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We Malaysian Indians except those who are the faithful dogs of UMNO voted for Pakatsn Rakyat and still want to vote for them. But this time we need some assurance from Pakatan as from our observation Pakatan has not been treating Indians fairly and equally as other Malaysia. Some examples are:

1. It's promise during 12GE of giving 2 exco posts to Malaysian Indians in Penang, Perak and Selangor and give Indians more say in the running of the government has NEVER ben fulfilled at all.

2. It's promise of giving state land to the landless Tamil schools not fulfilled at all. In Selangor a piece of land was given at Taman Sentosa, Klang for non-existent school while existing schools were left out till today. But in Selangor out of 128 hectors of state land allocated to non-Islamic Religious shrines, 114 hectors (89%) given to Chinese Temples and 7.87 hectors(5.99%) to the much trouble some, often torn down Hindu Temples. We say education is very important which PR states do differently. When I blasted xaviar about this in Tamil portal Sempurathi, his cyber troopers used a lot of vulger words, false accusations and even worse things about me. I have clearly written from 2009 till today we don't want the world's largest evil satan BN but wanted PR to be fair but PR showed its colour.

In Selangor the Indian Village Heads get monthly RM 450.00 while Chinese and Malay Village Heads get monthly RM8,000.00 to RM10,000.00.

Out of more than 1,500 scholarships awarded only 3 for poor Indian students.

Manoharan Malayalam's 5 resolutions were defeated in the Selangor State Asssembly. One main one was for the state to assist all very elderly poor citizens and the reason given by Chinese and Malay assemblymen was Malays will get angry. We don't understand this at all why Malays must get angry when it says all not Indians only. Then why Malays never got angry when Chinese Temples with land given more land?

There are a lot of unfairness going on in PR ruled states. That's why this time we want all the promises to be in written form. And we want real fairness and equality with other Malaysians as we are also human beings and Malaysians. Please do some survey and observe - then you all will know the real happenings.