Sunday 12 September 2010

Emmett, Terrina, Izzy and Sofia.

                              LIFE (or the continuing story of Emmett, Terrina and Family)
                                           TERRINA                                EMMETT (left side)
                                                         TERRINA & EMMETT
ISABEL in Adelaide
Isabel with Uncle Zack
                                                       ISABEL INES &  SOFIA SARA
                                                             SEPTEMBER 2010
                                      Our times in Bangsar Permai - 2005  or thereabouts!

It just past noon, Sunday. I am listening to Dayang Nurfaiza singing her beautiful song “Seandainya Masih Ada Cinta” ….my wife is in the living room having a late breakfast. My son Zack is in his room and I am happy to know that he is close by. This morning has been good. Images from Toronto from my daughter Terrina of her “two girls”…our grand daughters Izzy and Sofia. What more can I ask…my cup runneth over. First thing I did was to post images of Terrina and Emmet on my blog – images form the past and the present. Looking at them makes my heart aches to have them close to me but there are happy in Toronto –and if they are happy my wife and me are happy for them! I let my eyes get misty thinking of them – about how I miss them and love them so very much. I wonder if there are many of you who are now letting themselves get carried away because they are happy thinking of the people who are close to them – their wife, children, grand children….all those things that are important in life!

I think of my Father and Mother…long gone many many years ago and I wonder if my children will think of me many years from now when I too am gone? This is what life is about. My daughter had this in her facebook with images of her two girls “The reason why Life keeps going” and this after losing one of her dearest cousin two weeks back and another cousin lost her mother to cancer in KL at about the same time. 

In times like these I am ever so grateful that I could send my daughter our love this morning through Facebook…..why don’t you do so to those you still have with you. ..and if they are close enough – go and see them. Go and give them hugs and kisses while you can. For my father and mother all I have now are memories….I miss them so much.  


  1. I asked my dad about your father and guess what they had worked in bluff rd what bukit aman was then known.He say's your dad was not a carimakan guy whom we have plentiful these days.Cheers mate.

  2. Hi...would very much like to keep in touch with you and your dad -maybe ask him a few things about my dad. My e mail is here

  3. You have a beautiful family, HH.

    In that you are rich beyond the wildest dreams of many. :D

  4. Emmett is the otai of Malayan Grunge.. Salute...