Sunday 31 December 2017

If we keep quiet, we are part of the problem.

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It was a memorable 2017... with so many ups and downs. It was all good in the end... even though it started with a mysterious lady's shoe in my room then losing a major court case with the government, getting hauled up by police and MCMC for exercising my freedom of speech, daughters being upset with me till today for exercising freedom of speech.... yes many challenges. 
What I got from all this is knowing first hand how screwed up the police and judiciary actually are under the current administration and knowing how fragile and unforgiving our children can be. 
But I am my own person, I think I have the right to express myself in ways that is in harmony with what I know is right and wrong. In the pursuit of that, carp happens and we have to deal with it the best way we can. 
It is never about me, it's not about popularity as my kids think. There is no thrill in being locked up for the sake of popularity. We live in a community that needs to be protected from unprincipled politicians, we cannot keep quite. If we keep quiet, we are part of the problem. 
The country has lost its democracy, it has lost a decent police force, we have lost a credible judiciary, we have lost a fair Election Commission, our constitution remains an insignificant piece of paper, our country has been overtaken by greedy politicians and cronies who have bought all these agency with "cash is king" attitude. 
Our country's assets are being sold as of it's the crime minister's personal property. What are the silent observers waiting for? Are we waiting for our children and grandchildren to become maids and construction workers in neighbouring countries? Look at the new tallest building coming up ...TRX it has something i can't read written up high as if announcing China 🇨🇳 is taking over. There are Chinese boundaries within Malaysian where Malaysians are not allowed in. Is this the NEP they talk about? Is this the 'Malay pride' UMNO frequently uses to justify their screwed up policies?
UMNO/BN and their cronies is a physical and psychological enemy to us decent citizens. Their greed has no bounds, their plan is to enslave us forever with the burden of paying for their extravagant lifestyles for generations to come. Wake up people, wake up.
So enough is enough, these people are willing to kill to stay in power and hide their misdeeds. So I repeat.... if you remain quiet, you are party to what they do...rob, kill and lie. 
2018 is an election year, the least we could do is to vote these bastards out and then it will be a happy new year. It all up to you. God bless Malaysia 🇲🇾.

cakap cakap...Mahathir.

I do not need for Tun to say sorry to me.

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Dephy Oon · Friends with Wong Piang Yow and 1 other
he’s really good. unbeatable. timing n all. and if there is one thing that malay brothers n sisters need.. its apology.

other races..?? i dunno, maybe not. they have elephant memory. And that goes to say that they’ll weigh the good vs the ‘wrongs’ and know the wrongs were nothing compared to the progress that Tun has given their next generations. And that makes it all fair game. Knowing some things had to get done so as to get something more, and errors in that direction, are forgivable, coz thats how life is. 

That’s life. we all make mistakes. But to the observer, their mistakes seem to be galactic magnitudes bigger... but that is only because they have strived bigger, dreamed bigger and made things happen bigger.

And for Tun, he once had a dream... that he could equalise wealth in the nation... but the one thing he’s had to learn the hard way is that wealth MUST be earned the hard way... that one must never institutionalise the act of taking from jack to give to tom so as to arrive at those goals of wealth equality. 

Because it breeds greedy bust-turds. The likes of who are now shoveling everyhing into their personal bank accounts at ever increasing pace, as if there is no tomorrw. These greedy bust-turds have always had it too easy... and all Tun did was pave the way for they and made it easier.

For that, there can be no apology that suffices. Only corrective action - and even to that enormity he has stepped up. 

Outstanding. His personality traits are comparable to no less than the likes of Washington, Mandela maybe Gandhi.

Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad
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Hussein Abdul Hamid Thanks for your comments... I don't agree with everything you say but you are entitled to have your say... Salute!
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Dephy Oon · Friends with Wong Piang Yow and 1 other
Hussein Abdul Hamid 

love that you are real about things. so here’s a challenge for you...

try being in singapore for a good part of life, simply becoz there were not enuf form 6’s and uni’s to accommodate (supposedly).

then try being a minority, the sort that is called “pendatang”.

with that, try being female, and realising that the 19th century so-called national culture is actually the perpetuation of bullying in various forms.

then try seeing that years and hundreds of thousands of personal taxes paid get squandered off to tom under so-called “policies”.

then try imagining being in China (with a big ‘C’) for several years, living and paying taxes as a local with a residence permit, and learning the ‘C’ ways (whatever you may deem ‘C’ to be)

one then learns that the “C”rimes of Tun are a mere drop in the bucket compared to the vision of forging an economically wealthy nation. he crawled up the wrong tree, favouring bullying as the MO rather than compassion as the driver of progress. the price of going up the wrong tree is extremely high.

but, the gentleman that he is has stepped up even to that. and his resilience continues to amaze me. 

in no way do i try to have you agree with me, merely providing a different view from the branches of another birch tree.

Mohd Faizal Idris This is what we should..trying to understand each other because what we comprehend differs to what essence we are made of through education,culture,religion...

I do not need for Tun to say sorry to me.

I do not need for Tun to say sorry to me for whatever it is that he has done in the name of government. I am 71 and Tun is 91. What need is there for either of us to have to say sorry to the other for what we have done in Life? We are all humans and everyone of us have done wrong somewhere at sometime of our lives.

Has Tun done more wrong then me? So what if Tun has? If all the people I have done wrong to were to come knocking at my door in Fitzroy today, when I am 71, what do you think will happen? You think they will feel any better after I have apologise to them for my mistakes? Do yo think I will feel better for apologising for my mistakes? Huh!

I, better then any one else, know the wrongs I have done and to whom I have done those wrongs. So how do I live with myself knowing all that? I can only speak for this is what I try to do....try to do, because I do not know if I am succeeding or I will ever succeed in doing the things I am trying to do. 

Knowing the things I have done in my life - good or 71...what I now trying to do is to go on with the rest of my life the best way I can. Take care of my love ones and where I can, be there for my children if they need me, and generally try to be a decent man. And while I am doing all that....I write about the things I care about ...about corruption in Malaysia, about corrupt leaders and about the others things that matters to me in Malaysia and anywhere else around me. And if, while I am doing all this, some one comes knocking at my door to ask me to apologise for some wrong I have done them in the past....I will them to f**k off...because in my mind I know that I have made peace with myself and am now trying, to the best of my ability, to try to live the rest of my life as I think fit. It may not be the right way to live my life in as far as you are concern....but I am comfortable with the life I choose to live. And at 71, that is all that matters to me. 

The same goes for Tun Dr Mahatrhir. How many 91 year old man have you seen doing the things he now does? Every waking moment of his life is now devoted to fighting our battles for us. He is tireless in making people understand the need to get Najib and Umno out of government. He travels all over the nation speaking to any one who will listen to him...telling them that the time for change has to be now.... for another term in government for Najib and Umno will doom our future, our children and our nation beyond recovery....and all this he does for what? 

To be prime minister again? Perish that thought! The man is 91 years old! 

At 71 I have a routine everyday, which, if I do not follow, karma will bite me in the rear by the end of the day. If I do not have enough sleep, do not eat the right food, do not have a rest in the afternoon or enough sleep at night...any of these things and more....I will regret not doing because the physical and mental toll on me will simply blow me away by the time I go to sleep....and to recover, will take me the best part of the next day...if not more.

Now see what Tun Dr Mahathir is doing today. 

He leads the opposition. He is the glues that holds the opposition together and gives it substance and direction. He leads by example, do my example and articulates our grievances and our aspirations with clarity and firmness in a manner we can identify with. In Tun we see all our passion for change coalesce into a tangible identity that is positive. The opposition led by Tun now brings fear to the Umno led Barisan Nasional government....and that fear is real. Not perceived or conceived by smoke or mirrors by day, this Barisan Nasional government is beggining to understand that PRU 14 has already been lost to them. All that is left for them is to work out in their dedak infested minds by how much will they lose PRU 14. I only have this to say to any margin that this BN government will never be enough!     

Of course Tun Mahathir is not alone in this. He has Lim Kit Siang - free, alive and well by his side to fight the good fight with him against Najib and his government of thieves. He has Anwar Ibrahim...albeit physically in Sungai Buloh, but in mind and in spirit, Anwar is with Tun Mahathir too. And many many others who will willingly do what they must to defeat corruption, arrogance and greed. 

All this is what the opposition under a Pakatan Harapan led by Tun Dr Mahathir has become. A credible, effective choice to do government after PRU 14. After Barisan Nasional!   

And still today there are some of you who wants Tun Dr Mahathir to apologise. 

You want Tun to apologise?  Why is that going to make you feel better? Is that going to make you take arms against a dedak infested BN government? Come on...let us move forward. The good old Doctor, by his deeds today, has done more then apologise...he has begun the process of real change. He has done this by leading from the front and has continued to lead from the front without any consideration or quarters given to the fact that he is old....very very old. He is at an age when personal considerations should take precedence over national ones, personal needs and wants should come first before anything or anyone else.....but not to Tun Dr Mahathir. He knows that Malaysia's needs are bigger then his. He knows that no one, not even Tun Dr Mahathir, can rest until our nation is free from the clutches of this devious, despicable, detestable Najib Razak and his cohorts.

So for those of you who are still holding out for an apology (if the one he gave yesterday is still not enough!) or for a contrite Tun Dr Mahathir ......I have this to say. 

Go away...begone....go hide under a tempering. We do not need you. We do want you. We are done with you. Let those of us who wants to win the war against corruption, dedak and arrogance march behind Tun Dr Mahathir, Lim Kit Siang, Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Harapan. We do not know yet if we will win the war...but the battle have begun and already we are winning what battles we have fought....and when we have won enough battles....the war will be won. That we are confident of doing when our leader is a 91 year old Tun Dr Mahathir who, by his deeds, has hold true to his maxim "CAKAP SERUPA BIKIN". 

Tabek Tun.     

Saturday 30 December 2017

Malcolm Turnbull fined $250 for not wearing a lifejacket

Malcolm Turnbull fined $250 for not wearing a lifejacket on Sydney Harbour
The prime minister said he was only moving his dinghy 20m near his harbourside mansion, but admitted it was ‘lesson learned’ on water safety
Malcolm Turnbull has been fined $250 for not wearing a lifejacket while steering his inflatable dinghy near his Point Piper mansion on Sydney Harbour.
The prime minister was photographed at the helm of the motorised dinghy by the Australian newspaper on Wednesday. He was wearing a red rashvest but no lifejacket, a breach of New South Wales maritime regulations.
Turnbull said he was only moving the boat 20m between a jetty and the beach next to the house he shares with his wife Lucy while at home over Christmas.
After reports accompanying the photograph noted his breach of regulations, Turnbull said in a Facebook post the first he had learned of the rule was when he called Maritime Services.
“The rules can often seem very technical, but they are there to keep us safe and we should all comply with them,” he said.
“So lesson learned; I will make sure I always wear a life jacket in my dinghy regardless of how close I am to the shore, just as I always do on my kayak.”
Maritime Services investigated the incident and on Friday delivered a $250 fine. A spokesman for Turnbull said the fine would be paid.
Angus Mitchell, executive director of NSW Maritime, said the incident was a “timely reminder” of the need for safety on the water.
“We want to ensure everyone enjoys their break and gets home safely this summer so please, wear a lifejacket and take care on our waterways,” he said.

Mana terbang RM4billion pinjamin Terma Islam dari Kumpulan Wang Persaraan Kerajaan

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E.S. Shankar on twitter @esshankar1
@tunfaisal @limkitsiang @cmlimguaneng @rafiziramli @tonypua @chedetofficial @DrAliHamsa @DrMohdIrwan @PMOMalaysia Najib.
Akaun 2012 SRC. Mana terbang RM4billion pinjamin Terma Islam dari Kumpulan Wang Persaraan Kerajaan? Najib songlap RM4billion lagi! Mana akaun 2013-2017? 

The Son who Steals from his Dead Father.

As the crescendo of questions being asked about the latest scams perpetrated upon the Malays in particular and on all Malaysians in general, raises itself to deafening decibels...and I am talking about the grand theft of Felda's Land right under the noses of those who have been given the task of protecting and managing the interest of the Malays in Felda (the so called Land Banks that would take Umno over the finishing line in PRU14), there is only deathly silence coming from Seri Perdana. 

The sense of coming death for Najib, Rosmah, for Umno and BN over this latest audacious scam to feed the greed of the occupants of Seri Perdana and the many knaves in and around them, is palpable. It hangs over Seri Perdana, over the Prime Minister's Office and over Putrajaya and all the corrupt Umno and BN politicians that works there, like coming death. 

There is that sense that "ini kali" Najib Razak has crossed that line that makes what he has done in 1MDB and the many many other financial fraud he has perpetrated upon this nation of ours, simply a thing that can possibly be excused as the act of a man consumed by greed. With this grand theft of Felda's Land, Najib Razak  steals from his own father who is now dead. It was his father who breath life into Felda, his father who bequeath to Felda all that Felda needed to make it the largest Palm Oil producer in the world with all the financial tools and reserves it needed to remain one...and now all that is gone.....stolen by his eldest son, Najib Razak to enrich himself and his wife. 

Even those in Umno who have longed put up with the despicable greed of Rosmah and Najib in their unquenchable greed for money and yet more money...... even they are aghast at the audacity of him stealing from his dead father. What sort of a son would do such a despicable and dastardly deed?

While those Najib has placed in Felda scrambled, like a headless chook in its death throes, to assure us all that Najib Razak was never an agent provocateur in this latest audacious scam to line his deep pockets with OUR money.....any fools can see that all roads lead to Mecca. None more so the roads within Felda that all lead to Najib Razak. That felon Isa Samad has served his purpose. Now we have Sharir Samad as Chairman of Felda. He too is put there by Najib Razak. What can Sharir do to absolve this son who steals from his father? 

Sharir will do what others before him has done. He will stand in front of us, as the IGP and AG has done, with hands on their hearts and intone "There is no evidence of fraud by Najib Razak. There is no criminal act committed. There is no intent by the Prime Minister to deceive the Malaysian public. Case closed".

Well may Sharir Samad say all that and more...but like the murder of Altantuya...the evidence is overwhelming. Like Altantuya, the evidence is compelling. Like Altantuya nothing can be done to hush things up after the fact because too many people are involved, too many dots can be joined to point out the perpetrators of the crime..... and like Altantuya, even the AG and the IGP can no longer cover up what has been done. This grand theft of Felda Land has been done, documented, signed sealed and delivered. All that is left for us to do is to join the dots to see from where the fouled deed originated, who schemed, plotted and managed its execution. 

And when the political will finally exists....who shall be punished for it. You and I know from where such duplicity and fraud has originated from. Today, in the times that we now live in, all roads lead to Seri Perdana. Enough said.


Lest We Forget....1MDB

We start the weekend with this "Lest we forget reminder" from our friend ESS on 1MDB : 

Here is the full list of 1MDB's RM95 billion debt, based on the last filed audited accounts for the year ended 31 March 2014, and updated for the debt awarded to IPIC Plc, Abu Dhabi by the LCIA, UK in April 2017. 

Since 2014, 1MDB has sold its IPP business for RM16 billion (including bank loans of about RM6 billion) and, as of yesterday, disposed its land banks in Penang and Selangor, all to China companies.

As 1MDB's accounts for 2013 & 2014 were withdrawn by Detoilette as "cannot be relied upon" and the accounts for 2015-2017 have not been prepared, audited or filed, we do not have an accurate picture of the current debt position. 
Let MoF Chief Sec Serigar Abdullah who is also 1MDB's Chairman, and CEO Arul Kanda, update the Rakyat.

Also note that, originally, the RM4 billion debt now parked under MoF's 100% subsidiary SRC, was raised by 1MDB. SRC has not published its accounts for some 4 years! It was from this RM4 billion that SRC's CEO, who has been allowed to flee to Indonesia by Najib, illegally transferred RM42 million to Najib's personal AMMB a/c, which he says he did not know about, but nevertheless, issued cheques to pay for Rosmah's $3.4 million Italy jewellery purchases, over RM4 million for cars for family members etc. 

As to the RM4 billion, MoF/SRC has only disclosed some RM400 million invested in a Mongolian coal mining venture and an undisclosed sum in Indonesia. What happened to the balance of RM3.6 billion? Songlapped by Najib for sure!

Lest We Forget....

Retweeted FABM (@fabm11):
US$602.7 million is a lot of money to pay to IPIC but 1MDB still has huge OUTSTANDING debts!
RM5 billion 30-year bond
US$3.5 billion 10-year bonds
US$3 billion 10-year bond
RM800 million Socso loan 
RM2.4 billion sukuk

TOTAL RM35.2 BILLION = RM35,200 MILLION + interest‼️