Thursday 30 September 2010

For the Malays..... An inconvenient truth!

If you want change in Malaysia start by changing yourself. If you look around you will see that the only constant in this world is change and yet nothing really changes but yourself. How you see the world changes as you change. Are you ready for change?

The “you” that I am referring to here are the Malays! We Malays have to be afraid…be very afraid because each day brings us closer to the edge of the cliff. When you are at the edge of the cliff discretion is the better part of valour. We must step back. But why wait until we are at the edge of the cliff? Why not step back now?

Just think. We are having enough difficulty trying to stand shoulder to shoulder with the non-Malays. On top of this we have 3 million Indonesians who have migrated to Malaysia to become Malaysian citizens with Bumiputra status. In the not too distant future we Malays will have to worry about 2nd or 3rd generation Indonesian bumiputras who would have been taught the virtues of hardwork and thrift by their parents or grand parents. These Indonesians bumiputras go out to work before you are awake and they are still not home when you go to sleep. It is obvious that we Malays cannot survive without changing.  

Right now in Malaysia the very Malays whose responsibility it is to help the Malays change are too preoccupied trying to ensure their own survival. UMNO is in its death throes. UMNO has lost its moral compass. UMNO no longer has the unquestioning support of the Malays. The end of UMNO is themselves.  It ended when power to UMNO became not the means to advance the Malays but power became to UMNO an end in itself….and this started the demise of UMNO as we have known it in the past.

For us Malays it is now warranted that we abandon UMNO for our self-protection. We Malays have to take care of ourselves. The Chinese, the Indians the people in Sabah and Sarawak will not do that for us. They have enough on their plate just to survive under UMNO.

Do not believe what UMNO has been telling us about ourselves. The Malays are not lazy. The Malays do not need to be spoon-fed. The Malays need not be protected against the other races. The Malays can survive against any odds if we are given the opportunity to know these odds. Let us quarrel with the other races if we need to for it will only strengthen our understanding of each other. Do not let anyone accentuate our differences rather let us celebrate these differences as being the very fabric that will bind us together as Malaysians. For I know that in the end we will remember not what UMNO told us but what they did not tell us. UMNO did not tell us that the other races share the same aspirations as we do of living a decent life, the opportunity to earn a good living and the ability to live in peace with their family.

Remember that these non-Malays are in the arena with us. They have to face the same difficulties that we face in living under a corrupt government. They too are faced with the arrogance of their political leaders from MCA and MIC as we Malays face the arrogance of those from UMNO. When the Barisan Nasional government took the subsidy from sugar they took it away not only from the Malays but also the non-Malays. We have faced this and other indignities from the Barisan Nasional government together.

We all have a devotion to our country that transcends ethnicity. For the truth is that we are all Malaysians. There will be some who will question our right to call ourselves Malaysian. Some in ignorance will claim to be the first among Malaysian and they will want to celebrate Ketuanan Melayu…but in the end they too will know that we are all Malaysians!

There was a time when UMNO meant a lot to the Malays but that was then. Now we Malays simply have to let go. It is not the end of the world; it is the beginning of a new life.

And if you want to know how the end will look like then look at our beginning. Look at the time when we got our independence in 1957 – Merdeka - maybe even before Merdeka. That was our beginning. Hopefully by the time all this ends we will all again become the best of friends. One Malaysia. 

Meantime remember this: 
Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me” 
Andy Warhol.

Aung San Suu Kyi

Don't ruin my life: McInnes

By Margaret Scheikowski, AAPSeptember 30, 2010, 6:01 pm

    Former David Jones chief Mark McInnes begged publicist Kristy Fraser-Kirk not to destroy him by going ahead with her sexual harassment complaint.
    "I am really pleading with you to save my life from ruin please," he said in one of a number of text messages and voicemails sent to Ms Fraser-Kirk on June 14.
    Three days earlier on June 11, Ms Fraser-Kirk's lawyers wrote to the retailer complaining about "extremely serious sexual harassment over a period of time" by Mr McInnes.
    Ms Fraser-Kirk has since lodged in the Federal Court a $37 million sexual harassment claim, which is being defended by David Jones, nine directors and Mr McInnes.
    Mr McInnes resigned on June 18 after admitting to behaving "in a manner unbecoming of a chief executive to a female staff member".
    The content of his June 14 texts and voicemails, as set out in a letter by Ms Fraser-Kirk's lawyers, was released by the Federal Court on Thursday.
    In a 6.01pm voicemail, he said: "Kristy, I met with the Board today and this is going to be really bad for me Kristy.
    "My job, my livelihood, my relationship, please if there is any way I could talk to you before you go through with this tomorrow, I would really like to".
    He later said he knew he made a mistake and apologised for it, adding "I know the company will pay compensation".
    In a 6.30pm text, he wrote: "I am pleading with you to show some mercy on me by tmrw morning ...or everything I have worked for or earnt is gone, I will be totally destroyed".
    "I no my attempt to kiss u ws wrong and im so so so so sorry, but I am about to lose everything I have in my life ... please, please, please, please have some compassion on me and we will settle this as you wish".
    At 8.16pm, he texted: ".... my whole life is about to fall down, please I will do anything u want to make this right .. please dont destroy me, I am so sorry, please dont let yr lawyers do that".
    Less than 10 minutes later he sent another text: "if I go public and leave the press will be terrible 4 me and you ... they will hound you ... please I beg you not to destroy my life, I will come to any arrangement u deem appropriate so sorry".
    Then at 8.30pm he texted: "Kristy please I beg you, my life is about to be blown apart, im so sorry, please...".
    The Federal Court on Thursday also released a report on Ms Fraser-Kirk by psychologist Louise Morrow who referred to extensive publicity of the harassment case.
    "Ms Fraser-Kirk states that she now spends most of her time inside her apartment with the blinds drawn so that no one can photograph her," Ms Morrow said.
    She did not feel safe being alone in her apartment any more and when her partner was away, she had friends to stay with her.
    "She stated that she had to have her apartment swept for listening devices, her phone line checked for tampering and her car inspected for sabotage," Ms Morrow said.
    As well as saying she felt "paranoid", Ms Fraser-Kirk reported physical reactions such as vomiting and sleep impairment, as well as dizziness and tension.
    She also said she only made a statement to the media after the unauthorised publication of her name and did this to let it be known "she would not be intimidated by a major corporation".
    Justice Geoffrey Flick has set the case down for hearing on December 20.

    US actor Tony Curtis dies

    Updated 1 hour 11 minutes ago
    Tony Curtis
    Curtis was born Bernard Schwartz in New York City on June 3, 1925. (Getty: Frederick Brown )
    Legendary Hollywood actor Tony Curtis has died at age 85.
    Entertainment Tonight said a representative for the actor's daughter, Jamie Lee Curtis, had confirmed the Oscar-nominated actor's death but refused to provide any more details.
    Curtis was a Hollywood star and appeared in films including Some Like It Hot with Marilyn Monroe and Jack Lemmon.
    He received an Oscar nomination in 1959 for The Defiant Ones.
    Curtis was born Bernard Schwartz in New York City on June 3, 1925.

    The Buddhist Concept of Heaven and Hell  

    The wise man makes his own heaven while the foolish man creates his own hell here and hereafter.
    The Buddhist concept of heaven and hell is entirely different from that in other religions. Buddhists do not accept that these places are eternal. It is unreasonable to condemn a man to eternal hell for his human weakness but quite reasonable to give him every chance to develop himself. From the Buddhist point of view, those who go to hell can work themselves upward by making use of the merit that they had acquired previously. There are no locks on the gates of hell. Hell is a temporary place and there is no reason for those beings to suffer there forever.
    The Buddha's Teaching shows us that there are heavens and hells not only beyond this world, but in this very world itself. Thus the Buddhist conception of heaven and hell is very reasonable. For instance, the Buddha once said, 'When the average ignorant person makes an assertion to the effect that there is a Hell (patala) under the ocean he is making a statement which is false and without basis. The word 'Hell' is a term for painful sensations. 'The idea of one particular ready-made place or a place created by god as heaven and hell is not acceptable to the Buddhist concept.
    The fire of hell in this world is hotter than that of the hell in the world-beyond. There is no fire equal to anger, lust or greed and ignorance. According to the Buddha, we are burning from eleven kinds of physical pain and mental agony: lust, hatred, illusion sickness, decay, death, worry, lamentation, pain(physical and mental), melancholy and grief. People can burn the entire world with some of these fires of mental discord. From a Buddhist point of view, the easiest way to define hell and heaven is that where ever there is more suffering, either in this world or any other plane, that place is a hell to those who suffer. And where there is more pleasure or happiness, either in this world or any other worldly existence, that place is a heaven to those who enjoy their worldly life in that particular place. However, as the human realm is a mixture of both pain and happiness, human beings experience both pain and happiness and will be able to realize the real nature of life. But in many other planes of existence inhabitants have less chance for this realization. In certain places there is more suffering than pleasure while in some other places there is more pleasure than suffering.
    Buddhists believe that after death rebirth can take place in any one of a number of possible existences. This future existence is conditioned by the last thought-moment a person experiences at the point of death. This last thought which determines the next existence results from the past actions of a man either in this life or before that. Hence, if the predominant thought reflects meritorious action, then he will find his future existence in a happy state. But that state is temporary and when it is exhausted a new life must begin all over again, determined by another dominating 'kammic' energy. This repetitious process goes on endlessly unless one arrives at 'Right View' and makes a firm resolve to follow the Noble Path which produces the ultimate happiness of Nibbana.
    Heaven is a temporary place where those who have done good deeds experience more sensual pleasures for a longer period. Hell is another temporary place where those evil doers experience more physical and mental suffering. It is not justifiable to believe that such places are permanent. There is no god behind the scene of heaven and hell. Each and every person experiences according to his good and bad kamma. Buddhist never try to introduce Buddhism by frightening people through hell-fire or enticing people by pointing to paradise. Their main idea is character building and mental training. Buddhists can practise their religion without aiming at heaven or without developing fear of hell.

    Dato' Haji Nik Abdul Aziz bin Nik Mat : MB Kelantan

    Nirwant comment on Syed Bakar's article on Perkasa.

    (I am sorry to borrow your site to post this long rebuttal I had prepared in response to an article - Perkasa - posted by Syed Akbar. Rgds)

    nirwant said...
    Perkasa? Relevant? Syed, who you trying to fool?

    Looks like most readers have been wise enough to see through the charade of your falsehoods. Syed, you could have increased the mileage you expected, if you had written this piece in Malay. After all, you surely did not hope that the ordinary Malay would have understood the spin you were attempting to sell, did you, what with the success of our education policies at leaving the younger generation of Malays and others so seriously impaired and handicapped in their language skills?

    Why do you keep frightening the Malays over the potential loss of their political migh, t when you, for a fact, know that there is not even the remotest likelihood of this happening? Why make comparisons with Singapore? And, why lie about the alleged suffering of the Malays in Penang? What connection has Singapore with Penang? Why not make comparisons with the USA, where freedoms and equality are defended with such religious zeal, that none is discriminated against for reasons of race or religion. Where all have the right to the American Dream?

    On the same token, I note your other article on the setbacks India is experiencing at hosting the next Commonwealth Games? I, in fact, noticed some sneering sarcasm in your illustration of the difficulties India was facing and, your, rightly so, comments on the nation’s lack of emphasis and investments in basic public infra. I fully support your contentions and your depiction of the Indian elite as class and creed conscious bunch of callous and irresponsible fools. But, then again, do we not recognize an almost similar, although, a lesser extent, of public plunder in our own midst? Imagine the good and vast improvement to both rural and urban amenities that the RM 300 mil and RM 500 mil agency commissions and the billions misappropriated and stolen from the public’s coffers would have done in uplifting the life of our people. More schools and tertiary learning centers as well as could have been opened and families spared the pain and anguish of expensive financing and emotional separation. Does religion not provide us with any moral and ethical code of conduct?

    And, yes, let us look at religion. Having failed to deceive all Malays with the Mahathirian racist propaganda, it appears that these extremist have now turned to exploiting religion to unite the Malays against the others. Does not religion teach us compassion and consideration ‘ the live and let live’ concept of mutuality and reciprocation? Why is the defiling of religion being tolerated by so-called ‘good Muslims’? Do moral bankrupts have no limits to their detestable conduct? They will obviously stop at nothing to confuse, deceive and lie , even to the extent of selling their souls to the devils and, believe me, devils, some of them are, to obtain what they crave for, regardless of the consequential cost to the nation and to its people.

    When, after years of living together, there are still degrading, outrageous and awkwardly misplaced suspicions amongst the races, then we have allowed ourselves to be entrapped in the diabolical schemes of those who advocate the most despicable, perfidious and treacherous form of racist politics ever known to our society.

    When practically all civilized nations have found common grounds amongst its citizenry, we are yet struggling, after centuries of living on the same space on this globe and after more than 50 years of UMNO rule, to find a middle-ground for acceptance and tolerance. This deadlock must end. The brainwashing and provocation must end. UMNO must break-out of its parochial racist attitudes. And, those in the periphery of national life, such as you, Syed, must consciously and, without fear and prejudice, contribute to repairing and redeeming this nation’s badly traumatized soul.

    Has religion and moral guidance you received never instilled any honesty in your attitudes towards life and your fellow human beings? Why harp on the Malays losing their grip on politics, when, you know yourself, of the blatant lie in this argument? The fact that the Malay elites will continue to rape the country blind and keep using their 'rights and ketuanan' cries to degrade and insult the pride and dignity of their race, is indisputable.

    No one has any issue with policies to help those in need, but when the noble objectives of these policies are hijacked to satisfy the irrepressible greed and lust of a few, it will only invite scorn and resentment. There is no case over the structuring of policies that affect the development of our children to suit national priorities but, when the same policies have the effect of perverting the minds and attitudes of generations of young Malaysians and strip them of any capability to think and act rationally and professionally, then we have failed miserably.

    When every issue of national importance is coined in racist language and colored by the alleged imbalances in the political and economic might of the various ethnic groups that populate this nation then, what hope is there for any true sense of nationalism and patriotism? When people who have lived here for centuries, are constantly reminded that they are merely ‘guests’ and have limited rights dispensed at the pleasure of the Malays, and even have lesser rights that more recent immigrants on account of nothing other than the religious leanings, and are denied any right to equal and fair participation in practically all areas of human endeavor, when their children are denied any opportunity at a decent shot at life itself, then how do you think they would react to the lunacy of Perkasa and the like?

    This is NOT about Ibrahim Ali...may sound like him, act like him...

    Let us have a fictional moment. There is a fictional crisis within UMNO because this son of Ali wants to use mutilation and beheading as a weapon against non-Malays. And this son of Ali from this fictional TerPaksa NGO cannot even understand why the non-Malays dislike him! He is just doing what he has been  told to do  by the powers that be...and getting amply rewarded for it too. A man has to live lah!

    What will UMNO do with this fictional crisis? Officially UMNO says that what this son of Ali is doing is not entirely wrong (Malaysia is a democracy ma!) but it is not entirely right too (after all the Prime Minister is advocating 1 Malaysia!). So how?

    Like a pack of wolves that can sense that UMNO has become old and feeble, this Son of Ali and his cohorts are encircling UMNO to see whom amongst the UMNO pack they can take down first. They think it is Najib. Mahathir agrees. Muhyiddin agrees. Under normal circumstances this pack of wolves led by this Son of Ali are timid around large groups of UMNO’s but they are not attacking UMNO. They are attacking Najib…….and friends in UMNO will do what is needed to isolate Najib for this son of Ali to do what he will with Najib.

    And so the stage is set within UMNO for a “night of the long knives” …we know not what the end will herald for UMNO but we know that Najib will be the first to bite the dust!

    So my friends worry not about this Son of Ali who wants to use mutilation and beheading as a weapon against non-Malays. He does not have the balls to even go on a diet even if his life depended on it ! Anyway this is just fiction! And like fiction this Son of Ali cannot be believed. Amen        

    Wednesday 29 September 2010

    Elvis : Little Sister & That's All Right Mama (recording outakes)

    At the moment of waking up,
    before getting out of bed,
    get in touch with your breath,
    feel the various sensations in your body,
    note any thoughts and feeling that maybe present,
    let mindfulness touch this moment,
    Can you feel your breath?
    Can you perceive the dawning of each in breath?
    Can you enjoy the feeling of the breath freely
    entering your body in this moment?
    “Breathe in I smile,
    breathe out I calm my body,
    dwelling in the present moment,
    it is a wonderful moment.”

    Cakap cakap....Family

    Life for me is not this blog. Not UMNO. Not Pakatan Rakyat. Life for me is my family. When you leave all you leave is your children….and I have two wonderful children – Zack and Terrina and of course Lucy, my wife of almost forty years. I have lived my life as I like and like it or not they have all come along with me for the ride. Of course with hindsight there would have been things I might have done differently but if I did then I would not have had Terrina and her better half Emmett, Zack and Lucy….! So really no regrets!

    And now I have two grandchildren in Ontario..... Isabel Innes and Sofia Sara. I just have to share these moments with you all who have now become my friends...the first one is of Isabel when she was first 'introduced' to her little sister Sofia (the one laughing his head of in the background is Emmett lah!)  

                         Now look what a few month can do to sisterly love......

                                        and then a few more weeks later....

                            Bliss...what God has put together let no one put asunder!  

    Cakap cakap...Politicians!

    Every moment in life is precious. Too precious to waste living under a corrupt Barisan Nasional government. Too precious to put up with a Pakatan Rakyat that seems unable to live up to our aspirations to become the change we want after Barisan Nasional. And yet all is not lost. Barisan Nasional can change and Pakatan Rakyat must change if either of these government wannabes are to secure endorsement from a public that will no longer vote with their hearts but with their minds. A public that no longer listens to the rhetoric’s of politics and demand that their leaders are people who are honest, clean and accountable for all that they do as elected representatives holding high public office. And they will also insist that these leaders live exemplary private lives. The 13th general elections will make or break our country.

    While we understand the need to make responsible choices of those that will represent us – these politicians seems oblivious to what is expected of them. How else do you explain the goings on in the PKR party elections? If they say that that is how politic is, then, did we not tell them in the 12th general election that that is NOT how we want politics to be?

    Respect, Dignity, Morality….all these adjectives seems to escape our politicians!

    If the politician gets carried away with their own sense of self-importance then they will not get our votes. There will be leaders without followers and politicians without votes!

    Najib and that Din cousin of his cannot steal a ride on the back of their illustrious father – they have stolen the stature of their fathers – Tun Razak and Tun Hussein – for positions in public office they do not deserve. Our respect for their father borders on veneration. For Najib and Din we have nothing but contempt and disgust! For they are nothing more then impostors! Shame on them! Their place in high office is not earned. Najib was never elected to become Prime Minister of our country. Din leap frogged into his present Ministership because of who his father was. If only these two had some moral clarity in their life they would understand what shame they have brought to Tun Razak and Tun Hussein and to the people of this country.     

    Cakap cakap...anger!

    Anger is an all-consuming emotion. It takes over your ability to rationalize a situation. It makes you throw caution to the wind. What matters is to act out the growing tide of fury within you that threatens to overcome your whole being. You lash out physically to get some relief from the boiling urges within you. It is as if with each physical action you can somehow allow the pent up feelings within you to dissipate – like the pressure cooker that needs to let out the steam building within itself.

    Everything within you seems to rise in a crescendo that engulfs you at its zenith! And then you peak!

    As you come down from this apex your emotion wobbles and searches within itself for control. It is not easy. Even as you calm yourself down burst of nervous energies from within you still wants to prolong your bubbling anger.

                           It takes time but time heals you. And then all is still.

    You are again in control of your self and you start the process of analysing what had just happened. You try to rationalize your outburst. What triggered it? Were your actions justified? Did you physically hurt anybody? All manner of questions comes in and out of your head but now you know that anger is best left alone for it never does anybody any good. I was angry this morning! Stupid! Stupid!    

    UMNO and Population Engineering

    Since 1957 UMNO has effectively carried out the population engineering of our country to ensure its long-term survival by creating the myth of a two pronged “Ketuanan Melayu”. “Ketuanan Melayu” for the Malay masses who are lull into a feeling of being superior over the non-Malays because of their numbers and “Ketuanan Melayu” for the UMNO Malay political elites through the accumulation of massive material wealth for themselves and their cronies. And while UMNO has failed by almost any measure you chose to gauge them – good governance or morality – without question they have succeeded too well in the engineering of the population of this country of ours.

    The duplicity of UMNO in proclaiming Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara while all the while undertaking a relentless program to whittle down the numbers of the non-Malays through very precise and focused initiatives is breath taking in its  effectiveness!
    Consider this:
    In 1957:
       45% of the population was Chinese.
       12% of the population was Indians.
    In 2010
       25% of the population is Chinese.
       7% of the population is Indians.
    Over 600,000 Chinese and Indian Malaysians with red IC were rejected repeatedly when applying for citizenship and possibly 60% of them had passed away due to old age.
    Since 1957:
       2 million Chinese have emigrated.
       0.5 million Indians have also emigrated overseas.
       3 million Indonesians migrated to Malaysia to become Malaysian citizens with Bumiputra status.
    Now the non-Malays are well aware of this tinkering and engineering of our population and it would do us Malays no good to say that it was UMNO doing and that we had no hand in what happened. As a Malay I was then comfortable that UMNO was the dominant partner in the Barisan Nasional.
    It was comforting to know that Malays controlled four of the five major banks.
    Education? Between 1968 to 2000:

       48 Chinese Primary Schools closed down.
       144 Indian Primary Schools closed down.
       2637 Malay Primary Schools were built.
    Of the total government budget for these schools 2.5% were for the Chinese Primary Schools, 1% for the Indian Primary School and 96.5% for the Malay Primary School.
    Petronas Petrol Stations? Of the 2000 station the Malays owned 99%.
    Yes we Malays were indeed in control. In control of what?
    We were in control of the all the business licenses and permits for Taxis and Approved Permits.
    We were in control of Government contracts of which 95% were given to Malays.
    We were in control of the Rice Trade through Bernas that bought over 80% of Chinese Rice Millers in Kedah.
    We were in control of UMBC, MISC and Southern Bank – all previously owned by Chinese.
    We were in control of bus companies. Throughout Malaysia MARA buses could be seen plying all the routes. Non-Malays were simply displaced by having their application for bus routes and for new buses rejected.
    Every new housing estate being built had a mosque or a surau. None, I repeat “no” temples or churches were built for any housing estate!
    So why with control over all these highly visible entities and business opportunities are the Malays still unable to stand tall and with pride over and above the non-Malays? We are unable to so do because it was not the Malays that benefited from these opportunities - UMNO did.  
    Why must UMNO constantly harped about the need to spoon feed the Malays – about ketuanan Melayu when it is already in place and about Bumiputra status and all the privileges and rights that goes with that status?
    And as a Malay I want to ask the non-Malays why you still chose to live in a country whose government has by its actions and deeds done whatever it could to make you not feel welcomed? The non-Malay I know have all told me the same thing – Malaysia is their country – they know of no other country they can call their own. And so they stay and put up with the abuses.
    The difference now is that there are enough Malays who are shamed by the antics of this Malay political organization call UMNO. There are enough Malays to tell the non-Malays that we feel your pain. We understand your frustrations and despair at not being treated as equals in a country you call your own. And enough non-Malay has migrated abroad to cause our country to understand that their loss is another’s country gain. A loss, which our country can ill afford to sustain.
    And more important all these ground swell of disgust and contempt at UMNO has manifested itself in a way these political idiots understand – losing our votes in the 12th General Elections. Amen for that.
    And so we wait for the 13th General Election which we hope will dish out the relevant karma for UMNO and its Barisan Nasional partners. Meantime understand what they have done to us all – not only the non-Malays but also to the Malays and do not allow Barisan Nasional to play the race card and start their divide and rule antics on us anymore. You are one with me we are two.    

    Anonymous said...
    " 3 million Indonesians migrated to Malaysia to become Malaysian citizens with Bumiputra status."

    In the not too distant future, I guess Malaysian bumiputras may have to worry about 2nd or 3rd generation Indonesian bumiputras, who I guess would have been taught the virtues of hardwork and thrift by their parents, or grand parents.

    Anonymous said...
    I think the Malay Politicians should teach their people the virtue of hard work. Work, work and try again if you fail.

    The Chinese isn't a threat - they are just workaholics - they want wealth so much that no failures of any kind is going to stop them.

    The newcomers Indonesians, neighbours of mine, went out to work before I awake and they are not home yet when I go to sleep. Will we consider them a threat when they find deservely new
    wealth ?


    komando has left a new comment on your post "UMNO and Population Engineering":

    Travel around this country and check on the stats - pasar malam, who runs the stalls and business, go and check out our beloved "chow kit" road, who owns the thriving business?

    Go to the PUDU wet market and see who is shouting for customers at 4 am!

    Half the business now is with the foreigners, another half with other races, the Malays only have lands titles left (bumi status) that also can be converted and sold to a Chinaman!

    All the GLC's are still in Malay hands, otherwise all will be sold off in due time also!

    More than half the work force are pendatangs!

    This country is not only bankrupt as said by IDRIS JALA, but also telah "de'lelong" !

    The Malays left behind will become beggars and mat rempit, mat gian, mat ragut & mat dadah ( they are all subsidized by gormen funding to buy drugs - METAHDON )

    Who culled their own RACE ?

    Monday 27 September 2010

    Tom T Hall

    You light up my life, Leanne Rimes

    Cakap cakap ....Malays must rule the country, says BTN rep

    “The rights of Malays, is to rule the country. Simple” yes indeed a simple statement from a simpleton who happens to be the deputy director of BTN. What does it take to make BTN understand that if documents under the OSA are available to bloggers to put into the public domain, if what ‘si botol’ Lingam conspired to do to compromise the judiciary is video taped in total in the infamous ‘Correct! Correct! Correct’ production and a blow by blow account of all of ‘si mata sepet’ Vincent Tan attempts to secure the sports betting license is available for us to peruse through the blogs – why can’t BTN ensure that a ‘close- door’ taklimat is really that – a close-door taklimat? Or are there musuh di dalam selimut even in BTN? The way things are going for Barisan Nasional every BTN attendee has to be a suspect! But that is their problem to resolve.
    Let us look into this claim that the rights of the Malay is to rule the country.
    If my memory serves me right 1993 was the year that Mahathir removed the Sultan’s immunity from criminal prosecution and by so doing brought these ‘Royals’ on par with us ordinary mortals. Since then UMNO is our new Sultan in everything but name only. The UMNO president lives in a Palace bigger then our king and of course has more power then our King. What more can UMNO want? To rule in perpetuity? And how do they accomplish this?
    Victory in the 13th General Election is a big maybe for UMNO. So how do they ensure that UMNO will still rule should they lose the election? How else then to make UMNO rule and Malay rule one and the same thing! Play up the fear in many Malays that if UMNO loses then the Malays loses the right to govern their ‘own’ country and you have a no brainer – but that is what they think they will do if they play up the ‘Malay must rule’ syndrome. I myself want the Malays to rule Malaysia but only if the Malay that rules Malaysia understand his responsibility to the people of Malaysia in total. UMNO is not that Malay!
    The Malays should not fall for these arguments.  The taking away from the Sultans of their immunity from criminal prosecution was something the Sultan brought upon themselves because of their inability to understand that the public had grown fed up of their antics – womanizing, gambling and going around hitting and even killing the rakyats and generally making a nuisance of themselves through their obnoxious and arrogant behavior. The people said enough and Mahathir seized the moment to checkmate the Sultans once and for all and placed UMNO over and above these Sultans legislatively.
    This time around it is UMNO that is doing the  womanizing, being arrogant, stealing and plundering our country….and of course they do it better then the Sultans – they even kill our people more then the Sultans did – but UMNO do it legally through PDRM!

    We were fed up of the Sultans back in 1993 and we are fed up of UMNO now in 2010! Now if only Pakatan Rakyat is able to seize the moment as Mahathir was able to seize the moment in 1993 – UMNO could effectively be rendered as infertile as the Sultans are now….checkmate!