Sunday 30 October 2016

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Wife went traveling. At midnight she rang to check on her husband at home:
Wife : Where are you ?
Husband: At home sleeping lah !
Wife : Then read to me the serial number of the hundred Ringgit note I put underneath the pillow !


I Saw Her Standing There : The Beatles

Thieves and Robbers in Seri Perdana!

To those of you who are trying to make some sense of what Barisan Nasional is now doing in the name of government, let me try to spell it out for you in words that are clear and not about to be lost in translation by those in government, by those in the opposition, by those who makes it their business to give their two cents worth of "events" happening in this part of the world...or by anyone else who wants to have their say on this matter.

In Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor, we have a husband and wife team in Seri Perdana who steals from the people of the country they lead...well it would be more right to say that it is Najib Razak that is prime minister of Malaysia but Rosmah Mansor leads Najib Razak!

Can we, for just a moment, try and understand what it is that I have just said.

Our prime minister, Najib Razak, steals from the Rakyat. His wife, Rosmah Mansor lead her husband quite like the farmer who leads his animals around by virtue of that rope he has tied to the nose ring in the animal nostrils!

And why does Najib Razak allows his wife to do this?

In the past, he has been a horny naughty boy. Rosmah simply caught him out too many times sowing his wild oats liberally and after she had kumpul enough "evidence"of Najib's philandering......enough evidence to literally destroy his political career....she made if clear to him that he is to do as he is told by her .....or else! 

And God, in all his wisdom, has seen it fit to bestow upon these two, one of his curse: that of GREED.

Now, if any of you still cannot understand what those two in Seri Perdana are now doing to satisfy that greed at OUR expense, then it is not because you do not understand what it is that I have just do understand what these thieving couple in Seri Perdana are doing...and you want some part of that greed to be thrown your way.

Do not pity this henpecked Najib Razak! He knows what he has done, what he is doing and what will happen to him once he is no longer prime minister. He is caught in circumstances that he knows he himself is to be blamed.  He does not have the guts nor the balls to do anything to redeem himself in the eyes of the people that have elected him to government, his peers or his wife. All that is left for this Najib is to be thrown out of office once Umno is done with him.....because it is only Umno that is now keeping Najib's head above water...and how long can Umno keep it's own head above water when Umno itself is drowning in a sea of money politics, corruption and that most odious of mantra "CASH IS KING!" 

And what of the Flying Hippo?

When you are 64 years old and all that you have is money to keep you company, money to buy you happiness, money for your husband and constant companion, money to make you think that you are beautiful, money to make you think that your Hermes Bags, RM$1500 hairstyles and the millions spent on clothes and cosmetics makes you look like a super model.....then you have a problem.....go look in the mirror again and see yourself for what you really are :

For us all....the stars have somehow aligned to impose upon us all a corrupt husband and wife team in Seri Perdana, a government dominated by Umno that sees in these two an extension of what politics in Umno has always tended to be about : CASH CASH CASH!

All that is left for us to do now is to do what is needed to do to quicken the process of getting rid of these two from our midst. Once that is done we Malays can then turn our attention to Umno! And if you are a Malay able to think for yourself...then like me, you will know that the fear of ALLAH must be put into Umno.....for when all is said and done, as always, the Malays will look towards the heaven and beseech ALLAH to do what is right for them.  ALLAHUAKBAR!

Saturday 29 October 2016

“Remember that all through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they seem invincible. But in the end, they always fall. Always.”

Pascal Najadi - Open Letter to Malaysia's MP's

During a closed session on Wednesday October 26th 2016 in the forum titled  “Corruption and Governance Challenge in Malaysia” hosted by the University Observatory on Security of the University of Geneva, Switzerland, I spoke to honorable delegates from Switzerland, Malaysia and other nations. 

We exchanged information and compared notes about the repetitive failures of Justice, failures of Institutions in Malaysia and the many violations of the Malaysian constitution. I also made it clear to all delegates at this important forum, that the Najadi family does not have any motive regarding toppling an elected sitting Government of Malaysia. I emphasized that this can only be done by the Malaysian Sovereign, the citizens of Malaysia, the Rakyat through peaceful means. I am a Swiss Citizen, my family is Swiss, I was born and raised in Switzerland. It is not our right and duty to meddle with Malaysian politics. But we have the absolute right to know why my late father Hussain Najadi was brutally assassinated in Kuala Lumpur on July 29th 2013. It is an insult to Human Dignity, a rape of Human Rights not to pursue the motives of a murder cases. It makes a non investigating government look complicit with the Assassins. Indeed the Appeal Court itself, on initially liberating those found guilty of murdering another victim failed by Malaysian justice, Altantuya Shaariibuu, gave its reason to be that a similar failure by the prosecution and the trial to determine motive rendered their guilty verdict unreliable.
Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 10.42.28 

Consequently I repeat my plea that I have already addressed to the Honorable Malaysian delegates that were part of our Forum including the Honorable MP Mr. Tony Pua: 

“In the name of Human Rights and Human Dignity I demand from all MP’s of Malaysia to press for a thorough criminal investigation into the motive of the assassination of my late father Hussain Najadi who was brutally shot dead in Kuala Lumpur in broad daylight on July 29th 2013. It is the duty of any justice in any jurisdiction in our world to investigate the motive of a murder case. The failure of investigation by Malaysia into this most high profile assassination case in Malaysia is simply not acceptable. Dear Honorable Malaysian Members of Parliament, please show to your citizens, the world and us the victims, that you do not tolerate murder in Malaysia. You can start now and uphold this noble duty, it is not too late. For all those in Malaysia who appreciate life, peace and security this is now the call to act and to speak up.” 

I end this open letter with a quote from the late Mahatma Gandhi: 

“Remember that all through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they seem invincible. But in the end, they always fall. Always.”

Peter Terence D'Cruz : YES WE ARE UNITED!

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia is a model of unity as it assures fair and equal rights…
Yes, we are united!!
Even though you demolish temples,
Even though you burn churches,
Even though you don't respect the Constitution,
Even though questions are left unanswered,
Even though you engage the red shirt to create chaos and disunity,
Even  though you lie about 1MDB,
Even though you jail the opposition leaders on cooked up charges,
Even though you ask us to leave the country if we don't like what is happening,
Even though you took advantage of the poor in the name of NEP,
Even though you protect the biggest kleptomaniac in the world,
Even though you are party in getting us to the brink of economic disaster,
We are united!!!

Yes, we are united in seeing the lot of you out and into jail.
Yes, we are united like never before.

Come and see us on19th Nov and we will show you what united is.

Laura Geitz : Netballer and Captain for Queensland Firebirds and Australian Diamonds.

Sharifuddin Abdul Latiff : cakap cakap....Najib Pivot Towards China.

Random thought for today .. 28th October 2016.

It's reported that Najib plans to buy 10 littoral mission ships from China and will clinch the deal during his China visit next week. At RM300 million each, that will be RM3 billion in total.
Najib's pivot to China include:

1. Selling 100% of 1MDB's power assets,
2. Selling 60% of Bandar Malaysia to a consortium which has China as a partner, and,
3. Allowing his home state, Pahang, to export bauxite ores to China without addressing the environmental degradation (until recently).

Najib's pivot to China MAY also include:

1. Assigning the East Coast Rail project amounting to RM60 billion (reportedly inflated from RM30 billion), and,
2. Assigning the the KL-Singapore HSR which is worth RM60-65 billion.

Wanna know what gets my kambing?

Najib's pivot to China is utterly hypocritical of his administration's dogged refusal to allow Chin Peng to be buried in Perak.

Meanwhile ... 'Geng Merah' tak marah ke melihat Najib beri laluan mudah kepada 'Tongsan China' untuk bertapak kat negara tercinta? Atau pon 'Geng Merah' dah tahu dedak akan di tabur apabila duit haram di perolehi daripada projek2 tersebut di atas?

steadyaku47 comment : Saya share aja!

Reprise : cakap cakap....DEMENTIA : If you do not take care of those that you love ....why should any one else?

First Posted on Tuesday, 27 October 2015

It has been a while since I last wrote about dementia...what it does to people who have dementia and what it does to people who take it upon themselves to care for them.
It has been three years since my wife was diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia.
I remembered that visit to the doctor very well. My wife and I walked to the clinic  - a distance of about 400 yards. The thing that worried me then was that she was having hallucinations of a snake eating her face over and over again...and all this she told me with a smile on her face.
She had lost all interest in doing housework. This, she explained to me, was because she has been doing housework all her life and now wants me to take over. I thought at that time that it was a reasonable thing for her to ask me to do and though I wanted to discussed it further with her.....the way she told me made me realized that it was a "non-negotiable" requests!
All this I explained to the GP. She thought that my wife was having some pressure within her brains that was making her have those hallucinations and was causing the change in her behaviour. She immediately arranged for my wife to see a specialist at a nearby hospital. They insisted that she be admitted to the Sunshine Hospital for observation. She spent two weeks there. I was with her everyday. The one hour bus trip to the hospital in Sunshine and then another hour back to our place in Marybyrnong did tire me out for we did not have a car then...but getting my head around the fact that my wife was being observed for a mental affliction took more out of me then anything else. At the end of the two weeks we sat down with her doctors and nurses and they told us about her dementia.       
That was three years ago.
Today she no longer talks. Today she can no longer walk or move without our help. Today we have to do everything for her.
I would not say that she is bed ridden but the only reason she is not in bed all the time is because we move her around the apartment as and when we feel she needs a change. She can eat by herself but I must be there by her side to ensure that she puts in one mouthful at a time, chew and swallow the food before I put the plate in front of her again for her to take the next spoonful of whatever it is that she is eating.
She never asks for food, for a drink or for anything at all. She does not tell us if the food is too hot or too cold, if there was enough salt or pepper - or whether she liked the food or not. I have to do the thinking for her.  If I put a slice of bread and a cup of cold water in front of her for lunch or dinner she will eat it without a word. She will do the same thing if I put mashed potato and salmon. She might say nothing but I know that mashed potato and salmon is better than a slice of bread and a cup of cold water. I ask myself what will she want to eat...and go cook it for her....even if I am tired and not really keen to do so. If I do not do it for her...nobody else will! So this is what I mean by saying that I must do the thinking for her.
I think she understand what I say to her because I get hugs and a kiss every time I ask for it. At night I have to decide if she needs another blanket because it is cold or the fan because it is hot....and here is the hard part for is easier for me to sleep through the night then have to worry about whether she is hot or cold. The reason why I do not do so is because I always worry about whether she is comfortable because she cannot worry for herself. I have to do it for her.
And this is the hard part when you have to worry about other people. Do you worry enough?
If you are tired will you still get up to make sure that she is dry so that she can sleep through the night comfortably?
If you are tired do you still get up to make her a cup of tea or coffee because it is tea time and she might just be feeling a bit peckish and waiting for her biscuits and tea...even if she has not said a word to you about it.
If you are going to the supermarket to get some groceries...are you prepared to take your wife with you...because taking her with you means you have to dress her up appropriately for the weather, put on her shoes, get her into the wheelchair and wheel her out to the car. Then you have to manhandle her into the car and then put the wheelchair away in the boot and repeat the process when you get to the supermarket and then do the same thing again when you get home. And while in the supermarket you have to get her involve in getting the groceries. You can see her face light up with happiness as she remembers that she once did all this by herself! And she will insists on holding on to the basket and have it on her lap on the wheelchair.
All in all probability what you can do by yourself in half an hour will take two hours with her. Will you take the trouble to to do it? You will be tired by the time you get home...but you know that is what you should do if you love her enough. And I do love her enough to want to do all that and more.
I am sure you all will have seen old and sick people being ill treated in homes where they have been put in by their families because it is impossible or there is no one to care for them at home. It is a sad fact of life that all the money in the world still cannot give what these ill and old people need The love of someone who care enough for them to take care of them as they would want to be taken care of themselves if they were unwell or too old to take care of themselves.
As long as I can I want to give that care to my wife.
It is hard...sometimes very hard for me to keep doing this 24/7. My son is always there for both of us - for my wife and me, and he makes it all bearable. We know that we are all closer as a family because every time we do something for my wife together, we are the better for it. We understand each other better, we talk to each other more and the most wonderful part of it all - we care for each other more. He knows when I am tired and he will take over from me whatever it is that I am doing for my wife, his mother.... and I know that I have to wash the dishes when he cooks...and we both know that my wife, his mother, comes first!
Two weeks ago for the first time in my life I had a hernia - too much physicality in taking care of my wife. It still bothers me now but it is bearable and that 24/7 work still goes on.
It is 12.35 am now. I stopped writing about half an hour ago because my wife woke up and was looking towards me...just looking and looking and I stopped writing and laid down beside her, held her hands and talked to her. She did not talk back but she listened...she is still no yet asleep but she is drifting in and out of sleep. So I slipped out of bed , made myself a cappuccino and started to write again.
To all of you who are taking care of others who can no longer take care of all know that you do it because you do care for them. If you do not take care of those that you love ....why should any one else do it? And so we soldier on.
Today has been a good day for me and for my wife. We still have a decent roof over our head. Good food to eat. Her bedsores are almost healed. The swelling in my groin caused by my hernia, though a tad painful, has subside. My son made pizza for dinner today - he did everything from scratch - made the dough, made the sauce from fresh tomatoes and used all fresh ingredients for the toppings with the sole exception of the salami and the cheese...and of course I still had to wash up after him!
All that we need for our life we have. We do not think about our wants...only our needs...and when you can do that...then life is good.       

Friday 28 October 2016

NAJIB...give us reasons to tell the US DOJ..."GO FLY KITES!"


Mari kita sama2 baca apa mufti Perlis tulis.


(Puisi Dr Maza)

kalian rampas subsidi kami,
entah ke mana dibawa lari
kalian beritahu,
wang mesti dicatu, kita menuju maju...

kalian kata: jika tidak,
semua menderita, habis harta negara...

kalian berbahasa: 
bukan barang naik harga,
cuma subsidi turun sahaja...

kami orang desa, mungkin tidak pandai kira berjuta-juta...

kami orang kecil kota, mungkin tiada sedemikian harta...

jika kalian tipu sebegitu, biasanya kami diam selalu...

tapi dapatkah kami dibohongi,tentang suapan saban hari?

apalah yang dapat diberitahu anak ke sekolah?

papa semakin parah?
wang semakin lelah?

jika semalam berlauk,
hari ini cuma berkuah...

kerana kerajaan kita sedang susah?
maka subsidi kita terpaksa diserah...

jika semalam kau makan sepinggan, hari ini separuh
kerana barang makin angkuh, wang papa makin rapuh...

apa yang dapat dibisik pada anak berkopiah ke madrasah?

makananmu sayang, sebahagiannya sudah hilang...

jika mereka bertanya siapa yang bawa lari
kepada siapa patut kami tuding jari?
janganlah nanti mereka membenci pertiwi...

akibat pencuri harta bumi rakyat marhaen ini..

atau kami jadi insan curang...

kami beritahu; cuma subsidi sahaja yang kurang?

tiada apa yang hilang, nanti akan datang wang melayang...

dengar sini wahai yang tidak memijak bumi!
pernahkah kalian mengintipi kehidupan kami...

pernahkah kalian ngerti makna derita dan susah hati...

kami yang semput bagai melukut di kota kedekut...

kami yang bekerja hingga senja di desa yang makin terseksa,
bertarung nyawa dan masa, menghitung setiap belanja

pernahkah kau merasa?
rumah bocor yang lanjut usia...

baju dan kasut anak yang koyak
tinggal dalam rumah yang berasak-asak
siang kami sebak, malam kami sesak...

sedangkan kalian manusia angkasa...
istana permata dibina, kereta berjuta dirasa...
elaun di serata, dari isteri sehingga seluruh keluarga...
hidangan istimewa, konon meraya kemakmuran negara...

tapi kami masih di sini..di teratak ini...
dengan lauk semalam..
dengan hidangan yang tidak bertalam...
dengan rumah yang suram...
dengan wang yang hampir padam...

tiada istana lawa...tiada kereta berharga...
tiada layanan diraja..tiada baju bergaya
tiada kediaman menteri... tiada hidangan vip...
tiada persen di sana-sini.. tiada bahagian anak dan bini...

tiba-tiba kalian kata: kamilah beban negara...
aduhai celaka bahasa yang kalian guna...
kalian yang belasah, kami yang bersalah...
kalian buat untung, hutang kami tanggung...
kalian mewah melimpah, kami susah parah
kalian hilangkan wang,
poket kami yang terbang...
kalian bina istana, rumah kami jadi mangsa...
kalian makan isi,
kami dijadikan abdi...

lantas, kalian rampas lagi subsidi...
ke mana wang itu pergi nanti?

jika kalian berhati suci,
wajib mengganti buat kami...
jika tidak pun buat gula konon merbahaya
mengapa tidak beras diturun harga?

jika tidak untuk minyak kereta...
mengapa tambang tidak potong sahaja...
tapi entah berapa kali janji...
konon: nanti kami ganti, kami ganti, kami ganti...

hari demi hari, ceritanya pun tidak berbunyi lagi...
kami terus termanggu di sini...
kalian juga yang nikmati...
kami hanya menggigit jari...

kembalikanlah kepada kami harta negara...
jangan hanya kalian sahaja yang merasa...


SOPIAN AHMAD : Has this BN gomen driven a citizen to his death?

Sudah sah seorang Melayu muda berugama Islam mati akibat kemalangan yg disengajakan dijambatan Pulau Pinang. Sedih!

tetapi saya masih berkeyakinan sesuatu perlu dan boleh dilakukan untuk kepentingan rakyat selainnya.

I wish I could have met him before he jumped; just to talk with him to understand how one feels ending life on this planet, deliberately. What does it take to do such a thing; courage? Foolhardy? Stupidity? Or perhaps profound fortitude?

The note he left is something to be understood in his and our perspectives. The note is very touching, very political; a frustrating cry not for attention but a struggle to get out of personal misery.

His note takes me to a question. Has this gomen that we have today driven a citizen to death?

What would be the gomen's response?

Saya harap soalan begini TIDAK dijawab oleh Ahmad Maslan, Rahman Dahlan atau Salleh Kruak lah!

Kenapa MP BN hodoh sangat? Dah lah hodoh...perangai macam berok on heat. MB Selangor cool aja

Kassim S.A. says:
You asked why are BN MPs so ugly that they resemble very closely retarded apes on heat. I have good news for you. You and the other 25 million Malaysians are not the only ones who seek an answer.

Scientists from around the globe have been puzzled by this phenomenon that seems to infect only those who are elected by equally puzzling morons who believe that a dead admiral from China will be reincarcerated to save their race. (Damn the spellchecker!)
The results of a scientific study reveal that these BN MPs suffer from a rare disease known as Ed Zachary disease. This disease was first discovered by a Japanese doctor named Dr Ichibawa Jubosan. According to him, he first came across this disease while treating a couple from Malaysia.

Let me share with you his findings.

My name is Dr Ichibawa Jubosan. I am a Japanese and I specialise in sex theraphy. There was this married couple who were having terrible intimacy problems. There was just no sex between the two. One day, they made an appointment to see me.

At their first appointment I instruct the wife to prease take off all of her crothes. I then tell her to get on her hands and knees and crawl away from me on the floor. The couple just shake their heads in wonderment, but she comply. Then I say prease, crawl back towards me facing me. Again she complies. I then tell her to bend over and look at me through her legs. I exclaim, "I see your probrem. You have Ed Zachary Disease!!"

They both asked, what the hell does that mean and I say, "Your face look Ed Zachary like your ass."

Thursday 27 October 2016

Woi Najib....ini engkau boleh take credit for!

GST : Penipuan by the BN Government!

Interesting postings on GST.

I attended one of the briefings by the Treasury on GST. They explained very clearly how the tax should be calculated and reported to the Customs. Basically, the GST should be charged on the "value added" portion only. Look at the following example:

I went to the Car Service Center to change my tyres. The cost breakdown should be as follows :

1. Tyres - MR 1,000
2. Service Charge - MR 100
3. GST on S/Chages - MR 6
4 TOTAL - MR 1,106
(Note: The tyre cost is inclusive of the GST when the shop bought from the tyre dealer). So the value added cost here is only the service charges.

What is happening today is different.
The shop is calculating the GST on MR 1,100. That comes to MR 66. So, the total bill comes to MR 1166.
Therefore, the consumers are being doubled charged with the GST on the tyres.

Ini yg dikatakan penipuan by the Govt. That is the reason they are earning very much higher than expected.

This is a very straightforward and easy example. I am sure this similar calculation errors are happening in all businesses. That's the reason why all barang2 naik harga dgn mendadak after the implementation of the GST.

There is no proper procedures developed to help the business in calculating the tax.

I am sure they realise that this double taxation is happening in the country. But they are not doing anything because they are getting higher revenues.

So, in the end we, the consumers, are being screwed.


With Thanks to MYR.

LAGI TAK ADA DUIT! Pengambilan pelajar baharu di ILP ADTEC dan JMT bagi sesi Januari 2017 dan sesi Julai 2017 DITANGGUH.

Masrizah Zakaria : Cerita Lama tapi masih Relevant!

Wednesday 26 October 2016

Razak Baginda : When do you say enough?

This is all that is left of Altantuya!

What of the Scorpene Submarines that Razak Baginda purchased on behalf of the Malaysian Goverment ?

(AFP) – Malaysia’s first submarine, a European-made Scorpene delivered last September, has developed problems that make it unfit for diving, Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said today. The KD Tunku Abdul Rahman sailed into a grand reception last year as the first of two commissioned from French contractor DCNS and Spain’s Navantia for a total of 3.4 billion ringgit. Named after the country’s first prime minister, it was hailed as an important acquisition despite opposition allegations of corruption in the deal. “The submarine can still dive but when we detected the defects, we were advised that it should not dive,” Zahid told reporters.

What about Balasubramaniam : the private eye hired by Razak Baginda to protect him and his family?

RAWANG: Former private investigator P. Balasubramaniam’s family is still in shock over his sudden death, especially since he passed away just hours after undergoing a medical check-up at a private hospital.

What about the murderers of Altantuya?

The Shah Alam High Court originally acquitted Abdul Razak Baginda and meted out the death sentence to two of the accused, Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri and Corporal Sirul Azhar Umar, on 9 April 2009, wrapping up the 159-day trial. On 23 August 2013, Sirul and Azilah were acquitted by the Court of Appeal, sparking controversy. On 13 January 2015, The Federal Court overturned the acquittal of both individuals, finding them both guilty of murder and sentenced both of them to death. However, Sirul fled to Australia and efforts by the Malaysian authorities to extradite him were hampered by existing Australian legislation prohibiting the extradition of individuals to countries with the death penalty.

 What of Razak Baginda?

After his acquittal in the murder trial of Altantuyaa, Abdul Razak now lives in the United Kingdom all cashed up with " 30 million euro (RM137 million) for consultancy services in the Scorpene submarine deal that Abdul Razak Baginda admitted to receiving"

So Razak Baginda...have you not caused enough sufferings to the children and a family of Altantuya and to the other individuals and their families whose lives have irrevocably been changed for the worse by what you have done with yours? Is it not time you crawled under the tempurung and spare us all your despicable self?

It would seem not!

Razak Baginda is coming to Malaysia to talk about Democracy!

“Asked on the matter, Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (Ideas) chief executive officer Wan Saiful Wan Jan Malaysiakini that he will be speaking on the Malaysian democracy trend - how it has evolved over time.”

Which part of Democracy does this mongrel want to talk about? Yes I did call Razak Baginda a mongrel
australian slang/jimmy_capAustralian Slang
1. mongrel dog; 2. despicable person; 

How is Razak Baginda a despicable person?

Razak Baginda not only cheats on his wife and daughter but he had the audacity to do it on the world stage - cavorting in Europe with a Mongolian Mistress in a Red Ferrari for an extended period while compromising the security of our nation by doing it while on a mission to purchase sensitive defense equipment - namely the Scorpene Submarine - on behalf of our nation - he is not only an irresponsible bastard but is also a mongrel. And Razak Baginda has not only done all that but he now wants to come to Malaysia to talk about Trends in Democracy!

Razak acknowledged that he had met Altantuya in Hong Kong at the end of 2004, in Shanghai Kuala Lumpur and France in 2005 during their affair, which lasted about eight months.

Razak chronicled his love story with Altantunya, which he referred to her as Mina.

“I have given her money several times, US$10,000 three to four times or more. I stopped giving because I could not stand the harassment.”

Anyone who does not keep his side of a bargain with the said mistress by denying her the "commission" promised, and then have the UTK to kautim in getting rid of the said mistress is a double mongrel.

Then when the UTK operatives were arrested, put on trial and then convicted Razak Baginda ran away to London to live on the spoils of his corrupt dealing with the Malaysian government led by his friend,  Najib Razak - and by doing so, Razak Baginda must surely be a triple mongrel.

And now after all that he is coming back to Malaysia to give a talk on Democracy...I have no words to describe this kind of mongrel anymore. It is beyond me!

What part of democracy does he want to talk about?

Is it about that part of democracy that allowed a guy, who is a friend of the prime minister, to make RM 500million for services rendered in the purchase of the Scorpene Submarine?

Is it that part of democracy that enables him to enjoy the company of a young Mongolian girl ...driving a red Ferrari through Europe on the way to purchase that submarine for our nation? Compromising the national security of our nation by his reckless behavior of mixing carnal pleasure with the purchase of sensitive defense equipment for our Nation!

Maybe it is that part of democracy that enable someone to instruct the two UTK operatives  to deal with that Mongolian lady who was making a "nuisance" of herself in front of Razak Baginda's house because Razak has not kept his part of the bargain to give her what ever it was that he had promised to give her.

Or was it that trial in a democratic nation that allowed the Judge to convict those two UTK operatives without wanting to know who instructed them to do so....the democracy that allows one of them to abscond to Australia and demand for RM17 million for his continued silence for the murder he initiated on Razak's Baginda's behalf?

Possibly it is the democracy that has enabled him to cheat on his wife and daughter by allowing him to have sexual relationship contrary to his duties as a Muslim?

Will he also talk about the leader of that democracy - Najib Razak - whom he called for helped when he was arrested and who responded by saying that he will talk to the IGP and see what he can do?

This is the transcript of SMS between Najib Razak and Shafee on this matter : Please click here for more : 

Wednesday 8/11/2006
Shafee  to Najib (S2N)
Date: 8/11/2006 02:59:31
Dato Seri, The Razak Baginda thing is troubling me.Can I help? Salam, Shafee
Najib to Shafee (N2S)
Date: 8/11/2006 03:45:05
I will speak with u later tonight.
Date: 8/11/2006 03:45:31
Thank you
Date: 8/11/2006 06:28:56
Met the investigating officer today.Position is serious for RB.The 3 are highly implicated.RB’s case can be fought.There are redeeming features for him.But we need to meet Dato Seri as there are other looming issues at large.But not to worry. Salam > Shafee
Date: 8/11/2006 21:06:11
I have spoken to IGP. U can represent n meet RB in court.

The democracy that allows his to flee to London to enjoy the spoils of his corrupt ways from the sale of that Submarine.

And now we see the workings of the democracy that allows this mongrel to come back to Malaysia to give a talk about "DEMOCRACY"....surely a sickening liberty taken by a mongrel  for what reason?

To try and take his place back in this democracy?

To make more money in this democracy?

Let me tell this Razak Baginda what he should really do :

Go and meet face to face the father of Altantuya and explain to him the circumstances of his daughters passing.

Go meet Altantuya's children and take responsibility for their future by the only way you now can - provide for their financial needs as you were responsible for the death fo their mother - their source of income.

Take responsibility for Altantuya's murder and let her soul rest in peace.

Until you have done all this....get your mongrel and despicable self banished to any place else just as long as it is far far away from the place where you have caused misery to so many people! Ptui!

Public Service Announcement : Orang Hilang

Alter Ego of above Missing Person.

A simple budget analysis from a layman. Najib has made beggars out of the Malays. Right now the growth industry for Malays is driving taxis and lining up for cash handouts.

By Syed Akbar Ali

Assalamu'alaikum all, this is a simple budget analysis from a layman.

"This Is What The Malays Have Become, After GTP, ETP, Transformasi, Boston, McKinsey, GLC, High Income Economy, Entah Apa Lagi"

MO1's Budget this year clearly shows what has become and what is becoming of the fate of the Malays.

Just by looking at the classifications and allocations used in the Budget you can map out the existence of the Malays. And all this is a result of using handouts and easy money as economic policy.

The first one is this comment by Najib :
PM tells poor M'sians to be Uber drivers : More M'sians, B40 (Bottom 40) group should be Uber drivers Najib said; recommends M'sians to enter ride-sharing service to earn extra; down payment using BR1M, rebate RM4k for Proton Iriz, Najib added.

This is a new classification. This is the first time I am hearing about B40 or Bottom 40. Lets not bullshit ok - the vast majority of these B40 are the Malays. During Dr Mahathir's time we did not have this special classification called B40. At that time the whole country was on its way out of any classifications.

But under Najib, and since Badawi too, we have almost a new racial grouping. Keturunan : B40. So what happened to High Income Economy? RM6000 household income and all that crap? Penipu !

And what does Najib want the B40 to do? He wants them to become Uber taxi drivers !! Mampus lah hangpa. Thats all the future your own pemimpin sees for his own race. Become taxi drivers. The PM suggests that becoming a taxi driver should be a growth industry for the Malays.

Then the Budget has "BR1M will benefit 7 million; allocation of RM6.8bil".

Again this is largely a Malay thing. This is direct giving of 'alms for the poor' or 'sedekah bagi pengemis'. Najib has made beggars out of the people. Thats what it is. RM83.33 'sedekah' per month. This is a ridiculous figure. It does not make any difference in your life. No beggar can beg his way out of poverty. The fact that the PM can proudly brag about 7 million mostly Malays being this poor is evidence enough that his brain is seriously twisted. Najib is making receiving BR1M another growth industry for the Malays.

Then let's look at this figure :

Only 2.1 million income tax payers out of 14.6 million of country's total workforce.

This means that 12.5 million workers either avoid paying taxes or they fall below the minimum RM3000 monthly income threshold to pay any income taxes. I think it is the latter. And for sure 12.5 million workers DO NOT belong in that RM6000 household income group. They are certainly NOT high income. And these will be overwhelmingly Malays.

There are 30 million people in the country. Say 70% are Malays. That's 21 million people. About seven million are Chinese. Another two million Indians and Lain2. For certain the numbers of Malay taxpayers is proportionately very small. The amount of taxes they pay will also be proportionately small.

So 2.1 million taxpayers are paying taxes that fill the Treasury, including paying salaries for 1.6 million Civil Servants, who are again over 90% Malays.

Alamak ! What if these 2.1 million 'taxpayers' take up Ikan Bakar's advice and migrate? Will it miraculously improve the gomen's tax revenues? Will the gomen's finances go from hutang gila babi (oops ...gila khinzir) to huge budget surpluses? I don't think so.

All the mollycoddling has NOT increased substantially the numbers of Malay taxpayers who can pay their own taxes and sustain their own wellbeing in the economy. It should be the target of policy making to increase the numbers of Malays beyond the tax paying threshold. But right now the growth industry for Malays is driving taxis and lining up for cash handouts.

Fully Paid Study Leave with scholarship to Support Group.
Quarantine leave up to five days without record for public servants.
Computer loan facility for public servants.
Motorcycle loan for public servants from RM5,000 to RM10,000.
Civil servant’s housing loans
30,000 units of Perumahan Penjawat Awam 1Msia

This is another growth industry for the Malays. They make up the huge bulk of public servants, maybe over 90% of 1.6 million public servants. Considering that gomen does not function too well, economic growth is slowing, revenue collection is dwindling you know that far too many public servants are sleeping on the job. All the indexes are haywire. Corruption index up, education index down, food poisoning index up, sports achievement index down, sports ministry budget up, health ministry budget down, integrity index down, curi index up, religious tolerance index down, religious extremism index up etc. The gomen is not functioning.

Or, if you have too many public servants, then the job becomes a place to sleep. Or a place to minum teh at 9am, 10:30am, 3pm, 4pm. Or sembahyang at 8am, 12:30pm, 3pm, 4pm. Or 'pi mesyuarat' 8:30am till 4pm. The best years of a human being life is spent producing not much. Or nothing at all.

Yet the gomen is giving more and more goodies to the civil servants. The reason is obvious - to buy their support. Make them indebted. Rule 1 of colonialism : keep them barefooted and dumb. Rule 1A : give them whiskey / opium / religion and keep their minds 'befogged'.

A compliant civil service is another growth industry for the Malays being promoted by the gomen.

The next growth industry for the Malays (in the Budget) is food catering and food hawkers' business.

RM1.1bil for Hostel Meal Assistance Programme for 365,000 students.
RM300mil for 1Malaysia Supplementary Food Programme for primary school students.
RM1.4 Billion for food catering in schools !! Wow !

I call this the 'sakit perut halal' sector. This is a really supergrowth industry that can only be sustained by easy gomen money. That is why you see so many cases of food poisoning at the sekolah asrama, sekolah kebangsaan etc where the food caterers and cafeteria operators are almost exclusively Malay.

If the makcik nasi lemak at the market sells nasi lemak sakit perut, very soon she will be out of business. That is why you rarely suffer sakit perut food poisoning at the makick nasi lemak.

But not the crony food caterers and cafeteria operators who sell towgay swimming in stale water or cabbage swimming in stale water as food at the school and university cafeterias. They are unhygienic and sell recycled food. They don't have to worry because they will still get the food supply contracts - awarded under the table. RM1.4 Billion worth of food catering contracts.

This is another major growth sector for the Malays as well.
Increase monthly allowance of 15,000 imam to RM850.
RM500 to nearly 16,000 Bilal and Siak for managing mosques.
Kafa teachers’ allowance increased to RM900 a month.
Religion (and hocus pocus) is another huge growth industry of course. They have to buy the PAS vote. Many of these people also double up as bomoh, dukun, penghalau jin, pemisah jodoh and pemasang jodoh. Some of them strike it very rich. They have conned thousands with fake medical cures and have made enough money to travel to the US to get real, scientific, medical treatment for themselves. This is a definitely a growth sector for the Malays. That is why the gomen is spending money on this from the Budget.

Now lets get back to those 2.1 million taxpayers who pay most (if not all) the taxes to fill the gomen's coffers which the gomen then burns to fund all these 'growth sectors'.

How many of those 2.1 million taxpayers belong to the 'sakit perut halal' sector? Or the poo kanan poo kiri sector? Or drive taxis? Not many.

Now imagine that a bolt of lightning strikes all those 2.1 million taxpayers and makes them all go cuckoo. They decide that they too want to work in the 'sakit perut' food catering sector, become bilal and siak, work in the gomen jobs, drive taxis or just wait for the BR1M lorry to come along.

Do you think the gomen will be able to collect more income taxes or less income taxes?

So I think those 2.1 million taxpayers reserve some serious respect. At a time when even Petronas cannot contribute as much to the Budget anymore (Petronas contribution is now a secret) it is those 2.1 million taxpayers who are also sustaining the gomen's Budget.

The 2 year old GST is not a tax. It is an oppression. Even 12 year old kids have to pay GST! We have to be rid of it.

Monday 24 October 2016

cakap cakap...Life.

8.48 PM Monday 24th October 2016:

In my mind, I have already decided to take a break from blogging. 

The hard part is trying to find a good enough reason to do so....and if truth be told I have no other reason then to tell myself that the time spent working on this blog keeps me from spending that time with my wife. 

I want to spend more time with her...not more time at my keyboard writing. 

I find that even when she is in the bed a few feet away from my desk resting or trying to go to sleep....most times I see her looking at me. She cannot say anything but she looks at me and I know in my heart that she is asking why I am at the keyboard and not lying down beside her....and if truth be told, I would rather spend time with her than blogging.

So what am I to do now?

Yes, my Gout is bothering me but I have worked through pain before. This time around the pain from the gout is a good excuse for me to not write! That is why I know that I needed time to think this through and find the real reason why I am not driven to write as I have been doing these last year or so.

It has been two weeks since my last posting. Exactly two weeks....and I made myself sit down to write this and explain to you guys the thoughts that are going through my head now. 

I do not know when dementia will take away from my wife all her memories of me. Even now there are times when she drifts away into a world of her own. She does not respond to anything that I say to her but when I hold my hand towards her....she will reach out to hold it. 

When I am getting her ready in the morning there are times when she reaches out to touch and hold my face for a while and she will look at me and I know that she does recognize me but she is unsure who I am. But then there are also times when she knows it is me and we are comfortable in our own company. Increasingly, those moments are not as often as I would like them to that is why I want to spend as much time as I can with her now while she can still remember me.

The long goodbye has started and I am dealing with it the best way I can.....time with each other is the only way that can make my heart and my mind be at ease for whatever is to come.

Enough for now....I am going to try and work out how to deal with all wife and my desire to write and blog....and see what I can come up with. 

For all the thoughts and best wishes you have all sent me...many thanks. I do not know how all this will work out but all things must pass.....and so shall this.                    

Thursday 20 October 2016

Stephen Khaw : Salam Pak Hussein