Thursday 30 April 2015

Leadership being driven by personality cults


30/04/2015 08:22 AM
Personality, not ability, seems to determine the longevity of a leader in party and public 
office nowadays
Hussein Hamid

Politics in Malaysia in the past three decades have been dominated by the Malays, Umno and by that man who will not go away, Dr Mahathir Mohamad - not necessarily in that order.

Today, three decades after he first became prime minister in 1981, he stands alone for all intents and purposes, to do what is right for the party he was once president of. So he says.

It is not for us to deliberate Mahathir's intent, for only he knows what drives him at 90 to do what he does. Given the hoopla surrounding the cut and thrust of political giants at serious play with each other over unresolved issues, what is obvious is that the only constant in politics is change.

As it changed when Anwar Ibrahim and Reformasi came into our consciousness in September 1998. As it changed in September 2006 when Abdullah Ahmad Badawi stepped down as prime minister after being hounded out of office by Mahathir.

Today it is changing again as the ability of political leaders to lead are being questioned and challenged not only by the rakyat but more disturbingly, by their peers.

cakap cakap...executions, sex, dementia and Berita Daily.

This morning at 3.35 am Australian Eastern Standard Time, eight convicted drug smugglers - four Nigerians, a Brazilian,an Indonesian man and two Australians -  were each executed by a 13-member firing squad. Three minutes later they were all confirmed dead. 

The two Australians - Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan - have become for many Australians, more familiar than even some of their neighbors because so extensive has the coverage been by the Australian media and television that every Australian would have been aware that they were executed last night. 

I am not going into the right and wrong of the death penalty nor the evil that those who deal with drugs do to many young lives - enough have been said and discussed on these issues and each and everyone of us will by now have made up their minds as to where they stand on these matters. 

What I find hard to comprehend is how the state, any authority or anybody, can carry out the killing of a fellow human being if they have belief in a God - any God. 

Is not the giving and taking of life HIS absolute prerogative? 

Whether it is Saddam Hussein or these eight convicted drug smugglers, to me killing another human being for any reasons simply makes a statement that it is us, not God, that decides our destiny and the destiny of our fellow humans. enough said.

The other issues that crops up every now and then is sex. Sex between consenting adults, sex with people who say "YES" and sex with those who say "NO". When is sex rape and when is sex your right to have with or without the consent of your spouse. Men having sex with men and women having sex with women (though strangely women having sex with women seems never to be a problem for the authorities or anybody else!). And recently , even sex on a camel. 

This is my personal opinion on sex. Have it as often as you like with whomsoever who would consent to having sex with you and if you do want to have some guidelines as to what is right or wrong or what is good or bad about sex - go read the Kama Sutra. Anything else or anybody else - Muftis included - know zilch about sex. Do your thing and you will be cool or you will be a fool. And YES as the Beatles said " All You Need is Love" and this world will be a better place and they also said "To lead a better life, I need my love to be here......." I agree too!. 

And I cannot go without an update on my wife's dementia. 

It's just past 1am here in Melbourne and she has just fallen asleep in the bed beside me. It is a bit late for her to stay awake past midnight but if she wants to, I have no problems with it. She chooses the time when she wants to wake up and when she wants to go to sleep. 

We have started our walks again on a regular basis but the walks are now closer to home because these days when she gets tired she wants to go home straight away - so we cannot stray too far from where we stay. I know she prefers to go for a drive rather than take a walk but she needs to have the exercises - so we try to walk a bit each day and go for a drive every now and then. 

My wife smiles a lot everyday....and why not when her husband and son is at her beck and call. To be honest I did wonder if I could take the responsibility of taking care of her on a daily basis willingly. Did I do so because I had to or because I wanted to?

Well you find out about these things gradually and by the things you are prepared to do to make life better for her. I try very hard to walk at her pace. I do not hurry her and I find that I am prepared to just stop and let her decide if she wants to walk or rest a while. 

It would be easier and much more quicker for me to go and do the grocery shopping by myself but I enjoy having her with me even if she insists on rearranging the fruits or the biscuits on the shelves. What I do wonder is what goes on in her head as she walks down the supermarket aisles with me because I can see that she looking intently at the stuff on the shelves - but when I ask her is she wants anything she invariably says "I don't know". 

So I have to think for her. I know that she likes figs, peanut butter, salmon, tomato soup.....and all that she likes we will try to have in the house. Though even after she has her favorite fruit or soup and we ask her if she likes it...she still says "I don't know".....but once in a while we still do get the two thumbs from her when she has something she really likes!  

And of course my son is there with me all the way.

On another subject....I have started to write for Berita Daily  on a regular basis. I am still trying to get a "feel" for the direction that Berita Daily intends to take but I know with my old friend K. Kabilan there, it will do okay. Please guys make Berita Daily one of your regular "reads" and support us with your patronage.

I am in my sarong and singlet and I am starting to feel the cold  - it is already winter over here. I am debating between going to make myself a Cappuccino to keep me working on this blog or get under the blanket and surf the Foxtel Sports Channel to see if there are any interesting La Liga matches being played now. ...and I think Messi, Suarez and Nehmar seems to be good night for now until I write again. 


Wednesday 29 April 2015

cakap cakap...of Muftis, Anwar and Hubris.

In these last few days I read three stories that have been swirling in my head without respite. The first one was about having sex on top of a camel which I wrote about. Then a story about Anwar Ibrahim's time in prison as told by an inmate who has just been released. And then again another story about sex - this time about coitus interruptus! These stories tells me a lot about human nature, about men whose preoccupation with religion still cannot mask their preoccupation with what preoccupies most men - sex.....and the story about Anwar Ibrahim and how he spends his time in prison tells us that where ever Anwar is, he will fight to the very end....and so those who put him there still have much to fear.

When the Perak Mufti and the Perlis Mufti can, without so much as an "excuse me", wonder aloud about sexual issues that really have no place in the public domain, the question we have to ask is "Why is this so?" 

If they want to wonder aloud about issues that Muslims should know about would it not be more useful for them to advise their peers - other Muslim leaders - what Islam expects of them in their role as leaders. Would it not be more appropriate for them to comment on the ostentatious display of wealth at the wedding of Najib's daughter recently? Would it not be possible for them to ask that the two Muslim leaders - Najib and Mahathir  - be more gracious towards each other and seek for ways to resolve their differences in a manner that is "Islamic?" Could not these two Muftis ask that this BN government be more gracious towards Anwar Ibrahim and other Malaysians whose crime is political  - for being a thorn in the side of BN?

Instead one Mufti choose to speak about sex on top of a camel sanctioned by the Prophet and the other Mufti about coitus interruptus in the context of a husband's duty to satisfy his wife's sexual desire. 

Leave those who want to have sex on top of a camel to themselves. In my lifetime I have yet to hear, what more to experience, such an act but I do hear about corruption and the arrogance of our Islamic leaders almost on a daily basis. Speak about that!

As for the coitus interruptus "advice" from the other Mufti I am of the opinion that what consenting adults do in the privacy of their room is really no body's business but their own - unless this particular Mufti had already tried coitus interruptus with his own wife and had his wife complained that she had not yet been sexually satisfied when he did pull his member out! 

Malays who are Muslims seems to be obsess with sex....or should I say Muslim leaders are obsess with sex? Most Muslims are obsess with sex too and not only do they do it all the time but also talk about it all the time - but they have enough sense to do their talking amongst themselves - not out in the public domain. At best that Mufti should have advise the couple wanting to do it on the Camel to go and get a room somewhere.

I just can't help thinking of Najib and Rosmah doing it on a just would not be fair on the camel!

But I digress.

What should bother us is not the attempt by these two Muftis at "sharing" their knowledge about things sexual in Islam with us. We should be concern about the state of our nation today.

We have seen many world leaders who once held great power in their part of the world somehow manages to not only lose that power but eventually are hounded out of office and then out of their own country by their own people or worse, murdered by their own people.

We need not stray to far from our own country to see this. Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, Laos all had their own history of leaders toppled, leaders removed , leaders murdered, leaders hounded out of office and out of their own country, and leaders who have been prosecuted and persecuted for what they have done while in government. And all these people held greater power and greater sway over their country than what Najib today holds over all things Malaysian. 

What distinguish all these failed leaders is hubris. 

Hubris :  arrogance, conceit, conceitedness, haughtiness, pride, vanity, self-importance, self-conceit, pomposity, superciliousness, feeling of superiority;  

All this Najib and Rosmah has bucket loads of  - maybe more Rosmah than Najib but together they are a match made in cuckoo land.....and that such a couple are now the Alpha Male and Alpha Female of our nation is not only sad and worrying for all of us but more significantly reflects on the pathetic state of our nation today. 

We should all collectively feel ashamed and responsible for this for there have been enough amongst us who have cast their votes to allow BN to still govern over us all - the BN that this Najib is now head of. Reflect upon this for in the end it is you and I that are the ones ultimately responsible for the state of our nation today. We elected these leaders, we put them there.
Ask yourself what you can do, what you have done and what you will continue to do to ensure that the 14th general election will not be another exercise in electoral futility.

Tuesday 28 April 2015

Sexual Congress on Top of a Camel!

KUALA LUMPUR - While insisting that the concept of marital rape does not exist in Islam, religious scholars say it is sinful for a Muslim man to force his wife to have sex when she is ill or menstruating.

Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria said that men can always have sexual intercourse with their spouses even if the latter do not agree, saying that a Muslim woman has “no right” to reject her husband’s demand.

“Even the Prophet says even when they’re riding on the back of the camel, when the husband asks her, she must give.

“So there’s no such thing as rape in marriage. This is made by European people, why should we follow?” he told Malay Mail Online when contacted yesterday as he cited the hadith or reported teachings of Prophet Muhammad.

steadyaku47 comment:

This Tan Sri is unable to understand how his statement that “Even the Prophet says even when they’re riding on the back of the camel, when the husband asks her, she must give" will reflect on Islam and on the prophet himself!
Let me spell it out to this idiot call Harussani what people would think when they read what he alleges the Prophet said about what the duties of a wife is to her husband. 

I am not talking about the Christians or any other infidels who would want to deride the good name of the Prophet or denounce the crudity and baser instincts of Muslims  - for the moment they read what this idiot of a Tan Sri is saying, the image that flashes through their mind would be of a Muslim in the act of sexual congress in between the two humps of a camel while galloping in the desert ala Lawrence of Arabia!

 I am talking about any ordinary, rational guy who may or may not be a Muslim who happens to read what this idiot alleges the Prophet has said. 


Who in his right mind would want to have sex with his wife - or anybody for that matter - while he is on top of a camel doing whatever anybody is usually doing while on top of a camel? So if a Muslim does want to do that - what does it say about Muslism?

Now at the same time what right thinking wife, or any women, would say "YES" to a husband or anybody riding on a camel when that someone makes a request for sex while he is on top of a camel?  

And thirdly, and more critical, what Prophet in his right mind would say it is okay to have sex while you are on top of a camel and more worrying, makes a ruling that the wife MUST consent to the said act on pain of being punished if she does not!

Now we have not gone into the "engaging in sexual intercourse in a public place" situation - which in most countries would be construed to be an act of public lewdness and of indecent exposure.

While sex on top of a picnic table in a public park is pretty clearly sex in public most states have laws that prohibit sex in public restrooms and other public facilities. What about sex in a car, as you inquired? If you are parked on a main street during the day and clearly visible to passers-by, that would qualify as a public setting. But, a New York court has ruled that sex in a car was not sex in a public place unless the act could be readily seen by passers-by. (People v. McNamara, 585 N.E.2nd 788 (1991).) So, it really depends on whether your state views the interior of a car as a public or private space, and what the circumstances are of your “parking.” The more visible you are to the casual observer, the more public you are and the likelier you are to be in violation of your state’s laws. 

And you cannot get more visible than sex on top of a camel - not only would it be highly visible but it would also contribute towards gambling........people will be putting bets on whether the act can really go all the way before one or both of them are thrown off the camel!

Woi Tan Sri pakai otak sikit lah before you open that foul mouth of yours. Kasi Malaysian malu, kasi Melayu malu and also kasi all Muslims everywhere malu too! And do not forget the Prophet too! 


I wish the good Tan Sri would have taken the trouble to elaborate on the position possible when engaging in the sex act while perched on top of a camel - bearing in mind the position of the hump or humps  on top of the Camel - which can or cannot be of help to either party engaged  in that act if they are inclined to make use of those humps for anchoring themselves to the camel should the camel make any sudden movements while the said act is in progress!   

P.S. 2

Tan Sri....diagrams, illustrations or even youtube videos of the said act would be much appreciated. 

Sunday 26 April 2015

The question of hudud and Pakatan's future

24/04/2015 07:56 AM
Pakatan has the Permatang Pauh and Rompin by-elections to get their act together, and show us that they can still be better in running this nation.
Hussein Hamid
It has been forgotten that Pakatan Rakyat is a collection of individual political parties, each with their own political agenda and each committed to working together to bring change to Malaysian politics.

If DAP had allowed the dust to settle over hudud, they would have seen that hudud is precisely one of the reasons why Pakatan will be stronger because in diversity it is still one.

The need to reverse these basic instincts and perceived problems that many of those within DAP have over hudud would have been best handled by leaders who understand that the bigger picture is about change.

Change that will also, hopefully and over time, even overtake hudud.

click here to read more.

Thursday 23 April 2015

Aku nak tau gomen kita bayar apa? Semua 250 guest dari Malaysia? Reception? Najib tolong beri taklimat!

Kazakhstan wedding reception for PM’s daughter

| April 22, 2015

Before the reception, the Prime Minister paid a courtesy call on Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev. 


KUALA LUMPUR: The wedding reception of Prime Minister Najib Razak’s and Rosmah Mansor’s daughter Nooryana Najwa in Alamaty, Kazakhstan from April 17 to 19 saw a combination of modern and traditional elements of Kazakhstan known as “Bestashar’.
According to a statement by the Prime Minister’s Department, the wedding reception of Nooryana Najwa and her husband, Daniyar Kesikkbayev held at the Grand Ballroom of Hotel Royal Tulip in Almaty was attended by 250 guests from Malaysia. (Ini siapa bayar?)

Among them was the wife of Sabah Yang Dipertua Negeri Norlidah R M Jasni. Other guests included Dewan Negara president Abu Zahar Ujang; International Trade and Industry Minister Mustapa Mohamad; Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Jamil Khir Baharom; Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Hassan Malek and their spouses.

Also present were the Chief Secretary to the Government Ali Hamsa and wife apart from members of the royal families of Perak, Pahang and Selangor as well as immediate family members and close friends besides dignitaries and guests from Kazakhstan and other countries to celebrate the occasion.

Before the reception, the Prime Minister paid a courtesy call on Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

In the meeting that lasted about an hour, the two leaders discussed bilateral cooperation on trade, economy, investment, industry and culture apart from raising some international issues,” the statement said. 
steadyaku47 comment : (Ini qualify this visit as being official?)

On the bride’s side, the wedding reception was earlier held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre as well as the Putra World Trade Centre here followed by another reception at Taman Tasik Sultan Abu Bakar in Pekan, Pahang on April 4.

Nooryana and Daniyar, both aged 27, met when studying in the United States and were engaged in 2011.

Quickies : Not Responsible!

No cash in 1MDB’s Singapore account

BSI Singapore alerts Singapore authorities that 1MDB CEO Arul Kanda supplied false documents.

1MDB, touted as a strategic investment arm, comes under the oversight of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak who also doubles as Finance Minister. 

1MDB has chalked up debts of RM42 billion within five years.

Najib told Parliament on March 11, in reply to questions from Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua, that “the remaining USD1.103 billion had already been redeemed from Brazen Sky’s offshore fund in the Cayman Islands and was now being ‘kept in US currency’ at BSI Bank Limited, Singapore”.

Not Responsible says Najib!

Dari FB Azzah Abdul Rahman : Saya berfikir, benarkah saya akan jadi pelupa apabila memandang salib? Sezalim itukah Tuhan, hanya dengan memandang salib maka Dia akan tarik semula memori saya?

Dari Fb Azzah Abdul Rahman

Semasa kami berada di Sa Pa, wilayah dalam Vietnam yang langsung tiada masjid dan majoriti penduduk menganut Kristian ini, kami bebas berjalan-jalan di setiap lorong sehingga ke perkampungan orang Hmong, tanpa seorang pun warga tempatan menuntut kami menurunkan... maksud saya, menanggalkan tudung.

Semasa kecil, ada seseorang memberitahu saya supaya jangan pandang tanda salib. Katanya boleh jadi pelupa. Waktu itu, saya percaya. Sehinggalah saya ke Baitulmaqdis pada Disember 1999, di mana sekiranya saya tidak memandang ke tanda-tanda salib, maka saya akan terlanggar orang, tiang, dan tembok. Di sekeliling Masjidil Aqsa ada berpuluh-puluh gereja, termasuklah bekas masjid yang sudah ditawan menjadi gereja; ada kubah tetapi di atasnya bukan bulan, digantikan dengan salib.

Pada masa itu saya berfikir, benarkah saya akan jadi pelupa apabila memandang salib? Sezalim itukah Tuhan, hanya dengan memandang salib maka Dia akan tarik semula memori saya?

Apakah iman seseorang tidak mampu menembok otak daripada jadi pelupa apabila mata terpandangkan tanda suci umat Kristian itu?

Jadi, selepas itu saya sudah tidak peduli lagi. Saya semakin dapat menerima kepelbagaian agama dan simbol suci masing-masing, dan belajar memahami kaedah Rasulullah melayani orang-orang yang belum Muslim dengan santun. Saya tidak lagi mengalami kepayahan untuk berjalan dan mengambil gambar apabila mengembara ke lokasi-lokasi minoriti Muslim. Dan saya jadi lebih mudah untuk menghormati penganut agama lain apabila melihat sendiri tempat ibadat mereka dan mengetahui apa yang mereka percayai. Semua itu secara automatik memberikan saya ilmu perbandingan agama, dan membuat saya lebih mempercayai agama saya sendiri.

Saya jarang bercakap tentang isu semasa di Facebook. Tetapi isu ini amat mengguris hati. Saya setuju pada kenyataan Wardina. Itu sebab saya mahu 'hantar' semua orang Melayu terutamanya, 'mengembara' ke luar negara, supaya rasakan pengalaman menjadi kaum minoriti. Rasakan kesukaran untuk bersuci dan berwuduk, cabaran solat di atas tanah, jalan tar, dan rumput. Rasakan berlapar dan ikat perut kerana sukar dapat makanan halal. Rasakan duduk dan berdiri dengan anjing dan babi berkeliaran di mana-mana. Rasakan betapa malu serta terharunya apabila mereka yang bahkan tidak mengenali Islam, lebih arif cara menghormati orang lain walaupun yang tidak seiman dengan mereka. Dan rasakan juga bagaimana menjadi 'duta' agama, apabila mereka mengajukan soalan-soalan tentang Islam.

Sudah-sudahlah, Melayu. Cina pun dibenci, walhal dalam wasiat terakhir Rasulullah ada peringatan bahawa tiada satu pun bangsa dalam dunia ini yang lebih mulia daripada bangsa lain. Sudahlah, Melayu. Kita tidak akan jadi lebih baik daripada Cina, India, ataupun Kristian, selagi kita tidak pamerkan apa sebenarnya yang Islam ajarkan. Sudahlah, berhentilah memalukan bangsa dan agama sendiri. Hargai usaha Nabi yang sehinggakan dijirus kotoran unta, keluar berperang, malah berkali-kali cuba dibunuh demi memastikan kita dapat ajaran benar yang dihantar oleh Tuhan.

Berhentilah mengajarkan perkara karut-marut yang Nabi tidak ajar. Daripada memomokkan orang tentang pandang salib jadi pelupa (dan jika menunjuk pelangi jari akan kudung dll), lebih baik masa yang ada digunakan untuk belajar mendalami agama sendiri supaya iman jadi kuat dan kebal. Supaya hati tidak penuh dengan kebencian terhadap bangsa dan penganut agama lain, dan mengangkat-angkat kemuliaan diri sendiri yang tiada jaminan tiket syurga pun.

Terima kasih, saudara-saudara Muslim di Malaysia yang menolak kebiadapan pihak yang membuli rakan-rakan Kristian kita di Taman Medan. Tahniah, kerana penolakan itu membuktikan kalian sememangnya faham ajaran Nabi Muhammad yang kita kasihi.

Selawat kepada Rasulullah yang kita rindui.

Wednesday 22 April 2015

1MDB Presented False Documents Say BSI Singapore!

22 Apr 2015

1MDB Presented False Documents Say BSI Singapore! EXCLUSIVE


BSI's Singapore HQ at the Suntech City complex

BSI’s Singapore HQ at the Suntech City complex

Sarawak Report has been passed disturbing evidence, showing that BSI Bank has dismissed documents supplied by 1MDB relating to its Brazen Sky Limited account in Singapore, saying they are false bank statements.

The documents were supplied to various authorities by 1MDB’s CEO Arul Kanda and purported to show Brazen Sky’s statement of account in November 2014.

However, the Swiss private bank has told the Singapore authorities that the document did not originate from them and does not represent a true account of the assets of the 1MDB subsidiary.

On March 13th this information was reported back to Malaysia.

Two days earlier, on March 11th, the Minister of Finance (Prime Minister Najib Razak) had issued a Parliamentary reply to questions from the opposition DAP MP Tony Pua, confirming that the remaining $1.103 billion had already been “redeemed” from Brazen Sky’s alleged off shore fund in the Cayman Islands and stating that it was now being “kept in US currency” at BSI Bank Limited, Singapore.

However, separate insider information gained in Singapore has corroborated that there is no actual cash in the relevant Brazan Sky Limited account.
“The account merely contains ‘paper assets”, explained a source “the true value of which cannot be determined”.

click here to read more:

RM2.092 billion to Permata.


How it Should really be done!

cakap cakap...Christian Retard!

KOTA KINABALU: The UK-based Borneo’s Plight in Malaysia Foundation (Bopim), an apolitical human rights NGO, has expressed surprise that the Church in Taman Medan, Petaling Jaya, caved in to threats and intimidation and quickly brought down its cross in response to demands by a group of 50 unruly protesters on Sunday.

The Church has brought shame to all Malaysians especially in the Christian heartland of the country in Sabah and Sarawak,” said Bopim President Daniel John Jambun in a telephone conversation. “They don’t seem to know their rights under the Federal Constitution. Muslims who claim that the cross is a challenge to Islam don’t know what their faith is all about.”

From the perspective of faith, said Daniel, the Church’s “cowardly tail between the legs” reaction was tantamount to blasphemy. “Besides, it was shameful, humiliating and hurts our feelings and sentiments. The cross is the symbol of Christianity and must be defended at all times as during the Crusades, for example, when Saladin the Kurd seized Jerusalem in the Holy Land just because some people initially faced the holy city when praying.”

“The Christian teaching on turning the other cheek must not be misread.”

Bopim was demanding that the Church apologise to Christians in the country, especially its congregation, put back the cross where it rightfully belongs, promise not to cave in to lunatic fringe groups, stand up for constitutional rights including the separation of church and state and the rule of law.

steadyaku47 comment:

I have recently written about Muslim Retards re the Taman Medan Cross incident. What we now have here is a Christian Retard! 

This guys tells us that the Taman Medan Church "has brought shame to all Malaysians" and acted “cowardly tail between the legs” and demanded that "the Church apologises to Christians in the country".

Really Daniel?

Who or what is BOPIM?

We are UK-Based NGO, registered in the UK as BORNEO's PLIGHT IN MALAYSIA FOUNDATION LTD.

Am I right to assume that this Daniel is also based in UK? 

Daniel I am based in Melbourne and I write what I want without fear or favor because those goons in KL cannot touch me - but I never belittle our brothers and sisters back home for being cowardly in their fight against this corrupt and arrogant Umno led BN government because I know that what they say and what they do are somewhat constrained by the realities that surrounds them - Special Branch, POTA and the goons in Umno.

Let me tell him this:

It does not take a demonstration to get any Church to pull it's Cross down. All it takes is for just some Umno members to turn up at their door step and for these Umno retards to "request" the Church pull down the Cross and I can say that 9 times out of 10 that Church will comply. 

Now here at Taman Medan not only was there a demonstration but also two datuks - and one of them is a Ketua Cawangan and brother to the IGP. Now tell me what Christian authority located in a kawasan where 95% of the population are Malay Muslims will not comply? 

The mind set of Christians in Malaysia have already been threatened by the manner that Umno has consistently thrown their considerable weight around and we have been witness to bibles being seized and Churches being invaded etc etc. 

These pressure have been constant and intense. When was the last time Christians were given permission to build a Church - Christians are now reduced to converting shop houses into Churches! 

Do not call the Church authorities in Medan Taman cowardly and accuse them of bringing shame to all Malaysian and Christians in Malaysia. 

They acted in a most rational way given how this Umno led BN government has been treating Christians all this while.

Of course if it was me that these two datuks were threatening to do whatever it is that datuks do to you...I would just tell them to fuck off. Whether he is a Ketua Cawangan or the IGP's brother ...or even an MB...I will still tell them to FO...why? These are dogs....little Napoleons trying to push their weight around with no idea at all of how many of us hold them in contempt and disgust for their use of their connections to try and push us around.

Lesson to be learned from all this? 

You are the President of Bopin and you do not want to take these kind of incident quietly. I agree with you that you should not be quiet about these kind of things - but Daniel don't hantam your own lah. Go hantam those who deserves to be hantam. Enough said!

The outpouring of disgust and contempt for the Muslim retards who demonstrated in Taman Medan against the Cross has been overwhelming. The coverage has gone global. So now Najib acts?

steadyaku47 comment:

Here is the thing about the above Press Statement - presuming that it is a genuine Press statement that came from the PM's office - Why make a statement now? 

What have this government done in all this time about Race and Religion? 

Have they not use Race and Religion to advance their political agenda and by so doing have contributed to the fact that there are many Muslims who now openly go about throwing their weight around telling Christians and Infidels that THEY must not do anything that would upset the Malays or Muslims?

Did we not have Umno leaders brandishing a Keris at Umno assemblies and threatening to spill the blood of Chinese in the streets of KL?

Did we not have Umno leaders telling Muslims that the Christians are a threat to Islam in Malaysia?

Do we not have Jakim seizing the bodies of love ones on the pretext that they were Muslims converts and deserve to be buried as Muslims - oblivious to the pain and suffering they cause to the loved ones of the deceased?
Did we not have Muslims disrespecting the Hindus by stepping on Cow Heads


Have not the Syariah Courts been bullying a Muslim on the charge of selling and distributing a book which they say have contravened Islamic Laws? 

Have not the authorities been seizing Bibles because they use the word ALLAH  to refer to God?

This BN cabinet have sat through all these incidents and more because it is politically expedient for UMNO to do so and in this way they hope to secure Muslims votes and show themselves to be more Islamic than PAS. 

So why this Press Statement over this Muslims retards in Taman Medan who have insisted that the Church there remove a cross from their premises?

I will tell you why!

The outpouring of disgust and contempt for the Muslim retards who demonstrated in Taman Medan against the Cross has been overwhelming. The coverage has gone global. Two datuks were involved. One of them is an UMNO branch head and brother to the head of PDRM who have insisted that he was not the one who organized the demo and yet is pictured amongst the demonstrators and talking on behalf of the demonstrators with the Church authorities. And if that is damaging enough for Umno - this guy is also head of a Security company - why? Because he is the IGP's brother?

And of course there is the statement by that twit of an IGP that his brother was not involved in anything criminal and another statement from the Minister of Home Affairs that it was a seditious act! 

The fall out, it anything you like...and everything to do with this incident is going belly up for have to do some "damage control" lah.

This incident would not have happened if this Umno led BN government had, right from the very  beginning, not tolerated anybody rubbishing another race or any one's religion. Do that and no one will dare to demonstrate against any race or against any religion. Simple as that. Don't try to close the stable door after the horse has bolted!

Home minister at odds with top cop on sedition for church protesters

Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi disagrees with the Inspector-General of Police over actions of protesters demanding a cross at a church be taken down in Taman Medan. – The Malaysian Insider filepic, April 20, 2015.Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi disagrees with the Inspector-General of Police over actions of protesters demanding a cross at a church be taken down in Taman Medan. – The Malaysian Insider filepic, April 20, 2015.Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today said that the protest against a church in Taman Medan, Petaling Jaya, yesterday was indeed seditious, contradicting the views of the inspector-general of police (IGP) who had earlier cleared the protesters of any crime.
Malaysiakini reported the minister as giving an emphatic agreement when asked if the action of the protesters, who demanded the removal of a cross displayed outside the church, was seditious.
"Of course! Yes, yes, yes!" he was quoted as saying.

"I am very colour-blind. The police (are) very colour blind. Action has to be taken or will be taken against them." Zahid, who is also Umno vice-president, was reported as saying that party members ‎who had joined in the protest would have disciplinary action taken against them.
"Of course, of course, of course... Because they are breaching the law. In Umno, we have to respect other religions. They have to face the consequences," the portal quoted him as saying.
Earlier today, IGP Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said there was no element of sedition in the protest yesterday, as the demonstration was not against Christianity, but the location of the church in a largely Malay-Muslim neighbourhood.
"We do not see it as seditious as it did not touch on Christianity but only on the location of the church," said Khalid today at a press conference at the Bukit Aman police headquarters.
"The cross was taken down following the community's request. There was no violence," Khalid had said, adding that the matter was deemed a community issue, and had been left to the Petaling Jaya City Council and the Selangor government to deal with.
The Star Online also quoted Zahid as saying that "if anyone touches any religion, they are subject to the Sedition Act". He was speaking to the press after a ministry event at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang today.
Some 50 people yesterday gathered outside the new church, which is housed in a corner shoplot, to demand that the cross affixed to the building be removed as it was challenging Islam, The Star Online reported.
One of the Umno leaders present at the protest was Datuk Abdullah Abu Bakar, who is Khalid's older brother.
The protesters reportedly said the presence of a cross in a Muslim-majority area posed a challenge to the religion and could sway the faith of the youth.
The cross was taken down by church leaders a few hours after the protest.
Abdullah had said today that the residents had approached him over the matter on Saturday, as they were uncomfortable and sensitive over the matter.
Khalid also addressed his brother's presence at the protest, saying Abdullah had been there to appease the crowd and keep the situation from becoming violent.
The IGP also said that he would not compromise if an offence had really been committed.
"Immaterial if they are my siblings or my children, no problem, we will carry out our job," said Khalid, adding that action would be taken without prejudice. – April 20, 2015
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Tuesday 21 April 2015

And now for something different : Tharwana

cakap cakap.... As of this week that balance is poised to tilt. Tilt Tun Mahathir's way!

Perception and reality. Good or Evil. Right or wrong. Truth and Lies....these are just not only words that can evoke much passion within us all but these are also values that can stir within us all  emotions that will drive many of us to make right what is wrong, make good what is evil and expose truth where there are lies. 

For most of my adult life politics has been nothing more than a momentary distraction that comes and goes as elections are held and done with and life then goes on as before. From time to time there were other distractions. PAS and DAP were the main culprits, but always Umno emerged triumphant and all was back to normal.

Rule of law prevailed. The Police kept the peace and left us feeling safe and secured. The Judiciary was just. The Civil Service was...well the Civil Service - slow, plodding and pedantic but functioning without political undertones - its neutrality a given.

And then came Anwar Ibrahim and everything changed. 

You and I became aware that what was good in Umno was in reality evil. Corruption, arrogance and nepotism was rampant. 

What was right was wrong - Ketuana Melayu was being abused by politicians for personal gain. 

And the truth were really lies - Umno was not the champions of the Malays nor MCA and MIC the champions for their respective race. 

And since you and I took more than a passing interest in politics things have happened. Pakatan Rakyat came into being, the loss of BN's majority in Parliament, State governments changing hands, the emergence of a credible two party system in Malaysia, the loss by BN of the popular mandate to govern, the passing of Karpal Singh and Tok Guru Nik Aziz and the incarceration of Anwar Ibrahim.  

We each, in our own personal way, did what we thought needed to be done to adjust to these new realities. Good or bad we had to live with the choices we made. For me personally, at age 60 I started blogging.  

Now fast forward to today : April 2015.

Why has there been an outpouring of support bordering on hysteria and adulation for what Tun Mahathir is today trying to do - the removal of Najib Razak as Prime Minister of Malaysia?

The same Mahathir that has been reviled and the object of much odium and scorn by many for the things he did while in office? The same Mahathir whose creed was the ends justify the means - even if that meant interfering with the Judiciary and using the ISA to manage his political opponents?

Two words : Najib and Rosmah.

Impossible as it may seems, these two  attracts more odium, disgust and contempt than Mahathir ever did. The outpouring of support for Mahathir is in direct proportion to the angst people have over the antics of Najib and Rosmah. Like water finding its own level the people of Malaysia too are finding their own level in their support for Mahathir and against Najib and Rosmah.

As of this week that balance is poised to tilt. Tilt Tun Mahthir's way!

Whether real or perceived Najib increasingly fells isolated. A desperate  Najib begins to feel that the walls are closing in around him. The office of Prime Minister can no longer shield him from the demands of Tun Mahathir and the people of Malaysia for him to explain why his six years in office has come to this : 1MDB, Rosmah and a Prime Minister explaining perception and reality to his people!

But it will only start to matter when those within Umno begin the process of realigning their loyalties with whatever side they think will remain standing after Najib Razak and Tun Mahathir have fought the last battle. 

Already Muhyiddin and two of Umno's three vice president have publicly distanced themselves from Najib. The first Ketua Bahagian to break rank and come out in support of Tun Mahathir will herald the beginning of the end for Najib.

For now we can only wait.

We live in interesting times. Let the games begin!    

Prophet Mohammed’s (pbuh) last farewell message…

With thanks to  flyer1668

Prophet Mohammed’s (pbuh) last farewell message…
The Last Sermon (Khutbah) of Prophet Muhammad (Farewell Sermon)
Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) delivered his last sermon (Khutbah) on the ninth of Dhul Hijjah (12th and last month of the Islamic year), 10 years after Hijrah (migration from Makkah to Madinah) in the Uranah Valley of mount Arafat. His words were quite clear and concise and were directed to the entire humanity.

After praising, and thanking Allah he said:

“O People, lend me an attentive ear, for I know not whether after this year, I shall ever be amongst you again. Therefore listen to what I am saying to you very carefully and TAKE THESE WORDS TO THOSE WHO COULD NOT BE PRESENT HERE TODAY.

O People, just as you regard this month, this day, this city as Sacred, so regard the life and property of every Muslim as a sacred trust. Return the goods entrusted to you to their rightful owners. Hurt no one so that no one may hurt you. Remember that you will indeed meet your LORD, and that HE will indeed reckon your deeds. ALLAH has forbidden you to take usury (interest), therefore all interest obligation shall henceforth be waived. Your capital, however, is yours to keep. You will neither inflict nor suffer any inequity. Allah has Judged that there shall be no interest and that all the interest due to Abbas ibn ‘Abd’al Muttalib (Prophet’s uncle) shall henceforth be waived…

Beware of Satan, for the safety of your religion. He has lost all hope that he will ever be able to lead you astray in big things, so beware of following him in small things.

O People, it is true that you have certain rights with regard to your women, but they also have rights over you. Remember that you have taken them as your wives only under Allah’s trust and with His permission. If they abide by your right then to them belongs the right to be fed and clothed in kindness. Do treat your women well and be kind to them for they are your partners and committed helpers. And it is your right that they do not make friends with any one of whom you do not approve, as well as never to be unchaste.

O People, listen to me in earnest, worship ALLAH, say your five daily prayers (Salah), fast during the month of Ramadan, and give your wealth in Zakat. Perform Hajj if you can afford to.

All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety (taqwa) and good action.

Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood. Nothing shall be legitimate to a Muslim which belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it was given freely and willingly. Do not, therefore, do injustice to yourselves.

Remember, one day you will appear before ALLAH and answer your deeds. So beware, do not stray from the path of righteousness after I am gone.

O People, NO PROPHET OR APOSTLE WILL COME AFTER ME AND NO NEW FAITH WILL BE BORN. Reason well, therefore, O People, and understand words which I convey to you. I leave behind me two things, the QURAN and my example, the SUNNAH and if you follow these you will never go astray.

All those who listen to me shall pass on my words to others and those to others again; and may the last ones understand my words better than those who listen to me directly. Be my witness, O ALLAH, that I have conveyed your message to your people”.

The Last Sermon (Khutbah) of Prophet Muhammad (Farewell Sermon) –

Monday 20 April 2015

Why I am against institutionalised religion; Shafiqah Othman Hamzah

Monday, April 20, 2015

This is from The Malay Mail Online here : 

It is written by this young woman : 

Monday April 20, 2015

Shafiqah is a human rights activist and Muslim feminist. She tweets her thoughts at @sfqomhz and occasionally writes extremely long articles on -

APRIL 20 — I think I have, on many occasions, explained that I do not like using the term “religion” all that much. I prefer to substitute it with “spirituality” for very personal reasons. But today, I’d like to explain some of the many reasons why the word “religion” plays little to no role in my life, and why I feel like it is irrelevant.

I can already hear people calling me blasphemous.

Please do not get me wrong, for what I am truly against is not religion, like Islam, Christianity, Buddhism etc. but in fact, “institutionalised religion.” And that does not mean that I am against institutions as well. I do believe that we need some systems of operations and governing in our lives in order to avoid chaos, but I feel like governance in religion is something that should not exist. Isn’t religion supposed to be personal?

All around me, I see people arguing who is right and who is wrong, who will go to Heaven and who will go to Hell. There are Muslims vs. Christians, and to make things worse, even Muslims against other Muslims as well. The situation in Malaysia speaks for itself. The demonising of other religions, including other sects of Islam that is not Ahl Sunnah Wal Jamaah, or even Sunni Syafie for that matter, goes to show that our government is trying to dictate how we practise our religion.

There are far too many people in Malaysia (let alone the world) for us to try to advance one particular theology. Not only is this an offence to the diversity that God has bestowed upon us, but it creates a great divide between our citizens. The world wouldn’t be in peace if we all believed in the same thing; we would be in peace if we had a mutual understanding of our differences.

Which brings me to my next point. The moment someone thinks that their theology is the one and only infallible truth, they immediately hold a monopoly on God. This can be seen when Malaysia banned the use of “Allah” in the Bahasa Malaysia translated version of the Bibles. Yes, they banned it for theological reasons, but as you can see, this is where the problem comes in.

No matter how differently your theology or understanding of something may be, at the end of the day, we are all parts of the same whole. No one owns God. This is against the idea of a universalistic God. Islam does not own Allah, but Allah owns everything. And if the reason behind the ban is to prevent Muslims from getting confused, than you have to question the faith of your own followers instead of putting them in a bubble. You’re not protecting them, but rather, placing them in deeper ignorance.

Institutionalised religion also promotes blind belief through coercion and fear. You have to think a certain way because someone above you says so. You have to do a certain thing because someone above you says so. But you don’t really understand why you’re doing it. You were raised to not question, but to just follow. And out of fear of the consequences that may come, you blindly agree with everything that is being spoon-fed to you because you were taught to believe that questioning is a sin.

The most heart-breaking thing about institutionalised religion for me is that it also teaches us to judge a man not based on his character and how he treats others, but by the way he dresses. Spirituality has been taken over by superficiality. Institutionalised religion insists on playing God.

Religion is the act of believing in God, and institutions establish a systematic way of doing things. Institutionalising religion then ultimately means establishing a system of how to believe in God. How can this be possible when there are over 6 billion people on Earth? And how could anyone ever think that we are authorised to dictate the spirituality of Man as though we’re God Himself?

It should not come as a surprise to anyone at all that our world is filled with such diverse views. No two people think the same way and whoever thought that it was best to turn us into a monolith should understand that all their attempts are futile.

Why is it so hard for people to agree to disagree with each other without inflicting pain or harm towards the other? Are we that conceited and full of ourselves to think that our opinions and upbringing is the one and only infallible truth? To me, one of the best things to do to honour God is by honouring and respecting the diversity that He has given us on this Earth. We are, after all, a part of His creation.

It’s one thing to be against another religion for holding a different view, but institutionalised religion can cause even adherers from the same religion to go against each other. At the current rate of increasing Islamophobia that is happening across the globe, we need Muslims to unite more than ever now instead of merely denouncing each other for different opinions.

There is no systematic way to live, let alone believe in God. Personal matters of the heart aren’t something Man should meddle with. It is none of our business, and definitely not in our place to judge. This is the reason why it is so important for us to be kind to each other, because we don’t know each other’s stories.

We are all equal before the eyes of God. Just because I don’t think or dress like you, it does not make me more or less of a Muslim.

* This is the personal opinion of the columnist.
- See more at:

The Old Hag with the Hermes Bag.

7PM Jul 17, 2014
By Kow Kwan Yee

Don't spend excessively for Raya, advises Rosmah

The prime minister's wife Rosmah Mansor has advised single mothers not to spend excessively during the Hari Raya celebrations, suggesting they limit their festive purchases to only two sets of new clothes and three tins of cookies.

steadyaku47 comment:

Here we go again...the old hag with the Hermes bag is back again talking cock! She must have forgotten to take her medication again!

"old hag : old fat woman, can be a witch, most of the time is.

This time she has advise for single mothers. This advise comes from someone who has just spent millions....I repeat millions...on a wedding for her daughter and now she is telling single mothers to be thrifty. Is she stupid or just plain crazy? Or both? 

This women must be living in cuckoo land... but is she really mad? Yes she does show some extreme emotions and actions...but mad? A women is mad when her wits are not with her.

What do I mean by "her wits are not with her"? 

As an example let us take this young wife of Nazri Aziz. She is having a pubic....opps sorry that should have been public....battle with one of his son who does not agree that she should call herself a Datin Seri because he thinks that title should belong to his mother - who I think is Nazri's first wife. The young wife has her wits about her. She is not just calling hersef a Datin Seri but she is making an rational argument as to why she deserves to call herself a datin seri: First this randy Nazri has been divorced from his first wife for 26 years. 

On Instagram using the name Haflinsfashion, she claims to have married Nazri in June 2014.

"There is no law in Malaysia which states only one wife is allowed to use the title of Datin Seri," wrote Haflin.

As such, she challenged Nedim Nazri, whom she said is also her stepson, to take legal action against her if the facts were wrong. She also chided him for 'rude' behaviour.
Haflin has also claimed it was Nazri, who had asked her to expose the matter to explain the confusion that Nedim triggered.

Whether you agree with her or not is besides the point. She is standing up for herself. And so far she has got Nazri on her side - or at least he is keeping quiet about it....if not he will be in the dog house!

Now what about this old hag with the Hermes bag?

She just spent millions on her daughter wedding and now she is asking "single mothers not to spend excessively during the Hari Raya celebrations, suggesting they limit their festive purchases to only two sets of new clothes and three tins of cookies".

That shows that she does not have her wits around her.

She decides that as the PM's wife and FLOM she should impart words of wisdom to single mothers about not spending too much money on Hari Raya - but did she ever thought about how stupid it is to ask others to be thrifty when you have just spent millions on your daughter's wedding?

It seems that Rosmah can isolate spending her millions on a wedding from her asking people to be thrifty - as far as she is concerned how she spends her husband's money (not sure whether it really is her husband's money or the nations") is her own business.

She is just plain stupid!

Or maybe the thought of Najib no longer being PM is giving her momentary madness - mad for a short time....or maybe she has been consistently mad all this time...with periods when she is OK when she is on medication? In Shakespeare's lingo, consistent mad women are call "Fools". I agree.

Though this Rosmah does not sings and babbles in the forest for long periods of time like a mad women, she is prone to some questionable activities : collecting Hermes bags, expensive diamond rings, hugging badminton players in public, kissing bollywood men in public and spending insane amount of money on her hair...and not forgetting dressing up in Star Wars costumes!

I just wish this old hag with the Hermes bag will just shut up or go away...far far away!