Thursday 30 July 2015

Can Money really buy Bank Negara? fromtheeleleventh

steadyaku47 comment : Who else will Najib take into the abyss that he is now staring into? We know that when you have someone by his balls his heart and mind will follow your bidding. How does that work with Governor Zeti?

Corruption Scandal: Bank Negara Governor Zeti

The Plot Thickens, Special branch is currently investigating Governer Zeti, Datuk Shamsiah, Datuk Shamsuddin and Abdul Rahman of Bank Negara Malaysia under section 124 of the penal code.

Currently under investigation under section 124 of the penal code that carries a penalty of up to 20 years in prison.
Currently under investigation under section 124 of the penal code that carries a penalty of up to 20 years in prison.
Section 124 of the penal code carries a penalty of up to 20 years imprisonment.
It is understood that in addition to the section 124 investigation, a parallel corruption investigation will also be held implicating Zeti in a deal that involves Dato’ Tawfiq Ayman and Alif Ayman.

The investigation is two fold but will probe those involved in the direct negotiation of water pump contracts whereby the ministry of Education awarded lucrative water contracts to the a company that has several directors who are related to the Tan Sri Dr Zeti.

Several directors of are linked to Governor Zeti
Several directors of are related to Governor Zeti.
A major client of the Zeti linked company is the education ministry.
A major client of the Zeti linked company is the education ministry.
The investigation under way will probe the mishandling of Government funds and abuse of the tender process.

It is important to note that there is a financial commitment involved in the water treatment work. This is not a Not for Profit
A snapshot from the company website indicates that there is a clear financial commitment involved in the water treatment work. “Azair will outline the financial commitment required”, clearly this company is not a not for profit. 
Dato Tawfiq Ayman is the husband of Tan Sri Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz who is the acting Governor of Bank Negara.

Dato Tawfiq Ayman is also under a renewed spotlight for illicit commissions received in a CIMB-Southern Bank deal where by third parties profited from stock due to the illicit handling of confidential information. There is a renewed interest in the investigation of this following the introduction of new evidence.

By virtue of the close relationship between husband and wife, Ayman has access to confidential information that has been used for his benefit in his business dealings.
In order for a bank to be sold and bought over it has to be approved by Bank Negara and the Securities Commission. What this means is that confidential information would be made available to Zeti due to her position. In the case of CIMB – Southern bank, Zeti’s husband Dato Tawfiq Ayman was a broker for the deal and was paid a handsome commission. The finalized deal was valued at just over USD1.8 million dollars with many analysts valuing the deal at 1.92 of book value. Whilst this is not extraordinary in it’s own sense, what is troubling is the involvement of Zeti’s husband in the deal.
  1. How is possible for millions and even billions of dollars as alleged by various news portals to moved around without the knowledge of the Governor of Bank Negara?
  2. Zeti should clarify why a company controlled by her family members received lucrative water contracts from the ministry of education
  3. What was the nature of Zeti’s involvement with CIMB Southern bank deal? Similarly what was Tawfiq Ayman’s involvement?

MH370 : "But if the flaperon does indeed belong to MH370, it's clear that the reference will be swiftly identified. In a few days we will have a definitive answer."


MH370: wreckage found on Reunion 'matches Malaysia Airlines flight'

Fragments of a wing washed up in the French island of Reunion could be wreckage from Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, says aviation expert

One of the images on Twitter which reportedly shows a section from the wing of flight MH370
One of the images on Twitter which reportedly shows a section from the wing of flight MH370 Photo: @PeurAvion
A French aviation expert believes he may have found the wreckage of MH370 – the Malaysia Airlines flight which disappeared off the coast of Malaysia in March 2014.
Xavier Tytelman, a former military pilot who now specialises in aviation security, was contacted on Wednesday morning by a man living on the island of Reunion, in the Indian Ocean. The man sent Mr Tytelman a series of photos showing wreckage of a plane, which the Frenchman said could possibly be the missing jet.
Police carry a piece of debris from an unidentified aircraft found in the coastal area of Saint-Andre de la Reunion (AFP/Getty Images)
"I've been studying hundreds of photos and speaking to colleagues," Mr Tytelman told The Telegraph. "And we all think it is likely that the wing is that of a Boeing 777 – the same plane as MH370.
"Police in Reunion examining the wreckage say that it looks like it's been in the water for around a year, which again would fit with MH370. We can't say for certainty, but we do think there is a chance that this is it."

The plane vanished with 239 people on board in circumstances which have baffled investigators, and left distraught families searching for answers.

Wild theories emerged about the plane: that it had landed in Diego Garcia, or flown on to North Korea.

But Mr Tytelman believes that the Indian Ocean location makes sense for wreckage of the plane to have washed up.

"The French police are now looking at it, and the Australians – who are in charge of the search – are interested too," he said. "We don't know how long it will take to get confirmation or a definite denial. But it's an intriguing development."

Writing on his blog, Mr Tytelman said that the photos of the wreckage had aroused significant interest on the AvGeek website – a closed forum for pilots.

He said that there was much discussion over a code part of the wreckage: BB670.
"The code is not that of a plane number plate, nor that or a serial number on machinery," he wrote.

"But if the flaperon does indeed belong to MH370, it's clear that the reference will be swiftly identified. In a few days we will have a definitive answer."


Wednesday 29 July 2015

Najib's First Instruction to new Cabinet via Idi Amin.

Quickeis : IGP....Liar liar pants on Fire!


Muhyiddin : PM has not denied that he once had a personal bank account at AmBank that, which at one point, held RM2.63 billion.

cakap cakap : This I think is the tragedy of Rosmah and Najib : two kuching kurap masquerading as lions!

The measure of an individual can only be known when their own fate hangs in the balance between life and death and by their own doing they inadvertently decide their own fate.

Anwar Ibrahim did not run away from his own folly when he could. He chose to face his Nemesis despite knowing that justice will not be served.

Mahathir for all his failings and abuse of his years as Prime Minister will debate you, me or any one else at a moments notice, secure in his own belief that he would be able to defend his action in the twenty two years that he was Prime Minister.

Like his father Rahman Talib, Fauzi Rahman too was man enough to give up political office if that was what it took to be a man and by so doing both father and son gained in stature as men of principles for whom clinging on to high political office at any costs was never a consideration no matter what the costs.

And then there is Zaid Ibrahim, Abdullah Badawi and a few others for whom doing the honorable thing is life itself. They cannot live with themselves if they do otherwise.

What Najib has done in the last few days by doing away with Muhyiddin and those he thinks would stab him in the back, says much about the man. He knows he is not an honorable man. He knows he is Prime Minister by default. He knows money not ability makes his position as president of Umno tenable and he knows he needs the position of prime minister much like those North Koren generals need the show of medals on their uniform to feed their ego and vanity.
One Iron Cross from the Nazi era or the Victoria Cross would trump all the medals these generals vainly carry on their uniforms.

And so it is for Najib Razak.

For all the pomp and splendor that the office of Prime Minister accord him and his wife. For all the magnificence of that Seri Perdana Palace overlooking Putrajaya. For all the trappings and advantages that the office of prime minister offers him - golf with the president of the United States of America, private jet travel all over the world and with the largest PMO in our history  - Najib and Rosmah still know that they are only two individuals for whom respect is not given but bought, that their place amongst the rich and famous is undeserved for in their own right they belong to the genre of those "has been who never was", and when all is said and done what they fear most is the ignominy of being irrelevant and being of no consequence to the same people who are now fawning and catering to their every wish and command.

Inferiority is a burden carried by people who tries to live vicariously through the live of others they think are better than them. 

A Hermes bag may be a thing of beauty and grace but it does not make you a graceful beauty unless you are  Victoria Beckham.

For Najib being Prime Minister does not make him the most respected man in Malaysia.The courage to stand by his convictions, honor and putting the welfare and interests of Malaysian before his own, does! Cakap mesti serupa bikin. 

But for these two, nasi sudah jadi bubur. What they have done in their lives and to their lives from the time they were screwing each other while married to different people to what has happened in these last few days when Najib dismissed Muhyiddin as his deputy, serves only to confirm to many Malaysians that family pedigree, high public office and insane wealth will still not elevate a minah current and mat spanner to the level they may aspire to reach. This I think is the tragedy of Rosmah and Najib : two kuching kurap masquerading as lions!

Many would have scant pity for the predicament these two now find themselves in. 
Najib has done away with Muhyiddin and now have in his place, Zahid Hamidi - a vain, ambitious and determined man who have time and time again made himself into the individual necessary to climb upwards and upwards towards the position that Najib now has - that of being president of Umno and Prime Minister of Malaysia.How long he will allow Najib to stand in his way to that position is moot.

Is Zahid ready to assume the presidency of Umno? For sure he has been ready from the time he was elevated to be a VP with the most votes. The question for Zahid to ponder now is how long Zahid will wait. How long will Zahid wait for a lame duck Najib to leave? How long will Zahid continue to say "Yes Sir Yes Sir Three Bags Full Sir" to Najib before he tires of the charade? And what can Najib do to about it?

My thoughts on these are as good as yours. Suffice for me to say that I will look forward with more that a passing interest as Najib fights his last fight with his back against the proverbial wall of an Umno who already knows who will be their next King - a king anointed by Najib himself!

As I have said in the first line of this article : The measure of an individual can only be known when their own fate hangs in the balance between life and death and by their own doing they inadvertently decide their own fate.

Now who in their right mind would appoint their own executioner but Najib?

Undur Dari Umno

Monday 27 July 2015

Malaysia Today : Je suis Nazir

Je suis Nazir

July 27, 2015
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And is this what Nazir is suggesting? If so then je suis Nazir. Let us explain to those who believe in God that there is no evidence that God exists and the many religions that we fight and kill each other over are downright lies and did not come from a non-existent God.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

(Malay Mail Online, 26 July 2015) – Datuk Seri Nazir Razak said today that he was not standing up for The Edge in particular when he criticised the suspension of the business papers, but for freedom of expression.

“It’s not for those people,” said Nazir, who is CIMB Group chairman and brother of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, referring to The Edge.

“What am I standing for? Freedom of opinion, freedom of expression, that is all,” he told reporters after attending an Aidilfitri open house organised by former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s brother, Nazir, supports freedom of opinion and freedom of expression. He has criticised the three-month suspension of The Edge, not so much because he agrees with what that newspaper wrote but more to defend its right to say what they said.

“I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it,” said Voltaire, the 17th-18th century French Enlightenment writer, historian, and philosopher who was famous for his attacks on the established Catholic Church, and his advocacy of freedom of religion, freedom of expression, and separation of church and state.
I would say, “Je suis Nazir.” It is time that Malaysians understood and accept the meaning of freedom of opinion and freedom of expression. In a civil society there should no longer be any sacred cows that are out of bounds from comment and criticism. We should be free to express our thoughts and views.

I find that Malays are not the only community that takes offense with views that run contra to their beliefs. Chinese, Indians and all the others are just the same. If you say something that contradicts their belief they would take it as a challenge and an insult. You are free to express your view as long as it is not seen as challenging their view.
Whenever I give my view on Christianity the Christians would accuse me of insulting Christianity and would demand to know why am I attacking their religion. Just like the Malays, any view that contradicts their own would be seen as an insult and an attack. And any contradicting view on Islam may even attract a violent and physical response in some countries.

I consider Christianity a lie and I have said so many times. And Christians do not like me saying this. I have explained in the past why I think Christianity is a lie so no need for me to repeat it here. Suffice to say that there is no historical evidence that Jesus existed other than the so-called ‘evidence’ in the Gospels, and even then only in the New Testament.
There were scores of historians around that period who reported all sorts of events of that time but none reported the story of Jesus. And considering, according to the Bible, it was definitely an earth-shattering event, then surely at least one historian would have reported what can be considered a very important event in those days.

However, none of the famous historians mention Jesus although they mention so many other even lesser events of the day. And even those one or two historians who were alleged to have made a passing remark about Jesus have been debunked as fakes and forgeries.
So, if you go by historical records outside the Gospels, Jesus did not exist. And if Jesus did not exist then the Bible and Christianity could not exist as well. Christianity was a fabrication over hundreds of years, created as a political tool and a means to control the population. It did not come from God.

Freedom of opinion and expression means you must be allowed to say this without being threatened or accused of insulting Christianity or of attacking religion. Disagreeing is the very essence of freedom of opinion and expression. And if you have grounds for having the opposite view then you must be allowed to express them.

This principle does not only apply to Christianity. It applies to all religions, Islam included. Did the Qur’an really come from God or Allah? Was the Qur’an even Arabic in the first place or was it written in some other language that was ‘Arabised’ over the centuries?

Is the inscription in the Dome of the Rock really ‘Islamic’ or does it actually refer to Jesus? A reinterpretation of the inscription could point to Jesus rather than Muhammad because muhammad with a small ‘m’ would mean Jesus. Read that inscription again with muhammad as an adjective rather than a proper noun and see what you get.
These are views that some people hold. And these views suggest that not only Christianity does not exist but Islam does not as well. But because Islam and Muhammad are sacred cows that attract a violent and physical response, people do not want to bother talking about their views.

However, if we want a society where freedom of opinion and expression are paramount, then it has to be no holds barred. The principle should be, “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

And is this what Nazir is suggesting? If so then je suis Nazir. Let us explain to those who believe in God that there is no evidence that God exists and the many religions that we fight and kill each other over are downright lies and did not come from a non-existent God.

Tony Bennett & Diana Krall

You Don't Know Me

Sunday 26 July 2015

Clare Rewcastle Brown : I’ve learned that if you piss off rich Malaysians in positions of political power, they are ruthless and unscrupulous in what they are prepared to do to get their own back

steadyaku47 comment : Good read. With thanks to Esquire Malaysia



Clare Rewcastle Brown

On pissing off rich Malaysians, getting things wrong and flower power.

Investigative journalist, founder of Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak, 56.

I have happy childhood memories of Sarawak. I didn’t return until I’d grown up and established myself in a completely different world [back in the UK], but I’d always followed what was happening in Borneo. By the time I came back in 2006—ironically because I’d been asked to take part in an environmental conference that [Tun Abdul] Taib [Mahmud] was holding at the time—I’d taken time out to have my two boys and it was my little window in life to say, “Well, what do I really care about doing something about?”

There was an attitude, you know: let’s tell the world about what’s happening in poor old Borneo. After a while, I started to think, what about the people in Borneo? If things are going to change in Borneo, it’s going to be the people in Borneo who are going to change them, so why am I talking to people back in the UK? Why not speak to those who are directly affected, instead of making urban dwellers in the west feel guilty about environmental issues that they feel a bit powerless about?

It’s funny how people think they have a right to a reputation just because they’ve made a lot of money.

I’ve learned that if you piss off rich Malaysians in positions of political power, they are ruthless and unscrupulous in what they are prepared to do to get their own back. I’ve had PR outfits, lawyers, computer hackers and radio-jamming professionals thrown at me, but they’ve shot themselves in the foot. They’ve made me into a character I wouldn’t have been if they hadn’t reacted so angrily and expensively. They created my Wikipedia site, for god’s sake.

It helps if you don’t have a nefarious agenda. They’re always trying to make one out about me, but actually, I’m just a dreadful old do-gooder who’s got a bit between my teeth.
I think [having former British prime minister Gordon Brown as a brother-in-law] has probably helped. One of the reasons I kept my identity secret for as long as I could was because I didn’t want to get him involved, particularly when he was still in office. But when he stepped down, I was bolder, and actually, he was really encouraging. When I started getting death threats, he said, “Look, you should just say who you are and what you’re doing because that’s the best way to deal with them.”

The key thing is to be honest. I think if you’ve seen something that’s a crime you shouldn’t just report it as if you have no opinion of it. Also, as an investigative journalist, you don’t publish something unless you’ve caught somebody out doing something naughty; and once you do, you’ve got a certain amount of licence to give him a hard time. That’s the job. I’m not trying to be objective, but I’m honest about what I say, and I’m critical where I think it’s deserved.

With the BBC, you’re going to get a more determined attempt at very objective journalism because they’re state-funded. They’re always being accused by either side of being biased, but I worked for the BBC World Service, and if you’ve got everyone accusing you of being biased, then you know you’re getting it right because you’re annoying everybody equally.
I get a lot of whistleblowing elements now that I’m more established, but secret cameras are a thing of the past for me. When I was a TV journalist, I had a secret camera from every lapel, and in my bag. I don’t bother with that anymore because now I’m just writing.
The corruption in Malaysia is blatant. You don’t have to do that much research to see it. They got lazy and weren’t bothering to cover it up. They’re trying harder now, but you know, there was 30 years of fairly blatant corruption that I just started covering, and I guess nobody else was.

I grew up during the ’60s and ’70s and have a bit of an old-fashioned, flower-power attitude, you know: don’t mess with me, I’ve got rights. I see that eroding in the younger generation, in the UK too, and it troubles me. We shouldn’t be too deferential. We should get up sometimes and wave our banners and go marching. When I was at university, there was a march every bloody weekend. Liberties have to be fought for and defended; otherwise, bullies will sneak in and nick ’em.

It would be interesting if I could get another interview with Mahathir. I’d say, Look, you ran Malaysia with an iron first. Looking back, do you accept that you probably over-concentrated power and that you gave a very dangerous piece of machinery to whoever might succeed? I think he’s having some second thoughts, I think he’s genuinely furious at what’s happened. The 1MDB debacle is not only a fairly blatant heist on public funds, but also not very well done—and, you know, I think Mahathir is probably annoyed on both fronts. [laughs]

I made a retraction on Sarawak Report. I cocked it up and put a wrong name to a report. That was about four years ago. They still refer to it sometimes when they’re trying to have a good, old round-up about my sins.

It’s what any investigative journalist lives in dread of: getting it wrong. You try to get it right on the big things, but you can often get it wrong on the little things. It’s also easier to make mistakes in an environment like Malaysia, where there’s so little transparency. You’re often dealing with little bits of information that you’re trying to piece together because you’re not getting the information you should. But touch wood, I don’t think I’ve made any clangers so far on the 1MDB story.

The greatest gift you can give your country is to be an honest and well-intentioned governor.

Interviewed by Emily Ding on June 6, 2015. Photography by Ronald Leong. This article originally appears in the July 2015 Meaning of Life Issue.

cakap cakap...a life lived with a good wife.

1.21 AM Saturday morning.

I am about to go to sleep but before I do there is one thing I must get off my mind. I want you to know that taking care of my wife is no big deal. 

This is the women who decided in 1967 - at age 23 - that she will say "YES" to the proposal (from a 21 year old me) that we spend the rest of our life together. A "me" that not only did not have the money to get her an engagement ring - but the "me" she had to buy a trouser for in order that I had a decent trouser to wear for our wedding!

Then immediately after our marriage I left her alone in London to fend for herself and I went home to KL without the diploma that I went to Ealing Tech in London for, to try and find a job to start our life together in a country she has never been to.

This is also the women with whom I started married life in Seremban with, working as an Underwriter for MNI. Our first car was a Fiat 500 wagon:

Yes it had a sunroof but I had to keep the speed under 40 mph (those days were miles per hour!) or the sunroof will fly open and more often than not, the car had to be pushed to get it started - and my wife did the pushing! Which was ok when the car was in the driveway of our house but not when the engine died on us at traffic lights...and jokes aside...that was probably the reason we lost our first child which my wife gave birth to prematurely in Seremban.

And then we moved to Penang. When I decided to go into business...well actually it was more like opening a roadside burger stall in Padang Broom rather then "go into business"...she agreed to make the burgers and stood by my side selling those burgers until midnight seven days a week.

Time and time again my wife stoically up and moved with me from house to house, city to city and country to country  - always doing what she had to do to keep our family together. She was the one that stood between me and my daughter when I was about to put the fear of God into my daughter when I found out that she was smoking. I love my son as much as she did but she understood him better than me.   

In all the time that we have been together I never remember buying her a single piece of jewellery - not a ring, not a bangle not even an earring of any real value. Never did she complain, never did she asked for any. I cannot recall a time when she would demur when I could not give her money for food. Never too had she ever told me of her wish for a better life, a better house or a better husband!

Like my late mother, my wife is without malice. She takes life as it comes and have never wavered in her unconditional love for our children and for me. If I could fault her on anything it is for her preference of Brad Pitt to me...and that, I must add, is only a preference not a want!   

So this is the women that I have known since I was twenty one and she was then twenty three. And now at a time when I had hoped I would be able to live the rest of her life and of mine in this wonderful city of Melbourne together, she is struck down by dementia. 

What do I do? 

What can I do but do as what she and I have always wanted to do when we could no longer travel the world as we used to  - live the rest of our life together....and that is what we are doing now. Amen.

Saturday 25 July 2015

Au asked me and you to THINK! Think for once and do the right thing. Spread the truth, don’t be afraid.

Islam is a religion of peace, love and brotherhood....and 50 inches LCD TV! So all you non-Muslim...BELIEVE!

St Vincent : Late Friday night to early Saturday morning.

Its now 6.35 PM Friday.

It has not been a good day for my wife….and for me. She started coughing yesterday afternoon and it got progressively worse as night-time came. The coughing exhausts her and what was at the beginning merely an irritating twitch became a concern for me by the time visiting hours was over yesterday.

Today she has been coughing every few minutes throughout the day. They had taken an X ray of her chest this afternoon and while the Doctor did not find anything out of the ordinary, we are waiting for a second opinion from another doctor.  And so we wait.

Today I decided to spend the night at the hospital. With my wife coughing away I know I will not be able to sleep at home so I might as well not be able to sleep in the hospital and be there for her.

And this is where I am now…it’s just past 8.30 pm. She had taken her medications and we are waiting for the nurse to do a change of her diapers to make sure that she is dry as she goes to sleep.

I know many of us have gone through periods like this in our life. Times of uncertainty, worry and a feeling of hopelessness in not being able to make things just that much better and easier for our loved ones during their period of illness or as old age takes them into that time of their lives when they are no longer able to care of the themselves and are dependent on us.

I have worried so much for my ability to cope should I be faced with the need to care for my loved ones. The doubt was more for what I know of myself. At 67 I know that for most of my working life I have never call a place home for more that a few years – five years at most. I am restless and the ordinary bores me to distraction. Ask my children and they will tell you that home can be in Tasik Titiwangsa, Bangsar, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne ……and for my daughter it is now Toronto. For my wife she takes moving between London, Malaysia and Australia in her stride and at most will ask why I chose to go where I said we are going to this time around.  So how will I manage with something so permanent as dementia?

I don’t have the answer to that yet. It is a work in progress but If a mother can love a baby for whom she has to do everything…and I do mean everything…I guess the same happens when someone you love becomes dependent on you.

However people with dementia do not get better. So how do you deal with that reality?

With great difficulty. With great difficulty……

Sometimes when my wife has been looking at my face for a while I can see a tear in her eyes…and I ask myself… she thinking of our life together? Of the times in the 60’s when we were in London together? Or is she thinking of that vibrant independent mother that she once was who loved her children unconditionally and put up with a husband wandering between Malaysia, London and Australia looking for something even he would not know if he had found it? I know not what she thinks because I can no longer ask her what I want to know!

Ahhhh I just got a smile from my wife. I can see sleep in her eyes and as she yawned it dawned upon her that I was in the chair beside her…and she smiled at me. That smile will keep me comfortable until the morning!   

The night nurse just made her rounds and told me that they will be changing my wife’s diapers twice through the night to make sure that she stays dry! I do not even do that at home!  How good is that!

Its past 10 pm now and all is quiet in the ward. My wife is drifting in and out of sleep and I think she will be asleep soon. I, however, would prefer to stay awake writing my thoughts down until morning.

For me my life’s journey is almost at its tail end. If all goes well I may still have five to ten years of being able to do what I want to do – whatever it is that I want to do…..before senility and incapacity sets in. How many years more do you have? How many more years do you want to have? What are the things in life that you still want to do, have to do and hope to do?

When you have lived for over six decades these things crosses your mind. Not in any macabre or depressing way but it will cross your mind. For me the pasts are vaults that I open as and when it pleases me. I do not dwell on the positives or negatives of it….I only remember what I want .

What I remember most of the past are the good and memorable times with my wife and children. Driving for thousands of kilometers across the Nullarbor desert from Perth to Adelaide and then on to Melbourne and then back to Adelaide again –all within a period of one week. The times we spend on my late father’s boat, Widuri, while it was anchored at Port Kelang – spending weekends on the boat  - just the four of us. It was always when the four of us were together doing things by ourselves that are the moments that stands out in my memory. And I know these are the memories that I will think about in the last conscious moment of my own life….so hopefully I will die with a smile on my face.

Ask yourself what you will recall of your life as life ebbs away from within you. I have seen enough people die in front of my eyes to know that death is not easy for most people. For many there is fear in their eyes. For a few I see an acceptance of what is about to happen to them. I have not seen anyone go to their death with a smile…never.

But enough of speaking about death. I intend to celebrate life…what I have of it and what is left of it for me. And10.30 pm on a Friday night sitting beside my wife in St Vincent hospital is a good time and a good place to start. I am one of those people blessed with a life that I want and sharing it with the people I want. Amen.


Its now 12.02 am Saturday morning and I just got home. My wife have been sleeping quietly since 7.30 pm last night and no coughing until close to midnight - so I decided to come home and get some rest to ready myself for tomorrow. And so to sleep! 

Friday 24 July 2015

Quickies : That Tamil guy at Tabung Haji!

10th May 2015 :

Yesterday, Tabung Haji announced it was selling the land it purchased from 1MDB, following public outcry over the transaction.

Tabung Haji chairman Datuk Seri Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim said Najib had advised him to dispose of the land so that the fund s reputation is not tarnished due to its business transaction with 1MDB, and in order to respect the sensitivity of Tabung Haji depositors.

The land will be sold to a buyer at a profit of at least RM5 million and will be concluded within the next few weeks, Azeez said. – May 10, 2015.

steadyaku47 comment :
Sekarang dah 24th July  - dah over the "next few weeks" that that bloody mamak who is an ex-car salesman and now Tabung Haji's Chairman, Azeez Rahman, had said Tabung Haji will sell the land in! So how?  

St Vincent

Thursday Afternoon: 
I write this while my wife is lying beside me drifting in and out of sleep in the bed she has been occupying in St Vincent Hospital for the past one week. It is 3.45 pm. While my left hand holds on to her hand under the blankets, my right hand writes.

I went home at 1.30pm earlier on just after she finished her lunch, had a chicken sandwich with a glass of Mountain Blast Powerade (hopefully to replenish my energy levels) for my lunch and was back with her at the hospital by 2.30pm.

Since she was admitted to St Vincent I am keenly feeling the loss of her company at home but the thought of what her stay in St Vincent is doing to her well being makes it bearable.

In the one week that she has been here, one thing is clear. The concern of the staff at St Vincent is not only for the health of my wife but also for how my son and me are coping with her dementia. Specialists and the doctor have been talking with us on just about everything : from whether we have suitable furniture in the house to ensure my wife's posture and comfort are managed adequately to what changes we can expect in the coming months and years as her dementia relentlessly advanced into her life and ours!

We are told that dementia will increasingly ask more of what my son and me can give of our time and our effort in caring for her as time passes by and despite our protestation that we intend to cope we were made to understand what taking 24/7 care of my wife entails.

One word that kept recurring in their dementia vocabulary was "respite".

[ ˈrɛspʌɪt, -spɪt ]
a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant: 

There must be respite for my son, me and my wife from the 24/7 attention that dementia asks of all of us. Without respite we will not be able to continue to function adequately, what more give our best, in our care of my wife over the long haul that is sure to come! And their job is to assist all of us to make that happen. In this one week in St Vincent I have come across Indians, Filipinos, Sudanese, Africans, Irish and even the odd white Australians who were all working to make my wife better. 
One morning I was helping the Filipino Nurse clean and dress my wife on her bed when the nurse stopped what she was doing...looked across to me and said " The other families do not help me". I smiled....for to me this was not helping was a labor of love.  

It is now 7.30 am Friday morning. 

I wrote the above piece yesterday. Came home after visiting my wife last night and had an early night without dinner and woke up hungry this morning. Just had a Butter Chicken with Basmati Rice for breakfast (heated up a frozen meal!) and will make myself a cup of tea to sit down to some quiet "me" time and think what best to do in the coming days. 

First up will be planning for our move to another apartment in the same building - this one with a shower that will make it easier for my wife to use rather than the bath that we now have - that will be in three weeks time...and that apartment will be on the 7th floor facing the "good" side of Fitzroy and the Sun as it rises in the morning.

Next up is getting a hospital bed and a special mattress to manage the bed sores etc  -that will set me back by about Aud $2500 - if we get a second hand....I already have friends helping me out with that costs while I put our car for sale to cover that costs. For their assist I am so grateful. I was thinking yesterday that there are times when having money to get the things you need is important especially when you cannot do without it. 

I can do with not getting flowers for my wife to make her stay in the hospital more pleasant. I can do with waiting to get a "handicapped" parking space in the hospital for which I do not have to pay for (the other parking costs more than what I would like to pay)  - and some days I have to wait up to 45 mins for a space...but I can wait. I can do with having to wait to have my meals at home rather than spend good money on bad food in the Cafe near the hospital.....but the bed and mattress I cannot do for now I will trade the car in for these immediate needs. No worries!

Its almost 8 am now and I have to do some house tidying up - probably take about one or two hours for that...and then it's time to go visit my wife again. So enough for now....    

Thursday 23 July 2015

Kalau Cina di panggil Babi...Melayu apa pulak?

steadyaku47 comment : It is not everyday that a nephew of mine makes the is one instance when one did. Shukri you did the right thing! And in case any other Melayu wants to tangle with Shukri for telling this old Malay lady off for being a dick head I would like to point out to them that Shukri is built like a Tank and is very capable of taking care of himself without any help from anyone! With thanks to GREATER MALAYSIA

She Called Him Cina B***. His Reply Was Pure Gold.

Source | Malay Mail
Source | Malay Mail

A piece by A. S. – Editor at Greater Malaysia

One of our team members here at Greater Malaysia stumbled upon this story where an old lady and her daughter was cutting the queue at the express counter in a supermarket. When this happens, the usual response would either be silence or the people in the queue would tell the queue-cutter off and the matter would be resolved. Not this time.

After being told off, she called the netizen who posted this story “Cina b***…” and the story below ensued. We at Greater Malaysia would hope that one day, things like this will be relics of the past and we can all live without prejudice.

Note: The italicised words in the status update below are comments from the editorial team

Here’s The First Status (With Some Minor Censorship)

See below the photo for the short non-extended status
Source | Facebook Screengrab
Source | Facebook Screengrab

I told off a 40 plus year old malay lady and her daughter (probably in high school) for trying to cut the queue at the express counter in a supermarket. I said “tolong jangan potong queue. Orang lain pun beratur juga.”

Her response:

Cina b***…

Fuhhh! Cari pasal… Soh*****!

Pendek cerita, Abang Shuq kasi settle dan tepukan dari pembeli lain kedengaran sewaktu Abang Shuq meninggalkan cashier. Sekian terima kasih.

P/S: teruk sangat ke my Malay that she thought I was Chinese?

This was the short version of the story, before he added the extended version below due to overwhelming response.

Here’s The Extended Version Of His Status

Due to overwhelming response, here is the


I was the third person from the cashier with at least 10 people in line and this woman and her kid had been standing in the sidelines talking about how the supermarket should have more cashiers open. I was just observing cos I had a feeling that she was gonna cut the line cos she kept creeping closer to the line. True enough by the time I was the at the counter, she made her move.

I politely said to her:

Tolong jangan potong queue, orang lain pun beratur juga.

She gave me a cock stare, took a step back and said those two magical words…

Cina B***!

I was like, “oh no you didn’t b****!” Its on now m***********. You brought this on yourself. Abang Shuq is gonna tear you a new one!

Jilake betul.

Apa akak kata tadi? Cina b***? Cina b*** ya? Memandangkan akak ni tak reti nak beradab, saya harap akak reti baca…

…and I pulled out my IC. (Yes I did. How else was I to prove I wasn’t a b***) Note that the author explains his comments below if you misunderstood his comment about proving he wasn’t a ‘b***’ below.

Reti baca tak? Nama Melayu ke nama Cina?! Tapi pasal orang macam akak yang serupa takde agama, adab macam puaka lah saya nak mengaku orang Melayu pun malu!

Then I turned my attention to the people in the queue:

Perempuan biadap ni nak cuba potong queue, bila saya tegur, dia panggil saya cina b***! Patut buat apa dengan orang macam ni?

I then told the cashier:

Selagi dia tak ke belakang queue awak jangan kira barang dia!

I asked the crowd,

..fair tak?

Then they started to sound her. She didn’t know what to do and proceeds to say:

Pergi mampos laa korang!

Drops her basket and leaves with her kid. Throughout the whole thing, her kid just kept quiet and kept her head down.

The guy in front of me high-fived me and the queue clapped after me. Abang Shuq dropped the mic and left the building.

Here’s A Note From The Author Of The Status

NOTE: A friend brought to my attention that some have misunderstood when I said “How else was I to prove I wasn’t a b***” when I pulled out my IC to prove I wasn’t Chinese. Its not about race which I’m glad most people understood.

However this does raise a concern. Some of my fellow Chinese Malaysians feel that when the word b*** is mentioned, its referring to the Chinese race. Please don’t feel that way my friends. Its something you shouldn’t associate yourselves with. Only small minded people think this way. I know you’re better than that.

It raises a concern indeed, we are definitely better than that.


P.S following is an example of Shukri's brand of humor...yes he is the guy beside the Mat Salleh.


The End is let us read again what I wrote early this year.

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