Friday 29 October 2010

PKR Election

Just saw this on Harris's blog...thought it should be shared with as many people as is possible...

Halt PKR election 2010 immediately

October 29, 2010

Just received the press statement below minutes ago
We are gravely concerned about the manner in which the Parti Keadilan Rakyat election is being conducted by the Central Election Committee (JPP) and the party secretariat.
Today is the first day of polling where thousands of party members are eligible to vote at the polling centres in several Kedah and Kelantan divisions, which should have begun at 10:00 am. However, we have received numerous reports that members were unable to vote at several divisions this morning and many have left in frustration.
From the information we have received, the following problems were faced by local members at the respective divisions:
1.      Kota Bharu, Kelantan: Although the ballot papers for the other positions were available, the polling did not proceed because the ballot papers for the position of Vice Chief of the Women’s Wing were not available.
2.      Tumpat, Kelantan: The ballot papers have not arrived as at 12:00 noon and the ballot boxes were also not ready. Thus, many members left for Friday prayers.
3.      Langkawi, Kedah: The ballot papers arrived very late and registration of new members is taking place whilst the polls are ongoing, and it seems that some of these new members are being allowed to vote.
4.      Alor Setar, Kedah: The ballot papers have not arrived as at 12:00 noon and many members left for Friday prayers without voting.
Three out of the four divisions mentioned above nominated Datuk Zaid Ibrahim for the position of Deputy President, and a sizeable number of members were mobilised to vote for him at the fourth division in Langkawi.
In light of these alarming logistical problems on the very first day of polling, we expect more serious problems ahead; especially considering that there are only 10 divisions polling today and there will be 79 more divisions polling during this weekend.
Although the JPP and party secretariat assured us that the election will be conducted professionally to ensure a free and fair election, the above problems have cast serious doubts on the entire election process.
After discussing these problems with Dr Molly Cheah (the Chairperson of the JPP) this morning, we are now even more disturbed as she claims that she is no longer involved in the management of the election process. Indeed, she said that she has no knowledge of the briefing of the candidates and/or their election agents that was conducted at the eleventh hour last night by the party secretariat. She also said that she regrets the problems faced by voters at the divisions mentioned above but she is unable to do anything about it.
In light of these serious concerns, the party election should be halted immediately and resumed only after all these logistical problems have been remedied. If the JPP and/or the secretariat proceeds without resolving these basic but fundamental issues, the party will lose the trust of its members and also damage its reputation as a party that fights for democracy and justice for all Malaysians.
Moreover, if the Chairperson of the JPP claims that she is no longer in control of the election process, then she should no longer hold on to the position and resign immediately. Similarly, if the party secretariat, which is under the responsibility of the Secretary General, is unable to perform their duties properly, then the responsibility for the conduct of the party election should be entrusted to others who can do the job.
Rashid Azad Khan                                         Muhammad Firdaus Christopher
Election Agent, Zaid Ibrahim                       Political Aide, Zaid Ibrahim
Candidate for Deputy President                  Candidate for Deputy President

Fractals with Le Vent, le Cri (Ennio Morricone)

Thursday 28 October 2010

Queen - Live Aid - Part 1 (1/5)

13.07.1985, London (Wembley Stadium), England

Most of top artists of that time were present at this mega-famous festival and Queen of course had to be there. Each artist got from ten to twenty minutes for their show; no playback or soundcheck were allowed. Queen hesitated because playing without a soundcheck is always a risk. But then they accepted the rules and their 20 minutes of fame came on at18:44 GMT.
Queen were on top form and not only according to Bob Geldof and Elton John, they stole the show. They played only the intro to Bohemian Rhapsody (the opera part couldn't be played from the tape as playback was forbidden & there wasn't enough time anyway). Instead of the opera part, Radio Ga Ga followed. We Will Rock You was reduced to the first verse (and the final guitar solo) only. Is This The World We Created was performed by Freddie and Brian only later in the evening. 

Wednesday 27 October 2010

The Social Contract

I do not really care what this Social Contract that everybody is talking about is really suppose to do. Whether it is about Ketuanan Melayu, or about conferring Bumiputra status on Malays or any  Mamak, Indonesians, Mahathir or anybody that UMNO deems fit to have Bumiputra Status. I do not care if this Social Contract was sign by all the representatives of the Malays and non- Malays at that point of time – which in essence means that the signature of these representatives does bind all of us and our descendents and their descendent to this Social Contract! And I really do not care a damm if this Social Contract is  crystal clear about it being an irrevocable documents that our founding father have intended for all of us to be bound too in the spirit of Merdeka…and it must be so because the Malays have sacrificed so much of their right to allow the other races to become the Rakyat of Malaysia. 

Who can tell me exactly what the Malays have sacrificed?...and before anybody say anything go see what the Orang Asli have sacrificed of their land, their life and their culture in the name of progress and national interest! Go see what the Penans have sacrifice of the same things as these orang asli have sacrificed just so the corrupt government in Sarawak can make hideous amount of timber money for Barisan Nasional politicians...starting from their own Chief Minister down!     

When something is wrong – nothing will make it right. Common sense will tell you that in the times that we now live in, racial politics and the use of the racial divide for political gain is simply not on! If you cannot understand this then simply put…you are a bloody idiot!

If there really is such a Social Contract then who will have the common sense to just tear this Social Contract up and sit down to write another Social Contract that is more reflective of the times that we live in? A Social Contract that says that if you choose to call Malaysia your home – then you are entitled to be treated equally as everyone else. Nothing more, nothing less.

And while you are writing that new Social Contract please look at these issues to:
  • Get rid of the Sultans.
  • Look into caring for the underprivileged and the aged – not superficially but in a real and effective way to ensue that their life is worth living.
  • Legislate to ensure that racial discrimination is a criminal offence.
  • No ISA.

And the list goes on…..

So all you people out there referring to the Social Contract cukup lah! What is wrong is wrong. No amount of legal jargon or agreements can make it right…………stop hiding behind this ‘Social Contract’ written many many years ago….if one ever exists. If you do want a Social Contract then let it be of this times that we are now living in. Common sense will tell you that it is the right thing and sensible thing to do if our country is to have any hope of a decent future.

Emmett, Terrina, Izzy and Sofia.

Got this today.....some people are still wondering what could they possibly do to make this world a better place.....I and my wife have done our share...and all of you with children and grand children have also done your share stop wondering! Now just enjoy what you have put on this Earth. I have done my work!

HAMID Father.

About ten years ago I had aneurysm. Spent a few days in intensive care and took about a year to recover. These last few months I have been having recurring headaches lasting for a few days at a time and spell of dizziness and I felt that it was time to get an educated opinion on my medical condition. This I did with a visit to my doctor. To cut a long story short I will have the first of many tests this week to allow my Doctor to have the information he would need to make an informed decision as to what is to be done to me...either put me in the "too hard to cure basket" or start me on medication to start me down the road to managing what health problems I have. I have an aversion to Doctors but at my age, cannot play play lah!

But here is the better part of the day....when I powered on my PC I got a pleasant message from Andrew Ee…he knew my late Father…and he sent me photos of my father on Widuri – my Father’s beloved boat. Looking at my Father in the prime of his life on his boat brought back so many happy thoughts and memories of this Father of mine…and I wanted to share these images with those of you who might have known him too. Thank you again Andrew for your kindness in posting those images to me.     

For those of you who still have your Father with you - please I ask that you take five and try to reach out to them and let them know your affections, respect and reverence for them...and your mother too! What I have now of my parents are just memories...but what wonderful memories! And Andrew thank you for making me go back to the past to revisit those memories.  

Dusty Springfield - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (1967)

Tuesday 26 October 2010

I am not now
 That which I have been.

     Nothing defines the people of Malaysia as much as their ability to suffer discomforts with a quiet nobleness of the spirit. Among these Malaysian the ability of the Malays to endure many of the disappointments perpetuated upon them by their own UMNO is legendary. For over fifty years the Malays allowed UMNO to be their alter ego oblivious to the harm done to the Malays and the country by UMNO in the name of the Malays. The other races had to put up with whatever was thrown at them by Barisan Nasional. Any attempts to openly challenge the unfairness of being treated as second-class citizens in their own country could only be done at their own peril lest the numerically advantaged Malays consider such moves as a threat to Ketuanan Melayu. After all the Malays held power albeit through UMNO. So there has been a tacit stand off and a racial divide encouraged by UMNO between the Malays and the non-Malays. This situation serves UMNO’s policy of divide and rule that have enabled them to stay in power for twelve general elections. UMNO’s interpretation of “Malays” is largely confined to Malays in UMNO and that too confined to those who are in the corridors of power and their cronies. Among UMNO politicians the esteem of Ketuanan Melayu is profitable but upholding the principles of it for all Malays, troublesome. UMNO is also unable to comprehend that as we move globally ethnicity is no longer a viable option if you seek longevity to your political rule in a multi ethnic country like Malaysia.

     UMNO has now assumed the role that was once the prerogative of the Sultan. They have deposed these Sultans in everything but name effectively evolving over the years to where it has now placed its own President to live in splendid isolation in a palatial palace call Sri Perdana in Putrajaya surrounded by all the trappings of wealth and power. This ostentatious lifestyle is rippled down to all levels within UMNO. This financially challenging lifestyle is impossible to maintain on the meager salaries of Politicians  - be he the Prime Minister himself – and meant that they were all susceptible to corruption on a grand scale.
     What has changed is the realization by the Malays that far from advancing their cause UMNO was legislating their leaders and cronies into positions of power and immense wealth at the expense of the Malays. Ketuanan Melayu, Bumiputra status, and the oft stated goal of poverty eradication and economic restructuring to eliminate the identification of ethnicity with economic function remained secondary to what UMNO wanted for itself:  power, money and more money. Hideous and copious amount of money. And the people doing all this were the Malays – albeit the Malays in UMNO – but nevertheless Malays!
     If you were Malay what would you do? Without the Malay votes they will certainly be no victory in any General Election for UMNO. For the first time since it came to power, victory for UMNO is not guaranteed – because by any measure you care to use:
·      Be it respect for UMNO from the Malays.
·      It’s inability to eliminate corruption, nepotism
       or money politics within itself.
·      Or its failure to uphold transparency and
       accountability in Government:
By any measure you care to use, UMNO is in decline. So what will the Malays do? Will they put race before nation and give UMNO their vote because if they do not what relevance has UMNO got left without Malay support?
     In 2008 the Malays did what they had to do. They voted for change! The Malays had enough of Mukriz being bailed out to the tune of RM1 Billion Ringgit. Enough of the billions of Ringgits spent on MINDEF tenders that promised much but delivered little to the country but plenty into the deep pockets of cronies of UMNO. Enough of the obviously loop sided lucrative privatization projects and one sided IPP agreements favoring cronies of the BN elites. Enough of the blatant use of power by Barisan Nasional that deprived the Malays in Kelantan and Trengganu out of their fair share of Petroleum Royalties. Enough of seeing Malay politicians amassed amazing fortunes while in office under the guise of Ketuanan Melayu and Bumiputras privileges and unashamedly displaying these ill-gotten gains for all to see. There was an embarrassment of riches taken from the national coffers for the account of UMNO politicians who were Malays.
     The Malays had enough of the arrogance and abuse of power by Malays in UMNO. Enough of the ISA being the solution for every imaginable slight against the Barisan Nasional government. Enough of Memali where Malays were killed by Malays. The Malays were embarrass that the Malay dominated Police Force have become a corrupt money grabbing force taking from all and sundries – a mirror of what Barisan Nasional was doing to the country but on a grander scale. What the Malays know now was that the threat did not come from the non-Malays. It came from within. From UMNO.
     All this and many more disturbing instances of UMNO inability to feel the pulse of the increasingly agitated Malays manifested itself in the results of the 2008 elections. Barisan Nasional lost four states. Five with Kelantan  - a state they would never have. Numerically more people voted for the opposition then for Barisan Nasional. Barisan Nasional lost its two third majority. Pakatan Rakyat presented itself as a credible and effective opposition in Parliament! The Malays have moved on. They now wanted political parties that can deliver service – not reward the loyalty of their own members through self-enrichment and autocracy.
     This triggered the non-Malay to voice their desire for change in the way they were treated as second class citizens in a country they call their own. And yet amongst the non-Malays years of conditioning by UMNO has meant that the special position of the Malays was a no go area. Anybody going there had the ISA to contend with.
      But as the Malays began to understand the scale of UMNO’s duplicity upon them the Malays and the non-Malays began to understand the plight both of them were in.  They were all being treated as second-class citizens by a Barisan Nasional government intent upon making capital out of a contrived situation that allows them to have a heady mixture of power and wealth. A toxic combination that has caused much pain and duress for the people of Malaysia and as all toxic mixtures ingested internally will do, will also eventually cause the demise of Barisan Nasional itself.  
     That the Malays and Non-Malays were to come together was a fait accompli because their fight was against a common foe – Barisan Nasional. But it took the 2008 general elections to define their coming together as allies. And events since then have only served to tighten up loose ends.  None polarized this more then the thought that the office of Prime Minister could be a place of refuge for criminal acts  - as demonstrated by Najib’s refusal to prove his innocence or guilt in the Altantuya’s murder –and yet this same Najib Razak requires that Anwar fronts up in court over the sodomy two case.
     This double standard now brought into sharp focus the unsustainable argument that any body should deserve special privileges or attention by virtue of ethnicity, gender or any other criteria.
     This was the ‘change’ whose time has come for Malaysia. Change that transcended race, religion and political affiliations. Change that was not advocated by the needs of any ethnic or religious groupings but change that was driven by the need to evolve our country to become a decent and better place for all its people. This time there were enough numbers to make UMNO and its Basrisan Nasional partners to think the unthinkable. The possibility that Barisan Nasional might lose the coming general elections. That Barisan Nasional has to change its thinking after over fifty over years of winning is in itself a by product of change after Pakatan Rakyat’s election success in the 2008 election. There is no going back.
      The people are no longer living in denial in their outlook of all things happening around them. They are critical of all issues and will pass comment and judgment on what they perceive must be done to ensure positive change in Malaysia.
     As a result we can see change happening around us. There are four States under Pakatan Rakyat. Four States where good governance can be seen to be the order of the day. In Penang, Transparency International has recognized the anti-corruption efforts by the State Government. While the federal government employs restrictive laws like the Official Secrets Act, Printing Presses Act and Internal Security Act, the Pakatan Rakyat’s state of Selangor Information Bill will do the opposite. It will return to the public their right of access to information.   ”It is a landmark bill and gives bite to the people by recognizing they have a right to demand information from the state,” said Elizabeth Wong, a democracy activist-turned- legislator, who is the prime mover of the bill
     We can feel the change. All around us there is an under current of what moves us all from one day to the next. Exposure of power abuse, massive financial frauds done with the connivance of those in high public office, the use of the judicial process for the benefit of the rich and powerful are all exposed in the public domain through the Internet. Many feel each exposure across the nation. As we share the exposure of yet another abuse we are drawn closer by our shared experiences. We cannot wait to meet friends, acquaintances, work mates and even strangers to ask them “Have you read about….?” And with that nod that you get in response you become one with them! You are one with me we are two! And we are all carried on a current of euphoria for the next few days with the belief that better things will come our way as each day dawns.
     We can hear the change! Everywhere we go, and to whomever we meet, in conversation with people we constantly hum the refrain of “Vote Pakatan Rakyat” A few years back the chant of REFORMASI! REFORMASI! REFORMASI! Was everywhere. Now it is NO ISA. NO ISA. NO ISA….and do not forget ALTANTUYA! TEOH BENG HOCK,….and many more names and catch phrases that we now know by heart. It is all around us everyday and sometimes in our quite moments alone we whisper it to ourselves and allow the sounds to vibrate through our thoughts and we get comfort from those words. It feels good because we know that change is on the way – it is with us even when we are alone.
     And then there is real change! There is a fledging and effective opposition in Parliament able to put the fear of God into the Government. They will shout if that is what it takes for them to be heard. The people are privy to leaked documents stamped ‘RAHSIA’ via the Internet and with thanks to Malaysia Today, RPK and the many bloggers on the Internet. Information, data and details of wrong doings by those in power are there for us to digest and comment on. Any and all pronouncements by Ministers and those in Public Office are scrutinized and taken apart for any untruths and inconsistencies. We are now privy to anything that our Politicians do and do not do. Promises not kept. Personal indiscretion committed. What we do not know now we will know later in all its glory and details. This change makes for very careful Politicians who will have need to think before they do. Politicians who before could arrogantly ask for a Government Department to “close on eye” to their business malpractices will now only do so if they have a death wish
      But this change has not totally reached the very people that matter. Politicians of all persuasion are playing catch up with the aspirations and hope of the people. Politicians on both side of the divide are still engrossed in scoring points over each other rather then focus on starting the process of putting into place the foundation for good governance. Pakatan Rakyat has more then a fighting chance to form the next Government of Malaysia. It would serve Pakatan Rakyat well if they could present to the people of this country a viable alternative to the form of government now being practice by Barisan Nasional. For now this would seem to be a bridge too far for Pakatan Rakyat to address though it is not for lack of trying. There seems to be a lack of urgency on Pakatan’s Rakyat part to present to the people of Malaysia their proposals for good governance and  what they intend to do if given the opportunity to govern this country and what they will do upon taking power.
     We are not interested in the obvious – abolish the ISA, punish those that had abuse the power vested in them by their electorates, fight corruption – no…all this will come as a matter of course. What would be watched with interest is what changes will be invested by Pakatan Rakyat to get the best people to govern our country. Sans race, sans religion, sans gender, sans any barrier but to choose only what is best for our country! This should be Pakatan’s Rakyat priority to ensure their way of doing things will be better  than that of Barisan Nasional.  
     What will happen now in terms of focusing the direction of these changes will depend upon the leadership within PR. For now PR has not come up with a positive spin on what they want to do after BN. They still seem to be savoring the victory of 2008. They are more focus on sniping at the BN on a personal level and scoring dud points in exposing private misdeeds of these BN Politicians. What they need to do now is to express their readiness and ability to meet the hope and aspirations of all the people that call Malaysia their home. We know that each race will still have to be addressed separately in order to give them their own comfort level – but more important is the need to educate each race to understand that we are Malaysian first. Ethnicity comes second. It is always the weak and the disadvantaged within our country that needs to be taken care of first – after all is that not the hallmark of a civilized people? As a people we now need to educate our political masters of these needs. The nobleness of spirit to sit quietly when things we dislike are done to us must no longer be our way of doing things. “We must become the change we want to be” Mahatma Ghandi.
   I am pleasantly surprised when the boys talking in fluent Malay across the fence turns out to be an Indian and a Chinese. These are the Malaysians that will grow up to be one people. But their time is still far away. We must work now to make that there is change by the next election so that our children will grow up in a Malaysia that is ready for them. If we do nothing to effect change then it would be a tacit acceptance that there is no hope left for our country. Whatever the way out, peaceful or violent, our people will have to become the change they want. The Malays are no longer in a defensive position despite each policy announcement regarding 1 Malaysia nor are the non-Malays threaten any longer by them. For once we are all together as Malaysian.   
     For me the most profound change has been the meeting of minds for all of us that call Malaysia home. It is still unnerving for me to discuss the failure of UMNO to champion the Malay cause with anybody else but a Malay and more unnerving still to put these thoughts into the public domain. By the same token for the other races to put their dissatisfaction about their respective political parties and leaders would have been unheard off until recently. The Barisan Nasional politicians have only themselves to blame that this is no longer the case. 
     The abuse by Barisan Nasional Politicians knows no ethnic divide. Each ethnic groups realized that they were not in isolation in having bad politicians amongst their midst. And keeping it within their ethnic groupings did not help matters much. And so it was open season for all Barisan Nasional Politicians. And this communality in purpose drove people to cross the racial divide to find strength with each other in their fight to change the Malaysia they know into one they want and aspire to.
‘I am not now
That which I have been’
George Byron

This is the article I wrote for Kee Thuan Chye as per his note to me appended below...
Hi Hussein,
I've been reading the posts in your blog and found them edifying.
My publisher, Marshall Cavendish, has asked me to bring out a new edition of the book "March 8: The Day Malaysia Woke Up", which I wrote and edited, first released in September 2008.
We're calling the new edition "March 8: Time for Real Change".
I'd like to invite you to write a chapter for it addressing the theme of change in the post-March 8 context.

Finding Courage

How many of you will stand up and be counted as being against the Barisan Nasional government? Are you going to be silent and let your votes do the talking for you instead? Who amongst you will disrupt your settled and comfortable way of life to be an activist to fight against the corruption, the greed and the arrogance of UMNO and Barisan Nasional politicians?

I asked this because we know too well what harm this BN government does to those that do not agree with what they are doing to our country and to their own people. The ISA is a very effective weapon used against individuals the government consider a “treat to national security”. I personally would not have the resolve to face being separated from my love ones for any amount of time – what more years. I would not have the resolve to face being abuse physically and mentally by PDRM in their process to break me down. Many of us would rather not have the opportunity of being a “guest” of our government under the ISA franchise!

So who amongst us will stand up to be counted? Not many! To many of you the act of logging into the various blogs two or three times a week to acquaint yourself with the latest “news” about Barisan Nasional and their leaders is the extent of your activism in our journey towards this crucial 13th general election!

To some of you the time spent talking with friends over teh tarik by the mamak stalls will give you a high all through the evening until it is time to go home, shower and sleep over the exhaustive sembang session you just had……and all that you talked about would play around your head until you fall asleep. Then another day is upon you and another day of work starts ….and Malaysia will be none the better for the sembang session you had with your friends the previous evening.

But that is life. If I immerse myself into the chatter going around the blogs I too can easily get carried away with the heat of the moment – whether it be the ETP, PKR’s party election or any political controversy of the day. By nothing comes out of it. Nothing but a moment of contempt and disgust for Barisan Nasional and the abuse they wreck upon this beloved country of ours. That moment would certainly reinforced our beliefs that it is time for change. It would remind you again that Pakatan Rakyat could provide a viable alternative to Barisan Nasional. And after a few minutes of bringing yourself to speed with what is on the Internet…you power off and go back to whatever it was you were doing or want to do! Watching TV, having dinner or spending time with your family and friends to while the evening away until it is time for bed.

While all this would personally do you good and fulfil the belief in yourself that you have done your bit towards bringing change to our country…the reality is that you have done nothing! Zilch! Zero….KOSONG! Too many of you I want to tell you that you are doing nothing to change the BN government! If you continue to do this then the 13th general election will also do the same thing to yourself and to our country ….NOTHING!

And most of you are content with doing nothing! You cannot be bothered to do more….why should you? If you look at what is around you in your immediate space, your immediate life and the immediate world you already are settled you will want nothing to change. Change brings too much hassle and unsettles you and the world you live in.

Why should you care about the ISA? About Altantuya? About Khoo Beng Hock, Aminurasyid and Kugan? If you ignore these unpleasantnesses it will eventually go away because you no longer hear about them on TV or Media? It is only the blogs that continues to tell you about these unpleasantness….and you can always click these stories away with you little finger!

And you will click those realities away until another death in custody sparks your interest again! Until another PDRM shootout that killed five suspect criminal elements armed only with parangs. Until another financial scandal with losses running into the billions! But these occurrences are minor irritations that you either choose to ignore or can ignore because they have no direct bearing on your life!

When you do this you kill our country a little. You allow yourself to be lulled into a sense of detachment from the things that is happening around you. You excuse the corruption in government ministries because Barisan Nasional politicians are corrupt too! The moment you do so then it is no longer a question of if our politicians are corrupt or not…but a question of how corrupt there are. A question of not whether PDRM will do their duty to protect us but rather a question of how far PDRM will go to impose the vested interest of their Barisan Nasional political master upon us….and they will go far!

What I am trying to put across here is the inability of most Malaysian to walk the talk and the “tidak apa” attitude. Because it is easier to sit and do nothing then to put yourself in harms way via the long arm of the Barisan Nasional and their punitive actions against you when they found out that you are not with them body, heart and soul.

How will all this end? The same way the other 12 general elections have ended – with Barisan Nasional still in power. So please go find the courage to make yourself do what you know you have to do to bring change to our country. Stand up to be counted!                     

Friday 22 October 2010

Elvis Presley - Welcome to my world

Elvis Press interview - The King shows his sense of humor

Sandie Shaw -Long live Love & Dusty Springfield-You don't have to Say

Air Supply

The Greatest Basketball Shot of All Time

Joke Lagi...Warisan Merdeka Towers.

No public funds.

Tan Sri Hamad Kama Piah Che Othman pointing to the site of Warisan Merdeka development during the press conference pn Wednes

KUALA LUMPUR: The RM5 billion Warisan Merdeka project does not involve public funds and will not affect dividend payouts on unit trusts managed by Permodalan Nasional Bhd.
PNB group chief executive officer Tan Sri Hamad Kama Piah Che Othman yesterday moved to allay concerns over the project, since its announcement in the 2011 Budget on Friday.

Read more: No public funds

Thursday 21 October 2010

Woi Najib...UP YOURS!

Najib UP YOURS! You call yourself our Perdana Menteri? Our Leader? Or are you a sheep that follows the flock? From as long as I can remember you have been a follower ….…no, not a dedicated follower of noble ideals or lofty beliefs…but a follower that takes his position at the back of the herd. Never having the courage to be in the front line. Never ever being the first to embrace what would be the right thing to do because to do so would leave you alone without the insidious comforts of those you crave to have around you…those like minded cowards who seek the comfort of the herd.

You will never understand that to be a leader you must lead. You must stand-alone at times because you have listened to your heart and understood the need to go against the grain because that was needed to be done for the people and for the good of Malaysia.

You Najib have always waited to see whose side would win before you jump towards the direction of who ever is winning….if the winner is for Ketuanan Melayu – then you are for Ketuanan Melayu. If the winner is going to be Mahathir that is where we will find you. Now what if the winner after the 13th General Election is Pakatan Rakyat? Where will you be? Or are you going to declare yourself to have always been a closeted Pakatan Rakyat operative? Huh!

Now again we see you for what you really are! Running towards any direction that will give you shelter, comfort and a belief that you will survive this UMNO assembly and live to fight the 13th general election. And the direction you perceived will save you is to stand before your UMNO altar and warn of 'crushed bodies', 'lost lives', 'ethnic cleansing' if status quo is not kept!”

You expect us to capitulate? You expect us all to run helter skelter towards the so called protective embrace of Barisan Nasional and put you and your gang back into power to hold sway over us all again? You are stupider then I thought! Think man, think!

We have had enough of these annual threats from a myopic UMNO assembly. At least that Din guy, who also happens to be your cousin, injected some drama with his Keris wielding stunt. You Najib, like in Sibu, can only promise money or as in the UMNO assembly threaten us all – the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians the people of Sarawak and Sabah and all those that call Malaysia home with 'crushed bodies', 'lost lives', 'ethnic cleansing' if status quo is not kept!”

Cukup lah Najib. Steadylah. We are only talking about an election…not an erection! Do what I was thought to do by my elders when we were circumcised/bersunat….when we think we are about to have a ‘problem’ with our just circumcised member…..give a few knocks on your kneecap…it will bring everything under control! Do that Najib and do not forget…we are talking about an election not an erection...and remember those few knocks on the kneecap…it really does work! 

Let us think of Home....

For all you Malays abroad...London, Australia, The US of A, Canada.... Europe.... anywhere....listen to this  song and think of home. Home is where the heart is...where our love ones are....and let yourself go. Cry if you want to...go send an email home, call home....reconnect and tell those that you left behind that you love them. God sometimes it hurts so much to be away.... 

Cakap Cakap....Stupid Idiots!

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno leaders, by virtue of their dominant position in Malaysian politics and governance, have a moral responsibility to manage race relations in the country.

"Diversity is the source of our strength thus far. What is important is how we benefit from this asset and make it a pillar of the nation's success," Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak said.

How very perceptive of Najib! Of course diversity is the source of UMNO’s strength. In as long as UMNO is able to maintain this diversity among the races they will be king. Divide and rule. And we are not unfamiliar with how UMNO benefits from this assest and make it a pillar of the nation’s success…..nation and UMNO being one and the same thing.

Yes UMNO leaders dominate over others by their propensity to be corrupt, deceitful and arrogant.

Their claim to have a moral responsibility to manage race relations in Malaysia is sickening to the core! What moral responsibility? UMNO will have one hell of a problem trying to find one politician amongst them that can be considered  moral enough to pass himself of as a good muslim.

Think JJ, think Najib, think Muhyiddin and that Din guy…huh! All of them fakes! They champion the principles of Islam because it is in their interest to do so…and yet claim a moral responsibility to manage race relations! Manage race relations in order to have us all at each others throats!

Wake up Malaysia. Enough of these idiots. In the olden days it will be “Off with their Heads!”      

Cakap Cakap...Reminiscing.

I have been called a lot of names  since I started steadyaku47 – and most of it deserved! Idiot, crook, snake…opps I forgot to include the verb ‘stupid’ before the word idiot…..but you get the drift of what I am saying. Melayu tak sedar diri…self-centered bloody racist…bayak lagi lah! Initially I did the noble thing and allowed publication of all comment without me moderating them…but not anymore. Now I decide what I want to allow onto this blog and it felt good deleting them at source. After all this is my space!

For me the past is past. Do I have regrets for the things I have done? Plenty! Corruption? It takes a thief to catch a thief – and for me I can write about corruption with conviction and understanding from both sides of the divide. No excuses no regrets. At that point of time it was a way of life when you want to do business with the government....and still is!

Anwar was in prison, Lim Kit Siang was someone with a Rocket for his party symbol, Karpal was a good lawyer that could work wonders in courts – especially for criminals. Pas was better kept at arms length and Kelantan was visited with much trepidation. Pakatan Rakyat? Never heard of it! Ibrahim Ali was someone working under Pak Lah and still obnoxious even then! MCA and MIC were the running dogs of UMNO…and they still are!

Today at 63 I am who I am. Comfortable in my own skin. Estranged from my brothers and living a good and happy life here down under with the kangaroos and the aborigines. The whites are also around and should our path cross there is no need to fear each other. We are equals. The law says so and the law makes it so! The Chinese are everywhere. In the Central Markets selling vegies, with restaurants all over this city, driving the good cars in town, on the buses, on the trams…the only problem I have with them is trying to make out if they are from China (very loud), Malaysia (their lingo is unmistakeable) or elsewhere. Go to their food court in the Central Market and you are back home again until you see the cost of a Kueh Teow  - around RM$24 –thank GOD I am rich enough to be able o afford them if I want to…but so can anybody else.

Once in a while I see a Proton or a Satria..but only once in a while. Once I came across a Malay couple with their daughter on the bus. They were sending her to study here – first trip to Adelaide for all of them. The father was a senior civil servant and he looked self-conscious being on the bus. But that is Adelaide – you meet the nicest people on the buses – including me.

I am very reflective these days. Wondering about the rights and wrongs of what I did in business....and remembering that I sometimes did make a stand on issues I believed in only to be swept aside by others whose primary concern was the mighty ringgit. 

I remember a particular incident. I was the Manager for Persatuan Bekas Perajurit Wilayah Persekutuan. Our office was beside the green Perkim Building near the MIC head office. Pak Lah was then DPM and their Patron. They wanted to hold a fund raising dinner and asked me to invite Pak Lah to be our guest of honor – I said I would do so if I were allowed to manage the fund raising event. Because the year before Ku Yah was doing it and much money went missing and into her pockets – much more then into the coffers of the Bekas Perajurit Association with the Board of Directors getting their share. They agreed. Kak Endon helped and Pak Lah agreed. Once the date was agreed upon – the Board of Directors told me that THEY not me would do the ‘managing’ of the fundraiser. I disagreed and I got kicked out. Then they went straight to Endon and told her that I had taken money from the Association…this when I had been working gratis because I thought I could make a difference to the way things were being done – and then I would ask for a wage. But no regrets – I got wiser from then on.

And then there was another Malay company – WAJA construction in Taman Melawati. Class A. Two young goons running it...I cannot remember their names now - but one was the son of Mazlan the ex- Datuk Bandar Kuala Lumpur. Many projects but millions in debt. Gangsters barging into the office at all time of the day demanding payments for sub contractors for work done, for payments received but not paid to the sub contractor. I even had to ask PDRM D7 to assist and mediate with one of them lest they decide to go for me. I went in at their invitation as Chairman and started work. 

All their projects were behind schedule. All the advances from the Government, all the payments for work done went into their own pockets and not to their sub contractors. And yet through their deviousness they somehow got more projects and more advances and pocketed more payments meant for their sub contractors. They did flood mitigation projects on the Klang River and in Perak  somewhere near Pasir Salak where Tajuddin is the MP. The relevant Jabatan Parit officers were on their payroll. Delayed projects were given numerous extensions. Complaints from sub contractor to these government servants were ignored. Money buys everybody. 

But this I now know. When people are out to cheat and deceive you right from the start you do not have a fighting chance to survive. Again I worked for no salary – only profit sharing if and when the company became profitable again. When I had enough of their lying and cheating I left taking the TV and the Hi Fi set that was in my room as payment for my months of work with them.

So please  - Persatuan Bekas Perajurit Wilayah Persekutuan and WAJA – do not do business with these companies. They will be more devious then you and can outflank you when it comes to doing the dirty on you.

These are all lessons learnt. I am the better for it. Today there are all memories that make me smile. There wll be other stories but for now it is past 5.30pm here and I need my rest. My favourite programs come up soon – The News. So enough for now. Salam.            

Don't tell Najib what comes after Trillion!

I can only borrow from the Banks what I can afford to pay back. What loans and overdraft that are given to me are either borrowed against collateral I provided or guaranteed by somebody acceptable to the bank or given after the bank is convinced of my ability to repay. Insurance on assets that I buy with the bank’s money and insurance against my life expectancy are also required to ensure the bank has covered all probabilities and possibilities that might cause me not to repay the loan – including death! They say that there is nothing safer then keeping your money in the bank but I think it is safer when the bank lend our money to others – because not only are they not using their own money but they have made sure that they will get their money back with interest.

So if the banks are that careful with our money, how come Bank Bumiputra “merged” with CIMB? How come Sime Darby Bank made a loss of RM1.8 billion in 1998? Simple answer? The banks started fooling around with Barisan Nasional politicians. Need I say more? Any fail safe business that sleep in the same bed as these unsavoury politicians will fail. No if’s, no but’s…they will fail!

So will our country fail?

Our country has been in the hands of UMNO politicians for as long as we have existed as an independent nation. Systematic failures have characterised all mega projects undertaken by this government: be it in infrastructure, utilities, the national car project, ports, defence spending, yacht regattas, huge conglomerates with billions of ringgits worth of assets and cash reserves frittered away etc etc…….Fail. Fail. Fail. The only thing that distinguishes these project and business failures is the magnitude of their failures…big, bigger and like PKFZ…. MEGA! Now all of this has been the fallout from the Mahathir era.

Najib and Co. are distinguishing themselves by churning out colossal money making opportunities (for UMNO and their cronies only!) that are already able to eclipse what Mahathir has done – and knowing Mahathir’s perchance for mega wastage, that is saying something!

We are now being prep to accept projects coming our way that are worth in the billions! These billion ringgit projects are rolling off Najib’s tongue with a familiarity that is beginning to worry me. Just the other day the “T” word was mentioned! The “T” word? For Trillion!

Now our rubber and tin production is not what it used to be. Petrol is a non renewable source of income – it diminishes as time goes by. We do not have gold or other precious metals in commercial quantities. Our Oil Palm production is now behind Indonesia that emerged as the world’s largest producer since 2007. We are not a financial centre like Singapore. Neither are we currently the preferred manufacturing hub for automative products, food products, medical products, electronic, shoes or for that matter any viable products for any global corporation.

So where the hell is the money for these MEGA projects coming from?

Remember what I said at the beginning of this article about me borrowing from the banks? Well just as we can borrow from the banks, so can the government. Do they just print the money ala the Japanese and their banana money during their occupation of our country or do they borrow from the World Bank? Neither! The government borrows through the issue of government debt in the form of government bonds or gilts and these are sold to financial institutions that provide the cash and are paid in INTEREST rate or coupon. The operative word there is “government debt”.  That is the interest that our children and our children’s children will be paying for the borrowed money already squandered by UMNO and BN through failed projects and their partiality towards engaging in endemic corruption.

Najib will be gone in a few years – maybe even as early as next year when the general elections are called. So his government borrows now…who pays? Our children. And what are they paying for? Tolls that keep rising, Bakun, PKFZ etc etc …our children are paying for over priced infrastructure and failed projects, failed stadiums, for making UMNO and BN politicians and their cronies rich beyond their wildest dreams. 

Just imagine….your great grand children will be paying for that RM$500 million given to Razak Baginda for services rendered to the Malaysian government in their purchase of those submarines. They will be paying for  Jho Low spending millions on Paris Hilton..the one Anwar says he is not jealous of! They will still be paying for Khir Toyo’s travels and palatial mansion. Paying for Mukriz’s rich and famous lifestyle. They are also paying for the sham of setting up MACC to do the dirty work for BN in giving everyone else but BN, a hard time! Paying for the Hari Raya gift from Felda to their settlers! Are you getting the picture? The paying never stops because the wasteful spending goes on and on and on……..

When we buy and spend we must be able to afford to do so. Do not saddle our children with the interest of what we borrow. Is it not enough that we have to suffer from the billions wasted by the BN government? Must our children too? 

How do we stop this? 

Vote Barisan Nasional out in the 13th General Election! 

Then we can declare Malaysia UMNOFree!