Monday 30 April 2018


Kapalterbang Tun...definitive comment :

This is the work of the engineering, orang lain tidak ada excess to the restricted area! Biasa nya pilot report to aircraft 45 mins before flights. Ground engineer 1:00 before departure. Kalau deflation rate @ 2psi/min, ada 75 min ie: 1:15 before the pilot noticed complete deflation! Eng should have noticed it long before pilots arrive! Only Eng have access to deflating tool, orang lain ta berani na tamper with tyres, very dangerous, the pressure is very high!

steadyaku47 comment
Do not forget what the Idiot tried to do to Tun. The idiot has said and proven by his actions that "nothing is sacred anymore" in his desperate attempts to stay out of Sungai Buloh! That threat cuts both ways! Now for us also..."nothing is sacred anymore" watch your back Idiot!

TMJ : When push comes to shove...cowards are nowhere to be seen!

7.20 am Monday morning. This was the comment I came across on my whatsapp group chat about Mr Sultan's son who cowardly hantam a Commando who was unable to defend himself....."Keluar negara to Spain n Portugal am told. Main aim to acquire new players"
Ptui! Dia cabut lari lah!
At a time when the "ship" he and his father have been talking about is sinking....the same sinking ship that they both say we should stay on....the same ship, they insist, we must not change captain of despite the captain being responsible for the sinking of the said ship....what is happening with the Royals down South? The son has cabut to parts unknown and Mr Sultan has hushed his mouth! Huh! When push comes to shove...cowards are nowhere to be seen!
Anyway...the following was shared with me by a dear friend up North...and I am sharing it with you guys...on the same topic but this concerns ALL the Royals. Please read and keep your thoughts to know what they can still do to you now when you talk about the Royals...kita boleh pebetulkan keadaan ini selepas GE14....Tun will know what to do to the Royals!!! Until then....DIAM!

Don't you find it humorous? While the civilised society is trying to figure out why rules are introduced at the last minute and why the Federal Constitution is being trampled in order to ensure a win for BN, the person who appointed the clowns to uphold the laws laid down in the Federal Constitution is sitting in his parlor with the queen and counting money and eating bread and honey.
Does the power bestowed by the Federal Constitution on our king becomes indispensable such that his appointees are free to pick and choose who they are answerable to - not even to God!!
Nine of them to rule over 30 million people who are being screwed 24/7, but when it comes to reprimanding people who keep their bank balance afloat, all these nine suffer from Erectile Dysfunction.
To all 9 of are there for a reason: to protect the rakyat and the country by appointing people of integrity to carry out the functions of judiciary, security and other duties of an independent nature.
Maybe it's time to start doing your job that is paid by the rakyat. At least the rakyat know who they bowing to.

BN is afraid, very afraid. They know that unless they play dirty, very dirty, they cannot win.Bribing, intimidating, threatening, introducing new rules, disqualifying opposition candidates. Teach BN a lesson they will take to their graves. Not a single vote for any BN candidate. Make them lose their deposits. Please viral this message to everyone in your contact list. And if each onforwards this, millions will read the same message in a few days.

Since when has Bangla become a Malaysian language?

Bagaimana peti undi dikawal pada 1957.....a blast from the past!

6.55 am. Monday morning...Selamat Pagi Malaysia...the only thing I can think of this morning when Tun came into my mind.....

Love Tun
Hidup Tun
Sayang Tun

Hidup Malaysia....Negara tercinta ku !!!

Cannon to right of them,  
Cannon to left of them,  
Cannon in front of them  
Volley’d and thunder’d; ....... 
And yet in all the madness of GE14 that threatens to engulf us all, sanity prevails. Respect, grace and human kindness prevails...there is still hope for Malaysia.

Good Night....

12.33am. I am not tired. I am not sleepy. Debating with myself if I should have another Nescafe...but that would keep me awake past Nescafe keeps me going...easy...for two hours....and I think not! 
I do not want to go to sleep too late tonight. Got to get a good night sleep and wake up to a brand new week with vim and vigor...and that would require at least four hours no more Nescafe!
I can feel it in my bones...I can feel it in my heart, my head and in my soul....I can feel that "It's time". Time for change. Time to run the bastards out of Putrajaya. Time for the two Idiots to vacate Seri Perdana. Time for Pakatan Harapan to do government. And that will be the last conscious thought in my head before I fall asleep tonight. 

Good Night. 

Let's stick together.

Sunday 29 April 2018

Registered 2 vote Cheras. Tempat undi Jin Imbi Bukit Bintang. Bastards! Even if I have to walk with one leg I will be there.

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As salam...balik kpd cerita RO Rantau...korek punya korek dia adalah Ketua Penerangan PEMUDA UMNO REMBAU.

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SPR...dah lah corrupt....nak eja nama pon bodoh!

Nomination Day....DUN Rantau

Najib ....jangan sentuh Tun Dr Mhathir


Democracy is DEAD

The world is caught on pursuit of desire, ambition, obsession and HOPE.
Somehow prayers and delusional thinking of a saviour or Messiah is so ingrained in human beings that the stomach injustice and abuse without sensing the POWER IS IN THEIR OWN EFFORT AND DETERMINATION.
Retired Supreme court Judge of India Hon Markandey's interview addressing the political quagmire of our times.

Jentera Berani Mati dari the other side...malang nya jentera hanya boleh di gerak dengan dedak.

Trump had his Golden Shower in Moscow....the idiot has his courtesy of our local need to go to Moscow!!


The Chinanaization of Najib Razak

The rules have been stacked against us ALL THE BLOODY TIME

“It was a loss, we should have been better prepared, I agree but the rules were also stacked against us,” said Wan Saiful.

steadyaky47 comment : Aisehman Wan...tell us something we do not know! The rules have been stacked against us ALL THE BLOODY better prepared NOW!

PENDANG, April 29 — Pakatan Harapan’s candidates should have prepared better to prevent the multiple disqualifications yesterday, said Parti…

In case you still have not got the message from Towel Head.... Ini kali di jamin !!!!

Over 50 local and international press in Langkawi to cover Mahathir...who is covering the Idiot in Seri Perdana? Saya tanya aja...

Who is covering the Idiot? The New Shit Times, The Shit, Utusan Meloya and TV 3 suku.
Lim CheeKiat

Dedak punya MCA, berkerjasama dengan China lebih mustahak dari berkerjasama dengan Rakyat Malaysia!!!

Over 50 Local and International members of the Press are all camped out in Langkawi...... Rockstar or Superstar belakang long as Tun Dr Mahathir is in Langkawi, there will be in Langkawi !!!

Bankruptcy case of PKR's Candidate....two different statement!

Believe it or Not...Tun Dr Mahathir...a Superstar/Rockstar at 92 !!!

Saturday 28 April 2018

The F**king Election Commission!

For those who would like to know and need a good laugh, these are the 7 countries that our Election Commission has requested to monitor the elections!
Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Thailand, Kargyzstan, Timor Leste, Maldives!
Country Ranking in Democracy index (2017)
1. Azerbaijan 148 out of 168 😫

2. Cambodia 124/168
3. Thailand 107/168
4. Kyrgyzstan 95/168 
5. Indonesia 68/168
6. Timor Leste 43/168
7. The Maldives ???
Great choice ah!!!
NONE of the Top 10 fully Democratic countries in the free world are in the list. Your guess as good as mine as to how democratic these countries are! No one from Europe, USA, America , Britain have been invited !!!
That’s the current state of affairs : Jibby is a coward!!!
with thanks to MYR

Who Could Believe MCA’S Promise To ‘Safeguard Moderation’ When It Can’t Even Speak Up On 1MDB

Dennis Ignatius, a graduate in international relations from the University of Malaya, has served in London, Beijing and Washington. From 2001 to 2008 he was the ambassador for Malaysia to Canada. Below is an article from him :

April 27, 2018

It never ceases to amaze me why a party which has done so little for so long suddenly expects voters to believe that it can accomplish great things if given another chance. Political parties that seek re-election normally run on their record in office over the preceding years not on yet more promises.

Blasé and bankrupt

The MCA election manifesto of promises and initiatives that was released recently no doubt made many Malaysians shake their heads in disbelief; if that’s the best that the MCA can come up with even as it fights for its very survival politically, then they deserve to be obliterated in the upcoming elections without so much as a second thought.

I have neither the time nor the inclination to discuss all ten of their promises. Most – like those dealing with higher education, the digital economy, healthcare, women and youth empowerment – are simply regurgitations of past plans and initiatives that the government never got around to seriously implementing. They don’t need to promise to do such things, not after they have been in power for decades; they should have just done it.

Three of the manifestos promises, however, deserve special attention, if only because they reveal the utter vacuity of the MCA as a political party.

Safeguarding moderation

Take the promise of “safeguarding moderation” [promise #1]. Everybody knows that the MCA is but a junior partner in a coalition that manipulates racial and religious extremism to stay in power. Year after year, UMNO general assemblies have been little less than a hatefest spewing forth  unadulterated racism, mostly aimed at Malaysian Chinese. Where was the MCA  year after year when all this was going on?

There’s no point arguing that the MCA has less influence today due to lack of support from Malaysian Chinese because even when the MCA was at the height of its influence, it did little to mitigate UMNO’s racism. We are where we are today because of the failure of parties like the MCA, Gerakan and MIC to stand up for principle and to defend the legitimate interests of minority ethnic and faith communities from the depredations of UMNO.

To promise, at this stage, to safeguard moderation, after failing to do so for years, can only be  empty bombast. It’s a promise that the MCA leadership cannot keep even if they won all the seats they contest in the upcoming elections.

Defending core national institutions

The MCA also promises to “defend our core national institutions, uphold the Federal Constitution and the Rukun Negara… and ensure checks and balances”  [promise #2].

Again, why would they expect anyone to believe that they are sincerely committed to and able to fulfil such a promise when they have in fact been instrumental in undermining our constitution, diminishing our democracy and weakening the integrity of our national institutions?

Do they think that Malaysians will not remember that the MCA (together with Gerakan and MIC) voted, supported and defended every single piece of anti-democratic legislation, including the fake news bill, that was rammed through parliament? They couldn’t even bring themselves to support the thousands of Malaysians who took part in the BERSIH rallies demanding for free and fair elections.

Even now, the government of which they are a part of, is involved in a series of moves via the Election Commission and the Registrar of Societies to deprive citizens of a free and fair vote in the upcoming elections. The opposition is being hamstrung at every turn; electoral districts have been blatantly gerrymandered and malapportioned and even electoral rolls have been tampered with.

What is the MCA’s position on these shameful and undemocratic moves by government agencies which are supposed to be impartial? If they can’t or won’t speak up in the face of such egregious assaults on the integrity of the electoral process, how can we expect them to defend our constitution or our core institutions?

With their pathetic record in office, they have simply no credibility to even talk about defending our national institutions or upholding the constitution.

Harnessing Belt and Road Initiative

The election manifesto also makes much about harnessing China’s belt and road initiative [promise #6].

No one will, of course, disagree with this, especially given that China is an important economic partner and neighbour. What Malaysians are concerned about, however, is the utter lack of transparency when it comes to many of the big China-related projects. As the MCA well knows, Malaysia has a long and sordid history of corruption involving public projects; millions of taxpayer money has been lost as a result. Vigilance and transparency is not an option but a necessity.

What people want  and demand from the government is a commitment to transparency and integrity when it comes to mega projects, whether from China or elsewhere.  The government must do what other democratic governments do: make its case with facts, feasibility studies and data so that taxpayers are assured that they are getting value for money and that public funds are not looted or misspent. Secret negotiations done in the shadows with cronies and then kept from public scrutiny don’t inspire confidence and cannot be accepted.

Malaysians also want to be assured that all public infrastructure projects, again whether from China or elsewhere, prioritises Malaysia’s national interests, Malaysian companies, Malaysian engineering and technical expertise, Malaysian products and Malaysian  labour. As it is, too many concessions are given to foreign companies at the expense of Malaysians.

What Malaysians want

It certainly looks like the MCA, instead of trying to understand the sentiments of Malaysians and the angst and anger that animates our citizens these days, chose to rely on some slick strategist to come up with a seemingly smart manifesto that looks good on paper. What it reveals is that MCA (as well as its partners in BN) are hopelessly out of touch with the hopes and aspirations of ordinary Malaysians. If they were, they would at least start by being contrite about their dismal performance in office after decades in power.

Besides, the MCA [as well as Gerakan and MIC] made a choice a long time ago to meekly go along with a racist political partner perpetuating a divisive and exploitative political system; it cannot now pretend to be an independent political actor able to espouse and pursue an agenda of its own. The only agenda that is on the BN table is the UMNO agenda and that has already been rejected by a clear majority of Malaysians.

Malaysians are not too hard to please; what they want is for their constitution to be respected, their  democracy to be cherished, their leaders to be honest and sincere and their government to be clean. If the MCA and BN still doesn’t get that, they don’t deserve another term in office.

Rafizi on Streram Sinnasamy

Dari Rafizi Ramli : PENTING, SEBARKAN : 28 April 2018
Negara dikejutkan dengan peristiwa Pegawai Pengurus Pilihanraya (“Returning Officer”) bagi kawasan Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Rantau (dalam kawasan Parlimen Rembau) yang menolak kertas pencalonan calon PH, Dr Streram Sinnasamy untuk membolehkan wakil BN, Dato’ Seri Mohamad Hassan menang tanpa bertanding.
Alasan yang diberikan adalah tiada kertas pencalonan yang dikemukakan sehingga jam 10 pagi iaitu tarikh akhir mengemukakan pencalonan.
Dr Streram Sinnasamy telah berada di perkarangan dewan pencalonan sejak pukul 8 pagi lagi. Beliau tidak dibenarkan masuk oleh pihak RO yang bertugas dan pegawai-pegawai polis atas alasan tiada pas masuk SPR. Beliau terus dihalang sehingga jam 10.03 pagi.
Pada jam 10.03 pagi, tiba-tiba pegawai RO membenarkan pula borang-borang pencalonan Dr Streram Sinnasamy dibawa masuk tetapi kemudiannya diumumkan tidak boleh diterima kerana telah melepasi tempoh waktu.
Saya dimaklumkan oleh wakil-wakil PH di dalam dewan bahawa Pengarah SPR Negeri Sembilan sebenarnya telah mengarahkan RO di situ untuk membenarkan Dr Streram mengemukakan borang penamaan seawal 930 pagi lagi, tetapi RO berkenaan melengah-lengahkan sehingga hanya membenarkan pada pukul 1003 pagi untuk dijadikan alasan menolak borang pencalonan.
Kerusi DUN Rantau adalah kerusi yang mempunyai pengundi India yang tinggi. Pecahan pengundi di DUN Rantau adalah: Melayu (53%), Cina (19%) dan India (27%). 
PH melalui KEADILAN telah mengarahkan Dr Streram Sinnasamy untuk menawarkan khidmat rakyat di DUN Rantau sejak 2 tahun lalu. Dr Streram adalah seorang pakar anasthethis yang berkhidmat di Nilai Specialist dan telah banyak berkhidmat dengan pengundi-pengundi di Rantau terutamanya pengundi India.
Sejak setahun lalu, kedudukan Dato’ Seri Mohamad Hassan nampak goyang apabila peralihan undi yang besar dijangka akan berlaku di kalangan pengundi-pengundi terutamanya pengundi India, yang dalam PRU yang lalu memberi sokongan kepada BN.
Tindakan tidak membenarkan calon PH mengemukakan borang pencalonan untuk menang percuma adalah satu tindakan yang bacul di pihak Dato’ Seri Mohamad Hassan dan Khairy Jamaluddin.
Saya percaya pengundi-pengundi, terutamanya pengundi India di Negeri Sembilan dan seluruh negara dapat menilai sendiri bagaimana pimpinan tertinggi BN seperti Mohamad Hassan dan Khairy Jamaluddin sangat takut dengan kebangkitan dan kesatuan rakyat pelbagai kaum yang menuntut perubahan di Putrajaya.
Saya akan hadir ke Rembau pada hari Isnin untuk mempastikan pengundi-pengundi di Rembau menghukum Khairy Jamaluddin yang bersekongkol dengan Mohamad Hassan untuk menang percuma kerana takut bertarung.
Saya juga menyeru pengundi-pengundi India di Rembau untuk memberikan undi secara besar-besaran kepada calon PH di Rembau, Kolonel (B) Rosli untuk menghukum Khairy Jamaluddin dan Barisan Nasional. Sekiranya PH mendapat 60% sokongan pengundi India di Rembau, Khairy Jamaluddin akan ditewaskan.
Menewaskan Khairy Jamaluddin di Rembau adalah jalan terbaik untuk menghukum Mohamad Hassan, Khairy Jamaluddin dan Barisan Nasional yang berkomplot menafikan seorang profesional India mencabar Mohamad Hassan, dalam keadaan BN semakin goyah.
Sebarkan kepada seberapa ramai pengundi di Rembau, di Negeri Sembilan dan di seluruh negara.

School Kids and Najib Razak

Selamat Pagi Malaysia...Kepit Man.

9.32 am. Good morning Malaysia. Last night got this message from my nephew "Semakin femes uncle"...and he sent me a link...see below. My reply to him? "Siapa tu najib razak?"
But jokes aside...did not this Idiot think what posting anything about me on his Facebook will do for me? All it did for me personally was to have a "syiok sendiri" moment and then I said a silent prayer that once again, this Idiot has shot himself in his other foot....this time his left foot because hisalready shot himself in his right foot many many years ago when he decided to get hitched to the Flying Hippo....and yes he can sue me here for fake news because Hippos do not fly!
What does acknowledging that I am a pain in his arse done for me? It only pushes people to want to find out who have been publishing these "FITNAH's"...and people click onto my Facebook and blog. Of course I get the usual lot of Idiots who wants to hantam me for abusing Kepit Man...and when I do come across them on my FB...I block them! End of story for them.
So this morning I will start with a heartfelt thanks to Kepit Man for that "endorsement" and confirmation that I am a pain in his big, big behind....and I bet you that I will go through this day with a silly grin on my face just thinking of Kepit Man and his "FITNAH" message to his 4.12million followers...Life is good!

“Memang modus operandi pembangkang, fitnah untuk timbulkan keraguan kepada SPR. Ini contoh #TsunamiPHitnah mereka. Bila mereka menang dulu tak pula melatah, terima saja. Bila kalah macam-macam cerita keluar. #DoubleStandard”


It is now 1.27 am pagi Sabtu. To say that I am angry would be an understatement....furious would not cut it. I am simply amazed at the audacity of what najib is now doing in his desperation to keep afloat in that cess pool that he is now drowning in...a cess pool of his own making!
What did najib try to do to Tun Mahathir today? Can some f**king umno or BN machai tell me what Najib was trying to do to Tun Mahathir today? Was it a coincidence that the plane that was to take Tun to Langkawi today "mengalami kebocoran yang teruk dan tidak dapat dibaiki dalam tempoh yang singkat?" Guys this is too much of a coincidence happening just at the very moment that Tun Mahathir had to arrive in Langkawi for his nomination to contest the Langkawi parliamentary seat! Was it to delay Tun's arrival in Langkawi so that he will NOT be on time to file his nomination papers or was najib's motive more sinister?
What if the "kebocoran yang teruk" was not detected? What if the plane did take off for Langkawi? What would happen to Tun? I shudder to even think of what might have been!
Let me take over from there and tell you what else happened!
I have to tell u all that it was GOD the Almighty that saved Tun Mahathir.....for what happened next tells us that Najib would do anything to prevent Mahathir from getting to Langkawi.... ANYTHING!
Mokhzani’s good friend was going to S’pore in his private jet and when he heard about Tun's predicament he cancelled his flight and let TM used his plane. Yes that f**king Najib did find out that Tun had switched plane.... but by the time he found out, it was too late to instruct Langkawi Airport to divert the plane to Penang and stop Tun Mahathir from landing in Langkawi!
By the time Tun arrived in Langkawi the story of his aborted flight was already viral in Langkawi especially amongst those who were at the airport to greet him...and they are angry! Very very angry about what had happened to Tun......and all this happening after najib had done an interview the night before on Bloomberg where he said that BN was going to be returned with an increased majority!!!
if that was so...then why was there any need to stop Mahathir from landing in Langkawi?
And they all knew the answer....najib takut kalah. najib takut kalah. najib takut kalah....and this mantra went around the airport and then around Langkawi and at each telling, Tun Mahathir's stature grew and grew and grew. He was their son coming back to claim his place. And from Langkawi he will take back their country from the corrupt and dedak infested najib razak.
And again for Tun Mahathir, he had somehow turned a minus into a plus. And out of it all, he emerged stronger, more deserving of Langkawi's love, respect and votes....and all this was done with the grace of ALLAH the most Merciful and Forgiving!

Hidup Mahathir. Hidup Pakatan Harapan!