Friday 30 September 2011

Sultan Johor Offended? HUH!

Johor sultan: I’m offended

JOHOR BARU: Sultan of Johor Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar yesterday said he was offended by the disparaging remarks about the state allegedly made by Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng recently but added that as a ruler, he would stay above politics.The sultan said politics should be left to politicians and the people should not be dragging rulers into politics.

“Yes, I was offended when I got to know about that statement, but I don’t want to react, because as a ruler, I shouldn’t be dragged into politics.

“Don’t speak for me. I am capable of doing it... I have the interests of my rakyat and also foreigners living in Johor at heart.”

steadyaku47 comment:

And so this Sultan Of Johor is offended! Well Sultan, if you do not want to be dragged into politics then why are you making this comment about you being offended by what this Penang Chief Minister is alleged to have said? Do you understand that by commenting on what this Chief Minister is saying you are getting involved in politics? And by saying that you are offended you are "reacting" to it? Please Sultan just keep quiet and do not get involved in these "point scoring" between BN and PR. 


Now if you are talking about being offended I and a lot of Malaysians were offended when that previous Sultan of Johor whacked Gomez with the hockey stick...and we all know about that same Sultan shooting some one and the number of times he goes around slapping and kicking people...and we all know that he is quiet handy with his golf sticks when he wants to! And did we say anything about it? We wanted to but you know lah with the ISA etc we cannot!

So please before you say that you are offended about anything - especially politics - remember that we the people have more reason to be offended by what the previous Sultans of Johor have done. You being offended by what Guan Eng is alleged to have said about Johor is something of no consequence to us. Just be quiet and do what you and the other Sultans have been doing all this while.....makan gaji buta aja! ...and once in a while you can get on your super bike and go and do charity work.


Meraban has left a new comment on your post "Sultan Johor Offended? HUH!": 

Hairan betol la.
sikit2 guna nama sultan
sikit2 kaitkan dgn sultan.
tak tentu pasal dikaitkan dgn sultan.
Bodoh betol la puak2 umno ni.
Serupa budak beringus aje perangai.

Dah tak ada jalan keluar
Dah buntu macamana nak ganyang parti lawan.
Sultan yang tak mahu libatkan dgn politik cuba di kaitkan.

Apa punya sontot pemikiran pemimpin2 umno ni la. 

Tuesday 27 September 2011

steadyaku47 comment: Saw this at the website below and thought I would share it with you guys....very apt! we should be using this instead of the "other" one....


Chinese Only !


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OutSyed The Box


You can click on these pictures for a blow up. I received this from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. Thank you Sir for sending me these pictures. They reflect the dichotomy that still exists in the country - most unfortunately. It also exposes the hypocrisy of the racists disguised as liberals who are crying out for fairness and justice.

First the pictures and the email that I received. They are self explanatory.

"Hi Mr Syed,
I want to share with you some photos i snapped in One Utama last week (23 Sept 2011). I'm not looking for jobs, but just doing 'window' shopping the other day. Well, the windows are plastered with job opening which is no doubt, an open discrimination to the rest of malaysian people. I only took 3 pictures, but i assure you there are about 3-4 shops that post this type of ads. I guess the shop owner thought every other race other than Chinese are crooks and not to be trusted. I don't know, there must be some other reason to it.

But there goes the spirit of One Malaysia down the drain."

When we met with the MCA President Dato Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek last week, he criticised Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa for still thinking like as though we are living in post Independence Malaya in 1957. Well, looking at these pictures that were snapped in One Utama, it would appear that we were living in the Straits Settlements of the 19th Century!! "Chinese Only" ?

I think this atitude should have disappeared, latest with the end of the Malayan Emergency in 1960. Unfortunately it has not.

There are some hypocrites who are making a big issue of "bangsa Malaysia-lah", 'saya anak Malaysia -lah' and other sloganeering kononnya because they want to erase racial discrimination and racial identification in the country.

I can agree with erasing racial identification. It is a good thing to do. We have to work towards erasing all racial identification. But that will only happen when the economic disparity between races is significantly reduced. And that will only happen when the Malays and the pribumis (the largest racial grouping) can stand on their own feet and can compete with anyone and anyting.

But we all have to chip in to expedite this process. A Chinese friend dropped by recently and said there should be a program where Chinese families can adopt Malay children (for a time) and teach them how Chinese people think and talk and also teach them Chinese business acumen. An 'inter racial' technology transfer. Malays may feel offended at this suggestion, but this is a very "out side the box" idea. There are Chinese who want to do the right thing - to help the Malays learn to compete. That is much easier and much cheaper and a lot more profitable in the long run. Putting up job vacancies that say "Chinese Only" is not helping our country at all.

You cannot just say "Bangsa Malaysia", 'Lets remove the "Race" requirement on all Government forms' and then turn a blind eye when the shops in One Utama blatantly advertise 'Chinese Only'. The hypocrisy is too blatant lah. And you want to tell Ibrahim Ali that he is wrong in this matter?

What is the Pakatan led Selangor State Government doing about such blatantly racist signage in One Utama (?) I believe One Utama is in Selangor. Or the Federal Government for that matter? Tidur ke?

I hope you can all see the hypocrisy and the racism in this country. I have mentioned before that when the mad Taliban blew up the Buddha statues in Afghanistan, Lim Kit Siang and the DAP made 13 Press Statements condemning the act. But when the Hindu fanatics destroyed the Babri Mosque in India the DAP and Lim Kit Siang remained quiet as door mice. Just like the DAP is usually silent on the Palestinian issue as well. (Its a Malay issue mah - Muslim people- nothing to do with Chinese).

The Bersih monkeys called for free and fair elections. They conveniently overlooked blatant cheating and irregularity in the PKR party elections - which resulted in Zaid Ibrahim leaving the party and forming KITA. Now KITA too is going through a 'lets throw out the dictators' phase.

The purpose of their street mobbing was to ensure there would be free and fair elections so that the people in this country will enjoy the benefit of democratic laws and freedoms. But now the more insane among them want to impose strange Biblical laws that will stone people to death, kill people for apostasy, crucify highway robbers and other such mental asylum madness. And the Bersih monkeys are keeping quiet.

I mean the sequence is this : clean elections begat clean democracy which begat fair and just laws. The sequence now has changed : clean elections, clean democracy, stone adulterers to death, and crucify highway robbers. It totally defeats the entire purpose of the earlier running mad in the streets. The desired end game is being sacrificed. Yet you remain silent? Hypocrites.

The country has too many hypocrites. We cannot achieve much social progress if people are stuck in their hypocrisies. Neighbours will continue to be suspicious of each other, people will not learn to cooperate, politics will be seen as a battering ram to hammer each other.

I hope those shops take down those signs saying 'Chinese Only'. It is not a nice thing to say. On the one hand you want the Government to remove the "Bangsa" on all application forms. On the other hand you put up these things. Haiyya - so obvious one mah.

You, you and us help PR!

If you think that PR is going to win the 13th GE the way things are now…you better think again! Do not kid yourself. Do not be lull into a sense of complacency and think that all will be well….that Pakatan Rakyat will be the government of the day come the 13th general election! I tell you friend the way things are…you will be disappointed.

Just because the chatter on the Net seems to be mostly for  PR does not mean much. If all we bloggers were to cast our votes for PR it will still be negated by just one cawangan under UMNO. Just the vote coming from one Cawangan is enough to neutralize the votes of all the bloggers now working to kick UMNO/BN out of government. Just like that!

Do not mock those UMNO cyber troopers too much. Look at the work they do to discredit PR leaders. Yes they sink to the gutter or go deeper into the sewer with the tactics they use but just compare that with what we do.

I use only words and the occasional YouTube videos and images I take from the Net to embellish steadyau47. What they have in their arsenal of smut and spin we would have difficulty in unraveling what more equal. We simply do not have the financial resources and support they have from their political masters. We can dismiss their attempts as being theatrical and political backstabbing of the lowest order but they have their audience. And with each story they hurl towards Mat Sabu and DSAI they hurt PR considerably. And more important every time they do so they gain more converts to their side.

We cannot continue to be in denial of the ability of these goons to match us word for word and story by story – but what we have working for us is a level playing field in as far as the Net is concern. The Net knows not if you are BN or PR. If you are DAP, PAS, PKR, UMNO, MCA or MIC. If you have a PC and Internet access then you have entry into cyber space….and that is where this fight is taking place now. You and me can give those goons working for UMNO as good as we get!

I can only speak for myself. I work on my blog anytime I can. Every posting I do requires time, effort and a focus on our matalamat (aim) and that is to change the political landscape in Malaysia for the better. 

From a corrupt and self serving module to that of an open, responsible and accountable one. No ifs no buts. No “trial period” for another government, no trial period for another Prime Minister. 

From day one the new government must hit the ground running and already have in place responsible leaders who will deliver what they promise us. No more no less. 

And if I doubt their ability to do so I will say so in my blog. If I doubt the ability of PR to perform as I I expect them to, I say so in my blog. No more holding back on my critique and my comments when PR does wrong. No more treating PR with kid gloves.

I do so not because I love PR less but because I love PR more. If PR is unable to, or will not live up to our aspirations then better the devil we know then the devil we do not know. UMNO is the devil we know!

I am not going to give PR a “CHANCE” to do what UMNO has done to us – rob us blind and enrich themselves at our expense. Not for five years, not for one year, not even for a month or a week. As I have said earlier if PR has not learn after these years in opposition what the people want then they will never learn once they are in government.

Right now the jury is still out if PR is ready to take over government from BN. Just the mere mention of Hudud has got PR going for each other throat while UMNO sits back and enjoys their latest act of throwing a big juicy bone amongst the uneasy pack that makes up PR. What would PR do when UMNO takes out DSAI? If the best that PR can do is Mat Sabu then I suggest PR should go back to the drawing board and think of something else more potent, more decent and more able to stand against the riff raffs that UMNO throws at us – and mind you, UMNO does have a good number of riff raffs to throw at PR.

I think we bloggers must not be too “shok sendiri”. We are messengers of stories. We should not become the story ourselves. There is why there is much work to be done. Let us concentrate on getting the story out there into the minds  of people that matter. That critical mass that will decide who will govern our country.

If you agree with the message we are trying to get out there for a positive change to the political landscape of our country then please take our message to at least one other person - play it forward – not just click out and leave that message dead where you found it. Move the message around. Cut and paste it onto your blog or email it to a friend. Only then can our posting begin to have a life of its own. Once you give it life then it can start to do its work of making people become aware of the need for change. Why we need change, how we can change and what the change should be. 

We write…you breath life into it and help us move it around…then it will be able to have a life of its own and hopefully make a difference to the way people think and do things. We want PR activists to be found where ever we find Malaysians.Help us do this.

Only when we have the numbers will we be able to make a difference to the wretched state our nation is now in. Then this BN government will have to think twice before they do anything that we do not agree to. No more verdicts of death by misadventure when someone is found dead while under MACC custody. No more announcements of the repeal of the ISA or PPPA – not unless it is really so. No more empty promises through “transformation programs” for every community, no more lies , no more arrogance and certainly no more side trips for your children’s engagement while on Official Trips to a foreign country.

So let us focus on building up that critical mass. Each and everyone of you can help us in this effort. You are one. With me we are two.  

Monday 26 September 2011

He was like a cock who thought the sun had risen to see him crow!

By Debra Chong
September 26, 2011
Shafee (centre) smiles as he exits the coroner’s court after the ruling on Ahmad Sarbaini’s death, in Kuala Lumpur September 26, 2011. — Picture by Choo Choy May

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 26 — The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has been “100 per cent” cleared of blame by the coroner’s court when it ruled that a Customs officer’s death in the graftbuster’s Kuala Lumpur office was by misadventure, the commission’s lawyer said today.

Prominent lawyer Datuk Seri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, who was hired to act for the national anti-graft body, beamed as he told reporters his client has been fully absolved by the verdict on the death of Ahmad Sarbaini Mohamed.
However, the prominent lawyer said he agreed with coroner Aizatul Akmal Maharani’s observation that an MACC officer named “Kamal” had been negligent in his duty for leaving the former Customs assistant director alone at its Jalan Cochrane headquarters.
“He should not have left a person for even one second,” Muhammad Shafee said, after the verdict announcement, adding that he would advise MACC to act on the coroner’s remark.
“For sure there’ll be a follow-up on Kamal,” the lawyer told reporters.

Dey SHAFEE! ....what does that verdict absolved MACC of? Just what do you bastard think it absolved MACC off? Let me tell you what it absolved MACC of. It absolved MACC of nothing Zilch! Zero! Naught! MACC is still a running dog of the Barisan Nasional government as you are! MACC is still that bumbling extension of Barisan Nasional that is not even able to learn from what happened to Teoh Beng Hock! MACC is a flacid penis that is incapable of doing the job it was suppose to do!

Dictionary: flacid

A polite term used to describe a penis that is long, floppy, and blood-filled, but dose not stand out and proud like a normal erection.

Remember Teoh Beng Hock? That thirty three year old Chinese guy that was found sprawled on the rooftop of a building adjacent to the MACC office? Teoh Beng Hock’s death was suicide – so say the Commission of Inquiry!Huh!

Now the coroner’s court tells us that this Malay Custom Officers death was a misadventure. Do you think we expect anything less? And you tell us that the MACC has been “100 per cent” cleared of blame….yes cleared of blame but not of negligence!

"The core idea of negligence is that people should exercise reasonable care when they act by taking into account of the potential harm that they might foreseeably cause to other people"

Let me tell you what the public thinks. Teoh Beng Hock’s  death in custody is murder. Another death in custody is “if it works once, why not do it again!”. And it fills me with contempt and utter loathing to see you walk smilingly and  arrogantly out of that court thinking that you have been victorious in absolving MACC of any blame in the death of Ahmad Sarbaini Mohamed.

You are the very personification of the arrogance that UMNO exhibits. Did it not cross your mind that it would have been polite and the decent thing to do to walk out quietly and solemnly to show respect to Ahmad Sarbaini family? I guess that never crossed your putrid mind. How could it cross your mind when what was foremost in your mind must have been what you could now extract from UMNO for your “success” against the late Ahmad Sarbaini Mohamed and his family.

It would do you some good Shafee if you understand that humility and good grace does you no harm. If anything it would allow us to give you just that bit of leeway as someone who was just doing his job! My contempt for you as a human being is not helped when I see you gloating over the tragedy of a family that has just lost a loved one in the manner they did. May ALLAH give you the grace to be humble in victory….if defending a failed and negligent MACC can be called a victory! 


Best Wedding Proposal Ever !!


Mobbed is an American reality television show which premiered on Fox on March 30, 2011. The show stars comedian Howie Mandel and is inspired by the flash mobs featured on many YouTube videos. Mobbed was intended as a one-time television special to air following American Idol. After it attracted 10.8 million viewers, Fox decided to pick up the show for eight episodes

I am only a Child...but listen to me!

Beatles : Abbey Road

Human rights and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng

Asia Profile:

Updated September 20, 2011 14:01:54
Lim Guan Eng is the Chief Minister of the Malaysian state of Penang and the Secretary General of Malaysia's Democratic Action Party, the DAP.

Mr Lim has brought resounding progress to Penang under his system of governance based on the principles of 'Competency, Accountability and Transparency'.

On Monday, the Chief Minister delivered a speech on human rights and transparency at a function sponsored by the Centre for Malaysian Studies at Monash University's Asia Institute here in Melbourne.
Presenter: Cameron Wilson
Speaker: Lim Guan Eng, Chief Minister of Penang and Secretary General of Malaysia's Democratic Action Party
LIM: We were quite pleased when he made the announcement but when he said subsequently that it'll be scrapped next year likely after the next elections, we were wondering whether he's just a cosmetic exercise and merely to present or portray his human rights credentials. So I think whether this is a genuine repeal of the act I think remains to be seen, there's a big question mark.

WILSON: Do you think you'll get more detail before the election?

LIM: We hope so but if he's sincere about repealing the act he should have done it at the coming parliamentary sitting this year. There's no reason to wait for it next year. How difficult is it to repeal an act? It's only a one-page statute, and I do not think there will be any opposition in parliament.

WILSON: How much of this decision or the announcement to repeal the act, how much do you think is related to some of the protests and the social push that we've seen in Malaysia this year?

LIM: Definitely it's linked because the Bersih rally, the quest for free, fair and clean elections was badly mishandled by the government resulting in two-thousand arrests of ordinary and law-abiding citizens, and Malaysia received widespread condemnation of the harsh crackdown. And I think they lost tremendous support, the Prime Minister's approval rating slipped from a high of 73 per cent to 59 per cent. So this is an attempt by him to shore-up support to try to regain the initiative that he's also a human rights advocate. But we are wondering whether he's merely pouring old wine in new bottles.

WILSON: Does that change in support for the Prime Minister or drop as you say in support for the Prime Minister, does it naturally translate to an increased support for Bersih?

LIM: Definitely, and also I think it also eats into his efforts to try to win back more states in the next elections. So this is as I said an attempt, a cosmetic exercise which will only be proven if he continues to repeal it next year, but if he does it this year. And also the other question of this Cameron is that he has said that whilst the ISA is going to be repealed, it'll be replaced by two other preventive laws, and we are wondering if the preventive laws that he's going to replace the ISA is the same. And it's not one, it's two preventive laws, and are we getting now two ISA's instead of one.

WILSON: And at this stage the detail of those two new laws is still relatively scant?

LIM: No details whatsoever. So it may end up to be just an empty, a meaningless announcement.

WILSON: Can we add, I'd like to hear your personal experience with the Internal Security Act. Now you were arrested under this act in the past, it was quite some time ago, but can you just outline for us the circumstances of that arrest?

LIM: Well I was detained for being a threat to national security, at the time I was only 26 years old, newly elected to parliament, and it is actually a preventive law which detains you without trial. So it is a subjective exercise or discretionary exercise by the minister in charge. They do not have to justify why they arrested you, and it is arbitrary and completely, well described as high-handed abuse of democratic norms, an act to stifle dissent. If I am considered a security threat when I was only 26 years old, I'd like to believe I'm a greater security threat now. Why am I not detained now?

WILSON: But did you know at the time that you were being antagonistic and you perhaps would be subject to this sort of treatment?

LIM: No I expected to be detained at some point of my career, not when I was just elected to parliament. How can you be a threat to national security when you are just 26 and I do not think I was that influential that if I'm not detained the whole country will go up in flames. That is far-fetched.

WILSON: And you were detained for over a year, just explain the circumstances?

LIM: 18 months, well for the first 60 days you are put under solitary confinement, the conditions of detention were what you saw in the movies; interrogation continuously for 48 hours, they put you in an enclosed room without any windows, only a ventilation shute or a vent and you're just cut off completely from society. So you only face four walls and you have no human contact whatsoever except with your interrogators. And I think that boredom and that solitary confinement can really drive you up the wall.

WILSON: So you had no idea of what sort of support you might have had outside of your confinement and how much people knew about your situation?

LIM: For the first 60 days, none. But after my detention was extended for two years, then I had contact with the outside world, but not for the first 60 days.

WILSON: How did that experience shape your political career?

LIM: Well when you're detained under ISA there are only two possible results; one is either you break down and you give in, what ... described to your family you are turned over, or you become more determined to try to reform. And I think that I ended up angry and more determined as I said to make sure that what happened to me if possible doesn't happen to other Malaysians.

WILSON: My guest on Connect Asia's Profile segment today is Lim Guan Eng -- the chief minister of the Malaysian island state of Penang, and Secretary General of Malaysia's Democratic Action Party. Did you feel at all that your family's role, the fact that you're from a politically active family and relatively well educated and the like, did that change the treatment you received?

LIM: No I think that probably they treated me a little bit more harshly than my other comrades, probably because I was a little bit, I was a young man then, I was angry at the fact that I was detained, and some of the questions that they asked and the reasons they tried to justify for my detention were just ridiculous. So they considered me to be uncooperative and that's why as I said perhaps they treated me a little bit more harshly.

WILSON: And how is that use of detention and the ISA, how has that changed in your view the use of that to influence political opposition over the years since you were detained, what is it, it's 25 years ago now?

LIM: 1987, that'll be nearly 25 years, right.

WILSON: So has it changed, have you seen a different treatment of political opponents in that time?

LIM: Yes, I think the treatment now is a little bit more, well I wonder whether the use of the word humane is appropriate, but I think they treat them a little bit gentler than during our time, because they're used to getting away with it, and when you highlighted your abusers they had to do some modifications. But again these are superficial modifications. The core of the issue is that the ISA is evil, detention without trial is wrong. Nothing, no explanation can turn what is black into white. And it must be scrapped unconditionally.

WILSON: So that's what you'd be looking for from the Prime Minister, Najib Razak, is it, a commitment to repeal it unconditionally?

LIM: That's right.

WILSON: How optimistic are you that you will actually see that?

LIM: Well the fact that he's forced to yield, previously his position is that there will be no repeal of the ISA and he's refused to compromise on questions of security. Now this sudden announcement I think is a result of concerted pressure from all segments of society, even from supporters within the ruling coalition. I think he has come to realise that he cannot withstand the demands of civil society, and even if Malaysia is to be a civilised nation such oppressive, repressive and suppressive laws have to go.

WILSON: Do you believe that the Australian High Court decision to reject Australia's planned deal to send asylum seekers to Malaysia for processing and the attention that that has brought on Malaysia as a country, its human rights practices here in Australia, do you feel that's had any influence?

LIM: Well I would say it may have prompted the Prime Minister to speed up the calls and the demands that the ISA be scrapped. Definitely it's embarrassing for Malaysia to be described by certain political leaders in Australia, and I think more importantly by the Australian High Court that we do not measure up to international human rights norms. And I do not think that this is something that we can hold our heads up high, and definitely I'm sure it would have prompted the Prime Minister to speed up the consideration to repeal the act.

WILSON: Is that not overstating the influence of Australia's court decision and the debate here in Australia that this decision could see a repeal enacted that's been on the cards for years with nothing happening?

LIM: I just say it could have prompted the decision be speeded up. As I said Malaysia doesn't want to be measured negatively compared to Nauru. I would think that wouldn't be complimentary by any standards. So definitely it would be embarrassing for any Malaysian leader, well not only just in Australia but also other countries that our human rights record doesn't measure up internationally, and I think by repealing or by making this announcement he has received tremendous credit, and I'm sure Malaysia has received favourable press internationally.

WILSON: So in hindsight was entering into negotiations with Australia for an asylum seeker deal, was that perhaps an error in judgement, did it just bring about greater scrutiny on Malaysia?

LIM: Maybe in retrospect yes, but I think initially they were looking at the economic benefits of this deal. And when Malaysia's human rights record was scrutinised, in the end it just doesn't measure up.

WILSON: Can we just finish up talking a little bit on a separate note, talking about economics in Malaysia at the moment, Penang where you're from, one of the most developed and economically important states of Malaysia. What's driving its boom at the moment?

LIM: I think a couple of factors; number one I think many companies are looking for alternatives and Penang is able to offer that because we have finally got our act together. Principally since we took over in 2008 we have implemented governance based on competency, accountability and transparency. We have taken a strong stance against corruption, promoting integrity and I would like to say that basically we have nearly zero corruption in Penang. We were praised by Transparency International for implementing open tenders and fighting corruption.

WILSON: So has that been a success the implementation of the open tenders?

LIM: Yes we have saved public money resulting in budget surpluses every year, and we've got record budget surpluses, so this has resulted in record levels of investment, record budget surpluses, a labour shortage and also nearly zero debt.

WILSON: Is it something that you could see being applied to the rest of Malaysia?

LIM: Definitely, actually when you talk about open tenders Cameron it is an international norm, but in Malaysia it is considered as what I would describe as even heresy, heresy because Malaysia has never practised open tenders, it is always done through negotiated tenders and basically something for the cronies, something on the gravy train. So we feel that we have proven that a clean government practising transparency, practising open tenders can out-perform a government that looks after cronies and is not transparent.

WILSON: So given all we've discussed in the last 15 minutes here, the change in politics, some of the change in the economics that you've just discussed there, how significant is this moment in Malaysia's history for real reform, to really see changes in the future of the way the country is run?

LIM: Well we're at a crossroads, whether we can see change and I think change is now the most powerful word in the world. You can't stop change, you either have to change or you will be changed, and it is up to Malaysians to seize the initiative to reclaim democracy and reclaim their government. Government should be for the people, not for the cronies, and if Malaysians are able to have the courage to change I'm sure we can be high-income economy and we can join the ranks of civilised democratic nations.


a life journey...a crusade against corruption


NST Monday, September 26, 2011 reported that the three MACC officers involved in the extortion-cum-robbery at KLIA on September 15 has been transferred to a ‘desk job’ and that the MACC is conducting an internal investigation into the case.

I just simply cannot understand what a ‘desk job’ means, and why should the MACC be allowed to conduct an internal investigation when the case is clearly criminal in nature. Isn’t this not going to be a police case or are the police waiting for the MACC to file a report first before they (police) take on the case? Or is it because the MACC officers are government salaried; hence they have the luxury of time and the case is at the pleasure of the MACC.

What if it was done by someone else or that it was done by me? I am quite sure I will be placed in a police cell without haste and denied off my worldly benefits; with the exception of the air around me. I know too that I will be abused to solicit a confession and the case speedily presented to the court, tried and incarcerated in Sg. Buloh prison. That is the privilege one gets being a no body.

Base on what I know being a retired government servant, a case like this that is criminal in nature should have been handed over to the police with an accompanying police report. I think the MACC are experts at making a police report, but in this particular case involving their own officers, they are somewhat hesitant in filing a police report. Why do they need to do an internal investigation is mind boggling. This should rightfully be a police responsibility and not theirs. You and I know that an internal investigation is usually flawed and lopsided, and any incriminating evidence that goes against the department is usually shielded off. I have heard this done too often.

Now, taking the three ‘thieves’ off their appointment and placing them to a ‘desk job’ is also something I cannot understand. If I was the MACC Director, I would have suspended the three ‘thieves’ and imposed a loss of earnings and benefits until such time the case is resolved by the court. I do not know what are the regulations and procedures to be taken on government officers involved in criminal activities, but certainly I don’t believe the action taken by MACC is correct.

I am told that the stolen cash of about RM1 million is still not found, and the remaining two honourable ‘thieves’ are still missing. Or are they now enjoying their loot in Casablanca, Paris or Les Vegas?

MACC certainly has a long way to go to redeem their lost pride and public confidence. I most certainly have lost confidence in the MACC, and don’t blame me and the rest. And just ask the Singapore money changer if they can trust the MACC.