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NOV 13, 2009


SHAH ALAM: Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim yesterday announced the appointment of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as the state's economic advisor. The Menteri Besar made the announcement in his winding speech of the state budget 2010 at the State Assembly here today.

He said Anwar will be sitting at the state economic advisory council for the state’s economic stimulus package. The council was formed last April in to assist the state in implementing its the stimulus package which includes cleaning and developing the Klang River, urban renewal, restructuring of Selangor water industry, enhancement of paddy yield, reviving abandoned housing projects, expanding transportation system and reviving abandoned housing projects.

There are eight other members in the council which include Tan Sri Ramon Navaratman, Tan Sri Clifford Herbert, Datuk Zainal Putih, Dr Barjoyai Bardai, Datuk Paul Low, Prof Sieh Mei Ling and Datuk Dr Mohamed Ariff.

Later at a press conference, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid also said that Anwar will also play a key role in promoting Shah Alam as an Islamic investment hub for the region.

“I have met Anwar and he has consented to the appointment with a token monthly allowance of RM1. His experience cannot be doubted as he has been the Deputy Prime Ministe and Finance Minister. He is now a director for a fund management company in United States, an adviser for a large Islamic bank in Bahrain and economic adviser to a country in Europe,” said Tan Sri Abdul Khalid.



Disertakan disini lampiran kenyataan media yang dikeluarkan oleh Sekretariat Akhbar Pejabat Dato' Menteri Besar Selangor. Jika ada sebarang pertanyaan sila hubungi Setiausaha Akhbar Arfa'eza A. Aziz di talian 03-5544 7452. Terima kasih.

Harap Maklum


steadyaky47 comment: Now fast forward to Saturday, November 30th 2013!

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Selangor paid Economic Adviser RM150,000 a year

Saturday, November 30, 2013
  • Khalid Ibrahim Selangor
Khalid has denied paying RM15 million to State Economic Adviser Anwar Ibrahim. ( Graphics by : DayangNorAzhar/TheMole)
KUALA LUMPUR : The Selangor government paid RM150,000 a year for 2012 and 2013 to its Economic Adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, not RM15million as alleged by certain quarters. 

Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim's political secretary Faekah Husin clarified that the RM150,000 a year allocation was approved by the state treasury and not by the Mentri Besar's office.

There has been allegations, following the exorbitant pay hike of Selangor state assembly members, that state economic adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had also received about RM15 million in office allowances, overseas travel expenses and subsistence. 

"It is not true. The Selangor state did not pay RM 15 million to Anwar. If the15 million was approved the mentri besar and his officers would not be facing such pressure as we are experiencing now.

"A sum of RM150,000 was allocated by the treasury in 2013 and it was the same provision in 2012," Faekah said in a text message to The Mole.

She reiterated that the RM150,000 a year for the state Economic Adviser was not paid by the menteri besar's office but Faekah did not elaborate on the 'pressure' faced by Khalid and his officers.

Khalid has also denied reports that he had issued a statement on his Economic Adviser's RM 15 million claims and allowances. 

“The Menteri Besar’s Office never issued any statement on Anwar’s claims.  I am surprised how the issue came about, even saying it was posted on the state government official website,he was quoted as saying.

PKR Wanita chief, Zuraida Kamaruddin said she was not aware of the RM15 million allocation for Anwar. She said the allegations were libelous.

" As far as we are concerned, Anwar's paycheck is only RM1", she said when contacted. 

Anwar, Azmin and several other PKR bigwigs had recently critised Khalid for being a stingy state leader who was more focused in increasing the state's cash reserves than serving the people.

Kim Wilde do ELVIS.

Anything but the plight of the people…….

Me at 66...a little bit tired and a little bit frayed around the edges ,

Those of you who are of my age (sixty-six) or older have gone through almost the entire life time of our nation – from it’s birth at Merdeka in 1957 to the reality of NOW as the possibilities for the implementation of the GST is being debated in Parliament and in the Public domain with gusto. Does this GST debate suggests that our country is now able to discuss openly all matters of national concerns without fear of favor….or does it reflect a country deeply divided between those who are for the government and those who are against! The answer to that is moot.

What I want to do today is to discuss in general terms the Malaya that I was born into in 1947 and the Malaysia that it has become in 2013…not in tedious detail but in general. This will not be about race about religion or about politics. This will be about my country, my nation….my Malaysia.

The Malaya that I first became conscious of was then fighting a life and death struggle against the communist.  The Malaysian Emergency was declared the year after I was born – in 1948 -  and lasted until I was eleven years old. I still remember the police road blocks we encountered every time we traveled in our Borgward Isabella, the food rations that the army was provided with (condensed milk in tubes, cream crackers), the proliferation of new villages to incarcerate the Chinese population and the presence of the British much in evidence around us.

I remember living in Alor Gajah, Tampin and then Johor Baru where we stayed at Jalan Straits View and I started school at Sekolah Ngee Heng. From there we moved to Pengkalan Chepa where I attended Sultan Ismail School and then to KL and Gurney Road School…and from there to MCKK.

During all these times Malaya is a haze somewhere in the background of my thoughts. What mattered were school, family life, cousins and relatives.

My first memory of anything to do with politics was because my Uncle was then staying at 22 Jalan Kia Peng and his neighbor was Abdul Rahman Talib – a Minister in the Malaysian cabinet. His son Fauzi was later to be a school mate at MCKK but at that time we were already conscious that a minister in the government was an important post and Tunku, Tun Razak, Tun Ismail, Tan Siew Sin, Sambathan, Sardon Jubir, Ghazali Shafie, Khir Johari, Bahaman were names that became familiar to me….but only because they held important posts in the government…not because there were in any political parties.

It was only while I was in London in 1969 when May 13th happened that I became acutely aware that amongst Malaysian there were Chinese, Indians and many other ethnicity and of course we Malays. That each of us is different in many ways and had cultures and a way of life that accentuated those differences not diminish it.

I struggled for a while to define these differences especially because as a Malay I started to have feelings of being threatened as a race by these differences – especially by the economic strength of the Chinese. To me then the Chinese economic strength threatened to engulf the Malay race in Malaysia….and it became my feeling then that the May 13th incident was a manifestation of what the Malays wanted done to claim back from all the other races, especially the Chinese, our own Tanah Melayu - Malaysia.

There were other worries – when will the killing stop, is my family safe in Malaysia and what happens now …..But all this fade away as race became a defining concern for most Malays.

It took a long while for my rising awareness of the Malay plight to change from one of wanting the other races, especially the Chinese, to be taught a lesson that Malaysia belongs to the Malays and you are our guests for as long as it is our pleasure, to one where I started to question if UMNO was managing the NEP for the interest of the Malays or for themselves!          

Gradually and eventually it gelled into what it is now – an understanding that we are all Malaysians with the same right to live, work and die in Malaysia and a firm commitment that meritocracy should rule our nation in all things Malaysians…except amongst those in the minority and less privileged than us for whatever reasons, for those who are unable to take care of themselves, for the sick, the poor and for the aged……and we need to treat with respect and dignity everybody who are Malaysians.

Fast forward to today!

Our politicians are defined by one line that have stuck in my head from the time Mahathir unleashed Ops Lallang in October 27 in 1987 not only on the 106 persons arrested under the ISA but more tellingly, upon the people of Malaysia – for what happened then affected all of us – our way of life, our freedom and our future. What struck me was the arrogance of Mahathir! It seems to me then and now that Mahathir and our politicians is defined by this one thought!

Aku peduli apa?
And that arrogance defined how Mahathir, his successors and UMNO do politics in the twenty-two years that Mahathir was our Prime Minister.

My awareness of the massive corruption, nepotism and cronyism came only later when I bought myself a computer and became familiar with the Internet – and this happened less than a decade ago  - in fact until about six years ago I still had to depend on my son to sent an email for me!

But today I am computer savvy – not yet as street wised as most of you – but I know how to surf the net and I have my own blog…not yet up there with the heavenly kings of the Internet, still computer challenged in matters of technical computer speak, but for now, steady as she goes.

So what of the Malaysia that I now know?

One worry dominates my thoughts! Are we back loading our future to the extent that our children and our children children’s will be forever burden with paying for our failure to be responsible and accountable for the things our government now do in our name today?

Are we to defer to a later date the costs of corruption, cronyism, nepotism and the plundering and pillaging now done by our politicians? Is it too late to do anything?   

Is the collective failure of UMNO and our other politicians to provide a better future for our future generation inevitable and acceptable in the context of politics now or are we as a people saying enough is enough to these politicians and take it upon ourselves to change what needs to be changed so that there is a future for our people?     

These, to me, are the fundamental questions that need to be asked and answered by all of us if we are to make some sense of all that is happening in the name of politics in Malaysia to day. What we do today will decide our future, but for most of us, the future is of no concern because it is not of our time. And this is especially so amongst our politicians and amongst those we call our leaders.

Observe our leader of the Opposition and head of PKR. Just this week he seems to lead the charge against the Chief Executive of his own Selangor state for arbitrarily, so it seems, raising the salary of the most senior of the State executives.

I do not care a rat’s arse if Khalid did or did not raise the salary of these executives (deserved or otherwise) with or without consultation with the Head of PKR in that State or with or without discussing it with the Economic advisor of the said state! What I care about is that these three should have show some decorum, common sense and responsibility in ensuring that when any decision of such importance are being made, it will be done in a manner that shows that these leaders lead by example! Instead time and time again by their actions I fear for the future of our nation if PKR should ever be in government at Putrajaya!

Our Prime Minister is no better! He does not have the ability to understand that his wife should not have use of the government jet for ANY reason what so ever – approved or not approved by Cabinet! If, in so simple a situation he is unable to think for himself what is right and what is wrong, how can we trust him to do what is right for our country.

The world is okay but our country is fucked!

I no longer believe what my government tells me while my faith in the opposition has been sorely tested by its inability to build on the massive support from the electorate as evident in the 51% popular vote it obtained in the last general election! So where do we go from here?

Can we hope that the changing political arena will empower the people to gain strength and take matters into their own hands to bring change that we all aspire to? Or will the diminishing political capital of UMNO bring about chaos and cause the rise of Islamic fundamentalist and Malay activists and not moderation and economic reform powered by people power?

These are the questions that occupies my thoughts even as I am assailed by the continuous chatter on the net about the follies of our politicians and their trivial pursuits to advance their own personal and political crusade….pay hikes for Selangor reps, the EC chief proud but stupid admission to gerrymandering (forgetting his oath to do his duty to ALL Malaysian), rate rise that simply does not gel in a time where the public are already burdened with rising costs and diminishing income, murals in Johore, changing day of rests to suit one religious factions without due consideration to others, bumbling Ministers, the plights of the Penans, the GST……anything else but the plight of the people of Malaysia!         

Anything but the plight of the people…….

cakap cakap.......on being grateful to UMNO

This Najib led BN government is more to be pitied than despised! Imagine putting Berahim Berok on the UITM Board!

I received the following comment to the above posting this evening and my reply follows:


Pak Yeh Yeh

4 minutes ago  -  Shared publicly
If you are a poor kampong Malay, only Mara and the bumiputar status will help you with scholarship and loans for higher education.
Without those things poor kampong Malays have nothing.
Which bank would give poor Malays a tiny loan.???
The Chinese prosper because they can access loans from Overseas Chinese Banking Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking,Kok Ming Banking etc,etc helped by British Opium Bussiness partners before merdeka. What bank do the Malays have. before merdeka.???
There was tremendous advantage given by British to the Chinese before merdeka..
So it is about time for Malays to be given tremendous advantage.
You a bogoise Malay. You dont know the hardships of kampong Malays.

steadyaku47 reply:

We Malays cannot dispute what UMNO has done for the Malays. They have done plenty! From my days in Pahang at SABS i have seen three of my school mates - one whose father was a Sergeant in the police, another a fisherman and yet another a rubber tapper - and all three sons ended up as very senior public servants, all rightly conferred with a datoship!

My anger is at what UMNO have taken from the Malays to keep for themselves and to give to their sahabats - not millions but billions - insane wealth! The billions siphoned out for themselves and their cronies could by now have taken the Malays to an unprecedented level of success when compared to other Malaysian. We now languish as a race without the ability to stand at par with everyone else in Malaysia..and instead we see Malay leaders arrogant and insanely wealthy with money that should rightly be shared with other Malays.

By all means help Malays in business and make them millionaires but do so in a manner that is decent and noble. Just look at Mahathir's children - where did their wealth come from in so short a time? Not from the Chinese  but from money and business opportunity that should have been spread out to other Malays.

Yes I am from a privileged background and I too did have my share of what UMNO did give to the Malays but my experience of doing business in Malaysia under UMNO has left me with a bad taste in my mouth for UMNO Malays helping other Malays.

Do not say that I do not know the hardship of kampong Malays. My time living in Kuala Lipis and studying at SABS and staying in the hostel there taught me a few things about life. 

I too have lived without money and without the dignity and respect any human being crave. I would rather have the nobility of the kampong Malays than do business with UMNO politicians or try to secure tenders from an UMNO led government or negotiate with UMNO rent seekers for business opportunities from the government. and I am talking as someone with ties to the very top in UMNO and in government.  It is demeaning and it does nothing for the Malays except teach them to do the same thing to others.

So brother I am grateful for what UMNO has done to the Malays but they could have done more...much much more if greed have not overtaken their sense of duty to the Malays. 

Yes UMNO has helped the Malays but at what costs to the Malays, at what costs to the non-Malays and at what costs to our nation and our future. I think brother the costs has been too high...a nation deep in debt, a Malay race possibly damaged by all that UMNO "have done" for them and certainly an abundance of corruption and arrogance amongst UMNO leaders  - truly what we do not want to have in our leaders of any race and of any religion!

Will You Still Love me Tomorrow

Friday 29 November 2013

Ali vs Foreman - Entire Fight


IN THE 1960'S


Easybeats frontman Stevie Wright 'sort of put on ice'

Stevie Wright
Stevie Wright in 1999 / Pic: Michael Jones Source: The Daily Telegraph
LEGENDARY rocker Stevie Wright has been admitted to St Vincent's Hospital battling the ravages of a rock career that have left him with manifest health problems that would have killed a lesser man.
The 64-year-old former frontman of The Easybeats confirmed he was admitted to hospital a week ago after being sidelined by a seizure. He is now under observation for liver, kidney, lung and stomach disorders.
"I'm not the best," he said yesterday, in a slurred broken voice only faintly reminiscent of the Leeds dynamo who rock historians regard as Australia's first international pop star.
"It's probably a collection of things that have contributed to it," he said of his present health woes.
"I'm having procedures. I had a cough, so specialists started with my lungs, then my groin was giving me trouble ... They are also looking at an infection in my throat and stomach. And then there are the liver and kidney issues."
Wright, known as Little Stevie, is the singer behind mega 1960s hits Friday On My Mind, I'll Make You Happy, She's So Fine and Sorry, co-written with bandmate George Young before the band busted up in 1969. Yet despite early glory, his name became synonymous with addiction to alcohol and heroin.
Wright yesterday said he had recently undergone surgery to have 2m of intestine removed and had been "sort of put on ice" while doctors assessed him "cos it wasn't very good".
"I thought it was it," he said sluggishly.
Wright proudly states that despite his poor health, he recently celebrated 25 years of sobriety and completed his methadone program "10 or 12 years ago".
It hasn't all plain sailing in recent times, he added.
"I was mucking around with the prescription drugs a bit."
Wright said he expected to spend at least another week in hospital and plans to relocate to the north coast with his partner, Susie, after he is discharged .


IN THE 1960'S

IN JUNE 2011

This Najib led BN government is more to be pitied than despised! Imagine putting Berahim Berok on the UITM Board!

I do not know if I should be angry, incredulous, astounded, insulted or if I should just pull my trousers down and show my manhood to those who think that this  Berahim Berok aka Baboon deserves to sully  the Lembaga Pengarah UITM yang baru! I would not allow him to serve as the toilet cleaner at the kindergarden that my grandchildren go to because he deserves nothing less than to be consigned to the "DNR" (do not resuscitate) ward of the terminally ill - and even then his presence would trouble the peace of the dying!

As Ahmad Albakri Fatani said....  "not surprising at all…….presumably, favours have been done and to be done in return!"     

Thank God UITM is not my alma mater for I will surely be insulted when such an "honor" is conferred upon this sorry excuse for a human being. I wonder how those who had graduated from UITM now feel about this latest act of a Najib government that has simply gone troppo! 

'Going Troppo' is an exclusively Australian slang term for 'goingcrazy'. The popular understanding about it's origin is that it comes from stories of the tropical heat in the northern parts of Australia driving people crazy.

Yes Sir...Najib is going troppo...he is more to be pitied than despised!

But this is a UMNO/BN Malaysia and Berahim Berok is now on the Board of UITM. Its a done deal and all the head shaking and nay sayers will not be able to put Humpty Dumpty together again. For me it is another confirmation of the utter stupidity and recklessness of a BN government already past the "idiot stage" and now bordering on lunacy! 

More to be pitied than despised!


Malay leaders are the worse offenders of morality...Rahim Thamby Chik, Shahidan Kassim, JJ, ex CJ, Idris of Selangor and the list goes on and on and on!

For most of my adult life I have lived abroad longer than I have lived in Malaysia. This is not something to be proud of nor it is something I want to crow to the world – I am just stating a fact. It is so because in my life so far, I come and go as I please. There has never been anything significant in any country that has made me want to settle down for anything longer than four or five years..…until now! Melbourne is now home because all that I want in life is here. And all that I want in life is to live a life of my own choosing. Melbourne is a city that allows me to do as I please because I know nobody here and yet it is the most exciting and alive city that I have ever lived in – London, Sydney and Kuala Lumpur included.  Imagine how liberating it is to walk around Melbourne and not know anyone else but the family you love. ……but I digress.
I started this article wanting to have my say about the hypocrisy of Malaysians who shun Western culture because it corrupts Malaysians – especially the young! Huh!
Having lived abroad for so long, I know what western culture entails and being Malaysian, I know what Malaysian culture or more exactly, what Islamic culture in Malaysia is like.
Let me cut to the chase.
There is more prostitution and massage parlors in Kuala Lumpur than in the whole of Sydney, Melbourne and London put together!
There are more extra marital affairs, mistresses kept by sugar daddies, businessmen, politicians and men in high public office in Malaysia than in Sydney, Melbourne and London put together too!
Chaste Malay girls? Yes there are plenty of them around in Malaysia but so are there many unchaste Malay girls running around KL and the other urban areas. All looking for a good time, money and rich husbands – ready to become second, third or fourth trophy wives or mistresses and girlfriend of rich Malays or be kept by expatriates and rich businessman of any nationality - more than Chinese or Indian girls. It grieves me so to see Malays divorce their first wives of many many years with children in tow to marry young trophy wives who will trade their youth and looks for money – lots of money!
Like the proverbial Dato’s - throw a stone and more often than not you will strike a Malay girl whose idea of a good time is having high tea at a Five Star Hotel coffee house and then adjourning with her paramour for the evening to an upstairs room and there continue with her tête-à-tête with a Dato’, a Tan Sri or just anybody with enough money to make it worth her while to do as she is told. A few hours on her back will buy her all that her heart desires!
No I am not saying that Malay girls are loose and lack morals but it would do good if the religious authorities busy themselves with these kind of sexual activities between consenting unmarried Malays (I say consenting because when you have good money to throw after bad girls the girls will invariable consent to any activity that is requested of her). Sultans do it, Ministers do it, KSU’s do it, Generals with any number of Stars do it – even police inspectors do it!
All these going on in a nation where the religious authorities seize corpses of presumed Muslims converts from grieving non-Muslim families to give these people a Muslim burial? Huh they are nothing more than grave robbers!
All this in a nation where a Muslim girl can be caned for drinking liquor but a Malay Minister is appointed envoy to Washington for his raba raba activities?
A nation that thinks it is heroic for religious authorities to raid clubs, hotels and private homes to catch consenting adults committing khalwat? And in doing so have caused the death of people, stripped officials of their positions and even mistakenly arrested happily married couples!
Who cares if footballers are caught fornicating with actresses?
What I care for is when the head of Islam in a state – the Sultan – is caught fornicating with an actress.  The Sultan should lead by example! If you want to do moral policing doing it first on our leaders for they, of all people, should desists from doing any of these “evils” that these religious hypocrites are hell bent on preventing from happening.
Malay leaders are the worse offenders of morality. Who can forget Rahim Thambi Chik who raped an underage Malay School girl. Shahidan Kassim who has made Malay girls pregnant while he was MB and also fathered a child out of wedlock with a Thai lady? Our intrepid ex Chief Justice who dared to marry another one in Thailand without asking permission from his first wife and then double dared the Judiciary by tearing the marriage certificate in the mistaken belief that he could hoodwinked the same judiciary that was later to head! Our Washington envoy, Jamaluddin Jarjis and his naughty raba raba moves? The randy Razak Baginda and Altantuya? The Sultan of Selangor and his model “whatever you want to call her” girlfriend? And the Father of that Sultan who married a girl many many years younger – but all done legally of course! And the many stories of Ministers and their kept girlfriends and mistresses? I can go on….but all this morality being bandied about by the religious hypocrites with the tacit agreement of UMNO leaders is just hypocrisy at its worst.
How can Beyonce and any other female entertainers from the western world morally corrupt the Sultan of Selangor and Jamaluddin Jarjis and the other fornicators any more than they are already corrupt morally? How will any skimpy dressed female singer from the western world hold a candle against the dangdut singers and the ‘action’ in the dangduts bars that Muslims hang out at every night of the week?  How can going to a concert make the prostitution and the massage parlors along Bukit Bintang any worse than what it is now? Will banning another of these concerts stop corruption and cronyism already rampant in this nation of ours? Or do these fornicators want the people of Malaysia to be shielded from these evil…but aisehman, do let them carry on with their fornicating! Huh!
It is all just show! It is all just a sham to show whoever who is bothered to look that UMNO is a champion of Islamic values even as UMNO leaders are themselves mired in corruption, arrogance, cronyism and rampant sexual hijinks that would put even Lady’s Chatterley lover and Casanova to shame!
Go check the five star hotels with their half day rate room’s rentals  - see who are using them? Go check the private mess dotted all over KL! Go see what Malay Actresses and Malay actors are up to! Go see what some religious enforcers are doing with the Malay girls that they have caught in Massage parlors, dangduts bars for khalwat! Do this and you will see the hypocrisy of it all!
I tell you that Islam is not preventing any of the maksiat that is being committed by Muslims in Malaysia. Islam protects them because the lowly religious officials will not go after the big fish. There will go raid a hotel in Jalan Raja Laut but God forbid if they can even think about entering a five start hotel room where they know a Muslim VIP is fornicating with his mistresses.
We do not have that hypocrisy in the western society that I have lived in for most of my adult life. Here consenting adults are free to do what they like in the privacy of their own rooms. Here brothels and massage parlors are licensed. Yes you are shamed if you claim to be a good family man and is caught having an affair behind your wife’s back – because you lied and you can be punished in a civil court if your wife wants a divorce. And if you have sex with an underage person the full fury of the judicial system will be unleashed upon you. Society policies itself on morality and no religious authority – not even Islam – dares to break into a room where consenting adults are doing what comes naturally for all of us – fornicating.
When will it change in Malaysia?
When will we be rid of these religious authorities who tells us what we can and cannot do in the name of Islam?
Not for as long as we have leaders who offends moral and legal edicts with impunity because they can! Time will put all this right because everyday more and more of our people are realizing that the power to change what they do not like rests within themselves. Yes they can ban Beyonce from performing in Malaysia but they can only do so now with accompanying protests from many of us who are people of Malaysia – Muslins and non-Muslims! And every time they do so it is another nail into their coffin…and we have enough nails in reserve to put more nails into the coffin every time they give us a reason to do so.

Until then, hypocrisy will still win the day. Until then UMNO will still rule and the religious authorities will still catch you if you eat in public during Ramadan. They will catch Muslims caught in close proximity with those to whom they are not wed. They will continue to seize corpses of converts from grieving relatives to do (so they claim) Gods work and give these dead Muslims salvation with an Islamic burial. But in truth it is these religious enforcers that need salvation. They live in a world isolated from reality because our leaders wants to use them to give them credibility as Champions of Islams….and as long as these leaders exists so will these religious morality enforcers who are in reality nothing more than paid coolies of these politicians. I rest my case.