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Merdeka Again!

Maharddhika! Mardijker! Maharlika! Maradeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

AMCJA,Pak Sako, Dr Burhanuddin Al-Helmy, Ahmad Boestaman, Musa Ahmad, Shamsiah Fakeh, Aziz Ishak, A. Samad Ismail, John Thivy, Ibrahim Karim, Ibrahim Yaakub, Sir Cheng Lock Tan, Gerald de Cruz, Tahu Kalu, Abdullah C.D and many others...all gone but not forgotten.

These are all elements that have been contributed to our Merdeka. To them, not UMNO, we owe a debt of gratitude! 

The British were predisposed to grant Merdeka to an UMNO led initiative because their assets would be protected and there would be no nationalization of their colonialist assets.

“Umno was the safest bet as the latter was the only organised movement that dominated the political scene then. Umno, of course, was very receptive to the British as most of their leaders were British educated and had embraced British culture and values ever since their school days in Britain or at the Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK). Additionally, they were mostly the sons of the Malay rulers and chieftains who had been close to the British. These people had been moulded to become anglophiles who regards the British as their icons and mentors and viewed them as their saviour”.

For political exigency, Umno would have to forge an alliance with the ethnic Chinese and Indian political parties, and hence “Perikatan” (Alliance) was formed". 

Al-Jafree Md Yusop and Syed Zahar : Original Heros of Merdeka.

And now we will come full circle. 

We are now on our  quest for a second Merdeka : this time from the oppressive and despotic regime of UMNO and Barisan Nasional after 54 years of plunder of our nations wealth and the loss of our people self respect and dignity as UMNO tore the very fabric of our society that have so long held our people together – tore it for their own gain.

The 2008 General Election signaled the beginning of the end of this quest of ours with the loss of BN two third majority in Parliament.

Now like a match that will light a bonfire let us hope that Sharizat’s NFC debacle will trigger a melt down of UMNO’s at their general assembly as they turn upon themselves to try and save themselves. Their already fragile ability to withstand the winds of change coming their way has already caused their leaders to revert desperately to their only source of tried and tested defense used much too often in the past: Race and Religion! Race and Religion!

While UMNO panic we must hold our line firm. Now more then ever we must renew our commitment to stand together with Pakatan Rakyat and do what we must to gain our new MERDEKA.

Let us watch from a safe distance as UMNO self destruct. Watch and learn so that Pakatan Rakyat will not meet the same end in the years to come.

There is no respectable Malay leader within UMNO that will seek to lead UMNO as they are now! Who in his right mind would want to be leader of a corrupt, arrogant and self serving UMNO? Who with a shred of self respect would have as his Information Chief this Mat Maslan who is bankrupt of any thought but that of race and religion to be used to save a terminal UMNO already in need of palliative care of the critical kind? An UMNO that can no longer be saved – all that can be done is to make it comfortable before death comes- maintain quality of life, not life itself!

Who would want as his deputy Muhyiddin that sees any thing before him as the possible and probable cause of UMNO demise – and the demise of all UMNO running dogs: The Sultans, government officers, the armed forces, enforcement institutes, the justice system and even the Malays! Yes the Malays that have voted UMNO!

This is surely an UMNO that has gone mad! Not so much different from the riot squad and PDRM that they unleash upon their own people like a rabid dog on heat! Like an elephant in mask! Like a Mahathir going after his own chosen successor –Pak Lah.

Let UMNO be mad. We must not.   
Let UMNO hyperventilate. We must not.
Let UMNO fall upon its own sword. We must not.
Let UMNO Baru go join UMNO Lama. We will not!       

Hold our line firm! Not the large armies at its disposal, not the deep pockets that it has....and this time not Sabah or Sarwak can save UMNO like it did in 2008. 

Our second Merdeka will come and come soon. MERDEKA!       

Yada Yada Yada.....

Herr Maslan- What went wrong

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Herr Maslan- What went wrong?

Anggota Umno diminta tidak mendabik dada dengan kejayaan parti mendaftarkan 3.4 juta anggota setakat ini, kata Ketua Penerangan Umno Datuk Ahmad Maslan. Beliau berkata, jumlah sebesar itu belum menjamin kemenangan Barisan Nasional (BN) pada pilihan raya umum akan datang. “(Ini kerana) ahli Umno hanya satu per empat daripada 12 juta pengundi,” katanya kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan Seminar Agenda Melayu ke-7 anjuran Alumni Kelab-kelab Umno Luar Negara, di sini hari ini. Beliau berkata setakat ini kira-kira tiga juta anggota Umno adalah pengundi berdaftar. Justeru katanya, semua anggota Umno perlu berusaha keras meraih sokongan pemilih lain, terutama yang ‘di atas pagar’. “…..kita kena dekati dan tarik pengundi selebihnya untuk menyokong Umno dan BN,” katanya.

Before we go on. If I were KJ, Shahrizat, Rosmah and whoever was mentioned by Pak Din the DPM- not the murtabak seller in Kg Mengkasar Pekan, I would be circumspect and careful. In another era, a previous DPM also from Johor mentioned a number of people as warriors when UMNO went on the warpath with the Royal Houses. If memory doesn’t fail me, that speech was made in Mat Indera’s hometown Batu Pahat and a total of 7 people were singled out. The previous DPM and all those he mentioned in glowing terms not unlike what presently Pak Din does vanished from the political scene. One of those mentioned then, is now facing legal upheavals- the outcome of the devious and sick minds of UMNO people. Another is of course the present PM. We can see the writings on the wall for Pak Din, KJ, Shahrizat and horrors of horrors- Rosmah Mansor.  But then the laws of karma have their own way to arrive at retribution.

Now for the task at hand- we will take on Ahmad Maslan on his two speeches. The first about nothing being done on addressing UMNO’s declining quality in its membership and more important, leadership. Second, about Malays losing everything if UMNO loses. I would salute Ahmad Maslan, if to the second speech, he owns up to the fact that it’s UMNO’s own duplicity and hypocrisy that has caused Malays losing everything! Who has been in power for the last 54 years? The responsibility rests with that in power and if Malay society hasn’t become better during its tenure, the responsibility and blame rests squarely on its shoulders.

Was it the Chinese or UMNO’s favorite whipping boy DAP, who went out to lynch the royalty and the royal institution? Wake up wak Maslan- the particular Chinese would want to fete the royalty because they know through the royalty; they can squeeze the balls out of the subservient and pliant Malays. Weren’t it UMNO members screaming for the blood of the royal houses a few years ago, in a frenzied orgy of political bloodletting, the initial incision of which was done skillfully I might add by the Doctor who walks on water?  All UMNO leaders do business and have fun together with Chinese hongs.

It’s always like this. Bernard Lewis (What Went Wrong?) mentioned something like this. When something ails society, the first instinctive reaction is to apportion blame to someone else. He is speaking of course of the Arabs in general. But his observation seems to have a universal application. UMNO Malays suffer from the same affliction.
As we shall see later, the ills in UMNO and the Malays are attributed to other people. In Malaysia for example, blame is attached not the Chinese in general (UMNO is careful here) but to the DAP and to a lesser extent to PAS for causing the split among Malays. What is the instinctive reaction to the initial instinctive stand? People are ignoring UMNO’s serious temporary insanity. UMNO gets a reprieve from a death sentence maybe, but gets convicted and sentenced to life sentence behind bars.

But let us deal with the moronic statement from UMNO’s Information Chief. This is the stupidest statement of the year. I thought Azmin’s break the prison walls speech in Johor was stupid, but I forget, that given the chance, UMNO people are always waiting to up the ante. It shows the Information Chief is lazy and is himself ill informed. The primary purpose of the Information Chief is to seek ways to bolster allegiance and loyalty of the people to the leader and the party. He hasn’t done these but merely diverting attention to facts that are already known. Worse, he is vilifying the unknown digits who are UMNO low rank members instead of acknowledging the shortcomings of UMNO leaders themselves.

We are caught out with our cowgate scandal; we screamed this is a conspiracy by opposition politicians! It’s never us- always others. And Shahrizat is described as a sri kandi- a Joan of arc of sorts. But didn’t she get burnt in the end?
His statement exposes the inherent weakness of UMNO- that its members are disloyal and untrustworthy. You have 3 million over members, but 1/3 of them will not vote or will reject UMNO candidates. The Information Chief hasn’t highlighted what UMNO members want to know- how to upgrade the quality of UMNO members and how to select quality candidates.

If he has really thought hard about these, he would not have allowed his mouth to go on higher gear while the brain is still engaged in low. 

But let us be merry and refresh people’s memory. Consider the GE of 2008. The total number of Malay voters was 5.7 million. UMNO candidates got 2.38 million votes. Deduct 380 thousand from that, you have roughly about 2 million votes that actually went to UMNO candidates. What does that tell you? Now UMNO membership alone is bigger than Singapore’s population- but can UMNO produce class leadership? You have riff raffs who you think can seriously contemplate on the qualities of leadership and the kind of leaders you need? You have Ahmad Maslan who some people are saying is now a genius. Mercy me!

Ahmad Maslan doesn’t have to reprise old wounds. He has the bigger responsibility to inquire and answer why UMNO has now become a despised brand name. The simple answer is UMNO is now associated with the negligence over Malays, UMNO stands for arrogance and UMNO stands for the mother of corruption. Its rotten to the core says Dr Mahathir and in one of the meetings with ex ministers, Dr Mahathir, the politicalsifu stated- UMNO is corrupt from the top the bottom. It’s not I who are saying these ok- its Dr Mahathir. and Mahathir , the Malaysia Caesar is an honorable man.

The UMNO president in the pre-assembly briefing says it succinctly. You can now spot the UMNO type a mile away- linen shirts, dark sunglasses preferably Ray Ban, tinted cars, sashaying into coffee houses eyes glancing around affixing on no particular person, but asking for attention. My favorite reaction is to put up my middle finger- in salute of 1 Malaysia of course. Because people know, the UMNO type, like Ahmad Maslan is an empty can.

Look at Ahmad Maslan himself? This height-challenged person is a braggart. In the early days when he became the information chief he would begin his speeches telling about himself. About how he, a nobody, was suddenly fingered out by DS Najib to be a special officer in charge of Felda and in the 2008 elections chosen as candidate and going on to become a deputy minister. Well, my answer is maybe you have sputtered some magical incantations extracted from the seven layers of the heavens and seven layers of the earth- to persuade Herr Najib to select you. And everyone who were listening to you, would each time be cursing what has your good fortunes got to do with the tasks in hand? Are you praying that everyone in the hall be as lucky as you are?

I haven’t had the time to fully absorb the inanity of Maslan’s speech, I am presented with his double whammy- a speech about Malays losing everything ( economics, politics, religion and everything- wives, children and all) if there is a hung parliament and if DAP comes to power. That was a speech given at a form discussing the Malay Agenda after the 13th GE.

In case Maslan forgets, Malay loses everything if he hasn’t got education, if he cannot compete, if he is not equipped to compete and most damaging of all, if Malays are cocooned paternalistically. Malays don’t lose if they cut the umbilical cords with UMNO. Do we see Muslims decimated when the Holy Prophet died? The hard and bitter truths for Ahmad Maslan and other UMNO leaders need to realize, that Malay interests can be articulated and fought on any political platform. The Malays in PAS can do it. Those in PKR can do it. I suspect the Malays in DAP can even do it better since Chinese interests are fiercely articulated there such that, if a Malay were in DAP, he will not be restrained if he were to champion real Malay interests and fears.

We would like to ask Ahmad Maslan- when Shahrizat facilitated the giving of the government grant of only RM 250 million to Dr Salleh, did she and her husband think of all those downtrodden Malays? They didn’t right? Even after that they didn’t think it was necessary to create other cattle breeders. After almost a month the issue blows up in her face, she has suddenly recovered from the mad cow disease to disavow any connections to the NFC scandal. Similarly when we paid an excess of RM 6 billion for the purchase of the APCs, was the RM 6 billion meant for the ordinary Malays? Where are the UMNO screamers and banshees when MAS was slowly dismembered to enrich a few people? 

Ahmad Maslan is grossly and perilously misreading the ground swell. Today, Malays attach blame to UMNO for allowing the pillage and plunder of the country. Malays attach blame to UMNO for the lot the Malays are now in. and if Maslan listens closer, he will hear people saying- Ahmad Maslan can shove his remarks up that part of his anatomy where the sun does not shine!.

Great Malaysian Leaders-Sardon,Ibu Zain,Senu,etc..

Sembahyang lah anda sebelum anda desembahayangkan!

Equal consideration of the preferences and interest of all the people of a country is a fundamental principle of any democracy. Amongst other things,  the right of the people for equality before the law, equal rights to free speech and the right to one person/one vote ensures political equality where the people will chose who they want to hold public office and in this way influence what the government does. Political participation is the way the people communicate information about their aspirations, preferences and needs to those they have elected to govern them. What I am saying here is not rocket science but this is how any democracy works. Our country is a democracy is it not? 

How is it then that UMNO is unable to understand the difference between Democracy and Autocracy /Totalitarianism?

Democracy is generally defined as a form of government in which all adult citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. Ideally, this includes equal (and more or less direct) participation in the proposal, development and passage of legislation into law. It can also encompass social, economic and cultural conditions that enable the free and equal practice of political self-determination.

Autocracy and totalitarianism are related concepts. Autocracy is defined by one individual having unlimited legislative and executive power, while totalitarianism extends to regulating every aspect of public and private life. Totalitarianism does not imply a single ruler, but extends to include absolute rule by any faction or class of elites who recognize no limit to their authority.

It is not my intention to go into any academic discourse of these matters but I am trying to understand what it is that UMNO is now doing. UMNO understands that the 13th general election will determine whether UMNO survives as a political entity relevant to the Malays and to the people of Malaysia - then why do they have a death wish?

Let us look at the facts of the last general election in 2008.

·     72.2%  of the 10.9 million registered voters participated in casting their votes.

·     Barisan Nasional lost in Peninsular Malaysia. BN had 49% of the votes and Pakatan Rakyat obtained 51%.

·     Without the 54 seats that came from Sabah and Sarawak, BN would have failed to form government. 

Lessons learned from the 2008 general elections seems to have been forgotten in the politically charged atmosphere of this year's UMNO’s General Assembly. UMNO does want to be reminded that it was Sabah and Sarawak that carried BN into government in 2008! At this general assembly more important issues are at hand.

The Malay agenda, the cows and condos issues, the spectre and threats from Christians agents of which DAP is the mother of all agents looms menacingly over all Muslims and it is UMNO’s duty to go into battle to defend all Muslims against this insidious threat within their midst. Malay power is the rallying cry this time around. Everyone but UMNO is anti-Islam and anti-Malay.

Well UMNO will not be UMNO if they do anything less but this time around the general election WILL decide UMNO’s fate! They lost five states in the last election. They lost Peninsular Malaysia. They lost their two thirds majority. They lost Selangor. MIC and MCA were thrashed by their unforgiving ethnic electorates. UMNO lost everything but their underwear….and that too just enough to cover their modesty as they desperately tried to rally their troops to fight another day.

But that was 2008 - eons ago! Today it is about Malay Power and threats to Islam by the Chinese and the Christians! UMNO's rallying cry to their masses is that the Christians are confusing Muslims by using Islamic terms on the Allah and Al-Kitab issues! UMNO must defend the Malay race, culture and institution from Pakatan Rakyat! 

And just to make sure that everything else is covered we have Muhyiddin proclaiming that “(The DAP) do not respect royal institutions, insult government officers who are mostly Malay, slander our armed forces with insults, dispute our enforcement institutes, dismiss the credibility of our justice system and make a fool out of the Malays to gain power for themselves.” 

I guess that covers the whole gauntlet of phobias that the Malays might have about the opposition!

What all this tells us is this: UMNO can do what they like, say what they want and continue to behave like the arrogant bully boys that they are over us all - Malays and non-Malays -  and there is nothing we can do about it. 

For now there is nothing we can do about it. For now all we can do is bear this intolerable racial and religious rants by an UMNO drunk on its own delusion of grandeur. An UMNO unable to come to terms that things have forever change after the 12th general elections. An UMNO that does not understand that with each religious and racial rants they spew out they continue to lose our respect, our patience and more critical, our votes! 

And when the general assembly is over UMNO will have to pick up the pieces of shattered confidence and trust that any Malay and non-Malay might have had for UMNO before this general assembly! 

I can see what all this Islamic and Malay bravado will cost UMNO at the general elections. 

The non-Malays now understand why they must not vote for UMNO and Barisan Nasional. 

For the vast majority of Malays still undecided about whether they will vote for UMNO or Pakatan Rakyat this UMNO general Assembly and its theatrics of Malay Power and the insistence that a threat to Islam exists where none does - all this will make these Malays understand the need to vote for Pakatan Rakyat if 1Malaysia is to be a reality.   

Anyway you look at it, by any criteria you care to use in trying to understand what it is that UMNO leaders are trying to do - one thing we now know. Despite their assurances of 1Malaysia, despite Najib's hollow attempts at transforming Malaysia into whatever it is that he wants to transform  Malaysia into UMNO only has Religion and Race to use in their feeble attempts at holding on to power. 
  • Religion and race to try and move the masses to vote for UMNO. 

  • Religion and race to demonize the opposition.

  • Religion and race to excuse and prop up an UMNO completely overwhelm by a culture of money politics, corruption and arrogance. 

Is it not enough that they have failed the Malays? 

Now they are on a crusade to defend Islam! 

As I have said is easy to profess your devotion to Islam. It is in holding on to its principles that many of us have failed! 

For all you Muslims who are in UMNO "Sembahyang lah anda sebelum anda desembahayangkan!" Amen!

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"Sembahyang lah anda sebelum anda desembahayangkan!"


Just to share this...

Are the present Ketuanan UMNOputra Leaders aware of the "Original Objectives" of the Party & the "Struggles" of their Honourable Statesmen Founding Fathers of UMNO/Alliance ?

Like everything else...

Malaya/Malaysia and its citizens had everything going great...

Under UMNO/Alliance with Tunku & his 1st cabinet then...

Political Leaders then were Statesmen of Honour & Integrity...

It is the "Leaders, their Cronies & Macais who destroyed the Party...

Yes, ever since our Bapak Merdeka Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra was betrayed by the Elites of UMNO in 1969...

The seeds of the "Ketuanan UMNOputra" was implanted by his successor growing into the "Monster" that we now have in Bolehland...

Bolehland has been "Misguided" by the Ketuanan UMNOputra/BN Leaders into the Global Elites' Trap of "Bankrupcy, Debts & Chaos" with its eyes wide open, through their Ketuanan UMNOputra "Enablers"...

Just to share this…

Great Malaysian Leaders-Sardon,Ibu Zain,Senu,etc.. – YouTube -

Malaysia IS for all races-live in peace and prosper together – YouTube -

Tunku Abdul Rahman 1988 - "Biarlah Saya Mati Dalam Perjuangan" – YouTube -

Finally, to share this...

Tunku Abdul Rahman VS Mahathir – YouTube -

You be the judge.


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Tuesday 29 November 2011

Mat Maslan - the classic UMNO Idiot!


Malays will lose everything in ‘hung parliament’ scenario, says Umno leader

November 29, 2011
KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 29 — Malays will lose their rights and power should Pakatan Rakyat (PR) win more federal seats in the next general election, an Umno leader said today.
Datuk Ahmad Maslan, who is Umno information chief, said that the worst-case scenario in the future for Malays would be a “hung parliament” situation like in Australia, where Barisan Nasional would be unable to carry out policy agendas due to the lack of a simple majority.
steadyaku47 comment:
Mat I live in Australia. A hung parliament here has meant that every initiative by the Gillard Government (the government in power) will be closely scrutinise to ensure that it is in the best interest of the people of Australia. Not for the interest of the Gillard government but for the people of Australia. For a start nothing like the PA BILL 2011 will ever see the light of day over here. None of the IPP contracts given to UMNO cronies or any of the negotiated tenders given to God knows who, would ever be allowed to be given out! No corruption, no politicians getting rich stealing the Rakyat's money and definitely no rescues of companies belonging to a son of the Prime Minister!    
                                                                                                                                                                     “If there is a hung parliament scenario like Australia, let’s say 112 government seats to 110 opposition seats, it is the worst thing that could happen.
Datuk Ahmad Maslan said today that the DAP are “agents of Christianisation”. — file pic
“The Malay language will be lost, say goodbye to the Malay Sultans, the opposition DAP do not even respect the royal institution ... they have never accepted royal titles even though they have been offered them,” he said here.
steadyaku47 comment:
Again Mat was it not UMNO that f*#ked up the Malay Sultans? I have not heard DAP ever saying a word that could be construed as them saying goodbye to the Sultan! And anyway the Malay Sultans deserve to be F*#k! 

The DAP have never accepted any royal teats...opps sorry I mean tittle for the same reason I will not: Those royal tittles have been awarded to thieves, thugs and gangsters and are not worth a plate of Kajang Satay! The satay sold in Bangsar maybe but Kajang Satay  - NO!     

Speaking at a forum titled “Agenda Melayu pasca pilihan raya”, the deputy minister trained his sights on the DAP, accusing the opposition party of disrespecting the royal institution, as well as the national language.
“Say goodbye to Islam, because they (DAP) are agents of Christianisation ... in talking about the Malay agenda we cannot run away from this,” said Ahmad.
“I am perturbed as to why PAS can consort with DAP, as opposed to forging ties with Umno. Won’t it be better if PAS joins BN, added together we would have about 160 federal seats?” he said.

steadyaku47 comment: 
DAP are agents of Christianisation? Woi Mat where did you get that from? Did you pluck that out of the sky because it sounds good? 
And you say it is better that PAS and UMNO forge ties because "we would have about 160 federal seats" - so that is what all this is about ! The getting of seats! Religion and Federal seats ! Bagus lah tu. You stupid idiot! Do not ever use Islam to get you more Federal seats. What next...use religion to justify a declaration of an emergency if BN loses the 13th general elections?   

The Pontian MP said that Umno has always “extended its hand” to PAS, but the Islamist party has always rejected their overtures.
Stressing that the threat of “Malays losing power” was very real, Ahmad claimed that the Chinese community was slowly gaining control of the country’s politics and economy.
This, he said, was because the Chinese were currently leading in voter registration.
“Chinese youths above the age of 21 are already registered voters. What about Malays? Some are 31 and they have yet to register.
“We no longer hold power. Look at Selangor, who are the state excos? Ronnie Liu, Xavier, Elizabeth, Teresa Kok, this is the DAP agenda, Christianisation,” he said.
Ahmad said Malays needed to plan “10 steps” ahead if they want to remain dominant.

steadyaky47 comment: 
Can you count to 10? How to plan 10 steps when you cannot count to 10?

Umno goes into from today what is likely to be its last general assembly before a general election expected early next year.
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is said to need a marked improvement from the last polls to retain his position as only a return of Barisan Nasional’s customary two-thirds majority of Parliament can guarantee he remains in office.
BN ceded 82 federal seats and five state governments to the opposition in the landmark March 2008 election.

steadyaky47 comment:
This time around BN will cede more seats and more state governments - I kid you not! 
And what Najib said is true : Only a two third majority can guarantee that he remains in office - now that did not need a rocket scientist to work out..did it? Even Najib could work that out himself!