Sunday 31 July 2011

Cakap cakap....GOD

Steadyaku47 comment:

It is not often that I comment on what people write me. This morning I choose to make an exception to what I normally do. In my posting “My Mind Wanders….”  my end line is this “I am at peace with myself. Leave me alone”. And still some people do not understand what I say…and so I am going to take this matter a bit further here:  

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When was the last time that you visited your father's and mother's grave?

What business is it of yours when I do or do not visit my parents grave? Why, do you get points to go to heaven or hell whenever I do or do not visit my parents grave?

As a good son when was the last time that you prayed and asked God to send your beloved parents to heaven?

Please, as I have said in my posting…worry about your parents – whether they are living or dead. Do not carry the weight of others on your shoulders…each and everyone of us have enough on our plate without being our brother’s keeper.

You didn't see the air you breathe but it is there. Without it you die. When was the last time you said thank you God for the air I breathe.

Do I say thank you to God for the tsunami, for the earthquakes for the floods that kills so many people? Or do I just thank him for the good things? He does not take responsibility for the bad things that happens to us? Those who lose their children to illness or accidents, those who lose their parents or their love ones way before their time? Who is responsible for these “bad” things? And please do not say that thing happens for a reasons and we will know what the reasons are in time! There is no reason why so many good people die young – no reason at all. No reason why thousand have to die in earthquakes and tsunamis…. and more relevant to me, there is no reason why my late mother  - who prays five times a day and has never been heard to say a bad word about any body (including me the black sheep of the family!) have to have to die before her time of a brain tumor!  

When was the last time you thank God for the eyes you can see with?

I will thank him for my eyes with which I can see when he explains to me why is it that there are people who have eyes but cannot see. Have ears but cannot hear! Why there are so many people who have a mouth but cannot speak…and why there are people with brains but cannot think!

When was the list time you thank God for the hearing that he has given you?
Ditto see above!

The list goes on... and it is all for FREE.
And yet God never ask anything back from you. He said sien, you are responsible for your own life. He said sien, you are allowed to go to heaven or hell in your very own way.

If you say that he never asks anything back from me then why do you ask me to pray to him so that my parents can go to heaven? Why must I give thanks to him for the air that I breath, for the eyes with which I can see and the ears with which I can hear? My parents gave me life and brought me up until I could take care of myself and they never ever ask me for anything in return. Now that is what is meant by “Not asking for anything back!” – if my parents insists that I worship them for what they have done for me, insists that everyday I must remember them in my prayers and insists that I do this and do that ….then it will be just a matter of time before I start to get fed up of their demands  to always be grateful for what they have done for me. 

I am grateful for what my parents have done to me….and I try to do the same to my own children…and they to theirs. That is how it should work. God has made us  - this I agree but then it is up to us to live our lives the best way we can. God is no longer responsible for the person we have become ..… because if he is then he is responsible for all the bad things that happens in our world…not only the good.

Don't blame God when you woke up one day and find yourself in hell!

First of all I will not know Hell from Heaven because there there has never been anyone who has been to either place and came back to tell us what it was like!

And I will never blame God for anything. 


It is time each and everyone of us take that responsibility and face up to living life the best way we can. If you want to do good to others good for you. If you want to do evil then there are the laws in the land to take care of you…..and if you want to trade on what you think God is then you become a priest, an ulama or whatever it is these religious people are called and you can go about doing God's work and get paid for doing so as that is the way  you earn your living…but count me out! 

I can take care of myself! I do not need for anybody to tell me to pray five times a day, to fast during Ramadan, to believe in the Son, the Father and the Holy Ghost or the teachings of Buddha or any other religion. I can think and I take for myself what I think is right from anything out there and live my life by my own common sense. So please…once again…leave me alone....go take care of your own affairs. From what I am told and from what I see around me going to heaven takes a hell of a lot of focus on what you have to do and leave me alone.   

Saturday 30 July 2011

Pi's Twist

Today I came across the above blog at :

If you want to read about people who think not of themselves but of others....about people who care more for others then for themselves....about the good that people do to others....about people giving hope to others then you must go and read "Pi's Twist  The Way I see It" I have rarely been moved as much as when I read her posting on "The Last Farewell". This is real life and she writes so simply and so well. I felt that I was there with her and I felt what she felt and now know what she face in her work to assist those who are almost without hope in Malaysia. I hope those who can will assist her in her work in any way possible. Syabas PI....syabas. 

A Final Farewell...

Saturday, 30 July 2011

After visiting and delivering another month’s supply of groceries to Sofie yesterday; and then visiting Zalia and delivering milk & diapers for her daughter before heading home, I was planning to just stay home today (other than my Saturday pasar tani routine) and tidy up my messy work table at home.
But when I was at the pasar tani, a call came in on my hand phone from an unfamiliar number. The caller identified herself as Shilla’s sister-in-law and told me that Shila had just passed away about 6 something in the morning. She herself wasn’t too sure what time the funeral would be as the family was still kelam-kabutcalling relatives and friends.
So after my pasar tani routine, off I headed to Shila’s house. Shila had been staying with her mother (at her mother’s house) ever since her husband passed away about 8 years ago. It’s a kampong house which I had visited quite a number of times even though I am not Shila’s main buddy. Shila’s buddy is for the moment overseas and was not able to visit today.
When I got to Shila’s house at about 10 am, there were quite a number of people visiting. Laila, Shila’s 11 year old daughter, looked rather calm. So did Shila’s mother. I knew Shila’s mother was busy with people always asking her where was this and that to help prepare for Shila’s funeral, but I still managed to talk to her for a few minutes to find out what happened.
After being hospitalised some time last month, Shila’s condition had improved a lot. Other than HIV, Shila also had heart problems. She & Laila did join us for our recent Family Day. I never thought that would be her last Family Day with us. Within the same week after the Family Day, I did get to meet Shila & Laila. Shila had to go to the hospital for some tests and after she was done with those tests, I went to fetch her. Shila was hungry by then (she had to fast before the tests were done) and so I brought both her & her daughter for makan-makan at a fast food outlet at a nearby shopping centre. Apparently Laila had always asked her mother if she could eat there but Shila couldn’t afford to fulfil the girl’s request. So when I offered to bring them there, the girl was all smiles.
That was the last I met Shila alive. And she was doing okay then.
So the news of her death came as quite a shock to me. As a matter of fact, it was a shock to her family as well. Even though they knew of her HIV, but based on her condition, they didn’t expect her to go so soon. According to her mother, the only thing Shila was complaining about yesterday was a backache; and then later at night she complained she felt rather warm and so decided to sleep upstairs which was cooler. Usually she’d sleep downstairs with her daughter. And the next thing they knew, this morning Shila was gone.
I immediately sent a few text messages to a few people whom I thought should know about Shila’s death – including SN. SN immediately called me back – she was shocked too. Apparently the doctor had just asked her to call Shila to arrange for some other tests to be done on her before deciding on the best ARV medication to be given to her.
Anyway, when I got to Shila’s house, the first thing I did was to ask her mother if the funeral arrangements had been made.
Jenazah semua dah ada orang uruskan ya?”
Dah… saya suruh anak saya pergi ambik orang yang selalu uruskan jenazah tu.”
OK, so everything had been arranged for, so I just sat there quietly and I thought probably I could leave early. But after a while, Shila’s sister came back, and the family seemed a bit restless. I decided to ask. Apparently the regular lady whom the kampong folks had always depended on to handle pengurusan jenazah, was not home and nobody seemed to know where she was. A few ladies offered help to cut the kain kafan, but nobody dared lead. I could see Shila’s mother was beginning to worry although she kept her cool. I finally decided to just go and join the ladies helping out with the kain kafan when one of them asked, “Adik boleh tolong ke?” “InsyaAllah boleh,” I said, and immediately they put me as the “leader”.
So yes, from then on I took over the pengurusan jenazah, right from preparing the kain kafanmandi jenazah and on to mengkafankan jenazah. The other ladies gave full cooperation.
It was during mengkafankan jenazah that Laila started sobbing away. Poor girl. Being the only child, and losing her father when she was just about 3 years old, Laila had always been manja with her mother.
By the time the jenazah was all ready, it was about 12.45 pm. I sought permission from Shila’s mom to leave as I had already done what I could. She hugged me and thanked me for helping her out. Somehow, from the way she thanked me, I get this gut feeling that maybe, just MAYBE, the regular lady could have heard rumours that Shila had HIV and therefore purposely made a disappearing act so that she didn’t have to give any excuses for refusing to handle Shila’s jenazah. Just for the record, during one of the kursus pengurusan jenazah that I had attended before, one of the participants actually asked if he could refuse to handle the body of an HIV infected person. I do hope I’m wrong about this lady though…
I do intend to visit again one of these days to discuss about Laila’s future. No worries about who the girl will be staying with, she’ll definitely be staying with her grandma at the very same house she’s staying now. But other than monitoring Laila’s educational needs, we need to monitor her emotional status as well. Ramadhan will begin on Monday, and one thing for sure is that this coming Raya Laila will be her first Raya without her mother.

My mind wanders...

If you believe that there is an afterlife. If you believe that paradise or hell awaits after this life. If you believe there is no God, no Angel no Gabriel … it necessary to tell others of your beliefs…for after all there are just your beliefs and others have theirs.

I cannot understand this need to ask others to pray and do good on this earth so that their afterlife will be good. Surely you yourself will have enough to do to make sure your afterlife is good without worrying about others. Please for all those of you who are concern about what awaits me after this life I ask that you do not worry too much about me. And for those that besiege God to show me the right path to wherever it is they want me to go may I suggest that you first think about asking God to ensure that you are already on the path of righteousness.

I am not lost and neither am I unsure of what awaits me. Death awaits me. As death awaits all Christians, all Muslims, all Jews …all of us. And what comes after death is something each and every one of us will have to work out for his and her self. I have my thoughts and so have others and I am sure we differ. Do not at any moment think that what you believe in is the truth and nothing but the truth. There are too many “others” with different religion, different beliefs, different understanding of life to make just your beliefs to be the right one.

Long ago I realized that there are good Christians and bad Christians. Good Muslims and bad Muslims. No one religion has a monopoly on goodness or evil. Let others live their life their way and you live yours your way. Find peace yourself and do not go around telling others how to find their peace…not unless that is how you earn your living and getting well paid for doing so.

By now there will be some of you fully convinced that I am an atheist and in need of “guidance”. What ever I am is really my concern and my concern alone. Do not try to second guess what is in my head for my thoughts meanders relentlessly in directions I myself am unaware of. I am at peace with myself. Leave me alone.   

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney never told Linda she was dying -- Paul McCartney knew his wife Linda had just days to live -- but he decided not to tell her that breast cancer had finally overwhelmed her. McCartney spent just one night apart from Linda in almost 30 years of marriage. "I knew a week or so before she died. I was the only one who knew. One of the doctors said she ought to be told but I didn't want to tell her because I didn't think she'd want to know."

Africa Politicians: The New Slave Masters

By Lord Aikins Adusei


They like to talk like sheep with humility but they act like wolves and lions devouring their victims without mercy. Such are Africa politicians. When they want power they would promise or say anything to get elected but when they get the power then they forget about the electorate and the people. Today in Africa people are so poor that they cannot even provide food for their families. But the politicians in Zimbabwe, Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, Kenya, Chad, Ghana, South Africa, Guinea, Angola, DRC, Gabon, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Togo and Ivory Coast do not know what poverty is.

Together they have hijacked and exercise full control over all the resources including land, labour, capital and revenues from all economic activities such as oil, gas, cocoa, coffee, tobacco, gold, diamond, coltan, tourism and timber exports. Omar Bongo of Gabon and his circle of friends control all the oil money in Gabon. Obiang Nguema and his cronies exercise full control over the hundreds of millions of dollars of oil money that flow into the country annually. Denis Sassou Nguessou of Congo does the same with his friends and so are Eduardo dos Santos of Angola and Joseph Kabila of DRC.

Like the Slave Masters of the slave trade, the politicians, their cronies, the business elite and the well connected determine and control everything in Africa. They determine which roads should be constructed or resurfaced and which one should not. They determine which village or town gets connected to the national electricity grid; they determine which region or district receives funding for projects; they determine which community receives water infrastructure. They determine which town or community gets access to hospitals and sanitation facilities. They determine who should get a job and who should get sacked. Have you heard that 420 army recruits in Ghana have been asked to go home by the politicians who recently took over power?

The slave masters decide who gets a place to sell in the market, shopping malls and all the major markets in the continent. The slave masters decide who should own a business and who should have a share in that business. They decide who should get a contract and whose certificate as contractor should be withdrawn. Contractors do substandard works, collect hundreds of millions of dollars, give politicians their share and that is all. So a road whose live span is twenty years has to be resurfaced after just two years. For the past fifteen years Accra-Kumasi road in Ghana has been resurfaced more than five times after paying contractors hundreds of millions of dollars. This explains why school buildings collapse and children are killed. It also explains why communities are flooded anytime it rains as poor quality drainage networks are built. Projects costs and costs of major public procurement contracts are inflated three or four times normal cost by the Slave Masters and the poor people are made to pay for it.

You cannot get a certificate to operate a business unless you grease the palm of a politician. You cannot get contract unless you know a politician in the ruling government. You are treated differently if you know the regional minister, the district commissioner, governor or the district chief executive (DCE). A French investigation into corruption at the former oil giant Elf Aquitaine, an executive testified that Elf paid £40m a year to Bongo via Swiss bank accounts in exchange for permission to exploit his country's reserves. Source: The Sunday Times, 2008.

As far as one knows a cabinet minister he can do whatever he likes and nobody dares question him. It is always the poor and the have nots who get prosecuted and jailed while the politicians and their cronies who commit atrocious crimes against their states live in their mansions to enjoy their booty and ill gotten wealth. If Mr. Bernard L. Madoff had come from any country in Africa he would have been a free man by now as his political friends would have make sure he did not go to jail. Corruption case against Jacob Zuma is being dropped to allow him become president of South Africa.

Big loans are contracted to build projects like presidential palaces enjoyed only by the politicians and the poor are made to pay for it. Like the slavery of old, the politicians, their families, the businessmen and the well connected are not hurt by the storm of poverty in Africa. Despite receiving hundreds of billions of dollars in loans and grants from Europe, Japan, US, IMF and World Bank there is nothing to show for it as poverty continue to swallow the people. The reason is that these loans and grants do not see the light, they are stolen the very day they are released and the poor people are paying for it. This explains why many countries have applied for the HIPC (Highly Indebted Poor Countries) initiative. These corrupt Slave Masters and their associates are holding the people captive with their short sighted, ill-conceived, vote buying, and cosmetic economic policies and programmes thereby giving the people no chance to develop.

The politicians in Africa have titles like Junior Jesus, Servants of the Poor, Friend of the Poor, King of Africa but they are all lies. None of them cares for the poor but their own stomach. Because they care only for their interests, that is why the people have no jobs, no incomes, no savings and have no place to lay their heads. That is why farmers continue to farm using hoes and cutlasses, rely on nature to plant their crops; and have no access to improved seeds, irrigation facilities and credit. That is why children go to school barefooted, on an empty stomach and attend classes under trees while the politicians' children receive education in Europe and America.

That is why Omar Bongo has at least 33 luxury properties in France alone and spends $100 million a year while majority of Gabonese live on a dollar a day. Dos Santos, Paul Biya, Obiang Nguema, Blaise Campore, Arap Moi, Jerry Rawlings, Joseph Kabila and most of the sitting and past presidents and their families live a lavish lifestyle while majority of the people live in abject poverty.

That is why people have no access to water, food, health care, education and electricity while Citibank, UBS, Barclays Bank, Crédit Lyonnais, BNP, Credit Suisse, are full of stolen money from the continent. That is why there are power blackouts in Accra, Dar es Salaam, Abidjan, Cape Town, Monrovia, Free Town, Lome, Lagos, Kampala, Cairo, Conakry and most of our cities not to mention the rural areas. But the lights in Aso Rock in Nigeria, Osu Castle in Ghana, El Mouradia in Algeria, Abdeen Palace in Egypt, Zimbabwe House in Zimbabwe, Futungo dos Belas in Angola, Mahlambandlovu of South Africa, States House in Kenya and Uganda, will not go off even if there is no water in the Kanji, Akosombo, the Aswam, Kariba, or the Mulunguzi dams.

Because they care only for their interests that is why majority of the people live in slumps, sprawl, shanty towns and in deplorable conditions in Nairobi, Accra, Cairo, Lagos, Soweto, Kampala with little or no access to water, electricity, schools, hospitals, roads, toilet and sanitation facilities. That is why teachers, nurses, and other public workers are poorly paid, have few rights and have little or no entitlement when they go on retirement. But when the Slave Masters leave office after looting the treasuries, they are given several hundreds of thousands of dollars and properties as retirement packages. The Slave Masters have more and are given more. The poor have none and they are denied even the little.

Because they care only for their stomach that is why they allow mining and oil companies to destroy the environment and the livelihoods of the people. Shell, BP and other oil companies have polluted rivers, wells, streams, lakes, creeks and the soil in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria rendering millions of fishermen and farmers jobless. The people of Arlit in Niger and Mounana in Gabon are still suffering after exposure to high radioactive contamination from uranium. The Slave Masters in Ghana, DRC, Liberia, and Zambia look on in agreement while mining companies like AngloAshanti and Mittal pollute the environment.

In the 50 years since oil was discovered in Nigeria, over $400 billion have been realised as revenue but the money has been stolen by the politicians and the corrupt civil servants leaving Nigerians to fend for themselves. The evil genius Abacha and his family were able to bank $4 billion of these monies in Switzerland, Jersey Island, New York, Australia, France and Britain. The story is no different in Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, DRC, Guinea, Chad, Zambia, Sudan, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Algeria, Sierra Leone and Gabon where oil, gas, gold, diamond, copper and other valuable minerals have brought in billions of dollars yet most the people live in abject poverty. The people are poor because the Slave Masters have decided they should remain so, as monies meant for their development have been stolen and are sitting in UBS, Credit Suisse, Barclays bank, BNP, Crédit Lyonnais and Citibank.

Through their grip on power, the Slave Masters have amassed wealth and enriched themselves at the expense of the poor. And in order to perpetuate their rule and enslavement of the people they turn one tribe and one religion against the other as is seen in Kenya, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Ghana, Niger, Mali, Algeria, Egypt, Togo, Liberia and Congo. They install their children as successors instead of allowing democracy to work. Faure Gnassingbe of Togo was installed as his father's successor and so did Joseph Kabila of DR. Congo who replaced Laurent Kabila, his father as president. There are clear signs that Gamal Mubarak and Major Muhoozi Kainerugaba will respectively replace their fathers as presidents of Egypt and Uganda.

How is the following 2008 US Human Rights report on Gabon different from the treatment of slaves by their owners in the 18th Century?

“The following human rights problems were reported: limited ability of citizens to change their government; use of excessive force, including torture toward prisoners and detainees; harsh prison conditions; arbitrary arrest and detention; an inefficient judiciary susceptible to government influence; restrictions on the right to privacy; restrictions on freedom of speech, press, association, and movement; harassment of refugees; widespread government corruption; violence and societal discrimination against women, persons with HIV/AIDS, and noncitizen Africans; trafficking in persons, particularly children; and forced labour and child labour.” Source: US Human Rights Report on Gabon 2008. Similar abuses are found in Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Equatorial Guinea, Gambia, Egypt, Mauritania and Guinea.

Pathetically, Africans demanded independence from colonialism only to be recolonised and enslaved by our own leaders. A US Senate investigation in 1997 established that Bongo and his family spend fifty-five million pounds every year. Like Omar Bongo, Denis Sassou Nguesso, Teodoro Obiang Nguema, Blaise Campore, Dos Santos, and their friends in Chad, DRC, have all enriched themselves at the expense of their poor countries often in collusion and connivance with the French political and the business elite and the banking and property institutions. Robert Mugabe was seen having a lavish birthday party with his family and friends while millions of his people face starvation and cholera continues to threaten tens of thousands of them. Africa is poor because of the incompetence of her leaders. The people are poor because they have been denied the opportunity to develop. There are no efficient transportation system; no major infrastructural development, no viable manufacturing sector; no major breakthrough in the universities because monies meant for all that have been stolen by the Slave Masters in full agreement with Switzerland, France, Britain, USA, Luxembourg, Jersey Island, Austria and Liechtenstein.

What will you say when people have no access to food, water, electricity, education, health facilities; cannot pay their rents and fees for their kids; have no jobs and no savings; have no access to toilet and sanitation facilities and cannot democratically change their leaders? If these corrupt, power hungry and heartless men and women are not slave masters, vampires, parasites, blood suckers and draculars then who are they?

By Lord Aikins Adusei
(Consultant, Political Activist and Anti Corruption Campaigner)

A Plea on behalf of that Son of Ali

I hope that you will all try to understand the situation that this Son of Ali is in. We need to give him time – time for him to rise to his level of incompetence. There have been many times in the past when I was sure as hell that he has reached his maximus  optimus but it was just a silap mata by Yem. I think we know him well enough to call him Yem instead of that more familiar “Berahim Beruk” affectionately used by the people in his electorate and by his friends behind his back...his UMNO friends!

Remember when this Son of Ali went boldly where no Pakatan Rakyat politicians has even went? He authoritatively  commented on the activities of the “Good Wife Club” where he reiterated that he was in agreement that the “wife must do her husband bidding” …with particular emphasis on the need for the wife to concede every time her esteemed better half insisted on doing the horizontal mambo! We all had a good laugh when a visual of Yem doing the horizontal mambo flashed through our overactive mind…good of Yem to crack a joke at his expense. Anybody else doing the horizontal mambo would not have raised even a chuckle from most of us but just the thought of this Son of Ali doing that mambo is priceless….with his roly poly dimension I guess rolling of the bed is an occupational hazard!

If that was not enough he is now sharing with us the “boldness” of his decision to stay away from the Bersih rally. I can sense that some of you are already thinking that I am going to ridicule Yem for not having the guts to face the tear gas and the whacking from the Riot Squad. Far from it…I know that Yem is just acting out his two phobias. He cannot stand rejection and he cannot stand pain:

To stand as an independent means that nobody wants you : REJECTION.

The “PAIN” is what he knows he will feel when he gets whacked by PDRM.

Say what you like about this roly poly Yem he still can understand that there is a connection between PAIN and positive emotions. While some people inflict pain on themselves (i.e self injury) to make themselves feel better because pain do lead to a decreased in activity in the areas of the brain associated with negative emotions, Yem understand that pain inflicted when the Riot Squad whack you is simply that : PAIN. Knowing this he sensibly opts to stay home during the Bersih Rally….so there is a method to his every action.  

Now by this “do nothing” bold action of his Yem has avoided stagnating at his present level of incompetence. He has now “risen” another level and gets closer to attaining his desired level of alpha incompetence – which is where Najib, Muhyiddin and that Din guy is now at!

Now how dare anyone call Yem a coward! An idiot maybe. A stupid idiot probably! A stupid blithering idiot most likely…but a coward?

Ibrahim said two other reasons lead to his "bold decision" to call off the rally - the decree issued by the Agong and another by the Selangor sultan against street demonstrations, as well as his intention not to divert the police's effort in dealing with the Bersih 2.0 rally.

"So taking into consideration the decrees by the Agong and the sultan, taking into account (the interests of) all Malays and taking into account the focus of the police force in controlling Bersih, I made the bold decision not to have the gathering. I called off the gathering at 1pm”.

In his own words Yem had to take into account what the Agong and that Selangor Sultan decreed against street demonstrations….and then there is also the interest of the Malays to consider and what the Police has asked the people(including I guess a personal appeal to Yem himself) to cease and desist from gathering on KL streets. So in essence Yem listened and heard what the Agong,the Sultan and what the Police have wanted him to do….but I also have a sneaking feeling that the fact that he is a bit too generously proportioned to be able to run away from the Riot Squad and the tear gas canister might also play some minor and insignificant part in his decision to stay away from the action on the streets of KL that day. Can you picture Yem running helter skelter away from the Police?...not a pretty picture to visualize. And what if he fell? All the kings horses and all the kings men could not put humpty dumpty together again…now who could put Yem together again? Die lah.

Yem is no coward…he just does not want to get hurt lest he is unable to perform his duties as a husband (and please no wise cracks about his sexual duties)…… looking at Yem I would think that in as far as his wife is concerned Yem duties as a husband would more involve activities like going to the market than activities of the sexual kind!

Yem also said :
"They said Perkasa is a wise organisation. That proves we are not militant, that proves we are not extremist. The records speak for themselves," said a proud Ibrahim.

Speaking for myself I pride myself on having eyes like Brad Pitt(two) but every other parts of my self sucks (go ask my wife!). 

According to Yem, “they” say that Perkasa is a wise organization (so by inference he is a wise leader). That Perkasa is not militant (then he is a General without an Army) and they say that Perkasa is not extremist. He has got all the bases covered except one. How does a General of his stature…or should I say how does a General in spite of a stature like Yem win a battle against Bersih without fronting up at the battlefield? I guess he will have a perfectly logical explanation for this too …but for now this Yem guy is going to be filed under “AJAIB TAPI BENAR”….or in the words of a favorite TV series…"Tales of the Unexpected” please do not forget my plea...let this Son of Ali raise himself to his level of incompetence so that he can then join those that have reached that level many moons before him...Najib, Muhyiddin, Nazri,the Tan Sri who raped that Malay School girl while he was Chief Minister of Melaka, that Raba Raba ambassador in Washington...etc etc.      

Michelle Pfeiffer - Makin' Whoopee

Meryl Streep--You Don't Know Me

Elvis: Make the World Go Away

Elvis : Love me Tender

cakap cakap Saturday morning....

Precisely 7.13 a.m on a Saturday morning in Winter, in Adelaide. A cup of tea at my elbow, two heaters to keep me warm and our cat Lea sitting by the Gas Fire to keep warm – her favorite spot every winter morning. Anytime in Winter in Adelaide is mild when compared to the Winter I remembered in London. The cold clings to you in London. It follows you everywhere and you cannot hide from it…and yet London holds so many lingering memories of good times that refuses to go away.

Anytime when you had no greater a responsibility then to make sure that you arrive on time at Brynston Square to have lunch at Malaysia Hall is a good time. Anytime when you read the dailies to see if Lester Piggot was having any rides at the races for you to “invest” on must surely be free of any worries because you live for the moment! If there were any “problems” it would certainly have something to do with the possibility that “Paul McCartney is Dead!” …well that was what everyone was speculating since he was the only Beatle walking barefoot walking across that Zebra Crossing in Abbey Road….or maybe he just felt like walking barefoot….and the debate rages on.

I lived in the moment then as I still do now. When I decided to leave KL to live in Perth many years ago it did not occurr to me then that I will not be around with my Mother and Father in their last conscious moments on this earth….that I would not really be able to say my goodbyes to them. Today I think often about how it would be for me when my last conscious moments on this earth comes and my daughter and her family are far away in Canada. So I still live in the moment but a bit more mindful that life sometimes deals you an Ace and sometimes a Joker. You can never predict its outcome but you can try to change yourself and take what comes your way with relish and a positive attitude. Then life becomes good.

When I get older losing my hair,
Many years from now,
Will you still be sending me a valentine
Birthday greetings bottle of wine?

If I'd been out till quarter to three
Would you lock the door,
Will you still need me, will you still feed me,
When I'm sixty-four?

Well for me 64 is already here! Mick Jagger is 70! John Lennon and George Harrison are gone and Hugh Hefner is…well Hugh Hefner is still Hugh Hefner albeit a little bit older!

The greatest gift I have been given in life is my wife, Zack, Terrina and her Family – my Family …though the jury is still out as to whether I am the greatest gift in their life….but hey who is asking? Even now as I sit here in front of my PC willing for some “ilham” to come my way so that my thoughts can race away to places unknown faster then my hands can type I know that it is the little things in life that really matters. My wife just walked past me and as she does she knows that I will reach out to touch her…and she me. 

Its Saturday today and I know that there is nothing that I have to do today that I do not want to do! Just you stop and think about that – how many of you can lay claim to that? That you do not have to do anything today that you do not want to do? Is that not Nirvana?

My mind is begging to meander to places unknown and I do not want you guys to follow. So I will stop for now…..but I still have not had a good laugh this morning…so maybe I might sneak a peak at my favorite comical comic…the NST…get a few laughs and hopefully get some “ilham” to bang some heads of those in BN and UMNO....I have already had 20 emails this morning and another one just came doubt to "hantam" me for being a bad bad boy! Salam. 

The Two Stooges

There are two leaders at the top of UMNO’s pile of s#*t…two minds without a single intelligent thought to benefit the Rakyat except that of holding on to power! Power at all costs. If it means having to give RM1.1 million financial assistance to seven Chinese schools and an association of former students for a Chinese school in Kedah…… find the money and do it!

The rising cost of living? Introduce a new National Key Result Area (NKRA) to tackle the rising cost of living!  Sounds impressive! Who cares what this NKRA thing is going to do? Pemamdu and the cabinet committee will assist and oversee everything! Problem solved – no more rising cost of living!

And of course our Prime Minister has sounded the clarion call emphasizing that the red, white, blue and yellow of the Jalur Gemilang  reflects the principles to uphold national unity in all situations, to make sacrifices for the nation's progress, to maintain peace and harmony and to portray a strong Malaysian identity. How the f*#ks he can see those principles from those colors simply escapes me.

But that is vintage Najib – he beats Pak Lah hands down when it comes to announcing all those addendum to the nation’s transformation plan! Dear God why did you not tell Najib and Muhyiddin to be present at Merdeka Square on the 7th of April last year when you were giving out brains?....and having Mukriz and Mahathir present would not do us any harm too!


I have been debating with me, myself and I as to how I should have closure on this DSAI issue – a closure that would satisfy me, myself and I – not you guys out there! Definitely not you guys out there!

This is what I know I will have to do and I will do it now. The evidence that I have about DSAI sodomy 3 is me, myself and I. And if I have to explain this any further to any of you then I would say  that you do not understand what it is that I am saying here…and sometimes ignorance is bliss.

This matter is now close and I will leave DSAI in peace to think again about what I told him last month – that he should NOT take his friends for granted and that he cannot afford to keep losing  people who have already pledged their support to him despite knowing his failings.

As for me I can only say this to me: Yes we need DSAI to hold Pakatan Rakyat together – but if this is the best that Pakatan Rakyat can do for a leader then Pakatan Rakyat has  a problem. But for now there is work to be done....