Friday 30 September 2016

Apo nak di kato?

600 Hari DS Anwar Ibrahim dipenjara

Jangan lupa ya - luangkanlah masa anda selama 2 jam sahaja untuk memperingati seorang insan yang telah mengorbankan kebebasan beliau sudah lebih 600 hari..Sabtu ini (1 Oktober 2016) 9mlm - datang awal.

Look, Listen and make your own Conclusion.

Tak apalah dia menipu, dia dah banyak tolong orang Melayu....


An engineer said:
When I was young I decided to go to medical school. At the entrance exam, we were asked to rearrange the alphabets


and form the name of an important human body part which is most useful when straight.
Those who answered SPINE are doctors today, while the rest are Engineers...

Lest We Forget.....

Quickies : Looks like Ben Bowley is a bit upset with Ong Ka Chuan.

Ben Bowley
Minister Ong Ka Chuan thinks Malaysians should be trained to speak truthfully in…
You fucking piece of pig shit , must be blind and can't see the elephant in the room , 1MDB , hello mah chibai the truth is in your mother's ass !!

steadyaku47 comment : My sentiments exactly! 

"irony" : A very religious Muslim man, from a very religiouis Islamic political party had to go to America (not a very Islamic country) to get medical treatment.

Less than two weeks ago that Tweet of an IGP announced that three people have been arrested for insulting Islam after Haron's Din death. 

One of them is ex-journalist,  Sidek Kamiso.  

Sidek was arrested at 4.30 AM at his house in Petaling Jaya without an arrest warrant. He was then taken to Johor Baru where the police request for remand was rejected..and he was free to go on bail.

On Thursday Sidek Kamiso received a call asking him to go to IPK Dang Wangi but he was unable to do so. The next day he did go to IPK Dang Wangi - accompanied by his Lawyers -  where  he was arrested

Let us recap : The police came to his house in Petaling Jaya last week at 4.30 AM without an arrest warrant, seized his phone and laptop and then took him to Johor Baru where their request to remand him was denied.

You can read an account of what happened at Norlin Wan Musa (Sidek's wife) FB here : 

PDRM arrested Sidek Kamiso under section 298 (a) of the Penal Code which states:

298.  Uttering words, etc., with deliberate intent to wound the religious feelings of any person.
Whoever, with deliberate intention of wounding the religious feelings of any person,  utters any word or makes any sound in the hearing of that person, or makes any gesture in the sight of that person, or places any object in the sight of that person, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year, or with fine, or with both.

And how was Sidek Kamiso wounding the religious feelings of a person? He is alleged to have tweeted the following :

Image may contain: text
I wonder what they would do to me if I should be within the grasp of this Tweet of an IGP who licks Najib's arse for a living for I have been known to not only call him a tweet but also have wrote worse things than that tweet that Sidek was alleged to have tweeted! 

...but this is what we all now know : 

Sidek Kamiso and anybody else who tweets anything like the above tweet that Sidek Kamiso is alleged to have tweeted....will have the PDRM invade their house at 4.30 AM while they, their spouse and children are sleeping, have their phone and laptop seized and be taken hundred of miles from Petaling Jaya to Johor Baru presumbly to be held in custody in a police lock up......and all done without an arrest warrant!

Then upon being release on bail because a Magistrate did not allow the police to remand him any longer...that person will be arrested a few days later for wounding the religious feelings of another person. 

Woi Najib, woi you tweet of an IGP...apa yang si Sidek ni buat to upset another Muslim? Ini bukan orang Cina or India yang hantar tweet ....ini orang Melayu! Orang Islam!  

Sidek did not step on or kick the head of a cow to offend the sensibilities of a Hindu.

Sidek did not vandalize any Hindu Temple Idols.

Sidek did not go around asking the Cina to balek tongsan.

What he did was to tweet : Someone who made his career out of selling air jampi for any illness succumbed to his illlness in a modern hospital in San Francisco.#irony. 

The # hashtag before the word "irony" tags the word automatically so that when people want to look for "irony" related topics, Sidek's post will come up. 

And what is the irony of Haron Din's death? 

It is simply this - a very religious Muslim man, from a very religiouis Islamic political party had to go to America (not a very Islamic country) to get medical treatment.

I do not expect that tweet of an IGP to understand what "irony " I do not expect this Tweet of an IGP to undertsand what it is that I am trying to explain....but I am sure there must be some one in PDRM who does understand. 

Can that some one please tweet to that tweet of an IGP and explain why Sidek's tweet is simply an innocous tweet that made an observation about the irony of Haron Din's death in a modern hospital in San Francisco in a not too Islamic country.

Itu aja...dia bukan nak "wound the religious feelings of any other Muslim"....aisehman Khalid, steady sikit lah. Jangan lah terburu buru mengikut apa aja suruhan by the owner of the arse that you are licking! 

God help you when Najib is removed from office for you can be sure that the Rakyat and the incoming government certainly will not!


Thursday 29 September 2016

Quickies : Mental as Anything.

Putrajaya: Kira-kira 30 peratus atau 4.2 juta rakyat Malaysia berusia 16 tahun dan ke atas mengalami masalah kesihatan mental.

Zahid at the UN : One Point of Viiew.

Zahid having to speak at UNGA is a plan hatched and executed to perfection by the PM's team to kill Zahid's political career and paved the way for Hisham to take over from Najib (who has to leave soon enough)

They enticed Zahid to speak at the biggest forum available so that it will give the most impact. They knew well enough that Zahid will make a fool of himself at the biggest stage available.

Unsurprisingly, Zahid was gullible enough to fall for it thinking that since the PM has his own problems making it untenable for him to be in NY, he should grab this opportunity portray himself as the PM in waiting. His team of advisors (most probably from UPM) was also dumb enough not to see this coming. Had they been smart, they would have translated the speech into Malay and had Zahid deliver it in Bahasa Malaysia baku. That would have literally pulled the rug from under the PM's feet. Then Zahid's team can welcome Zahid at the airport with banners proclaiming Zahid to be "Bapak Bahasa Melayu" without the rakyat even realising that actually their leader cannot even pronounce "Palestinian" in English properly.

The team which wrote the speech made sure that the sentence structures will be difficult to pronounce even for those conversant in the language. They even threw in a few tongue twisters for impact so much so Zahid can't even pronounce some words correctly.

Now the set is set for Hisham to take over and save the image of the country at the next UNGA. Najib's team is now ready to promote their new saviour fresh from rescuing the country during the MH370 public relations disaster.

The only thing they forgot is that there is one smart alex who was said to have graduated from Oxford and can speak English with a British accent is also waiting in the wings and ready to get into the fray.

Fasten your seat belts, folks. It has only just begun. It will be interesting!

Author Unknown. 

Quickies : Bank

A Bank sends an e-mail to a borrower which reads:
Borrower's reply:

Quickies : My Grand daughter Sofia

How to tell your 6 year old is a future politician:
Sofia: "Mommy, I want to talk to you about two things. 

            First, I love you. 
            Second, I don't like what's for dinner."

What Mahathir wants to say to Najib! REALLY!

Tony Bennett

Malaysia Hari Ini

What is Umno today?


UMNO is greed. UMNO is deceit. UMNO is dishonour. That UMNO has become a bloated, corrupt and sleazy organization is a given fact – a fait accompli – a fact realized and accomplished.   


Today UMNO, under Najib's leadership is corrupt to the core. 

And Najib is one of them!

A good example how an idiot can get elected to 
Parliament and eventually end up as prime minister.

Opps! I did post that!

WTF is happening! Reporters everywhere! 
Maybe if I hold my breath long enough they may go away....or maybe not!

 Did I say "promise change" or "change promise?"

Rosmah tau tak pasal Port Dickson? Nanti mampus aku!

Rosmah to Najib : "Jib...special branch nak jumpa!" 

. 91 year old Mahathir to Anwar : "I forgot....yang mana satu PM?"

Gender verification Testing.
Ini bukti Najib dayus! Saya Boss!


Wednesday 28 September 2016


When something goes wrong in your life, deal with it. Ditto with Umno and Najib!

I knew, from way back before the Doctors at Sunshine had diagnosed the Dementia that was to take over my wife's and my life, I knew that all was not well with her. It was four years ago, upon our arrival in Melbourne, that we were informed of her frontal lobe dementia by Doctors after a two weeks stay at Sunshine Hospital. We had a number of intense and informative discussions with the team tasked with taking care of her. When my wife was discharged, I might have been shell shocked at what I had been presented with : Frontal Lobe Dementia with no prospect of recovery - only a gradual descend into the illness over an uncertain period of time : shell shocked, but I was at least prepared for what was to come. I was provided with medication to make her life as normal as was possible and I was told that in time to come, she will need care 24/7. 

Four years down the road, all that the Doctors at Sunshine had told me will happen, has happened. What time has also told me was that Dementia or not, Life goes on. 

A few months back, after a lengthy period of pain, aches and physical discomfort, and the dismissal of my oft repeated mantra "What I do not know will not hurt me"....I made the dreaded appointment to see a doctor to have an "educated" overview made of what was wrong with me. Over a three weeks period of consultations, tests and more tests and more tests....I was told that Gout, a possibility of renal failure, Hernia, and the onset of old age, were the ills bothering me. I was advised of what to do (no seafood, no tomato, no heavy lifting) and what not to do (enjoy seafood, no physical exertions when caring for my wife, and not to forget to take my medication). Life goes on.

The moral of the two stories? 

When something goes wrong in your life, deal with it. 

Now, why has nobody told Najib and Rosmah that what they do with their private and public life is not quite right? Why has nobody told the Emperor that he has no clothes on? 

And more pressing, why has nobody told Rosmah aka The Flying Hippo, that she too has no clothes on....which for a woman of her age and her physical attributes (or the lack of any) is simply revolting?

But that would be for Umno to say, would it not be? 

If Umno fails to do so then there is Parliament....and if Parliament fails in that task too....there is then the people of Malaysia to do just that at the Federal elections. 

We are past Umno, past Parliament and we are at that time when the Election and the people of Malaysia shall have their say......less than a year away, I think.

Not all are in readiness yet for the people of Malaysia to tell those two royals residing in Seri Perdana that they have no clothes on....but already the crowds are lining the route the Bugis Warrior and his Flying Hippo aka FLOM aka Birkin connoisseur, will have to take on their way to what they think will be their "coronation" to another term at Seri Perdana. 

What I would like you all to consider is this : 

Will you be one of those who will tell Najib and Rosmah that all is not right with their private and public life? And if you will be one of those who will do so, will you do it quietly or overtly? Will you be proactive or passive in making good governance a reality?

Or will you be one of those who will whimper and walk away with your tail in between your legs and do nothing because you think that if the Malays lose political power when Umno is dismissed from government, you as a Malay, will be the worst for it?

All I, and others can do, is to put the facts before you. The thinking you will have to do for yourself. 

Enough has been said about the corruption and abuse of political power by Umno and BN for personal gain but you can be certain that more will be said in the time to come by me and others of the same ilk. We do so because it must be told. We do so because we believe passionately that change is possible, not impossible. All it would take for that to happen is to provide the "fertile" ground and imagination for that thought to ferment and take root in as many of you as is possible by the next general election.
If Mahathir who is 91 can do so. If Anwar Ibrahim incarcerated in Sungai Buloh can do so. If 
those who has had enough of what Umno has now become can do so and if enough Malaysian can come over to our side and do so....then we will surely have the numbers to tell those two now residing in Seri Perdana that they are indeed without any clothes! 

I am one. With you, we are two. Who else will join us?

Woi Melayu Umno....bila lagi nak bising sikit? Cina dah beli Sg Besi?

Cina also bought 1MDB's IPP for $10 billion ($2billion loss), $4 billion of land from Johor Sultan, Railway Double Tracking for a few billion $ & Bakun for $10 billion!! China companies are the biggest landowners in Iskandar too!...camna ni?

Image may contain: text and outdoor

Quickies : Another picture another 1000 words : Rumah Chairman Felda!

Sarawak Report : Criminal Charges Imminent Over 1MDB - Jho Low Tops Wanted List!

Criminal Charges Imminent Over 1MDB - Jho Low Tops Wanted List!
A criminal case is widely expected to be lodged shortly by United States prosecutors against individuals believed to have stolen money from 1MDB and laundered it illegally in the United States – and the main name in the frame is expected to be Najib’s proxy Jho Low, also a US citizen.
Other probable names include Jasmine Loo (also a US resident); Najib’s step-son Riza Aziz; Eric Tan (who laundered money for Low) and Shahrol Halmi, the CEO of 1MDB during the main part of the period of thefts.
Officials 3 & 4 at 1MDB Casey Tang and Jasmine Loo
Officials 3 & 4 at 1MDB Casey Tang and Jasmine Loo

There is also speculation that the Goldman Sachs South East Asia boss Tim Leissner, whose bank received a little shy of $600 million for raising $6.5 billion of very suspicious loans may also find himself facing charges.

Sarawak Report can further reveal that more civil actions are due to retrieve more properties acquired with the money, which was stolen from the Malaysian public.

In July the Department of Justice announced after lodging a detailed civil action for the return of $1 billion in assets, that it was aware of at least $3.5 billion that had been stolen.
Malaysia’s Auditor General in his own report on 1MDB (which Prime Minister Najib Razak has unconstitutionally declared an ‘Official Secret’) assessed a total of $7 billion unaccounted for.

And over the past several weeks the full-scale investigation by US investigators into all aspects of the mega-theft has continued unabated.

Names in the frame

The name on everybody’s lips as the key person likely to be directly charged by the DOJ is the Malaysian financier Jho Low.  It was Low who represented Najib as his personal ‘advisor’ at 1MDB.

Sarawak Report first revealed evidence of Low’s secret role in managing the fund early last year, although for months Najib, 1MDB and Jho Low strenuously denied he had any role whatsoever at the fund.

In fact, Low was attending board meetings and supervising all 1MDB’s major ‘investments’ and joint ventures – raking off billions in the process, paying vast backhanders through his companies and then laundering the loot through a huge web of off-shore companies and bank accounts at BSI, Coutts, UBS, Falcon, Standard Chartered and other banks.

Jho Low, who has become a famous figure in the United States thanks to his humungous spending, also has US citizenship, although for the past year he has avoided travel to the States and has increasingly limited himself to Taiwan, Thailand and China.

However, his patron, Najib Razak himself, is likely to escape charges at this point. Clearly, his position as the chief political figure in Malaysia has played a part in that decision, however there is also the point that Najib has employed proxies for all these deals and for the laundering in the United States, in a case where the benchmark of proof will have been extraordinarily high.

Yes, Najib was Malaysian Official Number One, who held all the decision-making powers at 1MDB and into whose private KL bank account a huge billion dollar chunk of the money went. However, it was others who organised the transfers.

Those others include his step-son Riza Aziz, who took over $100 million into his personal company Red Granite Pictures to make movies like Wolf of Wall Street.  Also, 1MDB’s General Counsel and Executive Director of Group Strategy, Jasmine Loo and CEO Shahrol Halmi and Executive Director Casey Tang.

But there are other US citizens who may well find themselves in hot water for their role in handling suspicious sums, for example the wealth management advisor to Riza Aziz, Debra Johnson, who was removed from her job at the accountancy company NKFSB after the scandal broke in early 2014.  Riza Aziz’s co-producer at Red Granite, Joey McFarland, who assisted Jho Low in the purchase of major artworks may also find himself indicted.

There are also the string of managers and company co-conspirators connected to the Aabar/Falcon Bank side of the 1MDB corruption saga – these would include the Aabar senior officials Mohammed Al Husseiney and Khadem Al Qubaisi and also PetroSaudi managers like Tarek Obaid and Patrick Mahony, as well as legal helpers such as Tim Buckland, formerly of the law firm White & Case.

Questions may also have been put to US senior banker Ed Morse, who provided a supposed valuation of PetroSaudi based on information provided only by the company – although he did provide a full disclaimer, before putting in PetroSaudi’s figures as his own to 1MDB.

The list may be longer or still kept short. But, the truth is that the net of the 1MDB scandal has drawn in numerous names from world top bankers to lawyers and accountants all up to their necks in facilitating roles in the theft from 1MDB.

But, as for the masterminds in Malaysia – it looks as if the Malaysians are going to be left with the job of dealing with them back home.

Quickies : The Malay Umno Man!


They have 1 wife and 1 girlfriend but they love their wife most.

They have 1 wife and 1 girlfriend but they love their girlfriend the most.

They have 1 wife and 4 girlfriends but they love their mother the most.

They have 4 wives and 1 Girlfriend. But they love their Maid the most.

They have 1 wife and several mistresses but love their money the most.

6. THE MALAY UMNO MEN:They have 1 official wife, 1 second wife and 2 other secret wife they wed in Thailand, but they love the Prime Minister the most.

Goodness Gracious Me

Rogue Elements within PDRM.

PDRM is tasked with keeping us safe and protecting us from harm. Those of you who read what I write knows that my late Father served under Tun Haniff as Director CID. I have written much about PDRM, most of them uncomplimentary....but it is no reflection of Tun Haniff or of my Father's time in the Police Force. 

Political influence,some say interference, had led to many questioning if the rule of law in Malaysia, is beginning to crumble. The politicisation of law enforcement has now reached a critical juncture where rogue elements within these law enforcement institutions can be found at the very top - the AG, the Inspector General of Police and Chief Justices and Judges ..a situation that has not only resulted in the loss of trust by the public for these law enforcement institutions but more disconcerting, the rot within these law enforcement authorities have begun to undermine our constitutional democracy!

Today I can categorically state that the legitimacy of PDRM to function as a responsible, effective and trustworthy law enforcement institution is now being questioned by too many Malaysians to be ignored. 

When Anwar Ibrahim was beaten to an inch of his life by the then Inspector General of Police, it took a while for the reality of what had happened to register in my mind. When the facts of the matter became public knowledge what concerned me was not only that Anwar Ibrahim was physically pummelled to an inch of his life....but that the deed was done by the IGP.  Now whether that was done on his own volition or that he was second guessing what the then Prime Minister of Malaysia wanted him to do is immaterial....a line has been crossed and since then PDRM has strayed further into the realms of doing the bidding of its political masters rather then to keep to its appointed task of keeping the people safe and protecting them from harm.  

There is now a culture within government and PDRM to turn a blind eye, or worse, protect cops and their political master who break the rules. And the chief culprit of all this is the IGP himself. This is not a matter to be trifled with or ignored....for, to many of us, PDRM has indeed gone rogue and the chief culprit is the IGP himself. 

Today I read about the Government of India complaining that Malaysia had not provide assistance for two years for them to serve a summon on Ananda Krishnan despite a mutual legal assistance treaty existing between India and Malaysia.  

Why is this so? Why is PDRM not assisting a sovereign country with whom we have a mutual legal assistance treaty, to serve a summon on a Malaysian who they say have done wrong in India? Is it because he is Ananda Krisnan - a confidant of Najib Razak and a very very rich man to boot? 

And we all know what has been done by Police operatives in the murder of Altantuya and what PDRM has NOT done to serve justice in the matter of her murder.

PDRM no longer acts without fear or acts for favor and in fear of its political masters. I am astounded at the audacity of this IGP who does the bidding of his political master better than what the kerbau with the ring in it's nose would do when bid by his master.....though I think the IQ of the Kerbau might surpass that of this tweet of an IGP .....but I digress.

That PDRM has now become an apendage of Najib's Tun Razak unmentionable is obvious. That the IGP position in all this is just below Najib's balls or arse (which he can then lick copiously!) is true and most appropriate. All things considered, the proposal to reconstruct Inspector General of Police (IGP) to Police Inspector General (PIG) seems wise given that Khalid would be one of those PIGS with their snout at the trough where dedak can be found at all hours of the day. 

Of course no gentleman would want to call the IGP a PIG...but then I am no gentleman - so protocol be damm.

All frivolities aside, PDRM is now like the Titanic. 

It's end, in its present form, is a certainity. 

All that is left for the IGP to do is to rearrange the deck chairs and put on his uniform as the Titanic sinks...and he sinks with the Titanic too. God forbid if he should be given a place in one of the lifeboats for his life can really be of no use to anyone but to Najib whose balls he licks. I know that Najib too will be hard pressed to find room on any of the lifeboats that Umno will need once it is cast to the abyss by the next election......and when there is no ball to lick, this PIG will be of no use to anyone else. 

Rosmah? She has no balls!     

Links to other PDRM postings: 

Prostitution a source of income for PDRM? 

We had to shoot her five times and had to break her ribs ...

Tuesday 27 September 2016

Sarawak Report : Malaysia Becomes A World Haven For Fugitives From Justice!

27 September 2016

According to The Times of India, the court yesterday said the arrests warrants were necessary because Malaysia had not provided assistance over the past two years.
“They (Marshall and Krishnan) could not be served with the summons through the normal course by resorting to mutual legal assistance treaty between the two countries.
“Malaysian authorities have categorically declined to effect the service. In such a situation, the only way left is to approach the Interpol and for that issue of warrant is necessary…
“In such a situation when further issuance of summons would be a futile exercise, it is rightful for the prosecution to ask for warrant of arrest against the accused,” the court was reported saying. 
In 2014, India’s Central Bureau of Investigation filed charges against the duo and South Indian politician and former Indian telecommunications minister Dayanidhi Maran over alleged corruption to help the Maxis group take control of an Indian mobile phone carrier in 2006.
Source: Malaysia Becomes A World Haven For Fugitives From Justice!, Malaysiakini


The frustration of the Indians is mirrored by that of the Swiss and United States and all other countries trying to bring to book criminals who have stolen billions from the Malaysian public.

This key crony Krishnan also played a pivotal role in 1MDB, of course, since he sold his power plants at what is agreed was a highly inflated price to the so-called ‘development fund’ in 2012 (part of the Abu Dhabi /Aabar Phase of 1MDB thefts, as described by the US Dept of Justice).

So, with Najib in charge it seems that Malaysia is to become known as a haven for international fugitives from justice – the sort of dubious honour generally reserved for tinpot republics willing to do anything to scrape a few bucks…. which is apparently the status towards which Najib is heading his once proud nation.