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Sarawak Report : Through The Looking Glass - Into The World Of Najib Razak


30 Apr 2016

'Seditious' cartoonist Zunar gives his take on the Sarawak scene
‘Seditious’ cartoonist Zunar gives his take on the Sarawak scene
The present election abuses in Sarawak, spearheaded by Najib Razak, present a truly appalling spectacle.
Blatant and jaw-dropping bribery, bullying and law-breaking by the ruling BN party have reached unprecedented levels, even for Malaysia, as every day reports of new excesses continue to shock.
But the desperate Prime Minister plainly does not care.  He has personally taken charge of the whole charade, touring around the state handing out money “from BN” to everyone he wants to bribe.
Meanwhile, opposition leaders and activists are being openly barred from the state or told by the score that they have to leave in advance of the election, so that they cannot be present to assist in monitoring the count. So much for Adenan reforming the bad old ways of Taib Mahmud.
Postal votes from thousands of absent West Malaysian soldiers are being utilised to flood constituencies they are not from;  the practice of refusing to issue ID cards to opposition communities persists and of course the gerrymandering alone means that the opposition would have to win over 70% of all votes to even gain a simple majority of seats.
Browbeaten and exhausted opposition folk, who have no money, compared to resources of hundreds of millions of ringgit, fleets of helicopters and all the apparatus of the state in the hands of BN, can only stand by and protest.

Public money from 1MDB is being thrown at Sarawak

RM2 million for St Jude’s Church in Bunan Gega - even more for mosques
RM2 million for St Jude’s Church in Bunan Gega
– even more for mosques
Najib and Adenan are clearly perfectly willing to use money that has been stolen from the state, through 1MDB and timber cronies, to lavish on communities, who know that they only see this manna from heaven when elections come around.
Gifts of a couple of million ringgit to a church here, cheques of thousands of ringgit to schools there, crackly notes for every voter….
The fact that these gifts are peanuts, compared to what BN’s politicians have looted from the people of Sarawak, in terms of their natural resources and land rights, is something they have taken care to hide. During their decades of cynical exploitation this ruling clique have sneered that Sarawakians are “blind” to the wealth of their own state.
Likewise, promised ‘projects’, handed out illegally during this election period in the name of BN, will almost never be fulfilled. Only ‘contracts’ will be given to the movers and shakers of these communities, who instruct their longhouses what to vote.  They are threatened that if their communities don’t vote for BN, then they will be treated as enemies of the government – and that will make life hard indeed.
To observers from the outside world it is all, therefore, a total shocker: a sham election if there ever was one.

Najib no longer cares about appearances

However, Najib has plainly ceased to care about appearances, if he ever did.  In his looking glass world it simply doesn’t matter that he is blatantly indulging in such outrageous abuses and illegalities, because he will make sure his client Malaysian media reports a completely different story for his domestic audience.
Those who don’t comply are already being harassed and threatened by Najib’s stack of new laws designed to ‘protect a democratically elected government’ from ‘seditious forces’ etc etc.
Adenan bought in
Adenan bought in
The Association of Journalists has protested at this persecution of their members, trying to report the truth, but Najib, supported by Adenan, has shown no hesitation in abusing his authority over the Election Commission, the police, the civil service and even the once independent judiciary to ignore all such complaints.
Thus he determines to bludgeon a “great victory” in Sarawak.  If in the end this also demands a further bit of cheating at the ballot box, so what?  The opposition can always be banned from the count or their officials bought over by huge bribes, the logic goes. It’s all happened before.
Najib will then announce through the looking glass world of his Malaysian media that the glorious result has entirely vindicated his position – it a nutshell he has been “cleared” by the electorate. “Foreign” critics and domestic “subversives” will be told to take a hike.
The fact that the world knows that the money Najib has been lavishing in Sarawak was stolen from the public purse will be ignored – presumably the Saudi Royal ‘donor’ will be said to have returned back what was previously allegedly returned, who cares?  The Prime Minister will present himself as an all Malaysian hero and the whole of the domestic media will be forced to report the matter in this fashion – or else risk jail.
Maybe this ‘victory’ will present him with his widely mooted opportunity to slam his own former party leader, the 90 year old Dr Mahathir behind bars, for having dared point out his grand theft from 1MDB?
The opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, has already been trapped in jail for over a year, for the sin of being far too effective an opponent for Mr Najib …. another outrageous advantage granted to BN over the leaderless PR coalition in Sarawak.
To Najib’s way of thinking it simply doesn’t matter if the world knows the truth, even most Malaysians, because as long as he can mobilise huge sums of cash then he can control the party leaders in charge of UMNO and control the electoral charade he calls democracy.

The reality is different

However, in the real world on the other side of the looking glass from Malaysia, an entirely separate scenario is starting to unfold, which Najib Razak appears determined to ignore, in a triumph of wishful thinking over stark reality.
Najib and those around him have lost their judgement if they think Malaysia can defy the rest of the world economy, along with the global regulators and enforcers of law and order, simply to save the position of one man, who has been caught stealing vast sums from his own country.
Yet whilst he has cavorted around Sarawak the past few days, handing out cash, the Prime Minister cum Finance Minister has failed to issue one word about the fact that the instrument of this theft, 1MDB, has now gone into default.  A US$6 billion cross default looms large and he stays silent.
Add to that the demand yesterday from Bank Negara that 1MDB further repay the US$1.8 billion it deceptively ‘invested’ into PetroSaudi.
And to that the blood-curdlingly deadly investigations that are daily progressing in Singapore against the managers of BSI Bank, who processed the cash stolen through Good Star by Jho Low along with other key accounts for 1MDB, SRC and Aabar Investments PJS Limited.
Not only has the Singapore Commercial Affairs Department described this BSI investigation as the most complex cross-border money-laundering exercise they have ever undertaken, they have also highlighted the “staggering amounts of money” involved.
The rest of the world, Luxembourg, Abu Dhabi, Switzerland, the United States and a growing list of other investigating jurisdictions are all shocked too – and they clearly mean business given the actions and statements of recent weeks.  Now the wheels are in motion does Najib seriously think he can stop this process in a wider world, where he has no powers whatsoever?
This is money that was taken out of 1MDB and then laundered through a network of companies managed by Jho Low and later his accomplices from Aabar.  A great deal of this money went to Najib and his step-son’s Hollywood production company.
The details are complex and need to be teased out, but sooner rather than later players are going to be prosecuted and the money trail revealed.
Does Najib think he can escape the situation by continuing to say black is white in his looking glass bubble of Malaysia and handing out yet more of the stolen public cash to his client party fixers?
What happens when the global economy inevitably reacts to the revelation that Malaysia is being run by a master thief and criminal, whose bank accounts are frozen world-wide and whose pet fund is billions of dollars in the red?
How will Malaysian business respond to a plunging ringgit, which this will inevitably trigger?  Suddenly, Najib’s cash will seem less helpful to his crony clients and business borrowers.
Malaysians will discover that their country has become an international scandal with a world record thief for a leader, taxes rocketing to bail him out and a plunging currency to boot.
So, although Najib thinks he can use all his concentrated powers to force black to be called white in the domestic media, the truth is that this Prime Minister has lost control. He can no longer steer events, even though he tells himself he can….. because the alternative is something he fears to contemplate.

MDB's US$ 2.3 billion "Cayman units", worthless, if not non-existent

OutSyed The Box

Friday, April 29, 2016

Untuk Pengetahun Husni Hanadzlah Yang Bodoh Atau P*nipu Atau Dua-Dua Sekali

Tuan-Tuan ingat tak masa Husni Hanadzlah cuba jelaskan isu pelaburan dalam "units" oleh 1MDB dalam TV. Sila dengar Husni sebut berkenaan units (minit 6:20).  

Now read this. The "units" are non existent.
1 MDB's US$ 2.3 billion "Cayman units", worthless, if not non-existent : Evidence from Singapore's DPP
by Ganesh Sahathevan

In the matters of Public Prosecutor v Yeo Jiawei and Public Prosecutor v Kelvin Ang Wee Keng. prosecutors have told the court:

Brazen Sky (a wholly-owned 1 MDB subsidiary)  owned all the shares of Bridge Global Absolute Return Fund SPC (segregated portfolio company), a fund that was managed by Bridge Partners.

This is contrary to what 1 MDB and Arul Kanda had to say about the Brazen Sky investments, that is, that Brazen Sky owned units in segregated portfolio company that was managed by some party external to 1 MDB. 
This story was only changed recently, when in a written reply to MP Tony Pua the Malaysian Ministry Of Finance said (as it turns, admitted) that there was no external manager.

Consequently the entire series of transactions 1 MDB says were financed out of those units is in doubt, and 1 MDB's  current debts revalued upward accordingly. 

The existence of the units and any money that goes with it can be assumed to be a myth.

Dahil Sa' yo : Because of You.

SONG LYRICS IN TAGALOG (English translation) 
Sa buhay ko'y labis ang hirap at pasakit (In my life, great is the pain and misery) 
Ng pusong umiibig, mandi'y wala nang langit (For this heart that loves, it seems there is no hope/joy) 
At nang lumigaya, hinango mo sa dusa (But joy came; you saved me from this suffering) 
Tanging ikaw sinta, ang aking pag-asa. (Only you, my love, you’re my only hope) 
Dahil sa iyo, nais kong mabuhay (Because of you, I want to live) 
Dahil sa iyo, hanggang mamatay (Because of you, until I die) 
Dapat mong tantuin, wala nang ibang giliw (You must know, there's no other love) 
Puso ko'y tanungin, ikaw at ikaw rin (Search my heart, it’s you and only you) 
Dahil sa iyo, ako'y lumigaya (Because of you, joy came into my life) 
Pagmamahal, ay alayan ka (Undying love, is what I offer to you) 
Kung tunay man ako ay alipinin mo (Can it be true I am under your spell/I am your slave) 
Ang lahat ng ito'y dahil sa iyo (All this is because of you) 
Kung tunay man ako ay alipinin mo (If indeed you own my all/you're my everything) 
Ang lahat sa buhay ko’y dahil sa iyo (All that I am, is because of you)

Friday 29 April 2016

cakap cakap....growing old with those you love...its good!

Let me bring you guys up to speed as to what is happening in my life down here down under.  

Since November last year I have made much effort to update my blog on a daily least one posting a day and sometimes more. I do so because I wanted this blog to have a "life" life, my thoughts, my sense of the world and more critical to me, not to impose these things unto any of you but to share, discuss and argue where there is a need to share, discuss and argue these things in a rational and gracious manner. Hopefully my postings in steadyaku47 reflects these aspirations.

Since November the number of clicks I have had the privilege of getting from you guys, has tripled....10K on a normal day and double that number on good ones....and for me it is a privilege to have any one read what I write....and for that privilege I am grateful.

Since I left KL almost a decade ago I have been using the same Nokia mobile that I bought in Bangsar. It has served me well but it has been dropped a number of times and the audio keeps cutting out when I am using it.

 A week ago  my son got me a Samsung Smart Phone. Since March I have been asking him about WhatsApp, Tweeter and Instagram because I have begun to realise that these apps are useful tools for bloggers. It allows you to communicate with those who read what you write, and others, in real time - for FREE. 

So being the dutiful son, he got me a Samsung Smart Phone. I have spent the last one week trying to understand what this smart phone can do and I am still not ready to use one yet. Give me another week and I hope by then I can do so with some degree of competency that will not compromise any preconceived ideas any of you might have about me being computer savvy just because I blog....what do I love most about that phone? I can speak/dictate to it and it will write what I say.....I can't wait to use that function!

Winter is already here. Two things I like about Winter : Hot showers and getting into bed. Any of you who have lived through Winter understands how satisfying it is to get into a warm bed on a cold Winter night. Every thing else is just bearable.

My wife is good. She is having some difficulty in swallowing - which is normal as her dementia progresses. We now only gives her "thicken" water so that the liquid eases down her throat and makes it easier for her to control the swallowing and anything she now eats has to be mashed for the same reason. Otherwise quality of life is still good. 

I have a troublesome Hernia that comes and stays more often than it goes. I have learned to gingerly pushed the Hernia back into place when it pops up and I am still on the waiting list at St Vincent for some one on one time with the team that would teach me how to best adjust myself to the realities of a Hernia. For now the pain is bearable if not annoying....but manageable.

I am on medication for my Gout and it seems to be working...but I off seafood. My blood pressure is high and there is a benign growth somewhere on my kidney but nothing else is worrying me....I am sure many of you are worse off. Better you than me!  

For the first time in my life I am taking multi vitamins and Vitamin C as a concession to the fact that my memory has begun to wander, meander and at times simply ignores my requests for it to provide me with information that I know it has. For example I tend to forget what day of the week it is and I know that the information is within my head....I just do not have access to it. I have asked my Doctor if this is an indication of the onset of dementia? He said "NO" are just old and being old means some parts of your body starts shutting vitamins helps to delay the shutting down process. And so I take those vitamins!

I am conscious that as I age I become more comfortable in my isolation. All I need is to have my wife and my son near me and my daughter, though far away in Canada, in my thoughts and nothing else matters. 

Could do with a little bit more money...but hey, who does not?



Sarawak Report : The extravagant spending of the Prime Minister’s step son, who appeared to have an inexhaustible budget to finance controversial films like the Wolf of Wall Street, which other production giants had passed over.

Sarawak Report


Riza Faces Questioning In The US - Yet Keeps Splashing Cash On His Pal Dicaprio!

28 Apr 2016

Rosmah’s movie mogul son, Riza Aziz, has become a prime target for questioning in the United States by official investigators, now that the money trail from 1MDB points straight at his company Red Granite Pictures.

The Luxembourg prosecutor has announced as much in his thinly veiled recent statement.
The PM’s step-son has spent hundreds of millions on movies, having arrived in Hollywood out of the blue in 2010. At least a hundred million of that came directly from the bogus IPIC subsidiary Aabar Investments PJS Limited (BVI), it has been ascertained.

That company in turn received billions from the Malaysian development fund 1MDB, under the guise of paying for bond guarantees by IPIC.

IPIC have now confirmed the fraud and said it did not receive the payments.  On Tuesday 1MDB went into default on many of its debts (totalling over US$6 billion) after IPIC therefore refused to continue to honour the guarantee and after 1MDB proved unable to pick up a US$50 million payment due over a week before.

as become a prime target for questioning in the United States

Riza has become a prime target for questioning in the United States

Riza has not cramped his style!

It was back in December 2013 that Sarawak Report first started questioning the extravagant spending of the Prime Minister’s step son, who appeared to have an inexhaustible budget to finance controversial films like the Wolf of Wall Street, which other production giants had passed over.

Riza Aziz and Red Granite partner Joey McFarland pose at the 2015 LACMA Gala

Riza Aziz and Red Granite partner Joey McFarland pose at the 2015 LACMA Gala

We were met with an aggressive response from Riza’s lawyers, who also attacked our reporting on Riza’s lavish lifestyle and new Beverley Hills mansion, which we said that his youth and business record did not explain.

The US authorities will now inevitably be pressing to ask the same questions of Mr Aziz and more.  They will also be doubtless wishing to speak to his personal wealth manager Debra Johnson, who is the wife of the senior partner of the legal firm Loeb & Loeb, who were hired to threaten Sarawak Report.

Debra Johnson lost her position at the finance company NKFSB after our exposures, but moved straight into her own business with Riza Aziz as her top client.

However, Riza has appeared impervious over the past year to any storm-clouds which might be gathering.

As Sarawak Report can disclose, he has continued to splash cash around Hollywood, particularly when it comes to currying favour with celebrity friends like Leonardo Dicaprio.
Dicaprio has absorbed a great deal of Jho Low and Riza Aziz’s money, in burnishing his own reputation as a ‘warrior for the environment’, as well as fully enjoying their lavish hospitality on yacht parties across the globe, gambling in Vegas, World Cup extravaganzas, ski parties and the like.

Indeed just last week Riza publicly donated a whopping $2.1 million US dollars to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), just days after it was revealed that Wolf of Wall Street ‘financier’, none other than Aabar’s CEO Mohamad Ahmed Badawy al-Husseiny, had been placed under house arrest in Abu Dhabi, with the United States requesting for his extradition to aid with their investigations into the scandal-ridden fund.
Dicaprio is on the Board of the Museum.

1MDB orchestrator Jho Low (centre) parties in Vegas with Hollywood stars Leonardo Dicaprio and Tobey Maguire

1MDB orchestrator Jho Low (centre) parties in Vegas with Hollywood stars Leonardo Dicaprio and Tobey Maguire

According to the US website ArtNet News:
Wolf of Wall Street producer Riza Aziz ponied up $1.1 million to go along with the $1 million he’d already pledged. LACMA director Michael Govan revealed that Aziz was to have hosted a dinner the night before, but had been held up in Europe—the $1.1 million was a mea culpa.
Riza’s injection of cash allowed the museum to purchase a huge collection of rare movie posters from long-time collector Mike Kaplan, it was explained.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 12.36.28

An Avid Art Collector

This isn’t the first time that Riza has supported LACMA. Research undertaken by Sarawak Report reveals that he is known as an “avid collector” of film posters and has “generously” supported the institution over the past years.

In 2014, he co-sponsored an exhibition alongside his party-pal Leonardo Dicaprio. Aziz also lent rare posters to the exhibition, which celebrated the artwork of German Expressionist Cinema.
“This gift connects LACMA‘s Art+Film initiative to an effort across departments to build a great collection of graphic design. Riza Aziz has been a dedicated supporter of Art+Film at LACMA” said LACMA Director Michael Govan.
The exhibition was "generously supported" by Riza Aziz and the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation

The exhibition was “generously supported” by Riza Aziz and the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation

A review of the LACMA website states that the exhibition was “generously supported” by both Riza Aziz and the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation, but just how much financial support was given remains unclear.

In 2015, Riza donated a “major gift” of nine “extremely rare” Russian avant-garde film posters from the 1920’s to the LACMA museum. The glitzy event was hosted by none other than Leonardo Dicaprio.

The gift launches an effort led by Aziz and collector and poster expert Ralph DeLuca to build high-level support for LACMA’s interdepartmental graphic design initiative. Included among the remarkable and extremely rare posters in this gift are seven examples by Vladimir and Georgii Stenberg, leading Constructivist artists universally considered innovators in the design of avant-garde film posters; an iconic Battleship Potemkin poster by Anton Lavinsky, one of the best-known designs of the period, which has inspired a number of contemporary designers; and works by Alexander Naumov and Yakov Ruklevsky.
Sarawak Report has pointed out to Leonardo Dicaprio that there are serious concerns surrounding the funding of Wolf of Wall Street

Sarawak Report has pointed out to Leonardo Dicaprio that there are serious concerns surrounding the funding of Wolf of Wall Street

The Jho Low connection

Readers of this blog will be aware of 1MDB orchestrator Jho Low’s own contributions to the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation. In San Tropez in August 2015, Jho Low supplied a fabulously expensive Lichtenstein sculpture for an eco-charity auction run by Dicaprio.
The former party-boy cum “philanthropist” also hosted numerous lavish parties for the actor, including sponsoring an ostentatious new years celebration that included celebrating in Sydney before flying out to Las Vegas to break the year in for a second time.

LACMA appear to be the latest institution to be roped into the 1MDB debacle. Surely they should have performed due diligence before accepting money from a politically exposed person such as Riza Aziz? Sarawak Report suggests readers direct their questions straight to the museum.

Leonardo Dicaprio was among guests at Jho Low's 2013 New Years eve bash - all paid for by the young party boy

Leonardo Dicaprio was among guests at Jho Low’s 2013 New Years eve bash – all paid for by the young party boy

The Once Humble Ikan Bilis is now Food for Kings Only?

Today a kilo of Ikan Bilis(anchovies) is RM75.00 at the Datuk Keramat Wet Market. Last year it just cost RM50.00. So howlah!

Bank Negara Orders 1MDB to Repatriate Money

28 April 2016
Malaysia's central bank on Thursday ordered troubled state-owned investment firm 1MDB to repatriate money that was sent overseas without approval, putting further strain on the scandal-plagued company just days after it defaulted on a bond issue.

The fund, founded in 2009 by Prime Minister Najib Razak, is teetering on the brink of collapse amid multiple investigations around the world into allegations that billions were looted from it.

Najib also has been under pressure over $681 million that he received from overseas in 2013.

A statement issued by the central bank, Bank Negara Malaysia, did not specify how much money 1MDB had been ordered to repatriate.

But the bank has been pressuring 1MDB, or 1Malaysia Development Berhad, over $1.83 billion that the company has said was previously remitted abroad.

As questions swirl around billions of dollars moved around the world by 1MDB, Bank Negara has said the company failed to prove the ultimate use of the money or comply with previous instructions to repatriate the $1.83 billion.

The bank's order requires "1MDB to repatriate monies remitted abroad", it said, adding that the company has "failed to submit evidence and documentation specified by the bank to justify its inability to fully comply with the repatriation order".

1MDB said, in a statement, it would pay an undisclosed fine for not complying with Bank Negara’s orders but it did not say if it would also repatriate the money in question.

1MDB, whose advisory board is chaired by Najib, earlier this week defaulted on a $1.75 billion bond issue after missing a $50 million interest payment, triggering fears that the government will have to step in and bailout 1MDB, which could rattle markets and hurt Malaysia's credit rating.

1MDB, which ran up more than $11 billion in debt in a series of much-questioned investments, has steadfastly denied money was stolen or that it was in financial trouble.
But earlier this month a Malaysian parliamentary committee said at least $4.2 billion in questionable overseas money transfers were made by 1MDB.

Najib was plunged into the crisis last year when the Wall Street Journal revealed $681 million in transfers to his personal bank accounts.

He claims the money was a gift from the Saudi royal family, most of which he returned. A Saudi official recently said that was true, but only after weeks of silence that cast doubt on the claim.

In a series of more recent investigative reports, however, the newspaper said Malaysian investigation documents indicate more than $1 billion in 1MDB-linked money had been funnelled to Najib.

Najib and 1MDB vehemently deny that claim.

Najib has faced calls to resign but he has tightened his grip on the ruling party and thwarted domestic investigations. His position is not seen as under imminent threat.

The central bank has fined embattled state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) for "failure to fully comply with directions under the Financial Services…

Thursday 28 April 2016

What awaits Najib everyday!

You are Prime Minister of Malaysia. You wake up to be waited hand and foot in the splendor of Seri Perdana. Every whim and fancies, every one of your wants and needs are catered for. You have hundreds of millions if not billions in your personal bank account and yet this is what awaits you as you face the day! 
April 26, 2016 1MDB confirms that cross defaults have been triggered 1MDB Statement PETALING JAYA: 1Malaysia…
Payment to the Prime Minister!
There is an even more serious angle to this explosive set of discoveries. Sarawak Report has learnt that the on-going 1MDB investigation into Najib Razak’s AmPrivate Bank accounts in KL has also established that enormous payments came in from the very same source a few months earlier.
In 2011 Blackstone Asia Real Estate Partners Limited paid a total of US$170 million into the same private account belonging to Najib Razak which later received US...
Continue reading

In kerana, kata calon Dugong, Datuk Tiong Thai King pembangkang gagal dalam tugasnya memantau kerajaan.

BONGKAR: Penipuan Menantu PM membabitkan 63 juta...Sebarkan 03:11…|By Muhammad Subel

Menteri Besar Terengganu, Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman dilapor membatalkan semua program yang sepatutnya dihadiri beliau minggu ini. – Gambar FMT…

Haram subsidi rakyat di potong, rakyat di cukai kerana keborosan pemimpin

Walaupun ramai masih terkejut dengan pertembungan kerusi di Sarawak, kita perlu terus membela rakyat sementara isu tersebut diselesaikan. Terbaru ialah berita CEO Tabung Haji dilaporkan akan meletakkan jawatan dan…|By Media Gelap

Proud legacy of John Howard in the aftermath of Port Arthur massacre. And then you have IGP of Malaysia authorising gun sales by his own daughter.

THE events of the Port Arthur massacre on April 28, 1996, shook Australia to its core.

Perdana Menteri selaku Menteri Kewangan terus membisu dan tiada sebarang komen berhubung isu terbaru melanda 1MDB yang gagal bayar hutang AS$50 juta.

These are but just some of the headlines that confronts Najib almost every day

Is it worth it Najib? 

Is it worth it to know that maybe, at the end of it all, prison awaits you and your wife? The only thing keeping you out of prison is that you are still president of Umno and by default Prime Minister of Malaysia. When that ends, have you made plans to leave Malaysia? Are you already preparing yourself for that day? Where will you go? How will you leave the country.... what about your children?
Whether it is after a night of troubled sleep, or during breakfast when Rosmah berates him over his failure to follow her "advise" on the Bank Negara Governor appointment or even as he arrives at the PMO....whatever the circumstance Najib..... knows that all is not well in Camelot ....or as those in certain quarters in Umno would like to say...."does he still have a lot" (of cash that is!).   

The election is still just a dot on the horizon and far from being a point of contention. What Umno wants now, is to make merry and hay while the sun shine. Najib is their man of the moment for both. His political demise seems imminent and yet there is within Umno that air of "wonderous possibilities" as each Ketua Bahagian understands that their support of Najib is gold to them.....and so they cling to each other even as Umno sinks. 
It is only when that "election dot" becomes a recognizable blip that the pendelum might start to swing towards reason and realities. Until then we will have to suffer the arrogance and greed of Umno politicians who can see no further than the tip of their nose and have memories no better than that of a goldfish.....but while their arrogance and greed grows by the day, the election too grows closer by the day. 

Tiada maaf bagi mu Najib. 

Tiada maaf bagi mu Umno.