Tuesday 27 July 2010

Cakap Cakap...marah ni!!

We have a bunch of monkeys running our country who are in total denial. In denial of what harm they are doing to our economy, to our people and to their own self because they have no idea what they have got themselves into when the ride they are now taking at our expense is over for them! These UMNO Malays throw other Malays into jail under ISA and regard this act simply as collateral damage to these individuals. The non-Malays they throw into jail are easier to explain as being enemies of UMNO.

These BN people allow PDRM to run wild.

In Malaysia "...from 1990 till September last year [2004], a total of 1,583 deaths among prisoners were recorded in 28 prisons nationwide, with the highest number in 2003 when 279 inmates died. During the same period, 150 detainees died in police lock-ups or custody…" - Malaysiakini, 7/2/2005 

Murdering people in custody and gunning them down in gun battles where the arsenal carried by PDRM easily explains the mentality re the overkill of Altantuya by the C4 explosives!

Anybody that is not with BN is against them! The opposition is against them. The other races are against UMNO. Even religion is cast in the light of whether they are with UMNO or not. PAS is the enemy because they are not with BN. Now there are even Malays who are deem to be UMNO enemies because these Malays question what UMNO has been up to in the last 52 years!

Amidst all this paranoia Najib rules…well at least he thinks he rules. A leader lost in a situation beyond his ability to manage. A leader in denial drowning in a sea of corruption, money politics and so much corruption and dirt waiting to explode under him and his wife and blow them to smithereens! All the while incredibly unaware that everyday opposition to him being Prime Minister and to having BN govern our country is increasing at a frightening rate. Frightening to BN but not to the people of this country.

The BN leadership strata is one out of touch with what their own people are asking them to do. We have a bunch of idiots trying to run a country not for the people that voted them in but for themselves, their families and their cronies.

Who do they think Malaysia belongs to? Their Father? It is time they all understand that they are not playing at being Prime Minister, Chief Ministers and Ministers of this country! This is not a dress rehearsal or a practice run or an ego trip for them! This is the real thing. Malaysia is a real country. So wake up and start preparing for the real deal when you will be held accountable for the mess you have made.

No more UTK standing guard over you. No more PDRM to do your bidding. No more money for yourselves or to buy others to do your biddings. No more having to go through security or layers upon layers of security to try and see you. No more police escorts through traffic, no more other cars waiting to let you go past! Nothing will save you from our anger. All those people that you arrested under ISA – can you see what they will do to you on a personal level if there ever get physically close to you? PR leaders, Anwar and Guan Eng included have been civilized when they talk about the injustice of they being held in jail under the ISA. I do not have to be civilized. I hope to God that they will throw the book at all those BN leaders who have strutted through the corridors of power throwing their weight around while stealing money from the people.

And you Najib and Rosmah will be the numero uno in terms of being called to accounts for your past misdeeds…you two and Mahathir!   

Cakap cakap...Sandiwara MACC

Penjawat Awam1315.6%
  Pengurusan Tertinggi3
  Pengurusan dan Profesional2
  Orang Awam65

If you think MACC is going to do anything about corruption in Malaysia you must be dreaming! If you think the BN government will allow MACC to have access to so called “highly confidential” terms and conditions of negotiated tenders and government to government contracts costing the country billions and billions of ringgits you must be dreaming! If you think companies and public listed companies are going to explain cash payments made to persons unknown for purposes unexplained…again you must be dreaming! These companies do not have accounts for bribery. These companies will not voluntarily disclose illegal campaign contributions. MACC will not investigate Politicians and Government employees who are able to live a lifestyle of the rich and famous… People in power do not like investigations to come too close to them. And MACC takes instructions from those in power. You must be mad if you think those in power will allow MACC to do their work and investigate them for corruption. They are certainly greedy but they do not have a death wish!

In Public Najib can only be against bribery. In public Najib will urge MACC to go do their job. He will condemn UMNO for continuing with the unsavory practice of money politics. In private he and all the other UMNO cronies are telling each other to be careful and go find a safer way of doing it so that they will not get caught. Not that anything will be done even if they are caught but it does embarrass UMNO and makes everything too messy.

Najib’s race to be Prime Minister was to ensure that the Altanatuya case would be kept at bay. Razak Baginda was convinced of his innocence. No the better way of putting it would be that Razak knew that he will never be convicted of murdering Altantuya. Can you imagine what would happened if Razak was found guilty? He can bring down with him not only Najib and the cabinet – but the whole of BN and Mindef top brass. Hell he can bring down the whole BN government.

And you think that MACC will be allowed to go after the big fish that stole so much money from their own people? No way…MACC is just sandiwara to buy BN time to win the next general election.

Now when BN loses the next general election….I will want to be in KL when the s@*t hit the fan….what a day that will be!        

Monday 26 July 2010

Best Ever Penalty Kick Ever?


Take the time to see this six part documentary on corruption at the very top - involving the USA, UK, Saudi and corruption involving billions of dollars. This will explain why MACC in Malaysia will never be able to go after the big fish. Why should the people from whom MACC takes their instruction from, allow MACC to investigate them? They might be greedy but they are not stupid! People in power do not like investigations on corruption to come to close to them!

written by Better My, July 26, 2010 06:58:51
Lets walk the talk, men.
This ISA is the pinnacle of evil where the roots and the branches of most Malaysian problems can be traced to this very evil point. This cancerous evil breeds more evil

Pass the word around to attend the Candle light virgil, 1 Aug 10 to show the good force. Each person attending should wear a badge of honour to display proudly at any time.

Thrash ISA - 50 years of hurt to all and the nation. Give PR a chance to dump ISA. If you dont like PR after one term, vote for the corrupt BN to restore ISA. No one is going to hold a gun to your head to vote for PR again. Is that too hard for you to understand Indian? (& proBN Malay/chinese as well?) 

Sunday 25 July 2010

Everything You always wanted to Know About UMNO (*But Were Afraid to Ask)

What is money politics?
Next question please….
I am a class F contractor. How can I get the contract to make longkang at the school being build in my district?
Are you a member of UMNO?
Ya Dato’.
Which Cawangan?
Batang Berjuntai Dato.
Okay…you go and ask your Ketua Cawangan to bring you to go and see the Ketua Bahagian. Tell your Ketua Bahagian that you want to be a sub contractor for the project…and I will give you a note to support you. Do not offer to give him any money for giving you the project….we can talk about that later! 

Proton sold its 57.7 percent stake in Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Augusta for one Euro (about $1.18 USD). Can I make an offer to buy  Petronas with adjustment for inflation if necessary?
No you cannot. There was no more money in MV Augusta. There is plenty more in Petronas. You have to wait after the next general election. Put in your bid then. 
How much can I make during a by election?
You have to be more specific than that! But I will reply to that as best as I can in the following manner.
Cawangan Level:   RM$500
Bahagian Level:     up to RM$5000
State Level:          up to RM$50,000
Federal level:        If you “Berani Mati”…unlimited.

How much does it cost to join UMNO? And who pays?
Come on lah if you do not have the money to even pay the subscription – don’t join UMNO! But at party election time we can talk…

This is a three part question.
·   First why do some Ketua Bahagians give money and some collect money at the Perhimpunan Agong?

·   Secondly why do some envelopes have $100 inside, some $500 and some $1000 or more…and some only have prepaid card for our mobiles?

·   Thirdly – what expenses are paid for and what can I claim for when I go to the Perhimpunan Agong – can I claim for my wife shopping expenses?
·   First: The Ketua Bahagians that gives money are the First Tier Bumiputra – some of them are “War Lords’ and are the proxies for UMNO’s wealth. Sometimes UMNO’s wealth gets mix up with their own wealth because there is a ‘revolving door’ in between these monies. But we close one eye and shut the other in these cases.   
        The Ketua Bahagian that collect money are not  
        the first tier Ketua Bahagians.

·   Second: See answer to the first question! Different envolopes for different folks!

·   Third: See answer to first question. It depends  which Ketua Bahagian you are under.

What does the UMNO Disciplinary Board do? Does it work?
There have a lot of work to do. Not only do they have to justify to the others in UMNO why people can take money and also abuse power but they also have to ask MACC and PDRM to stay out of UMNO matters…all side attacking them! And when the First Tier UMNO Bumiputras are involved more ‘pening kepala’ for them…it is hard trying to come up with punishment that have no meaning at all and still make people think that the Disciplinary Board are doing our jobs!
Who are the ‘sahabats’ in UMNO? How do you become one?
You can only claim you are the ‘sahabat’ of someone when you have known them from the days they are nobody in UMNO…preferably from cawangan level. We know this is impossible…so as long as you are prepared to follow your “Boss” anywhere he goes – not only to the kenduris but also to his rural constituiencies – you can call yourself his ‘sahabat’. When he sees your face everywhere he goes then he will call you his ‘sahabat’. So you call yourself his ‘sahabat’ and he calls you his ‘sahabat’…all done! 

Is UMNO more powerful then the Sultans?
The Sultans must be consulted for any law that alters state boundaries; affect the rulers’ privileges, honors, or dignities; or extends any religious acts, observances, or ceremonies to the country as a whole. They must also be consulted on proposed changes of administrative policy affecting the special position of the Malays or the vital interest of other communities.
So UMNO consult them. UMNO then decides what it wants to do and do it! Does that answer your question?

How do I get a Datukship.
You can consult me afterwards on that.

Which position is more powerful:
·      Ketua Bahagin or the KSU of a Government Department?

·      The Political Secretary or the KSU of a Government Department.
·      The KSU reports to the Minister. Before elections the Minister reports to     
       the Ketua Bahagian. Does that answer your question?

·      From time to time the Minister gets briefing from his Political Secretary   
       on his political and financial situation. The Political Secretary depends on
       the goodwill and cooperation of the KSU to ensure that these briefings
       always leaves the Minister in a positive frame of mind. So the KSU and
       the Political Secretary would have to work together.  

Can Najib or Rosmah give me any contract? How much will it cost me?
It does not cost you anything if Najib or Rosmah helps you out with getting a contract! It is their job to assist all member of UMNO at all levels. Who gave you the idea that you have to pay them when they help you....but of course first you will have to be able to ask them to help you. Getting into Sri Perdana and into his office in Putrajaya will be the problem!

Cakap a Malay this is what I think...

We Malays have a contract with UMNO. The terms of the contract are simple. We vote you in. You take care of us. The same the Chinese had with MCA and the Indians with MIC. Typical of contracts amongst friends it was sealed with no more then a handshake and a belief that we will not let each other down. Over the years there have been times when we Malays have questioned the commitment of UMNO to keep their side of the bargain but always we have kept faith with some UMNO leaders – Tunku, Tun Razak and Tun Hussein. Fifty years down the road and six Prime Ministers later what do we have? The edge of extinction for Ketuanan Malays that was promised to us by UMNO. Thank God the Malays evolved. UMNO did not!

Now what are the Malays left with? What choice do we have? Do we vote UMNO to power again and have another fifty years of hope? Hope that another generation of Malays will not be let down by UMMO like their father were? We have spent fifty years of our life with UMNO. Fifty years of our life that we will never get back! UMNO stands for failure - for the Malays and for all those who call Malaysia their home.

UMNO is in a dilemma. They must have the Malay votes to remain in power. UMNO’s battle cry to the Malays is Ketuanan Melayu! And yet they know that 1Malaysia is a concept whose time has come and within 1Malaysia, the Ketuanan Melayu concept is simple untenable. There is no place for Ketuanan Melayu in 1 Malaysia.

The plight of the Malays has always been the same for the past twelve elections and it will be the same for the next twelve elections to come. It is this. We need to look within ourselves to better ourselves. Outside assist – whether in the form of Bumiputra status or privileges given to the Malays to improve their lives can only be of value if the Malays help themselves. That is the same for any race for any people. Now after fifty years we Malays understand that we are our own worst enemies – not the Chinese, not the Indians not the other races. We have learned to live with the other races as they have learned to live with us. The promise of a tomorrow without UMNO for the Malays is more attractive then one with UMNO.

UMNO will leave government still justifying their inability to ensure Ketuanan Melayu because of time constrain! They have come to office promising the Malays much. Then once in power they have promised much more but ended up destroying what opportunity the Malays had to succeed under Ketuanan Melayu in the name of saving it. The failure of UMNO is not only in their broken promises and of unmet goals promised to the Malays. All politicians makes promises they cannot keep, but UMNO stands out for abandoning the Malays in order to put themselves first.

The immediate challenge for the Malays will not come from the other races. It has never come from the other races. The immediate challenge now is to use our numerical strength to ensure the defeat of UMNO in the next General Election and put in its place a decent and good government for all of Malaysia. That will be the responsible use of the Malay strength and a true measure that we have come of age and that we are using that strength to make the best of our country’s future for all of us. And that strength will ensure that we will have a meaningful part to play in the future of our country.

Who care that UMNO says that they need more time? Not the Malays! UMNO trusted the Malays to do the right thing for fifty years by voting UMNO to power to take care of the Malays. Now the Malays are asking that UMNO trust the Malays to do the right thing again. This time the Malays will do the right thing by NOT voting for UMNO