Tuesday 30 September 2014

"OPS ALBATROSS" : South American gang behind ATM thefts.

There is only hope for Pakatan Rakyat in the guise that we have become familair with : PKR, DAP and PAS. Anything else is not an option to be even contemplated if victory at the next general election is to be a reality. And yes........last, but not least...get rid of Anwar Ibrahim!



YB DATO' SERI HAJI ABDUL HADI BIN AWANGPRESIDEN PASem politik dwi-parti, Pakatan Rakyat (PR) perlu menjadi sebuah koalisi politik yang kukuh sebagai mekanisme semak dan imbang kepada Kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN). Malah PR juga dilihat sebagai harapan baru rakyat Malaysia apabila memenangi 52 % undi popular dalam PRU 13 yang lalu. Maka tidak dapat dinafikan bahawa kewujudan pakatan pembangkang yang kuat akan memberi kesan berbalik yang positif kepada rakyat Malaysia. Namun sekiranya pakatan politik pembangkang lemah, maka ia akan membuka ruang kepada Kerajaan yang memerintah mentadbir secara wewenangan sekaligus menindas rakyat.Menekuni sist

Setelah membuat analisis terhadap beberapa forum anjuran LENSA berkaitan krisis politik Selangor, dapat disimpulkan bahawa Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) sebagai salah sebuah rakan komponen PR banyak menyumbang kepada krisis yang berpanjangan sekaligus mengganggu gugat keutuhan permuafakatan PR.

Oleh itu, LENSA akan menyerahkan surat rasmi kepada pihak Presiden PAS, YB Dato' Seri Haji Abdul Hadi bin Awang bagi menyuarakan tuntutan agar PAS berhenti mencetuskan ketegangan sesama rakan PR. Satu sidang akhbar juga akan diadakan sejurus selepas surat diserahkan.

Serahan surat ini akan dijalankan seperti ketetapan berikut:

Serahan Surat
‘PAS PERLU BERHENTI CETUS KETEGANGAN’ Kepada YB Presiden PASTarikh:30 September 2014 (Selasa)

10.00 Pagi

Pejabat Agung PAS, Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur. (Di Hadapan Pintu Utama)

Oleh itu, LENSA ingin mengundang rakan-rakan media untuk membuat liputan serahan surat dan sidang akhbar ini.
Untuk sebarang maklumbalas atau pertanyaan, pihak Tuan/Puan boleh menghubungi Penyelaras Program di talian 013-6025 461 (Ekhsan) atau emelkan kepada Terima kasih

steadyaky47 comment:

And so Anwar Ibrahim and his cohorts are off onto their next big adventure....they are all off to see the Wizard of Oz to seek his blessing in getting rid of PAS from the Pakatan Rakyat coalition! 

What stupidity!

There is already an MB in Selangor. What profit, what advantage, what good does it do to Pakatan Rakyat to have PAS out of the coalition? Pakatan Rakyat have weathered much worse weather than this...two general elections, the Hudud issues, the loss of Perak and Kedah and the day to day tedious practicalities of three political parties with diverging ideologies having to work together! Now over an issue that has been resolved and a done deal, Anwar is unleashing his dogs upon PAS?


Is all that matter to Anwar and to PKR is what Anwar Ibrahim wants?

Is all that Anwar can think of is to get even with PAS for the perceived slight upon himself and Azizah?

Is PAS to be taught a lesson?

Please lah brother Anwar.....fikir lah sikit! 


  • This is not like your September Declaration when you announced your intention to take over the Barisan Nasional government because you had the "numbers" 
  • This is not like your caper of taking refuge in the Turkish Embassy.
  • Not another one of those exposures that eventually backfires on you!
  • This is not like your sodomy cases where through legal maneuverings you could delay and maybe even stave off the inevitable
You get rid of PAS and Pakatan Rakyat might as well pack up and balik kampong!  

I hope Azmin Ali will now make his play to do what needs to be done in PKR a long long time ago. 
  • Bring back some semblance of common sense, decency and the kind of thinking needed to make PKR a force to be reckoned with within the Pakatan Rakyat coalition. 
  • He must not do this by a process of eliminating those who are not with him or for him! There must be inclusion and a place for these people because they are also part of PKR and PKR can ill afford any more defections or musuh dalam selimut. At all costs there must be inclusion not exclusion.
Once Azmin starts that process in PKR he should also reach out to PAS and work things out with PAS to do what is right for Pakatan Rakyat...stay together!

On a national level Azmin should once again by the time of the next general election, take the lead in the challenge to face the UMNO led Barisan Nasional at any level that Barisan Nasional chooses to fight the good fight.....and who amongst them all knows Umno better than probably Anwar Ibrahim.

There is only hope for Pakatan Rakyat in the guise that we have become familair with : PKR, DAP and PAS. Anything else is not an option to be even contemplated if victory at the next general election is to be a reality.

And yes........last, but not least...get rid of Anwar Ibrahim!


Abdul Rahim

21 minutes ago  -  Shared publicly
Who is this Lensa? Another PKR or Anwar's lackey(babu)? These individuals ore so moronic that they are stupid enough to blame Pas and Hj Hadi for all the rackets and rumpuses  arousing from PKR and Anwar's misadventures and greed for power.  Pas had nothing to do with the ill-fated Kajang Move and was never consulted let alone agreed with the stupid move. When things got out of hand, these punks placed the blame on Pas and Hj Hadi!!  And the immoral act of stealing the loyalty of a partner's  party members to fulfill one's desire is nothing more than an act of sabotage and despicable!! The disparaging remarks and actions by both PKR and Dap leaders of late clearly show  their opportunistic and chauvinistic nature. The incessant insults heaped upon Pas that continued after the MB imbroglio has passed can only be interpreted as a strategy to oust Pas from the coalition or to force Pas to be subservient to PKR and DAP  rules forgetting that the former had existed long before them. As you correctly said,  if they get rid of Pas, PKR and DAP might as well pack their bags and PR can close shop.     

"Daddy is fading fairly rapidly" ..can we pray.... "to make things easy for him".

11.30 PM Monday night:

As I start to write this, a dear and much loved Uncle of mine is fighting for his life at Pantai Medical Center. His daughter, just a few minutes ago, sent us an email telling us that "Daddy is fading fairly rapidly" and ask that we pray "to make things easy for him".  

We have all been through these kind of situation and we all know too well the emotions involved. Our heart beats much too fast....our emotions are hard to keep in check and our thoughts wish our physical self to be by his if our presence would be needed there. Our memory flip through our times together and seek out the times when we last spoke, last met or even our last thoughts of him....some of these thoughts are slow to leave you ...some linger in your consciousness unwilling to leave because you draw comfort from them.   

And all over inside me and within me is that feeling of helplessness of not being able to do anything to make things better for my dear Uncle and for my grieving self. Such is life. 

I remember these words that I read somewhere..."In the evening of your life you will be judged on love alone!" how true this is!

How achingly true if the one you expect to love you is long gone and you are alone. My Uncle's wife left him many many years ago...and I remember it well because I and my wife took her to GH that evening a long long time ago from her Bangsar home in Jalan Maarof to the GH where she finally passed away a few days later. 

My wife is sleeping in the bed beside me....and I am comforted that she is there. Two weeks ago on a Sunday I took her for morning coffee to the cafe in front of our apartment. As I sat in front of her I asked her earnestly if she knew that I love her very much...she smiled and said "yes"..and I asked her how she knew...and she said "Your eyes tells me" made my day!

My wife can no longer remember what she has for lunch or dinner as soon as it is over. But she knows enough to tell me if she does not like what she is eating!  There is no point in me asking if she liked what she had earlier on for lunch. She forgets! Her long term memory is still very good though she does still tends to forget somethings.

Yesterday afternoon I turned the TV to the Greek section. My wife is Greek and she can speak Greek well but she has not used the language for a very long time. She could not understand what was being said in Greek as we sat through the news fact I had to tell her that there were speaking in Greek...and as they like to say...if my wife could remember to say it too......she would have is all Greek to me!

8.04 AM Tuesday morning:

I just received this: We will continue to pray.

My wife is still asleep...she remembers Ann's father ...but her dementia plays with her memory...but Ann's mother, Angela, was her best friend in those days long gone by in Bangsar...and so I tell my wife that Ann's father is Angela's husband...and recognition sets in and she is concern. She is still asleep and I will tell her that all is far, for him. 

Such is life.

I am not ashamed to tell you that I cried...and still am crying even as I try to write about this man's life.

Oh eyes are wet and my heart heavy reading what I came across on Facebook this morning at: through my cousin Iza's facebook. 

All the problems of the world...all the problems we have with politics, race and religion seems insignificant when I think of what this man has to go through in life everyday...the comforts of life we all take for granted is alien to him...waking up in a warm and comfortable bed...having breakfast with our loved ones....having food, shelter and clothing....none of this are his to have. 

I am not ashamed to tell you that I cried...and still am even as I try to write about his life.

I am too far away to do anything....please everyone....anyone who has a heart...anyone who has some love for others...please help. Do not judge. Do not think that he is not of my race, not of my religion and not of my family. 

Like you and me he is a human being that deserves better.....make his life better.....relieving human suffering is our sacred duty. Yes we want a world without war without conflict but also one without human sufferings..we must not be indifferent to human sufferings...and if we can prevent it, reduce it...why not! 

Please help. .....and following is the heartfelt lament of the person who came across is in bahasa but do make an attempt to read it and you will feel in your heart what that person felt....please help.

Assalamualaikum , ALLAH! ALLAH! ALLAH!

Saya Cuma nak Share Bnda Ini kepada umum...

Gambar2 yg Saya Upload Ini Adalah Gmbar Yg saya sendiri Tangkap ....

Sewaktu Nak balik Rumah Dari Hantar adik Ke hospital, Saya terlihat Kotak2 seperti Ada Seseorng Didalam...

Pada mulanya Saya ingin biarkan Dan menyangkakan ia ialah pekerja Yg ingin berehat2... Tpi nth knpa Hati ni.Gatal sgt Nak buat U'Turn.. Nak jgk tahu siapa Insan Itu...

Allahurabbi... Terkejut sgt Rupa-rupanya seorang Warga Tua yg hanya memakai Baju/seluar lusuh yg berbaring sambil menyapu2 ubat pada kaki..

Saya memberanikan Diri utk Tegur pakcik ini... Dgn Cpatnya pakcik ni bangun terkejut mgkin dgn kdtgan saya...

Tersentuh nya Hati...

Ya ALLAH... Bila mndgr pnjelasan pakcik ini siapapun pasti menitis air mata ..
Dia punyai keluarga, Tetapi Tiada siapa mahu dia tgl bersama, Dia dihantar ke rumah Warga tua.. namun Dihalau keluar oleh Ketua rumah warga tua itu...
yg beliau beritahu nama 'Darren'...

Lagi sedih bila pakcik tu cakap....biarlah dia hdup bgini.. mgkin dia hanya menyusahkan ... bagi keluarganya..

Bila saya tanya bagaimana pakcik nak makan/minum?

Walaupun pkcik tu tak jawab pertanyaan saya...tapi saya sendiri nmpk plastik bewarna merah itu adalah sisa2 mknan yg mgkin diperolehi dimana2 restoran atau Hospital ...Dan saya yakin itu adalah makanan harian beliau.. Ya ALLAH...

Dari segi percakapan beliau, saya yakin beliau berbangsa kadazan dusun...bila saya tanya sama ada dia mmpunyai identity card, Dan saya dapati beliau beragama Islam .. Dia Tak patut diperlakukan seperti ini...

Kawan2 Tolong bantu pakcik ini.. dia memerlukan bantuan...dia hanya tinggal dibawah pokok yg hnya beratapkan Kotak..

Tiada apa yg mmpu saya cakap... hanya mmpu berdoa semoga pakcik ini cekal dgn kehidupan ini.. semoga tabah..

Sebelum Balik saya sempat menghulur sedikit wang yg tak seberapa namun ditolak oleh nya .. saya terus mendesak nya utk ambil.. bkn la bnyk.sgt tapi mgkin boleh beli makan yg baik sikit.. alhmdullilah akhirnya beliau akur... Dan tak putus2 ucap terimaksih pada saya.. 

Tersentuh sungguh hati.. apalagi yg mampu saya buat saya buat... saya tak dapat bayangkan jika dia ialah. Bapa saya ...

Wahai Pihak Atasan !! sila ambil perhatian !! org ini memerlukan bantuan...

Monday 29 September 2014

cakap cakap. Najib will be visiting us soon...very soon!

PM announces 9 day working visit to Malaysia. 

Submitted by Jet-setting Leadership Editor,

NEW YORK:   The rakyat were delighted to learn today, that our Prime Minister is planning a 9 day working visit to Malaysia.

“This is wonderful news!” said a government spokesman, “it’s very fortunate the PM was able to squeeze us into his busy schedule after trips to Azerbaijan, Netherlands, Ukraine, London, his European holiday, and New York.”

“The PM will be meeting Malaysian university students studying here, as well as several captains of industry with the goal of enabling Malaysia to foster better relations with itself.” said a source in the PM’s department.  “He definitely sees huge potential in Malaysia, and expects these meetings will bring more economic benefits all round!”

After the working visit, the PM accompanied by his wife, will then depart Malaysia for another place that is rumoured to be as far away as possible.

See more at:


steadyaku47 comment:

Engkau orang ni macham macham punya cerita lah! Betul tak respect Rosmah punya husband! As Rodney Dangerfield  always say: "I get no respect !"

Neither does Najib. 

Everyone keeps hitting Najib below the belt. It is a wonder that he can still perform his manly duties upon his wife! He is already NOT performing his duties as PM! So kalau he does not perform his manly duties and his PM duties how? Is this what they call a double dissolution? 

That is why the above news is so welcome. 

At last he will spend a few days here to do some catch up work before Christmas and New Year is once again upon us and the two of them will be off again busy chasing the dragon...i.e. chasing the sun to put in some extra days celebrating New Year! 

No such thing for most of us...we would be lucky to even catch the ice cream man any time he comes to our neighborhood. 

or the kachang putih seller:

Meanwhile while we patiently wait for the Ice Cream and the Kachang Putih man to do their rounds again.....let us all wait for Najib's visit.


cakap cakap : Azmin Ali must be thinking : "Defend me from my friends; I can defend myself from my enemies"

Thursday, August 7, 2014

PKR...the heir presumptive patiently waits.

Anwar Ibrahim, Azizah, Nurrul, Nasution, Rafizi and gang are all on the warpath going hammer and tongs for Khalid’s scalp. All the reserves of goodwill and much depleted patience heaped upon them in abundance by a once adoring public are at empty. 

Wither goes Azmin?

When the dust has settled within PKR in the not too distant future I will be so bold as to suggest that Azmin and those patiently biding their time with him, will be left standing within PKR.

What Azmin will make of what is left of PKR is for him to know and for us to find out.

For now bridges are being built, fortresses secured and loyalties reaffirmed within PKR and Pakatan Rakyat to ensure that when Azmin makes his move failure is not an option! Anwar be very afraid!

steadyaku47 comment: I wrote the above piece early August. Now for the next chapter of PKR.   

'Anti-Facebook' social network gets viral surge.

In a matter of days, the new social network Ello, described as the "anti-Facebook" for its stand on privacy and advertising, has become perhaps the hottest ticket on the Internet.
Created last year as a "private" social network, Ello ( recently opened its doors on an invitation-only basis.
Because of the limited supply and strong demand, the invitations have been selling on eBay at prices up to $500. Some reports said Ello is getting up to 35,000 requests per hour as a result of a viral surge in the past week.
Ello appears to have caught on with its simple message which seems to take aim at frustrations of Facebook users.
"Ello doesn't sell ads. Nor do we sell data about you to third parties," the company says.
Its "manifesto" states: "We believe a social network can be a tool for empowerment. Not a tool to deceive, coerce, and manipulate -- but a place to connect, create, and celebrate life. You are not a product."
Ello's policy states that the practice of collecting and selling personal data and mapping your social connections for profit "is both creepy and unethical."
"Under the guise of offering a 'free' service, users pay a high price in intrusive advertising and lack of privacy."
Based in Vermont, Ello was launched by a group of artists and programmers led by Paul Budnitz, whose previous experience include designing bicycles and robots.
Budnitz says on his page that Ello was designed to be "simple, beautiful and ad-free."
- 'Different politics' -
Nathan Jurgenson, a social media researcher at the University of Maryland, welcomed Ello's fresh approach.
"I love these moments of new social media when conversation explodes, moved to imagine how social media can be different, questioning core assumptions instead of just fretting and complaining -- all before this paint even dries," he said on his Ello page.
"Ello is getting so much attention precisely because it promises social media of a different politics. We?ve collectively come to the realization that the rise of social media has been accompanied by handing far too much power to far too few people, and there?s energy to shake things up, even if just a bit."
Ello's rise also comes amid complaints against Facebook from the gay community that the world's biggest social network began disabling accounts using stage names instead of real names.
A San Francisco protest is planned against Facebook supporting "drag queens" who lost their Facebook accounts. Ello does not require real names.
- Business plan? -
It remains unclear if Ello will end up being a flash in the pan, or if it will develop a profitable business plan.
Ello states it plans to remain "completely free to use," but that it could start offering some premium features for a fee.
Some question if Ello can succeed on this kind of model and keep its principles.
But former Ello collaborator Aral Balkan said Ello has already been compromised by taking $435,000 in venture capital funding.
A designer and founder of, a privacy advocacy group, Balkan said he worked briefly for Ello but left when he learned of the venture investments.
"When you take venture capital, it is not a matter of if you're going to sell your users, you already have," says a blog post from Balkan.
"It's called an exit plan. And no investor will give you venture capital without one. In the myopic and upside-down world of venture capital, exits precede the building of the actual thing itself. It would be a comedy if the repercussions of this toxic system were not so tragic."