Friday 27 February 2009

Hi "h+A>z(w)=@xN"

..tqs for reading what I write..dan budak kolej pulak !! How do I communicate with you ? ...and napa you suka Butterfingers" ? Pasal ada budak kolej dalam group tu ka ? I would just like to know. Tqs.


Sunday 22 February 2009

What now Anwar ?

ANWAR cukup lah. I do not profess to talk on behalf of our batch – no that would be too presumptuous of me – but I did remember vaguely in some conversation a long long time ago with some of our friends – that we did say that when we think that you have strayed too much off the beaten track, we, as your MCKK batch mates, will take you by the hand (or balls – whichever you prefer) and tell you “Cukup Lah”. I think that point has been breached a number of times – but no affirmative action was taken by any of us. Whether they are not bothered, or simply are leaving you to your own devices is to be debated but I will not wait any longer.

What will it take for you to put politics aside and put the interest of the Rakyat and our country first before self. Did you not learn from what happened under Mahathir? You whipped up the people into a frenzy with your rhetoric’s – and then what? The country was pulled apart by forces loyal to you and forces loyal to the Government. For what? What did it achieve? Now it is happening again. And when all is done what then? You will not be PM because like Najib, your past will catch up with you. If you cannot be king then be the Kingmaker. But do it in a statesmanlike manner, gracious and with responsibility and accountability to the people – and if you do it that way you can be assured that the people will be with you. They are looking towards you because, as I have said much earlier, you are the most capable by default when you look at what is now available – Najib, Pak Lah…etc. But it has been quite sometime since the last election when the people DID give you a mandate to act on their behalf but instead until now you and your Pakatan Rakyat are embroiled in playing politics and posturing to promote yours and their own personal interest. Since you came back on the political scenario I had yet to see you do one meaningful gesture that would indicate to me that you deserve to be leading the country in this renewal process. No Anwar you have not done anything without regard to self – always it is to advance your cause – personal or political – at one time you all had the Rakyat swept on a tide of hope and belief in your ability to deliver what was required to keep those politicians bastards honest. You failed to deliver.

Now what? You are wearing your welcome a bit too thinly. We have had enough of your posturing and your gift of the gab. Stop and think and think hard where you should go from here. Speak to your real friends – those that can speak with you without fear or favor – and let them tell you things you should hear – not what you want to hear. Do it soon before you fall again. If this seems a bit too harsh then think of the times you spent in jail – you do not want to go there again !! You are too old to withstand the physical aspect of being put in jail again…and you know damm well that that is where you will find yourself if you do not deliver the expectations of the people in being their king…and if you cannot be their king…then be the king maker. 

Wednesday 18 February 2009

Musuh di dalam selimut?

"It is Umno that should be nervous about its future if its members continue to act oblivious to the problems and challenges it faces".

"Umno's ethics book surprisingly doesn't allow campaigning
Of course, most contenders have ignored this prohibition".

"Umno has a queer way of gauging popularity or acceptance during actual voting. Judging by the last race, money or favor is still an element of persuasion".

"The quota system is actually a tool for corrupt practices because in order to get 21, 39 or 59 divisional nominations for the V-P, deputy presidency and the presidency respectively, one is tempted to buy support".

"Class F and businessmen of stature looks at the party's election as some sort of a business venture. So they invest".

The above quotes are taken from an interview Rais gave to NST recently – it speaks volume of the state UMNO now finds itself. To ponder the survival of UMNO under present circumstances defies logic.


What is the deal with RPK. What good are you to us dead? Steadylah Pete...look at Pak Lah. In his mind he is resolute in thinking that he has done his best for his country. That he has sacrifice enough for his country and the ultimate sacrifice is for him to go - hoping against hope that maybe, just maybe before he steps down, the Rakyat or UMNO will want him back. But we know the reality is different. 

Maybe you are strong enough to do what you think you must - but the causes you have choose to champion are always of the most destructive kind - destructive to those who champion them...and your writings and actions lately now seems to concern itself with you , you and nothing much else at all. Think! Does not your family have a say in what you do? Contrary to what might have been promised there are no 70 virgins waiting on the other side for you. Life only goes on if you live. Step back and think outside the box. Do what you will as it does not concern me but running away is not the way to go...and dying is the easiest way out of your present situation but not the wisest or bravest. Salam Brother and may you have strength to face a most terrible situation - one I will not wish upon anybody - not even on Najib....Rosmah maybe.....

Elizabeth Wong

Shame is a guilt you must do without. You have done nothing wrong. You did not plunder the Nation's wealth. You did not violate any underage child. You did not put away anybody under ISA. Sticks and stones may break your bone but do not let talk bother you. What you are going through now and for the foreseeable future might at times seems to you to be unbearable and too daunting to face alone. But you are not alone. I am with you. Your peers in Pakatan (at least those that really matters) are with you, Raju is with you. Esther, Rajamani and Mariana are with you. Do not let us down. You have work to do and your Party, your Country and we need you. Stand up and be counted and declare that your life will go on for there are too many things still to be done to allow anyone to stand in your way.

Yes it can be a question of morality. Then if it is let those who are without sin cast the first stone. What two consenting adults (WHO ARE NOT OF THE MUSLIM FAITH) do in the privacy of their quarters remains just that - PRIVATE . Elizabeth you now have your life in the glare of public scrutiny but it will not be for too long. The glare that the public now gives you is one of resolute support and understanding. We will go through this together and emerge with our heads held high.   


Tuesday 17 February 2009

Reality bites....

Idi Amin and me were never friends, neither have we met at any stage of our life. Do not believe his words if he had insisted that he knows of me whether in this world or in the one that he has moved on to. We never met. Now that that is out of the way let us begin. 

After the initial euphoria of knowing that people out there whom you have never met, less so known, are reading your blog, you begin to realize after about two weeks that what writers refer to as “writers block” is a physical and not a mental state of mind. Physical in the sense that you find yourself sitting in front of the PC doing nothing. The TV that is constantly on in the background used not to be a presence that can distract you from your blogging world is now irritating you because every time the commercials come through the volume jumps three decibels and startles you from your empty thoughts. How your thoughts can be startled when it is on empty is another discourse all together. For now it is enough to realize that writing a blog is an imposition that no reasonable person should impose upon themselves unless they have the ability to pour forth copious amount of drivel onto their PC that would interest others enough to make them forsake the many other more interesting blogs that litters the web just to read yours. There is this insane insistence somewhere in the left hand corner of your cluttered brain that tells you that write you must in order for you to satisfy your craving for attention and receive your daily dose of heart pumping adoration from the cheering multitudes that awaits your writings daily. You have become, within less then three weeks, a blog junkie. 

What have I done to myself? Self mutilation comes to mind. “Self-mutilation is intentional self-harm without the wish to die. Cutting one's skin with razors or knives is the most common pattern of self-mutilation. Others include biting, hitting, or bruising oneself; picking or pulling at skin or hair; burning oneself with lighted cigarettes, or amputating parts of the body”….I could only identify myself with only one of the above “without the wish to die”…so that rules out self mutilation. 

If not self mutilation then what? 

There was a time BB (before blogging) when I was able to effortlessly sit and write on any thing I so choose to do. The state of the world, politics, what I thought of Mao Tse Tung, …anything my heart desires and where my mind takes me and the only thing that could stop me was when it was time to focus on the things that really matters in life – the TV with “Hogan Heros” . “Dads Army” or “Fawty Towers” or anything on “Elvis”. Now I sit with much effort but with less to show for.

This is cannot. I had delusions of become wiser as I develop my blog…now I know that is not going to happen. I am digging myself deeper into a hole that I am trying to get out of. 

Suddenly, in my head, I hear the strains of “Dost dost na raha” (that song from Sangam lah with Raj Kapoor!!) ….aduh lagu ini sungguh menusuk kalbu jiwaku….. and I lose yourself with past memories of times gone by….I am again energized and once again the juices flow…...and I WRITE !!!! All is forgotten and forgiven and life is good again. Don't you guys have the same problem?


Tuesday 10 February 2009

Mahathir....still relevant.

12. Lompat masuk (perangkap) boleh tapi lompat keluar tak sah!! He, he, he!

......say what you like about the Old Man but he does still have a sense of humour...I can just picture him going He, he, he !

Monday 9 February 2009


I am not anti-Chinese, anti-Indian or anti-Bumiputra. I am an equal opportunity person. I just do not like everybody. So do not take this piece as being anti-anything. Its just a compilation of my experiences sitting in the back seat of taxis in KL while suffering an air condition that does not cool, traffic that does not move and a driver who thinks that anybody going faster than him is "gila" and anybody going slower than him is the cause of the massive traffic jam that we were in - all the way from Bangsar to Bukit Bintang.

Open Letter to Gopalrajah (aka as Francis) the driver of the taxi that took me from Bangsar to Bukit Bintang last Saturday afternoon after “negotiating” an extra Ringgit $5 for a traffic jam surcharge – not approved by JPJ but mutually agreed to by two consenting adults – me and Francis.

It is common knowledge that the people who should really be running the country are driving taxis and they are only too willing to pour forth their views on “keadaan negara” if you are reckless enough to engage them in any conversation….even if it is to ask what the time is.
Getting into Francis taxi is an amazing cultural experience. The aroma, the colors and the music blaring from the radio requires for one to tolerate cultural and racial divergences among races and requires one to seriously accept that it is ok to be different.
Francis, as you insists on being called (can someone explain to me how one who is named Gopalrajah at birth becomes Francis?) please allow me clear up a few point of contention that we had with regards to our discussion on the legality of the decision made by the Sultan of Perak in resolving the crisis there.

You said “ Aku tau itu Sultan dulu ada kerja jadi majistrate tapi ini Sultan punya bikin sudah taruh itu Barisan control Perak”. 

To establish your credentials in discussing this  matter you said: “Saya Ipoh mari.”
In defense of Tuanku’s decision I drew your attention to the fact that Nasharudin has gone back to UMNO and that three Pakatan Rakyat’s MP have turned Independent and have now expressed support for BN. In this situation the Sultan was of the opinion that UMNO had the numbers to form the new State Government.

I saw you looking at me through your rearview mirror and after giving me the eye you said “Podah !!” - which I interpreted from the tone of your voice, as being dismissive of Tuanku’s decision. 

Biadap maybe but derhaka is to harsh a description to give to his “Podah!!” 

We went on to discuss what PKR has so far achieved in the States under their control. You were very critical of PAS propensity to take religion into all aspects of its political activities. 

You said: “Itu Hud Hud punya Islam sama itu PAS mesti ada sikit susahlah” which I interpreted as you being against the introduction of Hudud Islamic laws. Again I attempted to correct you by informing you that it was not Hud Hud (which is a M Nasir song – Apa Itu Hud Hud”) but Hudud but you stopped me dead in my tracks when you asked me “Itu M Nasir Pas atau UMNO?” because I really in all honesty cannot claim to know M Nasir's political preferences.

Then he turned his attention to me. He asked me “Encik sokong siapa?”

I said “ Kita sekarang mesti support Pakatan Rakyat pasal ini UMNO banyak itu politic wang ”

You interjected and said “Dia ada minta sikit wang bukan?” Here again your  interpretation of “sikit” was suspect but before I could interject you said: “Sama itu Polis lah”…and he was off going on about corruption in the Police, how his taking each day was not even enough to feed his family what more when he had to “feed” the polis…..and he went on and on….even managing to bring in the IGP and a Police Inspector he knew at IPK in Jalan Pudu into the conversation.

As he poured forth on Police corruption his mobile rang. He had his hands free on and started a loud and boisterous conversation which I could vaguely follow because of some bits of Bahasa and English that came through at erratic interval. What I heard from his phone conversation were……UMNO/Podah ( UMNO and podah were said in about the same breath)….MIC….. Makka Sakthi …meeting? (about five times – followed by a toss of his head in a circular motion and then a shake from side to side)…Special Branch…..and then a “aiyoyoooo” ( at least twice).
The radio was lost in the wall of sound that Francis and the hands free mobile had caused in the taxi. I was beginning to have a headache and just wanted this cultural experience to end as soon as possible...... 


Let's keep the bastards honest

What we are seeing now are the death throes of UMNO as we have known it in the last 50 years. But it will be a slow death and the inflicted pain on our country will be unbearable if there is no one to deliver the coup de grace. There is not. UMNO and its leaders is not respected by most and loved by less. UMNO for money. UMNO for greed. UMNO for deceit. 

It is a long time between General Elections. We must keep our anger on the boil. The force is there the will is there. Just see what we did in Selangor, Perak, Penang and Kedah – and lately in KT. The sad spectacle of the Pakatan Rakyat’s Perak MB being escorted out of his office brings to mind Shahidan Kassim, Isa Samad, Rahim Thamby Chik, Idris Jusoh, Khir Toyo - all ousted by their own follies for those whom the Gods wants to destroy, he first makes mad. Remember Samy Velu? Remember Radzi Sheikh Kadir? Remember Rafidah the immovable iron lady who has virtually made the International Trade Ministry her very own kingdom. …then our Prime Minister himself…all asked to leave before they were ready to do so. Power in politics is so fleeting when measured against time as we know it.

It is not often that we have a Daem of Lim Chong Eu who left when their time came – held their heads high and went into retirement with a sigh of relief for having rid themselves of their political trappings. Ok Daem had his FU (Fuck You) money - and they needed him more they he needed him but he is the exception.

Lest we forget we must keep our anger on the boil because come the next election we can at the least, ensure that an effective two party is put into place and this is one of the most effective way of keeping the bastards honest. But it’s a hard task. We’re fighting against Politicians who cannot see beyond their noses – be it Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat - who are prepared to do just about anything to stifle dissent and avoid embarrassment. So keep your anger boiling so that come the next election we will do the necessary.

It does take a bit of a wait and we must have the numbers to make the difference. Lest we forget we must all keep the anger within us - not only anger towards Barisan Nasional but if need be towards Pakatan Rakyat for promises not kept. Do not despair because for all these bastards the day of reckoning will come when they have to face us at the General Elections..and be it Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat the fear of God will be with them when they face us. No longer would they be able to hide behind the Police, FRU or their money. It will just be them vs Us…and if we are one, united and focused on what we have to do - we will make that difference. For now they are in power and they will plunder OUR country to their hearts content. But let us stoically wait it out. Let us count the millions they steal from us. Let us wait for surely we can win in the end. 

"Its name is Public Opinion. It is held in reverence. It settles everything. Some think it is the voice of GOD". Mark Twain.

"Public service must be more than doing a job efficiently and honestly. It must be a complete dedication to the people and the nation with full recognition that every human being is entitled to courtesy and consideration, that honor is earned, not bought".

Sunday 8 February 2009

PERAK - an attempt at clarity.

Early Sunday morning and I really am not in the mood to write but duty calls and write I must on matters prevailing in Perak. I ask for your indulgence for some minor slips as my finger hits the keyboard… as I also have not had my breakfast yet. And so I begin…..

Anwar’s first depression ....I mean impression…when he was told that Perak was lost to Barisan was to insist that an election should be called to allow the Rakyat of Perak to sucide..I mean decide who should Govern them. 

Sultan Azlan Shah in his book “Constitutional Anarchy…sorry Monarchy , Rule of Law and Good Governance” emphasized the importance of protecting all members of society from abuse of power. Public perception ultimately matters. The appearance of impartiality is more important that the reality of impartiality. But as I have said "Cakap bukan serupa bikin". Azlan should be wise enough to know that like Cesar’s wife he should be above suspicion. However Azlan has denied Pakatan request for an erection …sorry election.

In support of the Sultan’s decision Khairy Jamaluddin, UMNO Youth Deputy Leader said that he had always advocated that the Father in Law....I mean the rule of law... should decide the outcome of any dispute in this matter. On another matter when asked to comment on what can be done to improve Samy Velu's current situation KJ said “Sugery ….definitely sugery”.

The Prime Suspect…sorry the Prime Minister today lied…sorry tied the current situation in Perak to what the leader of the opposition Anwar, had himself advocated re his self imposed 16th September dateline of taking over the Government via defections of Barisan's Chimpanzees...sorry Representatives to Pakatan Rakyat.

At a kautim …sorry again…meeting between Najib and Azlan today at Istana Bukit Chandan in Kuala Kangsar, it was greed… was agreed that UMNO will form the next State Government.

UMNO has been in constant manipulation…sorry communication with the Palace on this matter from the time that it was approached with a request by the three MP from Pakatan Rakyat to join Barisan. Their decision to join Barisan has been money…ooppps it should have been a journey.... which they have had to undertake in order to do what is right for their own bank balance…sorry again it should be for their own local populace ……that has voted for them in the last election.

Sorry lah I better stop …cannot concentrate ….maybe after some coffee I might start again. 


Saturday 7 February 2009

In Victory Revenge, in Defeat Malice.

In the last election Pakatan Rakyat took control of Kelantan, Perak, Selangor, Kedah and Penang. In doing so it has to be said that elections in Malaysia are fair and free if not how could Pakatan Rakyat take over these States from Barisan? The Rakyat CAN choose who they want to govern over them. As far as I can recall Pakatan Rakyat took over the Government in these states without much problem save for some minor glitches. In all these states Barisan Nasional was gracious enough in defeat to allow Pakatan Rakyat to take control. You have now lost Perak . You have had close to a year to consolidate your control over Perak. This was not done as evident in the cross over by three of your elected representatives to Barisan. You can call it whatever you like – but what happened is that three of your people have lost faith in your ability to Govern and saw it fit to leave Pakatan Rakyat for the opposition.

When this happen you cannot take us back to those Keadilan days when our country went helter skelter – for what? Merely to serve your personal interest. The country is again going to be in turmoil because UMNO has out maneuvered Pakatan Rakyat and taken over Perak. Is that not what you were trying to do with the country with your 16th September dateline which did not happen. It’s a done deal in Perak. Be a gracious loser and allow Barisan the opportunity to do their work in Perak. They have earned their place. No lets be candid – Barisan did not win Perak, Pakatan Rakyat lost Perak. 

Friday 6 February 2009

Izzy and my Number One Daughter (her MUM).

Powerful prose...

'The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides with the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who in the name of charity and good will shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon those with great vengeance and with furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know that my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.'

Ezekiel 25:17. "The Path of the Righteous Man Is Beset on All Sides by Theinequities of the Selfish and the Tyranny of Evil Men."

all things must pass...

My mother died many years ago. I was in Perth when my father called from KL and told me that it would be a good idea if I came back to KL as “your mother is very sick”. I arrived at about ten that night. I knew she was in a bad way because my cousin who came to pick me up was wearing a songkok and was in Malay Dress. We went straight to GH - to the neuro ward where her head was completely covered in bandages because her brain was swelling up and she was already in a coma. All I could do was looked at her and after sometime headed for home. For the first and only time in my life I hugged my father when he came out of his room. She died the next day. From then on it was just a blur of things happening until I was back on the plane – crying to myself at the loss of my mother – and heading back to Perth because my wife had just given birth to our son a day before my mother passed away.

My Father died not too long after. I was also in Perth. I remembered that day well. It was a Sunday when the phone rang very early in the morning and it was my auntie and she was ringing to offer me her condolences because my father had passed away a week ago. Imagine her shock when I told her that I was not aware of my father’s passing. Let us not go into the whys and why not of what happened– suffice to say that I have not spoken to my brothers since that day. As is usually the case, greed overcomes all other consideration. 

And then there was my auntie who had phoned me to offer her condolences on my father’s passing. She and my wife were the best of friend. She had cancer of the lungs and was already at stage four when diagonosed. In the last two years of her life we were all living in Bangsar – she at Lorong Maarof and we at Jalan Tandok - just a few minutes walk form each other’s house. In her last few months I would say that my wife was at her place almost everyday for each other. She was slipping away before our very eyes. On the night before she died we got a call to come over around midnight because they wanted to take her to GH as she was not feeling well. I remembered looking at her face and into her eyes as she was carried into the front seat of our car sitting beside me. It did not look good. Early the next morning the call from GH came from her daughter to say that she had just passed away.

These are three people that I know well. There were all good people, God fearing as only the Muslims can be. They were part of my life.

Where am I going with this? It is this. It is the realization that I now handle the reality that both my parents and Angela are no longer alive with a familiarity that makes me think. Will my children also handle my passing with the same familiarity over time. Does anybody care when you are gone? Who cares even now? 

This realization shapes by existence. Dictates my self worth of myself. Directs the path I take with my life. Decides what I do or do not do. There are other considerations but there are not of much consequence. My life is now for my wife, daughter and her family and my son. Nothing else matter. Nothing else prevails. The concession I make towards being civil with people, having good manners when in the company of people are temporary and forms part of my social skills to allow me an easier passage through life where there is a need for me to be with these people. 

I watch people and decide if I want to prolong contact with them. If so for what selfish purpose. If they want to continue to see me – for what selfish reason do they do so and for what selfish reason will I reciprocate. No I am not paranoid. Not introvert. Not self centered. Not without social skills. A good listener. A good person when I want to be. Only sure of what I want and what I do not want. And there are no constrains around me to forbid me to do what I choose to do. But then there are people that craves company, cannot live without them and go out of their way to mix and mingle in this world. So where do you fit in? When you find your niche – be happy that you have found your niche. Do not judge other lest you to be judged. What I want to do is right for me. Do the right thing for yourself. 

Do not walk in front of me for I might not follow. Do not walk behind me for I might not lead. Do not walk beside me. Just the hell leave me alone because I walk into walls.

Thursday 5 February 2009

As I c it.....

In defence of Najib it must be said that this man has never been caught doing anything illicit, immoral or unsavory. He did it all but he was just never caught. Pak Lah might consider himself fortunate to think that he had the support, loyalty and total commitment from Najib as his Deputy. However without Najib maybe Pak Lah might still be PM after March 2009. Najib is way ahead of Pak Lah because he accepts that Money Politics and corruption is part of Malaysia’s political culture – not only in UMNO but PKR, DAP, PAS and all things political. 

A TUN once told me that “Mahathir prefers to have corrupt Minister in his cabinet. The easier to control them”. What a very practical man this Mahathir is. He pulls no punches and will do the necessary as long as the ends justify the means. Justifying the “means” is kachang puteh when the deed is done. His cronies, friends, sahabats and family will ride on his coat tails and milk the country for what it is worth but they will never cross the old man and they give him the respect he demands. Cross him and you die standing. From what I remember of his time as Prime Minister his control over UMNO, the country and all things Malaysian was absolute. UMNO was run on a very tight leash, the country stable and development was brisk. The troublemakers (as perceived by Mahathir) Anwar, the opposition, political dissents were either put away or muted. Mahathir was the Prime Minister that Malaysia had to have just as Chruchill was then needed by Britain to take them through the war years. Mahathir choice as his successor was also “ in the parley of the newspaper” correct at the time of going to the press. Pak Lah was the one to eradicate the excesses of UMNO and its Barisan partners which Mahathir had already started to identify, albeit more in the form of appealing to the “better nature of UMNO members” then by actual deeds and performances. That was left to Pak Lah to do when he took over.

That this did not happen is a damming confirmation of how serious Money politics is embedded in UMNO. Suffice to say that if Abdullah Badawi is unable to rid UMNO of its cancer do you seriously think that Najib is the man to do so? 

All our previous Prime Minister – from Tunku Abdul Rahman, Razak, Hussein, Mahathir and Abdullah Badawi have come into the job with one constant – untainted by corruption, money politics, greed or scandals. Najib cannot, by any stretch on the imagination, be said to be of this stock. So what does the future hold for our country and our people? 

Helang sudah mendarat…

Without any help from PKR, DAP or PAS, UMNO prepares to commit Hari Kiri – the ancient form of ritual suicide that defeated samurai, or those whose shame was “too unbearable” would use to restore their honor in death. While UMNO is no Samurai and there is no honor to restore at least their shame (money politics, greed, corruption) is unbearable and they should still proceed with the disembowelment.

How else could you explain the acceptance by UMNO into their midst of two @#*#@ who have been accused of corruption and sexual misconduct…..but as Najib said when asked why BN was willing to be associated with Jamaluddin and Osman who have been tainted by corruption charges, Najib replied: "We have no problem, that is a separate issue."…just as Altantuya is also a separate issue and does not in any way , in as far as he is concern, affect his ability to be our Perdana Mentri. But at least Najib is consistent in applying the same standards he has set upon himself to others. I shudder to think of what festers within UMNO.

Let UMNO now take the wakizashi (short sword) and disembowel itself but only this time there will not be any close friend, comrade to put them out of their misery by cutting off their head with one swift blow of the Katana (another Japanese sword). Let us now see how the opposition prepares itself to deliver that chop to UMNO head to put them out of their misery. To not do so would mean that they have failed the Rakyat who have graciously given them the mandate to represent them at the last General Election.

Anwar Ibrahim

Live by the sword...die by one...and so it has come to pass that Anwar now has a taste of his own medicine. The defections he had once hoped to happen has finally started its long predicted momentum but alas it has gone against him. Like Pak Lah the momentum was there for him to seize when the opposition won control of five states in the last election - but the heady days of victory and power was too exciting to let go - and playing politics rather then governing became the norm. And now the end will start to come not only for Anwar but for the grand design that came with the victory at the last election - and as always God is on the side of those with money and big armies...and as always we await the return of rampant corruption, greed and money politics as UMNO return to the fore with Najib at its apex. Did the Rakyat really thought that Truth, Justice and Fairness will really prevail? Do they not know that greed overcomes all other consideration. Amen.


Monday 2 February 2009

What if.....

Memandangkan keadaan Negara kita sekaranag yang memerlukan pempinan yang teguh lagi stabil, saya dengan rendah diri mencadangkan perlantikan saya sebagai Perdana Mentri Malaysia. I, ME and MYSELF are convinced that I will do better then Mahathir, Abdullah Badawi, Najib and Daem put together.. With my experience as a businessman BEFORE I enter politics, I am certain that I will be able to amass more wealth for myself, my Family and cronies better then all four of them put together. I am certain that I will be able to offer more lucrative and meaningful bribes to all the Perwakilan in UMNO who will be needed to put me and keep me in that position for the number of terms required (at least three !!!) so that they too can be rich like me, my families and cronies. I will also make sure that there will be no problems with any of my Ministers or the Mentri Besar’s making money from projects under their Ministries or State because all award of tenders above $50K will be decided by me….so only I will make the money. Why a $50K limit – well you have to be fair to these Ministers and Mentri Besars – they too have Families and Cronies to take care of.

What about the corruption in the Police, Custom, Immigration, Puspakom, Treasury…in fact to be fair ..what about corruption in the Government? I think we need to look at the fundamentals involve. Basically corruption is a “willing buyer, willing seller” situation. There has to be someone who is willing to pay for services rendered and of course there must be that guy who is rendering the service. And anybody with any knowledge of economics will know that price (in this case BRIBES) will find its own level where demand meets supply. So once we accept this basic economic principal corruption will no longer be a problem. The Mata Mata, Immigration Officers, Customs etc will no longer eagerly sought offenders for a “selasai” discussion towards the end of the month when money is tight – they know that money is also tight for the giver – so nobody negotiates from a position of strength – again the “willing seller willing buyer” situation comes into play.

What about Nepotism? Come on lah how can my Family influence anything that happens in Malaysia? We are living in Adelaide. We are physically removed from making any contacts with the decision makers in Kuala Lumpur – or for that matter anywhere in Malaysia. I know that my wife is more interested in what specials are going to be on at the supermarkets and my son is still at Uni. Yes my daughter is still in KL with her husband and my grandson – but they will be immigrating to Canada – so no problem there. Of course there will be some amongst you who will question my ability to govern Malaysia effectively from Adelaide – come on lah this is not the 1960’s. There is the internet, call conferencing and all those wonderful electronics gadgets that will allow me to have constant and instantaneous contacts with all my Ministers, Mentri Besars and the Government machinery in Malaysia. ..and don’t forget the Fax machine!! No problem there.

Of course there are other issues that needs to be looked into when the Head of State of Malaysia (that’s me lah!!) continue to live in another country (Australia) – but you must be fair to me. I have only begun to look at this about half an hour ago – it’s only 7am in the morning and I still have not had my cup of Green Tea…so let me think a bit more and when I am more awake we can look at the question of Racial Harmony, ISA, Hindraf, Anwar Ibrahim, Samy Velu and what have you. Re Zaid the ex Law Minister – I have been asked if I will bring him back to reform the Judiciary. Hell NO!! If he was dumb enough to even accept the position in the first place (when he knows full well that he will not be able to last or do anything positive) then he does not have the intelligence to hold that post.MERDEKA.

Sunday 1 February 2009

COOL...I thought it was in A minor..... It is in A Minor !

Showoff American Soldier gets KO'd(Gringo vs Bolo Subtitled)

I just had to share this YouTube video with you all. Let me set the scene for you. The American Soldier is in Mexico and he had turned up at a Boxing Arena where anybody could enter  the ring and try their skills with anyone who agreed to fight him. So he swaggers into the ring at around 7pm  - an overconfident body builder with huge muscles and started doing his Van Damme excercise (where he spread eagled his legs on the floor of the arena) and he starts looking for someone to fight. Nobody dared to take up the challenge until about 11pm when this guy call Bolo puts on his boxing gloves and enters the ring. The American GI swaggers around the ring trying to intimidate his opponent and insisted that the other boxer take the first punch at him...which the other boxer was only too happy to obliged and the rest is a hilarious comedy of an over confident American Soldier getting his just desserts.  Read the sub titles and also listen to the commentator talking away in Mexican and having the time if his life laughing at the Gringo getting hit left and right. Try not to get into the fact that Boxing is a blood sport....just enjoy seeing a Guy getting what he deserves..enjoy !!! P.S. the video is at the bottom of this page.   
Samy Velu, who had held the post of President of MIC since 1979 had just announced his Resignation at the MIC General Assembly and there was a hush amongst all the delegates.

Muthu s/o Nantha, a registered member of MIC Tapah Division since 1982 stands up and proclaims: “If Samy Velu stays I and my large network of thugs will make sure that Makka Sakthi will not challenge your leadership. Samy must rebuild the confidence and instill in the people the relevance of the MIC to the Indian community”. The congress sighs in appreciation and applauds.

Joe Francis Nadarajah of MIC Division Batang Berjuntai and a succeeful Businessman stands up and says: “ If you leave now the party will be in disarray. Who will restructure and rebuilt MIC through this challenging period? The Indian Community still needs you. If you leave now it will do irreparable damage to us”. More sigh and loud applause.

Suddenly Rajamani d/o Sivaji  stands up and announced with a smile, “ If Samy stays I will give him sex”. There is total silence. “Miss Rajamani whatever possessed you to say that?” asked Samy. Well I just ask my Dad how we could help and he said “Fuck Samy Velu”.

Practical Guide to Everyday Life in KL

Now for something different. ...

A short discourse on what to do when you are stopped by the Mata Mata for "an alleged" traffic infringement that you "did not do" and if you did "there were good reasons for you to do so". MM stands for Mata Mata and NOT Mahathir Mohamad and G stands for "GUA" as in ourselves. I shall let G speaks only when necessary - the rest of the conversation is self explanatory. 

MM: Selamat Petang Encik.
         Ini dari mana ni?
         Awak telah buat kesalahan. 

Gua: Minta maaf Datok.

MM:  Kamu kerja atau student lagi?
         Kerja mana?
         Kalau bisness bolehlah bayar summon.
         Summon ni $350.

 Gua: Tolong sikit boleh settle tak?

MM:Kalau nak tolong boleh tapi macham mana. Awak nak settle macham mana.

Gua:Minta maaf Datok.

MM:Minta maaf aja tak boleh lah....

(some discussions now ensued between the two re the quantum payable..... agreement mutually reached and payment method agreed upon).

MM: Ok letak bawah lesen. ...lain kali jangan buat lagi. Selamat Petang.  

Please note how economical and precise his questions are. Once he knows who you are and what is your ability to pay he starts negotiating price and method of payment (letak bawah lesen). This is what I do.

Standard answer from me is that I am coming from Putrajaya or PWTC. This immedietly gets them to be on the defensive...who the hell is this guy??? To their question as to what I do for a living - never ever say business because then you are fair game. Either you are working with SEDC, DBKL or one of the Badan Berkanun will do. For me because of my age I tell them I am a  retired TKSU (if I fell good  - then KSU straight away lah - it helps if you do know a KSU and assume his identity for the duration of his incident). What happens next is that the MM will apologize profusely for delaying you on your "Urusan Negara" and waved you on.

When traveling interstate I suggest that when stopped for speeding just inform the MM that you are on your way for a meeting with the MB. Just a reminder...make sure that the MB is actually in town and it would help if you know the name of his Pol Sec (for the uninitiated that stands for Political Secretary). 

Either that or the SS (State Secretary) , KPP (Ketua Pegawai Polis ) are designations that would put the fear of God into these MM. Before you leave just take the trouble to find out the names of these people. That will really impress those bastards and save you paying those fines.....but be aware that you should only try this if you are driving a suitable luxury vehicle (Perdana upwards)...Proton or Kanchil cannot lah. 

This is the light of our life, our happiness and what me and my wife think is one of our best work on earth...(not directly but we did have something to do with it) Grand Daughter Izzy with her Father. Here she is doing her bit in advising Abang Lah what she thinks he should do on a personal and political level. As it was a one on one discourse, I am not privy to what was said.

UMNO through the eyes of Sudin, Ajis and Ramlee

UMNO as seen through the eyes of three old men.
  • AJIS
Collectively known as Bujang Lapok.

UMNO adalah sebuah parti politik yang berjuang mendukung cita-cita kebagsaan Melayu demi mengekalkan maruah dan martabat bangsa, agama dan Negara or as Bujang lapok says...Hoiiii menceceh...menceceh  ...menceceh...menceceh...menceceh (repeat if you think it is necessary - this is an interactive site and your participation is encouraged). While it is uncertain whether UMNO pertahankan kermerdekaan Negara atau kedaulatan Negara today its main activity consist of the following:

Loyar buruk.
Sana sini bikin sibuk.
Naik basikal semacham beruk,
Takde kerja tolak habuk.


Ahli-ahli UMNO adalah dua jenis:

Ahli Biasa ialah Warganegara Malaysia yang berbangsa Melayu atau Bumiputra yang berusia 18 tahun keatas. Mereka mesti memakai songkok dan mengunakan basikal cabuk tak pernah gosok, tayar kempis roda bengkok.

Ahli Bergabung ialah sebuah pertubuhan politik yang bersetuju berkerjasama dengan UMNO dan menerima syarat-syarat yang ditetapkan oleh Majlis Tertinggi tertapi mereka ni tak boleh harap masuk angin keluar asap.

Disclaimer: Any reference to any Individual or UMNO member in this article is intended and not apologized for.

Ok guys this is as far as I can mentally go in attempting to do this serious work...a discourse on UMNO through the eyes of our favorite trio...Bujang Lapok....with respect, thanks and apologies to Bujang Lapok to whom I am forever in debt for the hours and hours of happiness and laughter I get when watching them on the screen. If any of you are game enough please continue this serious bit of work and maybe we can put our work together into something we can share with others.