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cakap cakap...RPK.

Some one just shared this with me....really? They tell me that is a snapshot from RPK's whatsapp group or whatever? Surely Petra has more brain, class and grey matter than to post something that damming? Saya tanya aja.....

Indonesia means Hindu Nation.

Receive this under mention memo from Indonesian Friend : 
'Malays forgot their identity but Indonesians adore their Indian cultural heritage. They spent billions to restore all Hindu monuments and temples. They named their currency rupiah, their airways Garuda, 20,000 rupiah note has Ganesha image, they named their Universities names like Gajah Mada(hindu majapahit prime minister), Sri Vijaya University, Saraswati University, , Kubera Bank, Ganesh Bank. Hanuman is their military mascot and the list goes on. Names like Susila, Saraswati, Santhi, Vishnuvardana, Muralidara, Manohara Ratna Devi are all Hindu names but they are Muslims. Last 10 yrs 200,000 Indonesian muslims have converted to Hindus, including the entire Soekarno( 1st Presiden) family has embraced Hinduism. Indonesian govt doesn't forbid conversion. Ramayana and Mahabaratha are their cultural treasures. Their economy now is better than Malaysia.Lots of Chinese businessmen from malaysia are investing in Indonesia at the invitations of the Indon govt. So, Indonesians are better off than the Malaysian, and no need to convert if u marry a muslim. Thats why i have my greatest admiration for Indonesians, only a minority about 10% are hardcore and fanatics.'

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Indonesian minister says men become corrupt due to their greedy wives

By  |  | @ascorrespondent
AN Indonesian minister has blamed women for the scourge of graft in the country, saying that men become corrupt due to the greed and materialistic nature of their wives.
Minister of Religious Affairs Lukman Hakim Saifuddin said men were driven to make more money out of guilt for not being able to spend more time at home with their families, and this leads them to corrupt practices.
“My message [to wives] is: do not demand excessively material things that are out of the ordinary, that would be an outstanding way for women to contribute,” Lukman said on Saturday as quoted in a report by Kompas which was translated by Coconuts Jakarta.
Lukman said although corruption was influenced by many factors, extraordinary demands from a man’s family could be one reason for graft “to atone for their guilty feeling” which made them act outside the norms.
“Often times corruption is motivated by many things. Among other things because there are extraordinary demands [from his family] so to atone for their guilty feeling, they act outside the norms,” said Lukman.
According to the report in Coconuts Jakarta, Lukman’s predecessor, former Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadharma Ali, was recently sentenced to six years in jail for stealing billions of rupiah from the state’s haj fund.
Indonesia’€™s rank in Transparency International’€™s Corruption Perception Index 2015 rose to 88th from 107th position in the previous year, but public opinion views corruption as pervasive as ever.

Muka siapa yang di pijak tu?

najib brought his witch, bitch that he should have left in the ditch.

Sarala Poobalan : You may ask why do some Hindus eat meat. There is no compulsion in our religion. No moral police, no enforcers or anything. Do what your heart desires and we believe in karma. You will get what you deserve in the next life based on what you do today.

A great reply by a young Indian girl, Sarala Poobalan, to the mufti.

Dear Dr Maza,

 I have always respected you as a person who is knowledgeable and because you are a religious leader, a mufti.. One of the most important aspect that was taught to me is the four pillars of life. They are  mother, father, teacher and God. (see the order).These are the people who mould you into who you are. Then again, who am I? Just an ordinary person who is an Indian by birth and a Hindu by choice 

 I will not touch on your religion as I have been taught to respect all religion. However, I am here to explain about mine, a religion that is not yours and that you seem to have very little knowledge of. I don't have to remind you that little knowledge is dangerous knowledge. You are a learned man.

That puisi is not nice especially when it came from you. Religious leaders are suppose to set good examples but insulting people of another faith is not one of them. I know you removed that puisi but the damage is done. I will never be able to see you as a good leader. 

 Your first line :- Mempertuhankan lembu. 

We do not "mempertuhankan" we menghormati. We respect our mothers don't we? We say " Syurga di tapak kaki ibu". Does that mean we "mempertuhankan ibu kami".? We merely put them on a high pedestal. 

We do not discriminate animals. We respect them. That is why many Hindus are vegetarians. You may ask why do some Hindus eat meat. There is no compulsion in our religion. No moral police, no enforcers or anything. Do what your heart desires and we believe in karma. You will get what you deserve in the next life based on what you do today.

Then, it is "kerajaan zalim and penganut sati". 

Oh boy!!!  There are still many Muslim in India and successful ones too. Remember your favourite Khans... Shah Rukh, Salman, Amir, Saif. Also remember the President who was a Muslim, Abdul Kalam. These muslims will not be able to enjoy the status they have if it was a kerajaan zalim. Of course, there will be fanatics everywhere. Are we going to label the nation because of the actions of a few?

Penganut sati.... which century are you living in? Are you still reading the book "Round the world in 80 days"? That is long gone. No longer exist because as we become educated, we discard what is wrong. We take the good. We  have a lot of widows in India and they live a good life. Classic example will be the late Indra Gandhi and her daughter in law Sonia Gandhi. 

Mengkasta manusia

Let us face it. we live in a class society. You are a religious leader. In the Hindu society you will be in the Bramin class. There are Muslim beggars and are they invited to your house?So what is the difference? Women are not in the same class with men.Caste system exist in all societies not just in the Hindu society.However, the caste system is classified differently in different society. By the way, it is banned but still practiced by people who cannot accept change. That is normal. Just like mas kahwin. India has banned dowry system but have you removed the mas kahwin?

Your next 5 lines are for the local Hindus or rather people who opposed the so called preacher. Why did we oppose him?

- He, as a good Muslim should defend his religion and actions in the nation that he claims will torture him. If he is so proud of his faith and believed that he did no wrong, then be a man and face it. If he is found not guilty, by all means come and use the PR. If guilty, face the consequences in this world for you will be rewarded in the next. 

- Speaking ill of another is not the teaching of any religion. He has quoted all our religious scripts wrongly. That makes us angry. We know our scripts well enough to know what he is comparing is wrong, do you?

We are always told that we should not speak about Islam because we are not Muslims. Shouldn't that rule be applied to you and the preacher as well?

I am sad because this one man has divided us as Malaysians.

Vinod Sekhar : Of sexual deviants and chess games

I have said this many times. And I'll say it again. Any adult male that has issues with a 12 year old child wearing shorts during PE is sick in the head and a potential, if not actual, pedophile. Regardless if he cloaks himself in religious or governmental authority. 

But now we have an assistant secretary to the Malaysian Chess Federation that decided to eject a young girl of 12 from the Malaysian Scholastic Chess tournament. Why? Because she was wearing a dress, one her mother had just bought her and one that goes down to the knees, that was 'too seductive and a temptation'. 

This man's name is Sophian Yusof. This is a man that finds a 12 year old girl too seductive and a temptation. Think about it. Is this someone you want around your children, anyone's child? We let self proclaimed moral policeman like this idiot try and dictate how we live, how our children live.

Enough is enough. Wake up guys. And you know who I'm talking to. When do we stop Malaysia's slide into an unrecognizable country. When do we stop a minority from trying to take ownership of the soul of the country. First it was pageants, then it was young talented athletes and medal winning gymnasts - now its 12 year old Chess players. The time for silence and acceptance of individuals like this is over. It must be over. We must ensure it is. Otherwise we risk losing the Malaysian culture, we risk losing the incredible and beautiful Malay culture. We risk the complete Arabization of our country and losing our soul in the process. 

Sophian Yusof should emigrate to Saudi Arabia or a small village in Pakistan where he most likely can avoid being 'tempted' by 'seductive' children. And then at least our children will be safe. 

The time for silence is over. Be disgusted by this man. Be disgusted by all like him. And don't be afraid to stand up and show it. We are Malaysia. We are the majority, silent no longer. 

by Vinod Sekhar

SarawakReport : Definition of Public Office Is Who Appoints And Who Pays!

30 April 2017

High Court judge Abu Bakar Jais in his controversial ruling yesterday that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is not a public official or public officer has detailed his grounds for the judgment in his 31-page decision.
Justice Abu Bakar said Najib’s lawyers argued that in initiating the suit, former Umno leaders Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Khairuddin Abu Hassan and Anina Saadudin must first prove the offices that Najib occupies – as prime minister, finance minister, BN chairperson and Umno president – are all public offices.
“The defendant maintained he is not a public officer and therefore cannot be liable for the tort of misfeasance in public office,” the judge said in throwing out the suit.
Najib, he noted, also contended there is no fiduciary duty owed by him as PM, finance minister, BN chairperson and Umno president to the plaintiffs.
“There is no mutual trust and confidence placed between the parties for a fiduciary relationship to exist,” Justice Abu Bakar said.
Source: Definition of Public Office Is Who Appoints And Who Pays!, malaysiakini


The public appointed Najib and the public pays Najib.
In return, Najib on assuming office swore to serve the public faithfully and honestly.
He was given a position of immense trust in charge of the nations finances, which the judge acknowledges he may have abused.
Yet this judge has opined that Najib is nevertheless not accountable to the public and that there is no duty of trust nor any obligation not to betray his terms of office, as would pertain to a teacher, parking officer or judge.
This law officer has decided that Najib is above the law and that democracy is about electing which dictator you want to have steal from you next – your money and your liberties included.
Malaysia needs to elect a government that will reform this despersate situation.

cakap cakap : Harris Ibrahim, Rafizi Ramli and INVOKE

There are not many people in Malaysian politics today that are known to me personally. I have been away from K Hell for almost a decade now and like many of you, what I know of them are the results of what I read of them in the main stream medias, on the NET and from discussions and conversations I have had with people in K Hell and with Malaysian whom I have met in Melbourne. 

In this past decade I have met many Malaysians in Melbourne and many more have been the "interesting" conversation and and exchange of emails I have had with "interesting" individuals in Malaysia - at times at my encouragement and most times at their own initiative for their own vested interests - and for all these sharing of tit bits about these "interesting" politicians and people in public office, I am grateful. Not all of them I have shared with those of you who read what I write in this blog but whether shared, stored in the numerous files within my Mac or kept within the dark recesses of my mind.... all these bits of data and information will somehow come to be of use to me if not now, then sometime in the future.     

Of all these many many individuals that have, in one way or another, been involved in Malaysian politics over this decade that I speak of,  two names have stood the test of time if you want to talk about leaders  that our people, our nation and our future would need once these dark days of a corrupt umno led bn government are banished from Putrajaya. 

Harris Ibrahim and Rafizi Ramli.

There is no need for me to talk about Harris Ibrahim. when you talk about Harris Ibrahim you talk about integrity, commitment and a passion for justice. His ABU, his SAMM has earned him the right to be the Voice of the People. Of late I seem to have lost him somewhere in the   
hustle and bustle of the NET but for me Harris Ibrahim has already earned his right to be one of those leaders who we will turn to for a better tomorrow for Malaysia and for all Malaysians. He does not seem to be beholden to anyone or to any faction - and for better or for worse, he marches to his own drum beat.    

The other one is Rafizi Ramli. 

Rafizi is my junior in MCKK and I am loathe to admit that that fact alone initially caused me to hold him in the same regard as any senior will regard any junior...basically it is the "I am better than you syndrome...until you prove to me otherwise!"...after all "junior" means younger and "senior" means older....but this junior of mine is responsible for, among other things....INVOKE. 

Twelve offices. At the last count there were eighty honest, dedicated, incredibly hard working staff - ninety five percent of them below twenty five. Most of them university graduates from prestigious international universities such as Oxford, Berkley, Melbourne and Kings College. All putting their careers on hold for one year working with INVOKE  - to remove najib and rosmah from power and bring in a democratic two party system in Malaysia. Rafizi put in his life savings to start INVOKE. He does not take any salary. He leads, drive. organise and execute INVOKE's plan to help Pakatan Rakyat win government and end corruption and impunity. 

INVOKE is a data, media and election machinery providing crucial election data to candidates they support from PKR, Amanah and DAP to enable them to refine electioneering strategies down to the street level....and all candidates supported by INVOKE must sign a pledge to be corruption free, carry our their duties as MP (if elected) and must declare their assets. INVOKE operational costs monthly is RM$300,000 and counting.

Just stop for while and read again the above two paragraphs to get an idea of what INVOKE has set out to do and the financial and physical logistics involved in such an undertaking... and remember this not an initiative by the opposition but by Rafizi Ramli! And remember he has put his own savings into the venture, does not take a salary and has been able to put together a committed and passionate group of mostly young people, out, for lack of a better word....out to change the world...our world that is now so corrupt and dedak driven. 

Just reading about INVOKE takes my breath away! Now if he can do this out of government can you even begin to imagine what he can do if he is in government? What can he achieve if he is a Minister? Hell, do we dare dream that he will one day lead our country as Prime Minister? 

And what if the fourth floor of the prime minister office are staffed by those eighty odd INVOKE staff who are now putting their career on hold in order to work for the ideals and dreams that Rafizi, through INVOKE, has instilled in them? 

And I heard that Harris Ibrahim is somewhere in there with Rafizi, working together to rid our country of the corrupt  najib and rosmah and bring about the changes this nation will need for democracy to prevail.

There is still hope for our country with people like Harris, Rafizi and the people of INVOKE. Please do support them in any way you can - especially financially for as they say : 

In order for this team of these 80 young heroes to defeat UMNO BN, please support us. We need to raise an additional RM3 million to keep INVOKE afloat for another 10 months. You can donate as low as RM20. If 150,000 of you donate RM20 each, we can change Malaysia forever. It will be the best ever RM20 investment you make in your life. Please viral this to your friends and make a donation here : INVOKE


You don't have to give your hand phone to any Tom, Dick n Harry including the police. If you are stopped by police, you can demand to sight Court Order to search your phone.

Dear all,
Attached please find a copy of the advice given by a senior and experienced lawyer. 


[29/04 11:43] 

"There are a lot rumours on police checking your hand phone. This is a fear mongering technique to make people to stop talking on key political issues that you are entitled to read. 

You don't have to give your hand phone to any Tom, Dick n Harry including the police. If you are stopped by police, you can demand to sight Court Order to search your phone.

Please secure your phone with password lock. Choose the password and lock it. No one can open it. You don't have to give the password to anyone asking for your phone.

Also remember that messages shared on WhatsApp are encrypted and no 3rd Party can read your message(s).

There are 50 million hand phones in Malaysia and the police don't have the resources to check even if they want to.

This is a primary mode of communication among the rakyat (people in Malaysia) and the police has no right to seize and arrest the public if no suspected crime has been committed.

The UMNO goons (and BN) are creating these rumours to stop receiving opposition messages through social media. They don't want you to know the truth.

Note : No search without warrant or Court Order"


YA ALLAH....Even ALLAH is not amused with PAS......

Storm causes havoc at PAS muktamar, injuries reported as tents toppled

Police and rescue workers at the PAS Kedah complex in Alor Star after a storm toppled some tents there. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Hasnoor Hussain, April 29, 2017.
Updated one hour ago · Published on 29 Apr 2017 9:21PM · By Melati A. Jalil ·  
SEVERAL people were injured when a storm toppled several tents at the Kedah PAS headquarters this evening where the party’s 63rd muktamar this being held. 
A PAS official confirmed that several people were injured, adding that the Fire Services Department and police were at the scene to carry out rescue work.
The others at the muktamar have now gathered in the main building. Several ambulances also rushed to the scene and the injured were taken to Hospital Sultanah Albaiyah in Alor Star. – April 29, 2017.

Saturday 29 April 2017

Sarawak Report ; Financial Settlement Becomes A Saga Of Twists And Turns!

SarawakReport : Election Crackdown On Democratic Freedom Of Speech!

29 April 2017

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has clarified reports that social messaging app WhatsApp group administrators might face legal action if they fail to prevent the spread of false information in the group.
“MCMC would like to explain to the public that all conversations in any group messaging applications like WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Telegram and such, are private.
“Investigations will only be initiated if there are complaints against the contents shared in that group.
“Hence, the public, whether they are the group administrator or member, should be careful in spreading news in their groups so that it does not become a case of spreading false information,” MCMC said in a statement posted on its Facebook page today.
The commission reminded that disseminating false information is a crime under the law, such as Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act (CMA) 1998.
Source: Election Crackdown On Democratic Freedom Of Speech!, malaysiakini


We may be pretending to be getting ready for a free and fair election, but watch what you say!
This is because ‘spreading false news’ includes any ‘derogatory’ or ‘insulting’ remarks about the government in your private chat rooms!
Anyone who claims, falsely, for example, that Najib is the most unpopular Prime Minister ever, will follow Tony Pua and others into the police station to explain remarks that threaten to overturn a democratically elected government.
Because, whilst you have the democratic right to elect your government, the said government does not offer you the democratic right to over throw it!