrahim, a hero then and a hero now has the Chinese as his power base. 

But there are still those who are still stucked in the time zone of the 70s. Notable among them are Ibrahim Ali and, suprisingly, our current AG. National Service, he will called it, but let us call a spade a spade. But for him to be caught in such a quagmire is uncalled for. 'If you cant get the father, the son will do', seemed to be be the mentality, albeit silently. This is sure going to hurt the Nation already bleeding from so many issues at hand.

Let us pray that justice, real justice, be allowed to prevail. Better still, let common sense prevailed.

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Tan Chui Mui and Leo Burnett.

Tan Chui Mui

A “Letter of Demand” to Leo Burnett
Dear good people from Leo Burnett,
I don’t have a lawyer to write a legal letter yet, so I will write this letter myself. 
I would like to demand for 3 things, so that Leo Burnett could have an opportunity to prove that you did not plagiarise my story. 
1. The script “Ah Pa’s Sacrifice”
On 5 February 2016, Da Huang Pictures received an email from Leo Burnett saying that “we gather that you may believe that there is some similarity between this web film and a treatment that Da Huang proposed to Leo Burnett in early 2015 - a treatment that was based on a script called Ah Pa’s Sacrifice developed by Leo Burnett for our client. You note that we did not go ahead with that treatment.”
And on the press release published on 29 June 2016, again Leo Burnett stated that, "Key elements such as the setting in the rubber estate and the character of the child and his motivations and circumstances, along with the key message, were always in the agency script that was briefed to all the directors involved."
For a fair comparison of the two stories, please show us the said script of “Ah Pa’s Sacrifice” , which was sent to my team on the 22 December 2014, that Leo Burnett claimed that my treatment is based on. 
If Leo Burnett do not manage to show the script before 9:00am, July 2 2016 - more than 48-hours from when this note is published - I would assume you had given me permission to share the script of “Ah Pa’s Sacrifice” on my facebook page, for the benefit of the public knowledge.

2. The Story written before 23 Dec 2014
I would maintain my statement that Leo Burnett had used a story I had pitched to them without my permission.
The story was pitched to James Yap and others from Leo Burnett on 23 Dec 2014. Here is a screen capture of the online group discussion titled Petronas CNY.

The initial pitch of my story.

A script based on this pitch was sent to James Yap from Leo Burnett one day later on 24 Dec 2014.
Kindly prove that a similar story was writen by Leo Burnett before the date 23 Dec 2014.

3. A story published before 13 Dec 2011
The pitch to James Yap was based on a micro-short I wrote and published on 13 Dec 2011.

English translation of the above text: 
THE BACK My friend told me how he became a grown up. He was very rebellious in his secondary school years, he picked fights everywhere. His mother was a rubber tapper. One day for no reason he followed his mom as she went rubber tapping. He saw that his mother was carrying a big bucket, and he rushed to helped her. As soon as he held the bucket, he realised it was so heavy that he could not even lift it up. His mother quietly carry the bucket on her back, and continued walking in front. He stayed at the back, quietly crying. He was 15 that year, after that he started to study hard.

Kindly prove that a similar story was written and published by Leo Burnett before the date of 13 Dec 2011.

I shall wait for your response. 
Thank you,
Tan Chui Mui
30 June 2016 at 8:38am

Cakap cakap....Lim Guan Eng.

Let us not dwell too long on the right and wrong of yesterday's arrest of Lim Guan Eng for corruption. 

Let us not parade the litany of intimidation, harassment and persecution of many others by this Umno led BN government of those who have rightfully questioned the odious use of political power for personal financial gains. 

Do not waste anytime trumpeting the erosion of our civil rights and the abuse of democratic process and institution within our nation by a BN government hell bent on imposing its draconian rule upon us all. 

Let us instead understand that this Umno led BN government arrested Lim Guan Eng because they can do so with impunity.  

And having done so they will now proceed to do what they want with him  - detain, harass, intimidate, and put him to trial knowing full well that the judiciary will do their bidding.

We know this is the way of this Najib led BN government. 

They have effectively taken a willing PAS under their wings. Anwar Ibrahim is incarcerated in Sungai Buloh and is effectively neutralized, isolated, silenced and unable to do his duties as leader of the opposition. So far they have nothing on Lim Kit Siang. And for reasons best known to Najib and his cohorts, they have decided to take Lim Guan Eng out. Out of DAP, out of Penang and out of the opposition and do to Lim Guan Eng what they have done to Anwar Ibrahim....and, if the past is any indication of the future, they will be able to do just that di dalam masa terdekat. 

Ask yourself why, if the opposition did win the popular mandate at the last election...why has it come to this? 

Why is the leader of that opposition that won the popular mandate to govern Malaysia  now in Sungai Buloh? 

Why has so many of those opposition leaders who were given the popular mandate to govern by the electorate in the last election been punitively pursued by this Umno led BN government and have been persecuted and prosecuted in a manner that has not been seen since the time of Mahathir?

Why has it been possible for this rampaging Umno led BN government to do it's worst upon our people, our leaders and anyone else that stands in their way to another term of plundering and pillaging of our nation coffers for their personal gain?

The simple answer to that question is..... "because we let them!" 

What has this Umno led BN government not done in this past decade? 

Corruption and arrogance pales in the face of what has since happened with 1MDB and that RM2.6 billion donation. 

Who would even have thought that our leaders would have the audacity to think that our national resources, our nations coffers and all that our nation have put at their disposal to use as they think fit in their duties as our representatives.......who would have thought that our leaders would abuse these "opportunities and privileges" for their own advantage not ours?

And after the farce of that Altantuya murder trial we have seen a growing number of more murders done for political and criminal gains that can be linked directly to the leaders who now govern our nation.      
And still we are quiet? 

And now you wonder how is it that this Najib led government dares to even think that they can get away with arresting arguably one of the most important leader within the opposition, on a charge of corruption...... when Najib himself is unable to explain the hundreds of millions of Ringgits in his own personal bank account?

And so I again repeat what I say before....the simple answer to that question is..... "because we let them!" 

I wish...I hope against hope...that the arrest of Lim Guan Eng would galvanize the opposition and millions of Malaysian to unite themselves and stand as one against this corrupt regime of Najib Razak....but I know it is wishful thinking. 

You and I know that the opposition is now in disarray. Unity among the coalition that once was the all conquering Pakatan Rakyat is in tatters. Any hope for the opposition to stand united in facing yet another obvious attempt by BN to neutralize another opposition leader can be thrown to the wind. 

Najib and his cohorts are systematically and effectively taking the opposition apart and breaking down each political entity within the opposition in the best way they know how....taking out it's leaders and silencing others who dare to stand up and voice their opposition to BN. 

And this, they will continue to do, until the next election is upon us

By then, if we allow them, there will be no Opposition Front to speak of and Umno will win another five years to pillage and plunder our nation.

I and many others can write about this everyday....but for what purpose?

Many thousands of you can turn up for demonstrations and protest to their hearts content against this abusive and vengeanful BN government...but again for what purpose?

Anwar has been arrested and incarcerated. So have many others...and now Lim Guan Eng. ...and all this again, for what purpose?

What else has to happen before those in opposition to this Umno led BN government understands that united we stand...divided we fall?

I am not fed up of how this BN government behaves

I am not even angry anymore that there is so much corruption and abuse of political power for political and personal gain. 

I am past being amazed at how blatant this Najib led BN government is in advancing their own political interest at the expense of any sense of justice or fairness to any one else. 

And I know that they do all this with impunity and arrogance because they can get away with anything they want to do

All this I have seen being done over these last two to three decades.....and yesterday....that arrest of Lim Guan Eng is but just another line that this BN government dare cross to again test our resolve...the people's grin and bear it.....or .....will the people say "ENOUGH!".


Ask yourself what you will do now? Have you reach your tipping point? Have you had enough of the abuse heaped upon us all by this Umno led BN government? 

And more critical to us all...will all those leaders in different political entities standing in opposition to this corrupt Umno led BN government come together and stand united with all of us and start the process of being one again to face BN at the next general election? 

And before any of those leaders within PKR, PAS and DAP answers these doubts that we have of their ability to stand together among themselves and join us in our struggles against BN, let us once and for all put to rest what race and religion has to do with all this.

Many of us do not really care who leads the opposition. Race, religion, gender and age is of no concern to most of us. We are driven by one thought and one thought only....we want a responsible government and all that comes with it. 

But even as we want that responsible government to the exclusion of almost anything else, we will still not accept any individual that seeks to use that want of ours for their own political or personal  advantage at the expense of ours. So be true to what we ask of you and do not ever abuse any trust we may place in you, for personal gain - political or financial.

For now there is nothing within the opposition horizon that speaks of hope and possibilities of change. None whatsoever. Zero. Naught. Kosong.What else need to happen before this change? Your thoughts on this is as good as mine......


Wednesday 29 June 2016

Lim Guan Eng arrested for corruption.


Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng surrounded by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission officers walking out of his office in Komtar on June 29, 2016. 
GEORGE TOWN (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has issued a warrant for the arrest of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

Lim is being investigated over allegations of corruption for the purchase of his RM2.8 million (S$938,000) bungalow on July 28 last year, according to the New Straits Times (NST).
His house purchase was also linked to the state's sale of state land in Taman Manggis to Kuala Lumpur International Dental Centre (KLIDC), the NST reported on Wednesday (June 29). 

Penang Agriculture, Agro-based Industry, Rural Development and Health Committee chairman Dr Afif Bahardin tweeted at about 5.50pm on Wednesday (June 29) that Lim would be taken to the MACC office soon.

"Arrest warrant has been issued to Chief Minister by MACC officers, he will be taken to MACC HQ anytime soon #penang," Dr Afif said.

DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang in a tweet said: "Guan Eng arrested by MACC on two charges of corruption and will be produced in court tomorrow morning."

Earlier, The Star Online reported that officers from MACC were at the Penang Chief Minister's office in Komtar while Lim was chairing a meeting of the state executive councillors.

At 4.55pm, five to eight officers arrived at Lim's office on Level 28. They entered a meeting room and waited inside.

It is learnt that the weekly state exco meeting was still going on at press time and there is a possibility that the officers are waiting to arrest Lim, who is DAP secretary general.

In a statement on May 25, the MACC said it has completed its probe into Lim's Pinhorn Road bungalow purchase and submitted the investigation papers to Attorney-General Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali.

The MACC had also said appropriate legal action would be taken if the A-G was satisfied with the explanation given by the anti-graft body in its investigation papers.

steadyaku47 comment : Whatever the charges against Lim Guan Eng...whether they are outright lies, trumped up charges, or can be assured that the powers that be.....namely this corrupt BN government ... have enough in their hands to put Lim Guan Eng away for a they did with Anwar Ibrahim. 

This is the reality of the times that we are now living in. 

If Najib wants to put anyone away...Mahathir included....he can do so because all that he needs to make anything happen to Lim Guan Eng and anyone else, is within his capacity and ability to manage to the conclusion that he wants. 

What is Lim Kit Siang, to do?

What is DAP to do?

What are we to do? 

What ever that we do we must not forget our matalamat! We must win government at the next general election. Kit Siang is wise enough to do the needful....let us take our cue from him. Cina, Melayu and India...and everyone else on our side....listen to what the old man has to say and follow his orders to the letter. His loss is more than ours...that is his son that they have taken away....but he has gone through enough in his life to know what is the right thing to do. Lawan mesti Lawan.
Guan Eng arrested for corruption, says Kit Siang By Audrey Dermawan - 29 June 2016 @ 6:20 PM Facebook 24 Twitter Share 24 GEORGE TOWN: A warrant of arrest against Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has been issued. This was the claim made by Penang exco member Dr Afif Bahardin via Twitter. The exco member is believed to be in the chief minister’s office in Komtar. Also inside is Lim's lawyer RSN Rayer, who arrived at Komtar at 5.40pm. Moments ago, several men, believed to be Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officers, were spotted entering the chief minister’s office at level 28 in Komtar.

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Macham macham.....Roslan Awang kata $2500 memang melebehi! Ada baki buat pergi Mekah! Woo Ha!

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2500 mmg melebehi...luv pm.. — at Jalan Reko, Bangi.

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