Friday 30 March 2012

UMNO Baru. Melayu Baru?

I had hope that with political power the Malays, together with their Sultans, would bestow upon our nation all that its people could have hoped and aspired for – a just, compassionate and caring society. For are we Malays not known for our gentle demeanour? Are not the Malays respectful of others and all too often conduct themselves to the point of being subservient to others when in fact it is in their psyche to put the needs of others before their own? If there ever were to be a Mandela amongst our people, I will have no doubt that it would be a Malay. The Malay embody most of what is good in life – never one to impose their will upon others and always conducting themself in a manner that can only be in harmony with others and mindful of not intruding into the affairs of those around them. So wither has UMNO gone?

Is not UMNO a Malay party? Why is UMNO arrogant and despicable in its conduct? Where has the Malay trait of being respectful of the rights of others who lived amongst us vanished to within UMNO? What need is there for UMNO to conduct themselves in a manner so unbecoming of a Malay? The disregard for Family Values, the overt display of power and ostentatious wealth that has required for those within UMNO to indulge in the unmitigated worship of all thing material that is so alien to the Malays race – what one would call greed.  This seems to be the overpowering sensibility that drives all the things that UMNO do! Where has the Malay in UMNO gone to?

Family values. This week we witness the spectacle of Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, a Datuk Seri and a Minister, no less, who absolved himself of any responsibility for the action of his own son Mohamad Nedim.

(Malaysian Digest) - “I cannot be responsible for his actions. It has nothing to do with me,” said de facto law minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz in response to allegations linking his son Mohamad Nedim to an assault case last week.

The Malaysian Insider reported that Nazri has refused to respond to the allegations against his son, saying the latter is an adult and could handle his own affairs.

“It (the incident involving Mohamad Nedim) has nothing to do with me,” Nazri told the news portal when approached in Parliament yesterday.

Police report or no police report a Malay father would feel not only a responsibility for the doings of his own children no matter what the age, but more then that he would not have hesitated to take responsibility for not having brought up his children to become a responsible and god fearing adult. This Datuk Seri chooses to do otherwise. That he did not take responsibility for his ‘adult’ son’s behaviour only serves to do UMNO no good. Surely his son’s conduct is not that of an adult who is able to handle his own affairs? In our eyes this Datuk Seri does bear some responsibility. If his own parents were unable to impart that knowledge to him while he was growing up and if he does not understand that it takes a whole kampong to make a child into a responsible adult – then we will have to tell him. We are our brother keeper – what more our son! But then this is acceptable behaviour within UMNO! So what does that say about UMNO?

If the pursuit of power and money has taken the Malay out of UMNO then were not Tunku, Tun Razak and Tun Hussein Onn Malays who made us Malays proud that they were Malays? But they say that with UMNO Baru came Melayu Baru! If the Melayu Baru is exemplified by this Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, by that Raba Raba JJ, by Rahim Thamby Chik, by Khir Toyo, by that Keris Waving Hishmuddin, by Mahathir, by the pompous Muhyiddin and by Datk Seri Najib…then spare me the Melayu Baru!

I have no doubt that within UMNO there are many Malays that resent the direction UMNO has taken in their rush to greatness. But what is great about Khir Toyo - an UMNO Menteri Besar who was convicted of corruption? What is great about Sharizat  - an UMNO Minister  - who must surely share responsibility with her husband for the abuse of the Rakyat’s money in the NFC debacle? And what is great about an UMNO that no longer is able to provide the moral and ethical leadership required of it by the Malays?

Or maybe UMNO no longer considers morals and ethics relevant in its headlong rush to retain political power? I would caution restraint and would advise more thought be directed towards rethinking the need to regain the high ground of moral and ethical responsibility if UMNO is to gain back its lost position as a party representative of the Malays. If anything UMNO needs to do this if it seeks to secure the critical mass within the Malays to vote it into power again. Only by returning the Malay into UMNO can UMNO have any hope of surviving the political tsunami that hit it in 2008 at the 12th general elections. 

For UMNO to do so before the 13th General Election is almost asking for the impossible. At best UMNO can hope for a hung Parliament and then go on to form government after ‘deals’ are negotiated with the East Malaysian. At worst UMNO will face defeat. In the process of facing defeat UMNO will decide whether to give up government with grace or stay at all costs. The Malays are graceful in defeat but then we all know that the Malay has been taken out of UMNO many years ago!

The possibilities are endless but the future of UMNO to be relevant to the times we now live in will depend on the Malay being put back into UMNO. We wait to see if this is what UMNO will do in order to live and fight another day or shall we see UMNO Baru and the Melayu Baru they spawned go down the road of political oblivion? Only time will tell.   

Tuesday 27 March 2012

Cakap Cakap.You said I said. An attempt at clarity

Aisehman steadylah. You all whack me left, right and centre! I am NOT surrendering just yet but I am asking you all to take five while I get my bearings realigned. When steadyaku47 gets hammered by 90% of those that have taken the trouble to leave their comment it means that I have done something to upset them! Okay I hear you all loud and clear! No need to call me orang tua, nyanuk, mentah or even worse! How to be mentah when I am already 65! I am past Abang, past Pak Chik even past Saudara. I am already a Tok! If I were a car I can now be legally classified as being ‘vintage’ but being a blogger you can still label me as ‘mentah’….where got road?   

FMZ says that I say what I think is right and you all say what I say is wrong. No need to f#*k around on that. I understand….no, my under is not standing (already 65 mah!)….I am saying that I understand …FAHAM! I am not going on a vendetta. I ain’t got no fight with nobody….not even, as Muhammad Ali the Gretest said -  with the Vietcong. But I don’t mind telling you that UMNO is now within range….but I must be careful…because when your enemy is within range, so are you! 

HH, you are not on the ground, you can imagine but you don't know what it's really like. I saw some guys try to do something to a dilapidated place. PAS was going to hold a ceramah and they didn't have chairs, let alone fans or anything. So we helped,

Agree I am not on the ground and I do not know what it is really like being on the ground. My heart and utmost respect goes out to those of you that walk the talk…and do rather then just say – like those of you that help out PAS and do quietly your work for PR. I am rethinking where I should really be in the lead up to the 13th general election – here or in KL. It is harder to hear your heartbeat this far away…but in KL am I not too close to the maddening crowd? The jury is still out on that.

And heavens forbid…I will not want to do anything to deliberately harm the cause of ABU and of Pakatan Rakyat. 

What do the opposition have? They only have the Internet as a source to propagate awareness to the few who can be reached in the hope they can help reach others who cant or don’t use the net.

And ‘YES’ I am aware that we in the opposition only have the Internet to get our messages across to those who want to know the truth. It has cross my mind that what I write is helping Barisan-UMNO cause – but that is collateral damage. I hope that what I write will help Pakatan Rakyat more in making PR understand the need for change.

If you really want to help the opposition, come back to Malaysia and do the easy part, the walkabouts.

I know it’s your right to write whatever you want..BUT everything have a price. From what I see here is that you are stepping whipping on the Weak,and Strengthening the MIGHTY

Point taken! They have walkabouts over here too…but very tame compare to the walkabouts you are talking about back in ‘Boleh Land’

Lebih menakutkan apabila rakan-rakan sekerja yang 4 tahun lepas mengundi PR kini telah marah dengan PR dan mengatakan akan kembali kepada parti pemerintah sekarang!

Justru, Bro. Hussein, kita mesti teruskan ABU. Bakarlah semangat setiap dari kita sehingga menjadi ABU!

Yes Brother…that is also my fear. That is why I write what I write. PR needs all the help it can get from us! Keep the RAGE against UMNO-Barisan! Keep the fire burning!

It seems that the more you write the more confused you had become.

No brother I am not confused. I write not to ‘syok sendiri’…there are other things you can do to ‘syok sendiri’ as you would probably know from experience. I write because I have something to say and I am grateful that you all do read what I write  - more so when you take the trouble to leave a comment to agree or to argue rationally against what I write. And I read, listen and hear what you all say – thank you! Every time I read what YOU write, I learn something new…even if it is another way of asking someone to go kiss that part of his anatomy where the sun does not shine.
Begitu juga apa yang telah berlaku kepada En Hussein. Anda telah terpengaruh dengan agenda RPK dan anda sendiri sekarang sedang menulis artikel artikel yang mahu kami penyokong pembangkang mulai curiga terhadap perjuangan mereka.
Do not for a moment think that I write to the drum that Petra beats….not even to the one Anwar or Najib beats. I dance to my own tune, in my own time and in my own way. Sometimes like somebody dancing away when they think nobody is watching but most times more like the waltz -  serene and peaceful. I write what I feel inside me and I am at peace with myself.

Hi steadyaku47,
How do you know that my friends and I are not doing as much as we possibly can to convince and to assure the others that Pakatan Rakyat can be a Good New Federal Government if given a chance?

Of course I do not know! Why not write to me about it earlier so that I know? Why wait until I hantam you and then you turn around and whack me? It is good that you got your husband to go to that DSAI’s ceramah. I know that DSAI can sure talk…and I mean that in the nicest possible way! I just wish you would all write to me about what you do for PR and ABU so that we can each know what the other is doing to assist PR. 

And Shuk I agree with you that most of these guys do not understand what agree to disagree means…so we have to tell them without them knowing that I am telling them –if not they will get more upset!

Uncle Hussein, if everybody is not good. Present Government is not good, Opposition is also not good. Who do I vote for..Cows and Chickens? Not trying to be rude, but I think better I vote for opposition because this goverment has been bad, in fact very bad for far too long.

I agree with you but in the process can we try and make PR a little bit better? Maybe if we aim for the stars we might just make it past Gunung Tahan or even Mount Kinabalu….camna can or not? And for the record Cows and Chicken do not stand for election no matter what you were taught in primary school….monkeys and chimpanzees do. But you will only find them in the UMNO led Barisan Nasional. And Beruks you can find in Perkasa. Do not get me started on Donkeys and Rotting Fishes!

Sein, just because you are in the comfort in the land of plenty over there don't think we Malaysian are naive nor fools mate...

I never play anybody for a fool not do I consider you guys na├»ve because what I do not like to be done to me I do not do unto others. That is why engage you all in discussing what I think is right or wrong with PR in the hope that it will set you guys thinking and hopefully go do something about it – even if it is to leave your thoughts on this blog. I said sometime back that I will focus more on the though process rather then on gutter politics. 

we want abu. nomatterwhat. anwar could kill my mother. he is the only one that can bring down umno. i will support him.

This sentiment worries me. If anybody kills my mother I will hunt them down to the ends of the earth…but maybe what anon is saying here is just to emphasize that he supports DSAI no matter what! Again point taken…you may be die hard supporters of DSAI for PM….so do not get too upset when you meet die hard supporters of Najib for PM…what happens then? Should not common sense rule the day?

Is it the malaysian’s fate to be forever be conned and ruled by UMNO whether from the current UMNO or the new UMNO from PKR

Anyway, all this is very conviced that the current UMNO will NOT allowed itself to be defeated...these warlords would rather perform scorch earth policy than to surrender. The other big warlords in PKR better fold up their dream to be the new kings to start their own rounds of robbing and pillaging.

Yes brother that is what we do not want to happen to our country after the elections – who ever wins! Especially the scorched earth policy. UMNO is already quiet good at this but they call it “Being In Government” policy. There are many ways to skin the cat and skinning a country is the same thing. 

Hussein, DSAI is struggling, if you really want to know. He is, do you notice the physical changes on his face, his head, his hair. The machinery is not oiled well.
Do you not think I know? Do you not think I care? That is why I say that DSAI should be King Maker and not King himself because when he is King Maker then there is no target for Barisan-UMNO to attack with their gutter politics. With DSAI in front PR have been on a stop go stop go progress on the way to the 13th general election….there must be a better way to travel towards Putrajaya. Not in a Rolls Royce all the time but a Lexus would be nice.

At least in you blog all comments are written by your readers who like you and share their thoughts and feelings with you.

When all is said and done I think we are all the better for reading what each of us have written… I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every comment sent to me…..including those that have been unable to express themselves in any other manner other then using those expletives deleted colourful phrases. To each his own.    

This afternoon I discussed with my son Zack how I should write a reply to those comments on “Without Fear or Favour” after having suitably calmed myself down for the last two days. Should I be confrontational or should I accept the fact that you guys are upset by what I wrote and see if we can find common ground to go ahead with our life? Going ahead with our life means I, me and myself  will continue writing without fear or favour and you all continue to hantam me when you think I deserve same.

I decided that common sense was the better side of valour and I will not call any of you guys ‘moronic idiots’  - however much you deserve it! And of course some of you deserve it more that the others but hey, that is my opinion!

Instead I will say this: “Okay guys, point taken!”. This maybe MY blog and MY writing but it is nothing if you guys do not read and comment on what I write. So I write and you read!

For now at least we all agree on one thing. The need for CHANGE. Until my next posting…

Buah Cempedak di luar pagar
Ambil galah tolong jolokan.
Saya Budak baru belajar
Kalau salah tolong tujukan….Peace!

Saturday 24 March 2012

Withour Fear or Favour!

I will not allow what others think is right to make right what I think is wrong. It is in my nature to take the road less travelled. To argue for issues I believe in even as you may argue against it. To state my case without fear and favour but at the same time being mindful of the right of others to hold firm to what is their own beliefs. Each and everyone of us are different and have our own thoughts and our own convictions but even if we agree to disagree we should still attempt to understand each other.

Debate with those that doubt your reasoning. Listen to what the other have to say and state your stand without rancour or anger. And when all is said and done do not forget that we are still of the human race. That we need to live and co exists with each other even if I am a Muslim and you are an infidel. Even if some eat pork and some will not touch it. And even if you are with Barisan Nasional and I am with Pakatan Rakyat.  We are still, in the final analysis, MALAYSIANS – East or West, North or South, young or old of any race, any beliefs and of any political persuasion.    

What disturbs me today is that our people are intolerant of others who hold different views from them. It reminds me of those days when PAS and UMNO supporters were praying in different mosques, under their own Imams, pitting brothers against brothers, father against sons, husband against wife, Muslim against Muslim because they believe the others are infidel simply because of their political beliefs!

Today again we are a nation divided – not by race or religion but by our politics.

You can call anyone that disagrees with your political convictions a traitor, a rogue or an idiot but I will not!

You can threaten to physically harm my family, myself and destroy my material possessions (of which I have little) – but I will still tell you that DSAI is not spending enough time on the ground to advance the cause of Pakatan Rakyat while Najib is working hard to advance the cause of Barisan Nasional! And I say this because it is true!

Do what you will, say what you want and publish what you feel and I will be mindful of all of it – but if by doing so you have still not convince me that I am wrong to think that UMNO is now ahead of Pakatan Rakyat in the race to form government after the 13th general elections – then I will continue to hold that though for now.

I did not say that I want Barisan Nasional to form government. I did not say that I want Najib Razak to be Prime Minister. I did not say that UMNO is not corrupt, arrogant and irresponsible in the manner they have govern this country! I have said none of those things!

What I am saying is that Pakatan Rakyat is in denial. DSAI is in denial. PKR is in denial. And many amongst you are also in denial. You are in denial that we who support Pakatan Rakyat are fighting a lean, mean and cash rich UMNO that have everything that we do not have to win a general election. Look around you, open your eyes, listen and hear and understand our predicament. We are on a losing team!

We cannot win with a losing team! Just as an accountant does budget for a deficit! It will be difficult to win a soccer match when our team are already one goal down with only injury time left to play. Even Michael Schumacher – many times World F1 Champion -  could not win a single race in 2011 because he did not have the right car to win the race. My dear friends we who support the opposition are now one goal down with only injury time left to play. We in the opposition are now Michael Schumacher, six times world F1 champion but without a wining car to drive….and before it is too late, we want those that we support to understand this and do something about  winning the 13th general elections. For win we must as our country cannot survive another five years of UMNO’s rule!

That is why I write what I write. That is why any other bloggger that believes that we must have change if our people and our country is to provide our children with a better future continue to remind our political leaders that they too, must do their part to make this change that we all desperately want and need! 

And when we do remind Pakatan Rakyat of this you tell us that we are traitors?

You tell me that I have sold my soul, myself and all that I have worked for in the past three years – sold it all for personal gain to UMNO?

You tell me this and you expect me to do what?

Tell you all that DSAI is our saviour when I know he is not?

Tell you all that Pakatan Rakyat will win the 13th general election when they have not done enough to deserve so?

Tell you UMNO is without support from the Malays when it is obvious that the Malays are waiting to be persuaded otherwise by UMNO or Pakatan Rakyat? When the majority of voters in Malaysia today are also in the same frame of mind?

If you think I or others like me will not continue to write what we now write about Pakatan Rakyat or UMNO just because of what you tell us - then you will be wrong. We now live in a world where all I need to do is power my PC in the morning and I will know what DSAI and Najib have been doing even as I was sleeping a few thousand kilometres away. If Najib comes to Australia and Rosmah spends a few hundred thousand ringgits on her shopping spree I will know of it and so will others who care to know. If DSAI debates Juilan Assange with or without Petra I will know about it – and not only will I know about it, I can follow that debate in real time – if I wish to do so! And if that Lion of Jelutong is upset with his own DAP colleagues on issues I am unclear about, I will know about him being upset-though I still do not know why!   

Saudara that is the world we now live in. The 24 hours news cycle. There is intense media scrutiny on any issue that you care to think about and you think people do not know what is happening in Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional?

Stop being in denial! Stop being blind and deaf to what is being said not only about PKR but also about anything else that needs to be said about our country and more. Listen and learn. And I say it here once again – we in the opposition have lost our momentum even as we turn the final corner towards the 13th general election. Like you I do not want us to lose. Unlike you I accept that and want to do something about it.

I am one. With you I am two. Who else shall join us to make the change necessary within Pakatan Rakyat so that victory against Barisan Nasional at the 13th general election is still within our reach? Even with DSAI we want what is best for PKR, PR and for the people of this nation. And even today we are still willing to forgive, forget and to move on against UMNO and towards change…..the quality of mercy is not strained…it droppeth like the gentle rain….. so please suadara dan saudari….think! To win against UMNO requires an extraordinary effort from all of us.
Do your part and I will do mine.


Thursday 22 March 2012

Onward to Battle! Now whom should we Vote for?

Let us now try to inject some sanity and common sense into the run up to this 13th general elections. The insults, venom and expose are coming in thick and fast from all sides and you need to have your wits about you if you are to make some sense of what is going on. I for one am for using the public domain to air the dirty linens of those who offer themselves for high public office. What they have done while in Public Office must be open to scrutiny and judgement by the people. Then their suitability to serve the people in any capacity will be made by the people at the 13th general election.

We have been overloaded by an avalanche of expose. They range from massive financial frauds that seems to suggest that the Prime Minister himself have either been cuckolded or has colluded in the fraud - right up to the other end - gutter politics that suggest that the high and mighty have basic instincts quiet like ours! Sex is sex whether in Mecca or Kuala Lumpur!

Accusation have been hurled at leaders on both sides of the political spectrum that suggests that all is not well in the inner sanctums of our political kingdom – but again these are really just mischievous attempts to destabilize the already fragile and fraying alliances of men and women with diverging political beliefs and personal ambitions. They all know that to break rank so close to the 13th general election would mean that one harbours a wish to commit Hari Kiri. And so the stage is set for a fight to the finish.

What is left now is for these political elites to figure out how best to hoodwink, lie, cheat, corrupt, persuade, threaten, cajole, buy, insult and when all else fail, to plead and beg the electorates to vote for them! And so let the games begin!

Or have the games already begin? I do not know about you guys but I begin my day not with Ovaltine, Coffee or Nasi Lemak…..I start with MT or should I say Petra?

Not Yang Mulia Raja Petra Kamaruddin, not Pete, not RPK…I know him as Petra. Not as good looking as me (ahem I know beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but my wife told me so!) not to big in physical stature but certainly a giant amongst us all that call ourselves bloggers. All those self - publishers and Johnny Come Lately bloggers, including yours truly here, learnt our craft from him. Yes he does put in a bit of spin sometimes…and yes he does embellish and accentuate the ‘facts’ at times….and yes he is full of himself at times…but that is what we all do too. Those are but some of the tools of our trade.

Judging from what I read in MT, the games have already begun! I myself have to make my judgement call on what I am to do if I am to be relevant in what I write. Do I write from Adelaide or do I write from Kuala Lumpur? Do I keep whacking Anwar and PKR at the expense of Pakatan Rakyat or do I close ranks and start sniping at UMNO’s flanks in any way I can? Do I close shop as steadyaku47 and go where some of you have suggest I go (where the sun does not shine lah!) or do I do a Petra? i.e. tell those detractors of mine to go where they have told me to go? Ahhh the permutations are endless and the choice is mine! Just as it will be your choices to do what is best for yourselves, for our people and for our country.

It cannot be denied that Najib is working hard to win this general election for Barisan Nasional. While Anwar plays at being the much-maligned (so he claims) globe trotting political celebrity that is the darling of the international media, Najib is hard at work on the ground in Malaysia. Slowly but surely Najib is chipping away at the very foundation of Pakatan Rakyat’s support amongst the people. If anything we all cannot but give grudging recognition that Najib tries! He is there on the ground, in Malaysia where it really matters –and we are mindful that he does this!

But that does not excuse the excesses of UMNO in the past 50 years of misrule and abuses while in government. That does not excuse money politics, the corruption and the arrogance that is now UMNO! And certainly that does not excuse Altantuya, Teoh Beng Hock, PKFZ, NFC and a host of other scandals and tragedies that is now part and parcel of our political history – a history that UMNO certainly cannot be proud of. A history that now questions UMNO’s ability to continue to govern our country after this 13th general election.

While there was no question asked by the people of whom they would vote for at the 12th general election in order to send a message to UMNO that enough is enough…today in the run up to the 13th general election, Najib has been able to plant a seed of doubt  - that maybe UMNO should still be our choice given that the alternative is DSAI.


Najib is gaining ground fast. Pakatan Rakyat is losing it. And we the people are still waiting to be convinced of one or the other  - of PR or BN, of Najib or DSAI, of the devil we know or the angel we are not to sure off.

We are no longer the same people that have been voting Barisan Nasional for the last 50 over years. Nor are we the same people that voted Pakatan Rakyat in 2008 to teach Barisan Nasional a lesson in humility. We now think, discuss and evaluate every word said, every action taken and every deed done by anyone seeking high public office. If you do good, we know. If you do bad we know. So those of you seeking public office take note of this reality. There are enough of us out here to do what is right for our people, our country and our king. Daulat Tuanku! May our King understand the aspirations of his people and do what is right by all of us! And now onwards to the 13th general elections!

And to all my friends out there in bloggerland – do not forget that the work we do might at times find us at odds with each other…but it is just work. We must make time to talk to each other and understand that when all is said and one, when this 13th general election is over and done with – we are all still brothers and sisters – still Malaysian! Still able to sit across the table from each other and talk about the merits of having Nasi Dagang in Kampong Baru as against the Nasi Dagang in Kota Baru….the Chicken Rice in front of the old EPF building in PJ as against the Chicken Rice in those franchised outlet all over town….the ‘semua tarok’ banana leaf restaurant in Kampong Pandan as against the one in Section Five in PJ! Do not take your work too seriously…it is the politicians that have got their future on the line…not us!   


Dey Thambi…inga? This PKR VP N Surendran reminds me of that bombastic Malay reporter from NST whose names I have happily allowed to escape me at this very moment.

“I’m amused as to how the controversy has enabled two escape artists to evade the more pressing compulsions for debate,” allowed the busy lawyer-politician in remarks made to Malaysiakini.

If he is such a busy lawyer why beat about the bush? Why not just say, “Najib and RPK does not want to debate DSAI

And why is this thambi amused? Should he not be bemused (puzzled) rather then be amused (entertained) when he says that he does not understand how come two escape artist Najib and RPK have evaded a debate with DSAI?

And why involve Houdini in this issue by referring to Najib and RPK as escape artists?      

“One, of course, is RPK himself: Has there been a more compelling need for the two diametrically opposed parts of him to debate each other, seemingly absurd as that may sound,” offered Surendran.

Thambi the only thing absurd about all this is how you seem able to begin your sentence sane and then takes a left when you should go right and a right when you should go left and then confuse yourself completely by trying to find an ending you hoped will give those listening to your drivel some sense of what it is that you are trying to say… absurd as YOU may sound!

Then he takes a u-turn and goes for Najib!

The PM has chosen to ride pillion in this matter by imputing cowardice on Anwar’s part but it is he who is ducking out of a debate with Anwar,” charged Surendran.

Well I have seen Najib on a bicycle when he was into that Mr Cool mode, but not riding pillion: 
(I do hope you are not imputing that the ‘pillion’mentioned here is a Mr Dillon Singh….just the imaginary of Najib riding Dillion close to an erection....err I mean an election, is most disturbing) 

And what is with this “imputing” bit? Why not just say Najib, like RPK, called Anwar a coward? And how did this ‘duck’ get involve in this whole caper? What are you talking about? Is it an imaginary ‘duck’ or is there really a ‘duck’ flying in formation alongside Najib while he was riding Dillion…er I mean pillion?     

“His remarks to foreign correspondents yesterday had plenty of allusions to the American political scene but he missed the elephant in the room which is the prevalence of public debates between leading contestants,” he asserted.

And then not satisfied with just a duck, this Thambi went to the Zoo and got himself an elephant to bring into the room! Dey why you do that? Where got room in the room for an elephant in a room where people are debating?

“He wants Anwar to debate his proxy, RPK, which is typical of the rentier culture he represents,” quipped Surendran.

Aiyoyo…thambi why use so hard word like ‘rentier culture’….I know it sounds impressive  - I had to use the ‘dictionary’ prick…err I mean click on my PC, to find out what that means – but it is annoying to have to do so for about 150 times when I am reading through this posting about what you said – KISS – keep it simple stupid!

Then you put ‘proxy, RPK’ in the same breath. I say man it is like saying ‘PKR and clean and fair party elections’ in the same breath – where got road? RPK is nobody’s proxy as PKR is incapable of clean and fair party elections!

“After an astonishing statement he made last February, the man struck an about-face, a turnaround which he has sustained to this day, thus showing a face radically different to the one he held up to Malaysian netizens prior to February 2011,” observed Surendran.

And this guy is a Vice President of PKR? Elected or appointed? If elected then I wonder about the sensibility of the party members to choose a bombastic VP who is unable to say what he wants to say without resorting to using words that an ordinary member would need a dictionary to understand. If appointed then if these are the people that the leadership elites within PKR select as their ‘likely candidate’ for the 13th general election – then God help PKR! 

With ‘likely candidate’ like this PKR VP Surendram, PKR goose is already cooked.

Oh dear God why do you still make people like Surendran? Did you not break the mould when you made that Thambi from Sungai Siput? Samy the Velu or no Value Samy…or some name to that effect! Seriously folks when you come across this kind of jive talk tell the guy to take five and hive off to go find himself a life….preferably far away from anyone’s hearing

Wednesday 21 March 2012

WE hold these truths to be self-evident! East or West Malaysia, we all want change!

What the people of this nation wants is to be able to do work that pays them a living wage, good education for their children, clean water, decent health care and the ability to retire with dignity and respect. And in all this they want their government to help.

These are the common needs that bind our people together to unite them against a government they no longer trust and a government they now want passionately to change.

So why the schism between our people if what we want are the same thing?

Do we not all have a stake in each other’s life? Are we not responsible for each other’s future? In the well-being of our neighbour? Are we not our brother’s keeper? Surely our respect and reverence for each other has to be far greater then the hate that could drive us all apart because of race and religion! If we believe in this truth then why can’t we act together and do something meaningful to save this country of ours from a fate worst then death: Another term under an UMNO led Barisan Nasional government?

We know that there are many amongst us that still feel the need to have this division of race and religion. Why is this so? Is it because they know no better? Maybe. But hate and contempt for another human being – for any reason – still abounds in the time that we are now living in. And more worrying is the thought that we have a government that is complicit in the promotion of this hate and contempt amongst its own people because it serves their political agenda to do so. A political agenda that divides and rule what we hold dear within our society – our race and  our religion.

So how do we, as a nation, work together towards reconciling this schism within our people?

Is the harmony between the races a myth? Do we really have shared ideal and common values that have carried us well since Merdeka but has since been wrecked asunder by the policies of this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government? Or are the fundamental differences in race and religion so entrenched that 1Malaysia can merely be an illusion never a reality?

What I offer here is merely my personal reflection on what we are facing as a nation. The overriding consideration is to see how we can bring about change that will be for the common good. 

But do not forget that I am bias. I am against the corrupt and abusive policies of the UMNO led Barisan Nasional government. I am not against Pakatan Rakyat but I firmly believe that within this PR coalition, PKR could be more a disruptive force then a cohesive one to the opposition unless it institutes fundamental changes within itself to reflect the aspirations of the people for open and responsible governance. So if by my reflections you say that I am bias, then I plead guilty as charged.

I am against using government to impose any religious beliefs on its people. I believe in free speech. I cannot help but at times view all this through the eyes of a Malay – for that is what I am – but I am committed to the notion that if you call Malaysia home, then you are one with me. I believe that a government must be a force for good rather then for evil. I reject totally politics based on race, gender, corruption, nepotism and the self-interest of any dedicated grouping within society – be it racial, religious, political or economical.

How we shape our individual and collective destiny will depend on our choice of who will govern us after the 13th general election. This is our personal responsibility to our future and our children’s future –and the future of our country for generations to come.

Today this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government has become too adept at spending our money for purposes that advances their political and personal cause not ours.  They are oblivious to the costs of their madness to our nation future and well-being. So much so that those of us who have worked hard to earn a living, respect the rule of law and revered our King and Country have found ourselves on the wrong end of our government charity . While those who are the political elites and their cronies become fat and wealthy and complacent courtesy of this same government.

This state of affairs have continued too long and caused too much pain for our people.  Now in quiet fury we demand change – change to an open, responsible and accountable government. A change we are determine to have even at the cost of having our peace disturbed, our physical self harmed and our time and effort expanded in the pursuit of this change.

How all this will pan out is still an unknown. Who will form government is anybody’s guesses. Our Prime Minister could be a number of possibilities. Malay or non-Malay, East or West Malaysian, of any gender of any religion – such is the possibilities that this wind of change may bring to our nation – and I am sure our people are ready for anything that comes our way – for anything must be better then the UMNO led Barisan Nasional government that we now have!  Nothing is given and nothing is sacred. East or West Malaysian may decide our future. This will be a general election of unknowns and even now those who will be its final participants is still a work in progress. 

The rabid quest for political power will determine to what lengths UMNO and Pakatan Rakyat

Let us say that it would, in all probability be a level playing field because the whiff of a conspiracy to defraud or abuse the electoral process, by any party, would drive the masses to a frenzy that could probably escalate into a physical assault on the guilty party. Such is the commitment of the masses to having a fair and open electoral process – they not only wish it but demand for it.

What is left now is to see the maturity of our people being translated into the giving of government to a party that will govern for our common good. In this process people like me and those who make it their work to have a say on matter that should be said, will continue to do our work quietly but firmly. If UMNO or Pakatan Rakyat do wrong we will write about it. If they do good you will hear about it too.

But as I have said before we are bias. We cannot help that we are of a certain race, or a certain religion  - that our priorities differ and our needs varies – but these differences pales in comparison to our common need to change our country for the better. It is these common needs that will hold our people together over and above that which will divide us.

If you are a Chinese and you eat what I do not, you are still my brother. If you are Indian and you worship what I do not, you are still my brother. If you are East Malaysian and I am from the West that only binds us closer because never before in the history of our country have the East Malaysian been able to play a more decisive role in the future of who will govern this country of ours!

Men and women, young and old–from any state within this nation of ours–it no longer matters if you are rich or poor–we are all one in this 13th general election. We all want change. Najib, Anwar, Mahathir, Ku Li, Pak Lah, Karpal, Kit Siang, Hadi, Tok Guru, Nurrul, PKR, RPK, DAP, PAS, MIC, MCA  or UMNO will all be silent when it is time for you to decide who shall govern us. Vote wisely. Vote with your head not with your heart. Vote for our common good. You are one. With me we are two. Together we can move heaven and earth! Divided we fall!

Vote so that when all this is over you and me can have our tarik over our roti canai and tell each other that WE did what we had to do to bring change for the common good of our nation. And as we argue over who should best be our Prime Minister and our Ministers we know we will not be talking about race, religion, and gender, East or West Malaysian – but about who will best serve us. A dream? Maybe! But surely a dream within reach – a dream you and I can make happen!

And no one tells it better then the Americans: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.

Yes we Malaysian have a Life but what a Life – if we disagree with our government on matters they consider to be of national security – we are put away in jail without trail. Liberty is only for those within the Barisan Nasional government who plunder and pillage our nation coffers at will. And the pursuit of Happiness for most of us can only begin when we are able to take back our nation from a government that chooses to abuse the trust we have place in them for the past 50 over years! Today we all understand this for we have lived under the burden of not having a decent life, nor our civil liberty or the ability to pursue happiness because of UMNO. We will no longer subject ourselves to the whims of an abusive political master! No more, we promise ourself – no more!     

If you had told me last year that Sharizat would no longer be Minister by the middle of this year I would have called you mad. If you have declared that DSAI will be acquitted of sodomy two – again I too would have called you mad. Politics is now the art of the impossible in Malaysia. A noble art once but a noble art no longer. This 13th general election will tell us what it has become once the votes are counted. The natives are restless tonight….now what will the morning bring? So my friends walk softly but carry a big stick to take care of yourself until the morning comes…          

Tuesday 20 March 2012

What YOU must Do!

There are many of us in Malaysia that knows about the wrong doings of UMNO and Barisan Nasional. Some of us have profited from money politics and the corrupt practices of these politicians and those in power. These practices are so widespread and invasive that most family would have had a family member who have been involve in corrupt practices (giving or taking a bribe) or at the least would have known about a corrupt practice – the same could be said about police corruption and knowing a dato’. Too many dato’s running around to not know at least one of them and too many policemen asking for bribes! I to have been part and parcel of the process of corruption and shared in its returns and of this I have written many times in my blog. Nothing to be proud off or ashamed about – it is a fact of life in Malaysia. And it is because of the involvement of so many of us that corruption has become ingrained into our way of doing things and into our culture.

UMNO expects to get away with their abuse of government because they hope that not many of you will come out with what you know about their abuse of executive power. They hope that because you were part of the process of corruption and because you have profited from it you will keep quiet – whether because you are embarrass for having taken part in it or because you were paid enough to keep quiet.

For whatever reason that you were involved in these corrupt practices and however much you receive from the proceeds of corruption I want you to know that we do not care.  What we care about is that all these corrupt practices by these UMNO politicians are expose because this is the only way that we can bring down this UMNO led Barisan Nasional government!

Tell us your story and we will publish it. If you want your names to be published we will do so, if you do not, we will not do so. If you feel strongly enough, stand up and tell your story in person – on you tube on the net – through any available electronic media and we will spread your story through Malaysia and all over the world. Tell us when you took the money, how you took the money – for what project or tender – how much, when and how the money was given to you.

No we will not regard you all as pariahs – you will be our hero because it is because of your courage to tell us about the corrupt practices of this UMNO led Barsian Nasional government that we can start the process of making the people understand why this government should no longer be allowed to govern us.

If there are enough of you that has the courage to do this then I am sure that UMNO will no longer be able to defend itself from having failed us all in the manner they chose to govern us.

Those of you that have the courage to do this will be responsible for bringing about the change we need to save our country from this miserable, arrogant and corrupt UMNO. 

This is a big ask but this will be the only way to make this UMNO government fall. And they must fall before the turn desperate and provoke racial riots and create havoc and mayhem amongst our people just so they can then invoke emergency legislation and cancel the elections. Only we the people in numbers massive enough for the government to not ignore can ensure that this will not happen again. Beat the drums and call on the masses to show their strength…for the natives are restless tonight! And should UMNO think that they can steal government in any other way but a fair and free elections – tell them “NO!”. For now tell us what you know of the corruption you have witness, the corruption you have been part of and the corruption that has become so much a part of the Malaysian ways of doing things….tell us because we really want to know! Tell us because that is the only way that we can bring down UMNO!

Monday 19 March 2012

Cakap cakap...Avenging angels of PKR?

PKR now has its own avenging angel in the guise of RR? Are they going to fight fire with fire? Flushed with their ‘success’ in dislodging Sharizat from Cabinet it would seem that RR is on the prowl again and woe betide UMNO or Barisan Nasional if their house is not in order.

A word of caution to RR. Those in glasshouses should not throw stones…and there is a good reason why that advice was given! What RR is doing is negative politicking.

Avenging Angels should, by the nature of what they do, be themselves without blemish and come from heaven. For how can RR do his work when the house that he comes from is itself, tainted? We are still waiting for those allegations of corruption within the Selangor State government to be satisfactorily explained to us. Not denied spluttering by PKR officio who cannot remember this and that. Whose defence against allegations of wrong doings is to cry wolf in the hope that they could divert attention from themselves and allege the wrong doings is with those who accuse them of wrong doings – as PKR is now doing.

RR get your house in order first lest you yourself is tripped by debris lying around the house. Ensure that PKR is spick and span before you invite us into your liar lest we start comparing the house that PKR keeps with others. And right now the latest allegations involving PKR and that kickback of USD$10 million by a mischievous MT requires your immediate attention. TC claims of “I don’t remember” do not gel with us. Any idiot remembers any situation which involves seven zeros after a number! So before you go into attacking mode again, cover your flanks because fighting a rear guard action whilst engaging your nemesis in mortal combat is not recommended of parties with limited resources and still lesser reserves of goodwill and lesser trust from the Rakyat.

One, just one blemish, on an avenging angel’s character, would bring into questions their ethical and moral authority to go about their business of outing the bad guys. RR, your PKR have many blemishes.

Put your house in order first. Leave the crusading to MT and others. Those whose credentials have been established not over a few weeks, months or even years. Their credentials rest on a great body of work that spanned two or three elections. Two or three Prime Ministers and many amateur avenging angels like you….and me! You are in the business of running a State Government and trying to win elections. You have a leader that has had his share of questionable conduct – personal and party. And more worrying, you are already against an enemy with very deep pockets and large armies who are more then willing to throw whatever they have got against anyone they perceive to be their enemies. Make sure RR that you are without blemish. Make sure RR that your facts are beyond reproach and that your evidence are fail safe….then send them to MT and let MT take the heat when the s#*t hits the ceiling because as tempting as it is to be the one to expose wrong dongs…it does get a bit messy and even at times bloody when the target of your attacks mounts a counter attack on you.

I hope you are not just a one hit wonder. NFC and nothing else. So far at the last count  - as of this morning – there are at least five questionable allegations made against PKR that begs to be answered with the USD$10 million kickback allegations taking centre stage for now – until the next allegation of wrong doing by PKR surfaces. So RR get of your white horse and get on with the business of politics – not crusading avenging angels with nothing better to do then to dig up dirt and indulge in gutter politics against those that chooses to do the same  - simply because they have not been able to pick themselves up from the same place that they have fallen into since Mahathir’s time.            

Cakap cakap...Now what will Zaid Ibrahim do?

The opportunity to do great things comes but rarely to most of us. And rarely are those so entrusted able to respond for the greater good of the people. More often then not self - interest overrides all other considerations. Zaid Ibrahim have managed, so far, to avoid this pitfall of putting self before others but at great costs to his own political ambitions  - but we still await the great things we expect him to do for our people and our nation.
He has been accused of wavering on issues and options available to him. If any of you are inclined to think that he does waver then I fear that you give too much credit to his detractors. What has been written about Zaid does not reflect the respect he deserve for the things he have done in politics and in his life. And he is to be blame! Self-promotion is not a trait he embraces with much enthusiasm – if at all.

What has distinguish Zaid from others within the political arena is his insistence that what he chose to do is a decision that comes from the heart - uncluttered by the need to conform within parameter set by others who should know better. Certainly a commendable inclination but hardly recommended for longevity if politics is what he want to do in Malaysia.

He did not leave the Barisan Nasional cabinet to join PKR.  We know that it was for a greater cause. PKR came later. And he did not leave PKR because of self- interest – we now know that was the only decision he could have made given the circumstances he was in. I have no doubt, even without knowing in total about the goings on within KITA, that what he is doing in KITA is not only for himself, but more so for the greater good of others within KITA.
Time and time again we have watched bemused, as he seem to change horses in midstream – from UMNO to PKR to KITA and to his recent announced intentions of contesting in Kota Baru against PAS. The same PAS that has welcomed his entry back into the Pakatan Rakyat camp by telling DSAI that if he personally does not welcome the move, he must at least be silent on the matter. And silent Anwar has been!

All that Zaid have done from the time that he actively entered politics is in the public domain for all to see and ponder. To me he has, more often then not, put the greater cause of morality and ethics over self. For that he has certainly earned the moral authority to do great things, not only for himself but more for our people and our nation.

Anwar has many that write good things about his political life but many more who will do the necessary to ensure that he will never be PM. You Dato have got few that write good things about you but many still knows you for the good that you have done at great personal sacrifices to your personal self.
That is why I thought it necessary to tell you all this so that whatever decision you now make will be done not in the cause of personal ambitions, but as always, for the greater good of the people and our nation.

Dato do not test the patience of our people with your need to be in politic unless you truly believe that through politics you can serve the people better. You need not be in the cut and thrust that is politics in Malaysia. You must rise above the fray and do great things. I do not know what it is you must do but, with respect Dato, I think it would not be to stand in Kota Baru against a PAS that has been welcoming of your return to Pakatan Rakyat. PAS deserves better and you Dato’ can do better!

Sunday 18 March 2012

Zero Corruption Culture for PDRM… yeah when Pigs fly!

Ismail (the IGP) said he would strive to inculcate zero corruption culture in PDRM.

Culture: “the beliefs, customs, practices, and social behaviour of a particular nation or people”

Ismail who don’t you turun padang incognito and ask the people what they think of the Police? They will tell you that UMNO, BN and PDRM are the three most corrupt entities in Malaysia. This insidious culture of corruption has been allowed to be inculcated into PDRM with UMNO’s collusion long before you arrive.

What is particularly worrying for all of us is that your policeman have better weapons then the Ttriads: Are better organized then the Heavenly Kings of the Underworld. And most frightening of all, your policemen are vested with the authority to go about the business of being corrupt under the guise of legality!

•    Barisan Nasional Politicians cannot stop me on the street

      and ask me for money. Your policemen can.

•    No UMNO politicians can shot me dead and get away

      with it. Your policemen can!    

•    No politicians can whack me while I am  demonstrating 

     against the loss of my civil liberties. Your policemen can!

This IGP reckons that 1% of his 100,000 policemen are corrupt. That is 1000 policemen – less then 10 in each state! You can reckon what you want IGP but I reckon there are at least 1000 in Kuala Lumpur alone…a good place to start looking fort them would be at the IPK Selangor overlooking Bukit Bintang and Jalan Bandar. Add a few more zero to the 1000 and you will be heading in the right direction – if you want to be honest with yourself!

Now this selesai business happens everyday of the week, every hour of the day if not every other minute of the day. It happens to me, to my brothers, my sister, my uncles, aunties, cousins and many, many, many friends and acquaintances. It would seems that these people are always running into the same 1000 corrupt policemen that you say exists in the police force! 

And Ismail you talk about the number of corrupt policemen being small but if left unchecked could spread like cancer? Huh? What cancer? Aisehman cancer in PDRM it is already past level four! Kalau it is somebody you know who is inflicted with this cancer you will already have booked a lot for him at  the Ampang Muslim Cemetery. That is how sick your Police Force is!

That 1% you are talking about will not even cover the number of Policemen who beat up suspects in custody. Suspects who should be presumed innocent until proven otherwise by the courts – but your 1% appoint themselves judge, jury and executioner! 

That 1% you are talking about may be the number of policemen that HAVE NEVER taken a bribe. Now Ismail are you in this 1% ?

If you say “YES” then I say that you are indeed an honest man. If you say “NO” then I must ask you how then did UMNO decide that you are worthy of being the IGP?

"It is always regrettable to hear someone say many policemen are corrupt. This is not good," he told reporters after the launch of the Police-NKRA Reject Bribery posters here Wednesday.

Ismail what is good about dying in custody? What is good about being fired upon with tear gas? What is good about being ‘persuaded’ to pay bribes to your policemen? Of course it is all no good!
Let me tell you about a racket going on between your policemen and tow truck operators in Jalan Bandar. When the contracted Tow Trucks operators tow illegally parked cars to the Jalan Bandar Police Station do you know what happens?

When you go to the Balai Polis Jalan Bandar the first person I am told to talk to is the Tow Truck driver–not your policemen. Your policemen told me to go and selesai with the tow truck operators because your policemen tells me “Belum masuk buku lagi” …Yes Tuan IGP, your policemen have not yet done the paperwork  - and they will not do the paperwork until I talk to the tow truck operators to selesai the matter. That way the money goes into their pockets not to the government. And that is happening in just one of your Police Station. IPK Selangor is another ‘selesai’ place! And after you have ‘selesai’ your problems your policemen might even belanja you lunch at the canteen on the first floor with your money!
You policemen have got third a world mentality mind set operating with first world weapons capable of hurting, maiming and killing the very people you are sworn to defend and protect.

You shoot dead suspects who carry knives and your policemen claims self defence?

You beat up political prisoners and treat them worse then thugs and murderers because your political master encourages and condone these kind of behaviour?

Tell me Mr IGP what will it take to make you understand that to the people of this nation, the Police are the running dogs of UMNO and Barisan Nasional ….that means you do what UMNO tells you to do because they feed you.

I never thought the day would come when I think this way of the Police Force – the Police Force where my father started as a Special Constable and retired as Director of CID. What PDRM has become today is a shadow of what it was then. Not all the shine and glory of the uniform you wear can ever camouflage the stench of corruption within PDRM and the sense of betrayal the people’s feel towards a Police Force that was once one of Asia’s finest! Tuan IGP I can tell you that there is nothing you can be proud about with regards to your Policemen. Nothing at all. Most of them are just thugs legally carrying weapons to terrorize the local population.
End of story!