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Quickies : ASEP TEBEL!

A CNN news correspondent was in Batu Pahat Johor covering a report on the haze from Indonesia that drifts into Johor Malaysia.

Through an interpreter, the CNN newsman asked a Javanese Pak Cik about the haze whether it bothers him or not..

He thundered "ASEP TEBEL" in two-word reference to the haze. Without asking for a english translation the newsman heard it differently and reported "The Malaysian here think the haze is ACCEPTABLE"


(Oleh Cikgu Kamarulazman)

Apakah nilai kemerdekaan sebuah negara?
Atau merdeka itu hanya pada nama?
Sedang kita sentiasa diperguna
Demi cita-cita pemimpin yang kini hilang maruahnya

Merdeka kali ini tiada membawa sebarang makna
Jalur kita sudah tiada gemilangnya
Rakyat tercari-cari hak dan kebebasan mereka
Peguam Negara disuruh berhenti sebelum waktunya
Apa sudah jadi dengan laporan Gabenor Bank Negara?
GST menjadi alat agar rakyat membayar hutang negara
Ketua Polis Negara entah menjaga siapa.
Para pemimpin parti tua sudah menjadi buta
SPRM menentang perasuah atau menjaga mereka?
Para ulama sudah kehilangan suara
Pak menteri seperti peminta sedekah di Putrajaya
Isteri menteri buas berbelanja di luar negara
Rakyat jelata dilayan seperti hamba
Minda kita diperbodohkan di media milik mereka
Akaun pemimpin sarat dengan sumbangan derma
Akaun kita tidak pernah berbaki walau secuba mana
Para mahasiswa kehilangan biasiswa
Angkara usaha menangkap perompak utama negara

Inikah yang dimaksudkan sebagai merdeka?
Berapa harga yang telah kita bayar untuknya?
Merdeka ini untuk mereka dan keluarga mereka
Kita cuma diperlukan pada setiap kali pilihanraya.

30 Ogos 2016🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾


Lives wrecked, a nation wasted and Umno corrupt to the hilt : Najib and Rosmah....your work is done!

Before 1MDB, before that RM2.6 billion donation, before the murder of Hussain Najadi, before Kevin Morais, before the dismissal of Gani Patail, Muhyiddin and anyone else that could finger Najib Razak for pillaging and plundering the wealth of our nation for his personal gain...before all this, there was Altantuya.

Razak Baginda, SirulAzhar Umar, Azilah Hadri, Balasubramaniam, Deepak, C4, Musa Safri and a host of other players and circumstance - that all together, went on to make this murder one that will not be forgotten for many years to come. As murders and scandals go, this one has everything. People in high places, politics, a red Ferrari, money, greed, sex, murder ...even a Submarine. Hollywood would find it hard to come up with a script like this. 

This was the beginnings of  a "new normal" for all things Malaysia...for Altantuya changes everything.

It’s a concocted tale of violence and murder, death, betrayal, greed, deceit, cover ups, illicit sex across many continents, corruption, cronyism, abuse of executive power and the peoples’ trust, massive abuse of public money, compromising our national security, shenanigans at the Immigration department, gutter politics, miscarriage of justice, covert operations by Unit Tndakan Khas (UTK) on behalf of the rich and powerful, theft of explosives from the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), blackmail and the exposure of the lives of the rich, powerful and politically connected and not dismissing the likelihood of further escalation of diplomatic ‘tension’ involving Mongolia and France….and still counting!

Today murders for political and financial gain is as common as Kak Rosmah's changing  handbags, and I hope underwear too! Today the courts are able to dispense Justice in a manner that would make you ask yourself if they were second guessing the wishes of Najib Razak. PDRM and the AG's office are complicit in covering up or guiding the conclusion of these murders to run along the same path as the wheels of Justice are inclined to tread in order to please the prime minister....and all this is part of the "new normal" that exists in Malaysia today.

Why is it so?

One word : GREED.

 And Greed in the end, fails even the greedy. 

How many lives has Najib and Rosmah wrecked? 

How many fathers and mothers and sons and daughters have had their world irreversebly turned upside down? How many loves ones have been separated from each other? How many people have lost their ability to earn a decent income to feed their family? How many have had their father, mother, son or daughter taken away from them? 
Anwar Ibrahim his wife and children, Alatantuya, Altantuya's Father and her children, Mahyuddin Yassin, Hussain Najadi, Kevin Morais, Balasubramaniun, Sirul Azahr Umar, Azilah Hadri, Teoh Beng Hock, Aminurasyid, Kugan and more, many many more.

But Najib and Rosmah started their life together by first wrecking the family that they had before they met each other. Is that not a fitting way for these two despicable people to start their life together? And since then, their ability to wreck havoc and heartaches every where they go is legendary. Now that they are in Seri Perdana what evil they have done and are still doing, is simply breathtaking in its breath,scope and depth.

Can any of you imagine having RM2.6 billion in your personal bank account? Put that money into anybody's account and you can be sure that it will be a life changing event. Now put that into the account of Najib Razak and Rosmah what do you have?

For sure it gives them the means to do as they think fit. And what have they thought fit to do? Here are a sample of what they have been up tp:

Jan 22, 2016 - In view of the recalibrated Budget 2016 due to be presented on Jan 28 , PAS' Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man believes that Prime Minister Najib Abdul ...

Malaysia's “First Couple” (Rosmah and Najib)'s Lavish Ways make ...
Apr 21, 2015 - The lavish lifestyles of Prime Minister Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor were highlighted in an Indonesian magazine Tempo, just two ...

PM Najib spent lavishly on luxury items using channelled funds: WSJ ...
Mar 31, 2016 - Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak spent lavishly on luxury ... However, his press secretary slammed the report, saying it is biased ... Ms Rosmah has a reputation in Malaysia for a purportedly high-end lifestyle, and has ...

Malaysian PM's wife spent US$130,625 on Chanel goods – WSJ ...
Apr 1, 2016 - Malaysia's First Couple, Prime Minister Najib Razak and wife Rosmah Mansor. ... In their report, the publication alleged that Najib and Rosmah lived a lavish lifestyle, ... The pair was later deported after authorities decided to not press charges. ... Would-be bomber fails to detonate in Indonesian church.

Malaysia: US Files Lawsuits to Recover $1 Billion Taken From 1MDB
Jul 20, 2016 - 1mdb najib razak department of justice wolf of wall street malaysia. ... a company wholly owned by the Malaysian government, was spent by Najib to fund a lavish lifestyle. ... 1MDB, a company wholly owned by the government of Malaysia,” Lynch told a press conference in Washington. .... Indonesian news

Rosmah's lavish lifestyle is exposed by an Indonesian magazine ...
Apr 21, 2015 - An Indonesian magazine has published an article highlighting the”luxurious lifestyle” led by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his wife ...

Indonesian magazine highlights Najib, Rosmah's 'luxurious lifestyle ...
Apr 21, 2015 - KUALA LUMPUR — An Indonesian magazine has published an article ... mentioned Mr Najib and Mdm Rosmah's “lavish lifestyle” in another ...

And more worrying for us Malaysians is what all this is doing to our country! GREED is never satisfied with even RM2.6 billion in your bank account. Greed is never satisfied by any physical possesions you may have. Greed in the end even fails the greedy...and that we can see that happening to Najib and Rosmah today.
In the last general election, the popular mandate was won from the people of Malaysia by Pakatan Rakyat. Granted that since then Pakatan Rakyat has been literally deciminated and are now a shadow of what they once were, but let me remind you of this : Anwar Ibrahim, Kit Siang and Tok Guru managed to put together Pakatan Rakyat because that was what was needed to win the general election then.They did secure the popular mandate but government was denied to them on a technicality. 
Within the next year or so there will come into being another formidable opposition  - this time with the remanants of Pakatan Rakyat in union with what Mahathir is now putting togather - and all of them will be united with one purpose - to F#@K  Umno and the Barisan Nasional they now lead. Now if you are a thinking man/women, if you have any faith in the ability of Malaysian to do the right thing by themselves and if you believe that the time has come for real change - who would you vote for?

Of course only time will tell.....but look to your left and to your right. Look in front of you and behind you...look all around many people do you have to ask, how many people do you have to engage in conversation to know that Malaysians have had enough of Najib and Rosmah? 
And do you really think that there will be a life for Najib and Rosmah to live in Seri Perdana or anywhere outside of Sungai Buloh after the next general election? For these two they know that it is either Seri Perdana or Sungai Buloh.....nothing in between. As things now stands....the liklehhod of them spending time in Sungai Buloh advances by the day....and so it should be, given the pain and suffering that they have caused to the people of Malaysia and to Malaysia !  

cakap cakap...Potato, Patato

Last Sunday 28th August I wrote about "Toyo : the corrupt ex-MB with his brains stuck in his zippers" and among the comments made by those who read what I write were two that I want to address:

tuan Hussein,

your last two sentences in this article are wrong. The business of men having two, three or four wives is not a blight on the Islamic religion. it is a personal decision, which has basis in the Holy Quran. You can debate this personal decision, but firman Allah SWT are not up for debate. Nor should it be consigned to the rubbish bin. Never


steadyaku47 comment
Here is the thing about the internet and blogging that we should understand. When you put anything on to the public domain, be prepared for people to agree, disagree or dismiss your comment out of hand without making an attempt to explain to others why they have done so. 

If nassa nassarudin tells me that the business of men having two, three or four wives is a personal decision which has a basis in the Holy Quran then my argument is simply this : Yes it is a personal decision of the man - but in the times that we live where men and women are more equal than at any other time in time, I personally am of the opinion that if men are allowed four wives, then wives should be allowed, four husbands. However, if you are of the opinion that women are not the equal of men...then there is no room for argument and I rest my case.  

Lim Guan Eng made the same mistake like Khir Toyo buying property below market price while holding public office. They did not let go the opportunity of benefitting from a good deal. As for taking a second wife, he did it openly with his 1st wife knowledge. Khir Toyo is being responsible to buy and feed the cow that gives him milk. Obviously Mr Hussein subscribe to a different set of social values!

steadyaku47 comment : 

Agree with you on that Lim Guan Eng comment. 

I want to comment on the second issue of me subscribing to a different set of social values. Social values is a relative concept depending on the culture and historic time frame that you are in. I am in the 21st Century and I have lived in Australia for the past three decades. Yes  we do have a different set of social values. Here even if your wife agrees to you taking a second, third or fourth wife, woe betide the husband if that becomes public knowledge because he will be ostracised, ridiculed and treated with contempt and disgusts by his peers and the public.....and in my opinion, deservedly so. 

Whether the social values I subscribe to is better or worse that the one you subscribe to is a matter of opinion. Salam   

Tuesday 30 August 2016

PetroSaudi's Tarek Obaid Cavorted With Nude Models On A Luxury Yacht As DOJ Filed Evidence On His Stolen Cash....

30 Aug 2016

Tarek Obaid, photoed on the 'scandal yacht' last month
Tarek Obaid, photoed on the ‘scandal yacht’ last month

At the weekend Malaysia’s bravest and most conscientious students walked peacefully through Kuala Lumpur to express concern over the leeching of their country’s wealth through 1MDB.

That theft was minutely detailed by investigators from the Department of Justice of the United States in their court filing of 20th July.

The students were exercising their democratic right to peaceful protest and freedom of expression and the event passed without a single incident of disorderly behaviour.

Nevertheless, because Prime Minister Najib Razak is directly implicated over 1MDB, his police chief unconstitutionally declared this student action to be ‘illegal’ on invented grounds.

Now agitators funded by Najib are seeking to ‘report’ and harass those students one by one.

Who is Halal and who is Haram?

Switch now to the azure waters of the Aegean Sea, where some of the key individuals identified as having stolen the billions missing from Malaysia’s 1MDB development fund were recently recorded participating in a very different set of activities by an outraged Turkish media – just hours before the DOJ report.
In late July, just as the DOJ was bringing out its findings on the largest ever kleptocracy seizure in the United States, one of the key players in the whole event, PetroSaudi Director Tarek Obaid, was featuring loudly in a yacht party that caused outrage in Najib’s key ally Turkey.

Two days after Najib's ally Erdogan had quashed a military coup pal Tarek and his Saudi hedonistic friends were enjoying Ukranian girls for money

Two days after Najib’s ally Erdogan had quashed a military coup pal Tarek (see arrow) and his Saudi hedonistic friends were enjoying Ukranian girls for money off the Turkish coast
Indeed, whilst Najib and his law enforcers have hit hard against protestors, they have worked equally hard to close down investigations over 1MDB and people like PetroSaudi’s Tarek Obaid, who has been living it up since 2009, getting chubbier and chubbier.

Tarek living it up

Tarek living it up

Bafflingly, while countries all over the world (eg Singapore, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the USA) have set about punishing their banks and other institutions for having processed stolen public money belonging to Malaysians, the Malaysian PM himself has refused to do the same.

Which means that PetroSaudi’s Tarek Obaid has carried on as before – enjoying the pleasures bought by billions stolen from a fund set up in the name of improving the lives of Malaysia’s poorest people.
This is what the Turkish media outlets were reporting:
“According to Turkish daily Cümhuriyet, the Saudi prince Nawaf bin Abdulaziz al-Saud has rented a luxurious yacht named “Desert Moon” for four days and flying British flag. The Saudi prince was accompanied by a great entourage of European supermodels, families and acquaintances.
Scandalous paparazzi pictures of the Saudi prince dancing with naked Ukrainian girls while live music was played shocked Turkish public and media.
The Saudi profligate prince and his companions swam in the dead of night due to security matters, enjoying all sorts of water sports and afterwards, the depraved guests were served with champagne and Russian caviar.
For the dinner, Prince Nawwaf invited his bevy of harlots to a fancy restaurant in Yalıkavak — 18 km away from Bodrum on the beautiful Turkish Aegean coast. In addition to restaurant bill which exceeded € 3700; the Prince wanted to display his immense affluence by leaving a € 500 tip to the waiter.”
Photographed at the centre of all this Turkey-shocking ‘debauchery’ was Najib’s joint venture business partner, Tarek Obaid of PetroSaudi. This is the man whom very many people in Malaysia are asking to be held to account or at least investigated for his role in the loss of billions from 1MDb.

Obaid spotted in the throng

Obaid spotted in the ‘lewd party’ throng

Yet, Najib has responded to the global investigations into this world ranking scandal by closing his own investigations down?

Obaid centre stage, whilst the DOJ prepared to finger his involvement in the billions stolen from Malaysia

Obaid centre stage, whilst the DOJ prepared to finger his involvement in the billions stolen from Malaysia

And whilst playing ‘holier than thou’ he has persecuted everyone, while allowing his close associates to spend the money from their looting on what most would describe as pure debauchery.

Why not shake up his dopey IGP and demand proper action and leave those students well alone?
Perhaps we all know why?

Monday 29 August 2016

Najadi: "Malaysian Cops should explain their silence on 'Malaysian Official 1'"

PRESS STATEMENT / For Immediate Release / Geneva, Switzerland, August 29th 2016 - 1350hrs CET

by Anastasia Suvorova, Najadi & Partners
GENEVA: Moscow and Geneva-based Investment Banker Pascal Najadi, who once called Malaysia home, has expressed shock that police in his old country were keeping an “ominous silence” despite #TangkapMO1” (Catch Malaysian Official 1) street protests by student coalitions. Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) is the euphemism used by the US Department of Justice (DoJ) to refer to Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.
Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) is the euphemism used by the US Department of Justice (DoJ), in a civil action suit filed in a California Court recently, to refer to Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

Swiss-born Investment Banker Pascal Najadi charged that when his father Hussain Ahmad Najadi was assassinated in late July 2013, outside a temple in Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian police likewise virtually did nothing. "They never probed the motive behind the killing. They refuse to investigate the motive that is central to any criminal investigation the world over."

His father, who founded ArabMalaysian which has since emerged as the country's 5th largest bank, knew then that unusually large sums of money originating from the state-owned 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) were entering AmBank Islamic Private Banking Services. "They were being deposited in the Prime Minister's personal account according a witness that gave us his statement," he recalled.

Pascal pointed out the DoJ has since confirmed the money that his father complained about to the central bank, Bank Negara,  was the same itemized in the civil action suit  i.e. USD 681 million, USD20 million and USD30 million, all originating from 1MDB.

The Malaysian Attorney General Mohd Apandi Ali cleared Najib of wrongdoing last July. He never touched on the USD20 million and the USD30 million but only on the USD681 million and another sum, RM42 million, from the Malaysian Ministry of Finance owned SRC International. "Apandi said the USD681 million was a political donation, with no strings attached, from the Saudi Royal Family to Najib," noted Pascal.

"The Attorney General also explained that when Najib was spending the RM42 million, including RM3 million on two credit card bills, he thought that the money was part of the so-called USD681 million donation. There is the mismatch."

The catch in the story, added Pascal, can be found in Najib's explanation itself to the AG. "The AG said that Najib returned USD620 million of the USD681 million because 'it was not used'." The fact is that Najib, according to his story, had already returned USD620 million of the "political donation" by the time the RM42 million came in. So, said Pascal, he (Najib) cannot claim that when he was spending the RM42 million, he assumed it was part of the USD681 million.

The AG could have thrown the book at Najib on the RM42 million, continued Pascal, but he didn't. "The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Act (MACC) is clear. The receipt of the RM42 million -- allegedly for instructing the Retirement Fund KWAP to loan RM4 billion to SRC -- was a clear cut case of corruption."

Not only did the AG clear Najib on the RM42 million and the USD681 million, lamented the Swiss Investment Banker, he also instructed the MACC to close the files on the investigations although he has no power to do so. "There's no evidence either that Najib returned the RM42 million to SRC International."

He hopes that something will come out of three cases that former de facto Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim, sacked Umno Batu Kawan deputy divisional chief Khairuddin Abu Hassan, and the Bar Council have filed at the High Court in Kuala Lumpur to compel Najib to return the RM42 million to SRC International and the USD681 million to 1MDB.

"No one believes that Najib 'returned' USD620 million to the Saudi Royal Family," said Pascal. "The question doesn't arise. The USD681 million was from 1MDB. The DoJ filings are clear on the matter."

By Najib's own admission, he said, he spent USD31 million of the USD681 million on buying the 2013 General Election. "That's electoral fraud to add to plundering public monies. Clear cut criminal acts in my opinion." Najadi concluded.


Anastasia Suvorova
Press Officer

Wanita VVIP : Ptui!

steadyaku47 comment : 


Sunday 28 August 2016

Toyo : The corrupt ex-MB with his brain stuck in his zippers!

Toyo wed for the second time, with Muslim convert Christine Zanitrah Abdullah.

A second marriage for Khir Toyo

A second marriage for Khir Toyo

KUALA LUMPUR: Former Selangor menteri besar Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo today wed for the second time, with civil servant Christine Zanitrah Abdullah.

It is understood that Dr Mohamad Khir, 51, and 39-year-old Christine Zanitrah, whose original name was Christine Tan before she converted to Islam last April, got married at a ceremony held in the country.

This was confirmed to Bernama by a source close to Dr Mohamad Khir.

The source said Christine Zanitrah was a civil servant working in Putrajaya.

The source also handed several photos showing the new bride wearing a wedding dress made by local designer Datuk Radzuan Radziwill.

Dr Mohamad Khir’s first marriage was to Zaharah Kechik in the 1990s and the couple have three children together.
steadyaku47 comment : Not only has this man allowed greed to bring him down to the depths of odious contempt and disgust reserved for those who have used, abused and misused their public office for personal gain, now it would seems that his brains are stuck in the zipper of his trousers....close to where his penis is! 

When he was MB Selangor he took what he could to satisfy his greed. While you and me will look yearningly at the latest Mercedes as it whizzes past us, we do not go out and steal one to satisfy that yearning. But this Jawa...he wanted a mansion for a house and he went out to get one...not caring the right and wrong of how he did so. 

Now he wants a younger wife. 
So do many of us! But all we do is look and never touch for even if we can afford another wife, there are things to consider. That wife that you married many many years ago when she was in her prime and have since grown old together with you. You also consider the children that the two of you have had and ask yourself "How will I explain another wife to them?" and most of all you know that lust is passing and can be satisfied in many other ways than a marriage. If you want milk, you do not have to buy the whole cow!

But not this guy....after all the loyalty his wife has shown him during his trial, conviction and incarceration for corruption how does he repay her? By taking a second wife!
 Toyo and his now first wife.
For sure there will be a Mufti or two who will jump to his defence by praising this Jawa for bringing over a convert into Islam. Let me tell these Muftis this : when you bring over a convert into Islam because your brain is stuck in your zipper...I do not think that ALLAH will award you any brownie points. 
I would suggest that these Muftis gives the Jawa the same advice I intend to give him. Toyo the next time you get an erection because of any other women - whether a convert or not - do what most people do....go take a cold shower. And if the cold shower does not help,  masturbate. 
Go and ask Najib - Go and ask him what he does when he too would have the urge to marry another one from time to time. He too masturbates because he does not want to hurt Kak Rosmah by marrying a younger wife...though some mischievous bugger insists that it is she who will be hurting him if he does marry any other wife (convert or not a convert!)....but I digress. 
Toyo you are indeed a despicable man....but the deed is done....because there will always be a women who are willing to be a second third or fourth wife of some men for reasons best known to themselves. And as long as there are men like Toyo, there will have a husband. For me, the business of men having two, three or four wives are simply a blight on the Islamic religion. Something that should be consigned to the rubbish bin where it belongs!

Quickies : Government ada duit tapi.....

Just sharing a thought/comment/statement/wise saying of KB from my WhatsApp's group:


comment dari MO1

Hati saya rasa sangat sayu....

Hati saya rasa sangat sayu dan melankoli bila mendengar lagu lagu ini...tambah lagi bila berada di luar Malaysia yang saya sangat sayangi dan rindukan. Hanya kami yang berada di negri orang lain akan faham bagaimana rasa hati bila mendengar Zaiton dan Shima menyani lagu mereka. Kadang kadang saya menyoal diri sendiri kenapa saya meninggal negri sendiri...soalan yang agak sukar di jawab....masing masing kena menerima keputusan sendiri. Salam. 

Cliff and Cilla

Sarawak Report: You are now unsubscribed

steadyaku47 comment : Another of life's minor irritant courtesy of those cyber idiots working for Najib Razak. I have never made a request to Sarawak Report to unsubscribe me from their mailing list....never ever! So Clare, if you are reading this (most likely she is NOT!) just ignore all those "unsubscribed request" coming from me or the many thousands of others who read what you is just those cyber idiots working for Najib Razak earning their daily bread. 

Sarawak Report

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We're sorry to see you go.
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