Wednesday 31 January 2018


1.Masa depan dan percaturan politik Azmin dan Selangor banyak diperkatakan akhir2 ini.
2.Sebagai anak jati Selangor dan pernah terlbat aktif didalam politik negeri ini tentunya saya mengikuti perkembangan mutakhir ini secara dekat.
3.Saya tiada kepentingan selain daripada mahu pastikan negeri kelahiran saya Selangor ini terus maju dibawah pimpinan seorang MB yang berprestasi tinggi.
4.Hampir bulat dan sepakat pandangan penganalisa politik mengenai prestasi cemerlang Azmin sebagai seorang MB.
5.Malangnya disebuah negara seperti Malaysia ini prestasi tinggi sering datang dangan rasa cemburu dan irihati bukan sahaja dari lawan tapi juga kawan2 seperjuangan.Inilah harga yang terpaksa dibayar oleh seorang pemimpin yang cemerlang seperti Azmin.
6.Sebenarnya prestasi cemerlang Azmin lebih awal sebelum beliau menjadi MB.Azmin pernah menjadi Pengarah Pilihanraya PKR dan prestasi parti semasa itu juga cemerlang.Saya menjadi Pengarah Pilihanraya pertama parti semasa ditubuhkan.Kita semua tahu kehadiran Azmin kedalam parti dan seterusnya memimpin jentera pilihanraya parti memberi nafas baru kepada parti ketika itu.
7.Pokoknya, jentera pilihanraya bukan sesuatu yang asing bagi Azmin.Beliau sudah terlalu masak dan lama bergelumang dengan karenah jentera pilihanraya.Beliau diminta parti memimpin jentera disaat paling sukar.Dan beliau berjaya memberi nafas baru kepada parti ketika itu.
8.Hairan disaat parti berkuasa pula ada orang mahu mempertikai keupayaan Azmin.Hampir semua dikalangan mereka yang riuh hari ini tidak ada pun di saat getir itu.Malah ada yang pada ketika itu dipihak lawan dan amat berkuasa.Mereka samada tidak tahu hakikat ini atau buat2 lupa dan tidak tahu.
9.Hakikat dan faktanya jelas bahawa Azmin sudah cukup masak dengan sepak terajang dan percaturan politik pilihanraya.Dia faham dan hafal sifirnya.Yang baru hari ini berjuang jangan cuba jadi jaguh dan kacau daun.
10.Azmin dan jenteranya tahu apa yang perlu dilakukan untuk menang.Azmin tahu caranya dan dia ada jalannya.
11.Makanya kalau mahu menang lagi di Selangor beri kepercayaan penuh kepada Azmin.Jangan diragui keupayaaannya.Melainkan memang ada dikalangan kawan2 sendiri yang tidak mahu Selangor menang.Kerana cemburu dan irihati kepada prestasi cemerlang Azmin dan pasukannya.
12.Mereka mahu Selangor kalah dan Azmin tumbang.Mereka ini adalah pengkhianat bertopeng pejuang.Sebaiknya mereka berhenti berkhianat sekarang sebelum rakyat Selangor bangkit menghumban mereka dari bumi Selangor ini.
13.Selangor bukan calang2 negeri.Selangor negeri maju dan berjaya.Negeri maju seperti Selangor ini tidak ada masa melayan karenah pengkhianat.Selangor negeri makmur yang tidak akan membenarkan dendam kesumat peribadi menghambat kejayaannya.
14.Rakyat Selangor dibawah pimpinan MBnya yang gigih bekerja untuk terus melakar kejayaan buat negeri bertuah ini tahu menjaga dan mempertahankan kejayaannya.Maka janganlah diganggu gugat Azmin dan Selangor dengan muslihat politik sempit yang merosakkan dan merugikan.

Mohamad Ezam Mohd Nor
30 Jan 2018 / 13 Jamadil Awal 1439H

Tuesday 30 January 2018

Foreign Postal Votes

With thanks to Philip.
Visited Malaysia Foreign Consulate in St Kilda today. It is confirmed as follows:
Foreign Postal Voters in Melbourne (and everywhere in the world ) 
Melbourne: No physical voting in St Kilda
Official guidelines can be downloaded from
1. Download Form B1 from
2. Complete form with overseas address n send back to SPR in KL
3. SPR will acknowledge receipt n send voting papers with further instructions to your Melbourne address. 
4. Follow instructions .
Galeri Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mantan Pengerusi SPR Mantan Setiausaha SPR Koleksi Foto Koleksi Video Parti yang Berdaftar Simbol-Simbol Calon Bebas

What are to do? What are we to do?

Eric Yeoh I really don't like him too much - granted that we in the IT industry owe him a great deal and the cost of living under his premiership was a lot more comfortable than now - but I cannot forgive his ethno-centric policies that denied me to study medicine. For 17 years I was a Malaysian - then when I needed to apply to a University - I became a non-Bhumi. Matriculation then (1991), only open for Bhumis or in some cases - Muslims only. All the efforts and sacrifices I made - disappeared. Mind you that I had offers from the US, UK, Australia, NZ and Canada. The University of Bolton in the UK even gave me a 1.5-year full scholarship to do dentistry - alas even with that my folks couldn't afford my expenses. At last my late mom had to sell her car and some jewellery to pay for my diploma course - a 50+ year-old woman with arthritis riding a bicycle around town so that her non-Bhumi son could get a shot at tertiary education.

steadyaku 47 comment : 

I hear you Eric. Loud and clear. And if you doubt me, go to the link below and read what I personally went through under Mahathir. 

Posted on Saturday, 8 August 2009

"I AM WITH MAHATHIR" (or what you can get away with if you can say that)"

Speaking for myself...all that is water under the bridge. Lessons learnt. 

Now here is the hard part. 

No matter where you are now....UK, US or in my case matter what you are now.....Muslims or matter who you are....Malays and "dan lain lain".....what are we to do when a brother falls? We help him up. What are we to do when there is injustice and abuse of political power? We protest ...and if we can, we do what we can to right that wrong. What are we to do when the strong tramples the weak, the mighty takes from everybody else anything they can? What are to do? What are we to do?

Those are the question I wrestle with for many many weeks. These are the questions that troubled me as I talked with I, me and myself about what I should do when Tun Dr Mahathir come on to our side. Make no mistake about that...we did not join Tun Dr Mahathir ...he joined us.

What are we to do when we have been facing impossibles odds against a corrupt and all conquering Umno led BN? What are we to do when we are facing certain defeat at the hands of BN in any elections? Facing the reality of having another five years of this odious BN government governing over us all as they have of the last five...arrogant, corrupt and totally without accountability and responsibility in the things they do in the name of Government. What are we to do?

But really was a no brainer. If Lim Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim could work with Tun Dr Mahathir....who am I to say that I cannot? I will work with the Devil and Satan if together they will do as I what I am now trying to do....take the Idiot out...and take out all others who has made it possible for that Idiot to do what he has done in the name of Government out. 

And nobody can say that Tun Dr Mahathir is the Devil and Satan all in one....can they? 

This does not mean I disrespect the pain you and your parents went through in those formative periods when you were trying to "get a shot at tertiary education"....but as I said is the hard part :

The hard part is putting country before self. 

I will give it all I have...I will give it a try because the alternative will doom our country, our people and our future almost for eternity....and I say eternity because for any one of us, a life time is already an eternity. Allowing this Idiot and the Umno led BN do another five years in government will certainly doom our country for eternity...there will be no coming back from that eternity.

And so Eric for these reasons I am able to forget my past that Tun Dr Mahathir has unwittingly been a part off. Forget but not forgotten...

And I ask you Eric, to do the same to your past. 

You have been able to persevere in life despite all that has been done to deny you an education and a future. We need people like you on our side. The side that is against that Idiot and against the Umno led BN. There will be time enough for recriminations and if possible forgiveness, after we triumph over the present toxic elements that is gutting the very core of our nation out of every good and wealth that it has.



If you’re not proud to be Malaysian, leave, says PM

If you’re not proud to be Malaysian, leave, says PM | The Malaysian Insight
PRIME minister Najib Razak said those who are ashamed of being Malaysian should leave the country, slamming those who are not proud of their identity as being…

steadyaku47 comment : Idiot..we will not have long to wait to see where YOU will go when you are left in just the underwear that you are wearing the moment Pakatan Harapan takes government! 
We want you to go straight to Sungai Buloh. Move directly to Sungai Buloh. You are not "Just Visiting". Do not collect $200. You cannot pay a fine to get out of Sungai Buloh. And you cannot use your "Get Out of Jail Free" card. And I do not care what anybody says...we will keep saudara Anwar Ibrahim in Sungai Buloh to be head of the welcoming party for Mr and Mrs Idiot....and immediately after that.... saudara Anwar can be free. Setuju tak Kak Aziah?
Some of you may say that I mock this Idiot of a Prime Minister.
I do not mock Prime Minister Najib Razak, 
When you call some one a moron, an imbecile, a thief and an idiot of the first degree, a queen control do not mock them. 
You are insulting them and putting them among the dregs of society that are past redemption, past any hope of being forgiven by many and certainly beneath my contempt and my disgust. Ptui.
At this very moment of my writing...this Idiot is still Prime Minister...and do give regard to that phrase " at this very moment" because that is how precarious this Idiot's hold is on his tenancy of Seri Perdana.He knows this and Mrs Idiot knows this. Their stay in Seri Perdana is being extended on a day to day basis. Zahid can kick him out anytime he wants. Umno can kick him out any time it wants. And behind Zahid and Umno is Tun Dr Mahathir and a whole line of Malaysians all waiting for their turn to turn the screw ever tighter and tighter on that Idiot balls. I am Malaysian number 347 waiting in line!
Be afraid very afraid.


Monday 29 January 2018

We are ''SOLDIERS''

I am a proud SOLDIER 
Civilians have University, 
Military Have Training College.

They Have Vice Chancellor, We Have Commandant.

They Have Lecturers, 
We Have Instructors

Their Day Starts by 0700hrs,
But Ours by 0400hrs.

They Wake up 0600hrs, 
We Jump up 0300hrs.

They Shake Hands, 
We Salute.

They Wear Gucci, 
We Wear Camo/Khaki.

They Keep Their Hairs,
We Cut Off Our Hairs.

They Wake Up, 
We Jump Up.

They walk, 
We Double In Divisions.

They Have Students, 
We Have Cadets/Recruits.

They Have Dining Halls, 
We Have Mess.

They Go On Break, 
We Go On Pass.

They Have Conference Hall, 
We Have Parade Ground.

They Have Graduation Party, 
We Have Passing Out Parade

To Them Injury Is For One And One Only 
Whilst To Us Injury For One is Injury For All.

They Get Short Term Light Drills Only In Their graduation! 
Whilst Rigorous Drills Is Our Everyday Blood Tonic.

They Are School colleagues, 
We Are Brothers.

They Have Civilian Blood
We Have MILITARY Blood.

They Demand For Respect
We Command Respect.

We took this job knowing that we may never get rich.
We 've missed out so many holidays, church/mosque services and special occasions in order to protect lives.
We are expected to work miracles and do things other people are scared to do and even save lives. 
It has been proven that our life expectancy is shorter than theirs because of the stress, we go through and the sickness, we get exposed to, and yet there are no hero movies about us. 
We must give our life everyday for people we dont know, have never met before and even those who don't like us. 
When our family is home suffering alone, we are out here in the cold, dangerous situations and all in the name of protecting property while saving lives. 
We are warriors who gave oath to die for our people!
We are ''SOLDIERS'' 

author unknown.

steadyaku47 comment : I would say that our last line of defence against a corrupt and arrogant umno will have to be our Angkatan Tentera Malaysia. For only they could be the bastion against these bunch of corrupt politicians in BN who wants to hold on to government at any costs - even if that costs requires them to ignore the demands of Malaysian who no longer want them in government.  

Majlis Paluan Undur ARM TUDM Sg,Bes Penyerahan dan pemilikan mutlak tapak kem kepada kerajaan China. Sungguh sayu mendengar irama itu

From this airport in Sungai Besi, I left Kuala Lumpur on a BOAC flight to London in the early 1960's to begin my real journey in life. I remember the multitudes of relatives that came to bid me many that kept me occupied in saying my goodbyes to many that I did not have time to understand that I was living my parents behind in one country while I was leaving for another. My cousin was with me on that flight...he returning to London after a holiday in KL, me going to London for the first time. All this happened over half a century ago. My parents are no more and many many of those that came to farewell me on that journey are also no more. 
How many of you have had wonderful memories of this Sungai Besi Airport as I do? And the only time I had use of that airport was that one trip to London....and yet that memory lingers on. 
What about the countless Malaysians that worked there? What about the Armed Forces that counted Sungai Besi as their base...for many many years. 
All gone to the hands of foreigners ....gone to the hands of foreigners so that that Idiot and his gang of thieves, robbers and scammers could satisfy their greed for dedak! 
We will not forget Sungai Besi. We will take back Sungai Besi as we took back Carcosa from the British. When the time comes all that this Idiot has allowed to fall into foreign hands for more dedak will be taken back. Sungai Besi will be the first. Sungai Besi will have to be the first because this is NOT commercial land. This is NOT agricultural land. This is NOT Malay land.....this is land belonging to our Armed Forces. Land they have been asked to give up without a fight...nay without even a whimper to those foreigners.
And all this they have to do because their political masters live for dedak. Woi can live by dedak...but then be prepared to die by dedak! So help me God!
And now that airport too is no more...


Posted as forwarded to me : With thanks to Neo.
Mystery Over A Najib Court Cover-Up In Australia!
27 JAN 2018
" The AFP has significant intelligence implicating Malaysian Prime Minister Razak in corruption connected to an unrelated corruption probe that is subject to a Victorian court suppression order....."
As more and more tumbles out all over the place about how the rats occupying the lower rungs of UMNO have been raiding public funds, a till now barely reported issue has just slipped out in the Australian media.
Today, whilst detailing how the ex-chairman of the fund for the rural poor MARA has been exposed for stealing millions of dollars from his own fund (what’s new?), the Sydney Morning Herald has revealed that his boss Najib is also implicated in a major corruption case that has been made subject to a “suppression order” by a local Australian court.
According to the Herald article today:
The AFP [Australian Federal Police] has significant intelligence implicating Malaysian Prime Minister Razak in corruption connected to an unrelated corruption probe that is subject to a Victorian court suppression order.
Given the rampant corruption associated with Najib Razak, Malaysians have every right to demand to know what is going on and why the Australian court has seen fit to cover up a corruption case involving their prime minister?
The context for this revelation has been the unravelling story of corrupt property purchases involving Malaysian government funds, which have been the hallmark of Najib’s period of government and in itself an appalling scandal.
Suddenly, in an apparent policy switch by the Malaysian Government after Najib took power, vast chunks of money from the country’s savings funds have been diverted into foreign property ‘investments’ at hugely inflated prices. Every time, in a totally indefensible manner, these ‘investments’ have been conducted through shadowy intermediaries off-shore, making the transactions utterly opaque and enabling the ultimate beneficiaries to be disguised.
There is currently a growing global campaign to ban the off-shore finance industry altogether, given that its primary purpose is to facilitate crime by hiding the details of transactions and the ownership of companies and accounts, whose holders either ought not to be rich or want to avoid tax – usually both.
There is certainly no excuse whatsoever for any form of government transaction involving public money to use off-shore instruments of this kind.
The Malaysian property transactions encouraged by the Najib administration provide ample proof why the practice should be banned, with the MARA story in Australia just one example.
Today’s Herald report details how information gained from the so-called Paradise Papers reveals how millions of dollars were filtched from the purchase of the MARA building in Melbourne and ended up in the MARA chairman’s account.
Firstly, officials working for the head of MARA organised for the building to be deliberately over-valued by a local estate agent in KL. The owner of the Swanston Street building had it on the market for $21.5 million, whereas the MARA officials got the KL estate agent to price it to themselves at $41.8 million:
The transaction freed up $18.3 million which rightly belonged to Malaysian taxpayers and which was meant to be used to help the country’s development. Instead it was distributed among the conspirators.
The Panama Papers and other leaked files reveal that corrupt Malaysian officials tied to the ruling Umno party of Prime Minister Najib Razak, including senior political figure Mohammad Lan Allani, are behind both the property scam and offshore companies,
says the Sydney Morning Herald. Mohammad Lan Allani was the Chairman of MARA. What the Paradise Papers have revealed is that the missing money was chanelled into off-shore companies owned at least in part by Allani.
..according to bank transfers recently analysed by anti-corruption investigators, Mr Allani’s personal bank account was paid $3.2 million in kickbacks shortly after the $41.8 million left Malaysian government coffers.
When asked in 2015 about another corrupt deal, Mr Allani said he couldn’t recall them, and was only involved in setting up offshore companies in tax havens as a “convenient” way of selling property bought by the Malaysian government. When questioned about his knowledge of any alleged kickbacks, the former politician hung up the phone.
Who else benefitted from these missing millions belonging to the Malaysian people is yet to emerge. However, Malaysians are free to guess and they know that this particular property transaction is just one of numerous similar inflated foreign buy-ups using public money funnelled through secret off-shore companies.
Malaysians also know that corruption is a phenomenon that begins and ends at the very top. Which is the reason why instead of charging all these flunkeys Prime Minister cum Finance Minister Najib Razak has been doing his best to say that all is in order and nothing is wrong and allowing investigations to drift on year after year before being closed down.
It is therefore of the utmost urgency that the Australian courts address this strange and unusual use of a suppression order to hide a corruption case that allegedly involves this Prime Minister, whose lengthy reputation preceeds him.
The Proof Is In The Pudding
Meanwhile, it is worth bearing in mind that Malaysians are currently being barraged with claims that former Prime Minister Mahathir, currently leading the opposition in its fight to win the election and release the imprisoned opposition leader in waiting, was ‘as bad as Najib himself’.
Yet, when Mahathir left office, funds set up for the benefit of rural and retired Malaysians still contained billions of dollars worth of savings, whereas from the moment Najib took office those funds have been raided and rapidly depleted by deliberate thefts of this nature.
There are powerful lobbyists with political connections who are supporting Najib in both Britain and Australia, thanks to all this dirty money. However, the people of Malaysia derserve to know the truth from the Australian authorities.

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I pray that this Hadi is choked by the copious amounts of dedak that he has ingested. I hope PAS will emerge from PRU 14 in the same manner as Umno will emerge....vanquished and bereft of the affection and tolerance of the Malays and Muslims upon whose goodwill and support they depend for their daily bread and their political life. Amen.


Ghost towers: half of new-build luxury London flats fail to sell
Developers have 420 towers in pipeline despite up to 15,000 high-end flats still on the market
The vast Nine Elms development straddling Battersea and Vauxhall in south London.
More than half of the 1,900 ultra-luxury apartments built in London last year failed to sell, raising fears that the capital will be left with dozens of “posh ghost towers”.
The swanky flats, complete with private gyms, swimming pools and cinema rooms, are lying empty as hundreds of thousands of would-be first-time buyers struggle to find an affordable home. 
The total number of unsold luxury new-build homes, which are rarely advertised at less than £1m, has now hit a record high of 3,000 units, as the rich overseas investors they were built for turn their backs on the UK due to Brexit uncertainty and the hike in stamp duty on second homes.
Builders started work last year on 1,900 apartments priced at more than £1,500 per sq ft, but only 900 have sold, according to property data experts Molior London. A typical high-end three-bedroom apartment consists of around 2,000 sq ft, which works out at a sale price of £3m.
There are an extra 14,000 unsold apartments on the market for between £1,000-£1,500 per sq ft. The average price per sq ft across the UK is £211.
Molior says it would take at least three years to sell the glut of ultra-luxury flats if sales continue at their current rate and if no further new-builds are started. 
However, ambitious property developers have a further 420 residential towers (each at least 20 storeys high) in the pipeline, says New London Architecture and GL Hearn.
Henry Pryor, a property buying agent, says the London luxury new-build market is “already overstuffed but we’re just building more of them”. 
“We’re going to have loads of empty and part-built posh ghost towers,” he says. “They were built as gambling chips for rich overseas investors, but they are no longer interested in the London casino and have moved on.”
Pryor says developers of luxury blocks lining the Thames have failed to sell homes despite offering discounts, incentives and freebies – including free furniture, carpets and curtains and even cars. He adds that new-build towers are proving hard to sell because while they offer luxuries including concierge, gyms and spas, “they’re all the same”. 
Some developers have delayed construction of projects, while others have taken properties off the market. All 10 of the apartments at the top of the Shard – priced at up to £50m each – remain unsold more than five years after the Duke of York and the former prime minister of Qatar officially opened “Europe’s first vertical city”.
Steven Herd, founder and chief executive of MyLondonHome, an agency that specialises in new-build homes for investment, says his firm is struggling under the weight of overseas investors who bought in the last couple of years and are desperate to sell.
He says hundreds of Asian investors who had bought London developments off-plan in 2015-16 in the hope of making a quick profit by selling apartments on closer to completion have instead lost hundreds of thousands of pounds. “They intended to flip [buy and sell on] the apartments and make big profits, but it hasn’t worked out like that, and now they are trying to get out at the smallest possible loss.”
He adds that in one case a Russian investor bought an off-plan property in 2014 for £3.1m, but couldn’t afford to complete and sold it for £2.55m.
Herd says the Nine Elms development, near the new US embassy in south London, was one of the best redevelopment schemes in Europe but consisted of “the wrong properties that Londoners don’t need”. 
“We need ‘affordable’ one- or two-bedroom apartments priced at £500,000. We don’t need swimming pools and empty rooftop bars with no one living at home to buy drinks at them. There’s just way too many £1.5m-£2m-£3m flats that all look the same. 
“We’d be much better off with decent quality but lower-spec homes built for actual Londoners. What’s the point in having private cinema rooms that sit empty and resident’s swimming pools with no one swimming in them; it just seems wrong.”
In its report, based on interviews with 684 developers across London, Molior says sales of new homes in London fell by a fifth over the last three months of 2017 compared with the previous quarter. “New starts on site also fell by a fifth, but starts still out-paced sales … so the number of unsold units continues to grow.”
The report says many developers face a “gloomy picture of falling sales” and are “perhaps starting to become uncomfortable with the emerging situation”. 
A woman pushes a pram past a banner advertising new ‘luxury’ apartments in the East End.
 A banner advertising new ‘luxury’ apartments in the East End. Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
Molior says some inexperienced developers who hoped to cash-in on demand from overseas investors now find themselves “off-pitch in terms of the location/quality/price equation”. 
“Experienced players are increasingly rumoured to be resorting to ‘Plan-B’, while the fate of newcomers may depend on whether they can afford to sit-it-out or rent-it-out,” Molior says. The consultancy adds that “plan B” would typically involve a “bulk sale”.
Hoping for great profits, developers have continued to build expensive towers, while the greatest demand from Londoners is for more affordable homes. Estate agent Savills estimates that 58% of demand in London is for homes priced below £450 psf, but only 25% of homes being built are at this price. 
Marcus Dixon, head of research at property data service LonRes, says the very peak of the London prime property market was still selling well but it was proving difficult to sell expensive and well-appointed apartments in big towers.
“Lots of schemes started two to three years ago and are now coming to market,” he says. “It’s the big towers with lots and lots of units in them [that are proving hard to sell]. Those in Nine Elms [near Battersea power station] and Earls Court which in the less distant past would have been sold off-plan to overseas investors. But the buyers, for various reasons including Brexit, just aren’t there any more for those sort of properties.
“The volumes that are coming out of the ground in Nine Elms are huge, and it’s a lot of flats that are all quite similar in terms of spec and price.” 
the Shard at London Bridge in south London
 All 10 of the multimillion-pound apartments at the top of the Shard remain unsold more than five years after completion. Photograph: Alex Orrow/Alex Orrow -
Dixon says he expected developers to “go slow” or halt the later stages of developments until they have managed to sell more of the stock they’ve already built. But he adds that slowing production of flats was a lot harder than building traditional houses. “If you’re building an estate of 100 houses in the countryside, you can stop building when they’re not selling,” he says. “But if you’re building a big tower you can’t have anyone living in them until the whole tower is completed.” 
He adds that that if a homeowner can’t sell their home at the price they’re aiming for they can withdraw it from the market but “for developer’s that’s not a solution – developers in some ways are forced sellers”.
Dixon says developers are switching their marketing efforts from overseas to local owner occupiers, “but they compare the price of new-builds to the secondhand market and find that there’s a high premium on new-build towers”.