Thursday 31 March 2016

Does this Twit of an IGP measures his self-worth by the number of bones that his political masters throw his way?

IGP says apology to Aminulrasyid's kin not needed, minister ...
IGP says apology to Aminulrasyid's kin not needed, minister says may ... IGP Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar says does not owe an apology to the family of ... the Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation general meeting here.

"Bukankah saya sudah jelaskan pembunuhan Hussain Ahmad Najadi (Pengasas Ambank) tiada kaitan dengan 1MDB begitu juga dengan kematian Kevin Morais, Peguam Negara telah sahkan tiada kaitan dengan 1MDB." Demikian kata ketua polis negara.

JOHOR BAHRU - Dokumentari terbitan Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) menerusi program Four Corners terhadap Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak disifatkan  bermotif dendam susulan penahan dua wartawan mereka…|By SHAHIZATUL FARHA S ROSLI

Vast contrast-1MDB police report takes over a year, but police action in 48 hrs against my house seller. [admin]

Chill : Foot stamping, hands clapping and finger snapping Mambo No.5

Take Five...and chill. Take five minutes and listen to this foot stamping, hands clapping and finger snapping Mambo No.5....and at least for those five minutes you take yourself away from the madness of Bolehland....away from the odiousness of corrupt politicians...away from all that is wrong with life : greed, arrogance, a raging sense of entitlement and political power wielded with impunity and without any sense of grace, goodness or respect for the rights of others! Five minutes of fun and being happy courtesy of steadyaku47. Enjoy! Enjoy!
And turn up the volume real LOUD!

Arul Kanda : My Work is Done!

When I read about Arul Kanda's "my job is done" made me think of that day on 1 May 2003 on board the USS Abraham Lincoln when Bush declared "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq....and thirteen years later, the US of A is still there trying to "accomplish" that same mission started by Bush!

KUALA LUMPUR, March 31 ― Former investment banker Arul Kanda took a job in Malaysia last year and walked into the crossfire of the country’s biggest political crisis since Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak came to power in 2009. Now,…

Sarawak Report : First 1MDB Arrest

First 1MDB Arrest - Former Senior Fund Manager Faces US Extradition Request In Abu Dhabi EXCLUSIVE!

First 1MDB Arrest - Former Senior Fund Manager Faces US Extradition Request In Abu Dhabi EXCLUSIVE!

Side kick to former IPIC CEO, Khadem al Qubaisi

Al Husseiny – side kick to former IPIC CEO, Khadem al Qubaisi

The first 1MDB related arrest has taken place at the request of the United States, in a move that will send shock waves and shivers through the Malaysian political establishment and also in related businesses in Hollywood and Las Vegas.

Sources close to Department of Justice officials in the United States have confirmed to Sarawak Report that the former CEO of Aabar, Mohamed Al Husseiny (top right), has been placed in detention by the authorities in Abu Dhabi, who are now processing an extradition request by the US Department of Justice, relating to charges concerning 1MDB.

Al Husseiny, who originated from Kenya, holds US citizenship, despite having moved to Abu Dhabi.
This is the first outward move in an investigation that has been ongoing in the United States and other jurisdictions for several months, into the disappearance of billions of dollars from the Malaysian development fund.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister, Najib Razak, who is the sole shareholder and signatory of the fund, has solidly denied that any wrong-doing took place.

Key player at International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) subsidiary

Whilst CEO of Aabar (a subsidiary of IPIC) until July of last year, Al Husseiny was a key player in a number highly controversial deals involving 1MDB, from which billions of ringgit appear to have disappeared.

He also fronted a massive bail-out of 1MDB’s debts, in a surprise move last June.  It was one of his last actions in the post, from which he was summarily dismissed the following month.

Raft of flamboyant, but mainly disastrous investments - Aabar backed Virgin Galactica

Raft of flamboyant, but mainly disastrous investments – Aabar backed Virgin Galactica

There are numerous other questions concerning the management of Aabar, where Al Husseiny was regarded as a right hand man of the ex-Chairman, the high-rolling nightclub supremo, Khadem al Qubaisi, also CEO of IPIC.

Al Qubaisi was thrown out of all his official posts some weeks earlier in April of last year and following a period under house arrest he fled to the South of France, where he has considerable property.

Sarawak Report has identified that Al Qubaisi has also been removed from a number of his private business positions over the past fortnight – in the same period IPIC has mysteriously removed all reference to a number of key subsidiaries of Aabar (which were linked to Khadem) from its websites.

US dimension

The effects of the news has already caused an apparent major loss of confidence in related businesses in the United States.
Read Hakkasan
Read Hakkasan

The previously burgeoning Las Vegas-based Hakkasan nightclub empire, which is owned by Al Qubaisi and fronted by its British born CEO, the Head of Mergers & Aquistions, Neil Moffit, has shown signs of panic over the past few hours, according to contacts.


Rumours circulating Las Vegas that three top executives, including Moffit, were about to jump ship have been quashed by Khadem’s New York law firm Greenberg Taurig.. for now.

Swift retraction -

Swift retraction –
However, there are equal concerns in Hollywood, where Mr Al Husseiny had revealed himself as the major investor in none other than the high-profile new movie production company Red Granite, which is owned by Najib’s step-son, Riza Aziz.

Aziz (left) with partner McFarland and Jho Low

Better days – Aziz (left) with partner McFarland and Jho Low. Aziz has since wiped all evidence of Jho Low from his Instagram and other accounts

At the time of the announcement in August 2014 Sarawak Report questioned the apparent conflict of interest over a major business partner of 1MDB investing hundreds of millions in films commissioned by the shareholder’s own son.

How the former Abu Dhabi fund manager – a public servant – acquired such huge sums was another question that has gone unanswered.

Perhaps Mr Al Husseiny will be able to address these issues if he is indeed brought to the United States, as now formally requested. If so, the position of Rosmah’s son and Najib’s step-son Riza Aziz, who has been subject to much speculation over his ostentatious living and property acquisitions, might start to look somewhat precarious.
It is widely known in Hollywood that before Sarawak Report queried Red Granite’s connections to Malaysia’s public funds, Riza and his partner, Joey McFarland, had told their colleagues and connections that their funding came from Jho Low (rather than Al Husseiny).
Their blockbuster Wolf of Wall Street even carried a credit thanking Low.

Jho Low connection

Riza’s funding comes under the spotlight, just as Red Granite prepares to launch the production of its next planned Scorcese blockbuster, The General, a bio-pic of America’s hero George Washington, starring (of course) the Oscar-winning Leonardo di Caprio, a close party pal in Jho Low’s circle.

Together with director Martin Scorcese

Together with director Martin Scorcese

Al Husseiny’s dealings with the fugitive billionaire, his former boss Khadem Al Qubaisi, and their mutual business contact Jho Low are therefore likely to be top of the agenda during any questioning by law enforcers.

Aabar, once a wealthy investor with a US$70 million equity base, appears to have lost the bulk of its money.  It has been struggling to raise sufficient lending in recent weeks on the London, largely to cover these commitments to 1MDB – the authorities in Abu Dhabi must be wondering why?

The authorities in the US are likely to be more interested in the extensive private investments made in property and businesses by these players, in particular record price breaking penthouses in New York and homes in Beverley Hills, plus the multi-million dollar investments in the Hakkasan chain managed by Moffit.

Tun Dr Mahathir : Kami tak makan dedak sesiapa.


29 Mar 2016 

1. Saya diberitahu bahawa ramai ahli dan pemimpin bawahan UMNO marah kerana saya berada bersama Kit Siang dalam usaha menjatuhkan Dato Seri Najib.

2. Ya, ini memang pelik dan aneh. Kami adalah musuh ketat. Tetapi kami berdua mempunyai pendirian yang sama berkenaan penyingkiran Najib sebagai Perdana Menteri.

3. Sepatutnya penyingkiran ini dibuat oleh UMNO. Dalam pertandingan antara saya dengan Tengku Razaleigh ahli dan pemimpin UMNO secara terang boleh memihak kepada Tengku Razaleigh. Saya tidak menakutkan mereka, tidak membuang mereka dari jawatan atau parti. Yang Menteri terus jadi Menteri, demikian juga Ketua Bahagian dan perwakilan.

4. Tetapi hari ini kebanyakan ahli dan pemimpin UMNO sudah jadi bisu, pekak dan buta. Mereka tahu kesalahan Najib tetapi mereka sokong juga Najib. Walau apa pun kesalahan yang dilakukan oleh Najib mereka tetap sokong.

5. Mungkin kerana dedak yang disuap oleh Najib. Shahrir mengaku dia terima 1 juta dan Ahmad Maslan 2 juta (laporan di sini). Takkan yang lain tidak dapat habuan.

6. Kerana kepentingan diri dan tamak UMNO tidak akan menjatuhkan Najib. Kerana kepentingan diri, bangsa, negara dan agama juga sanggup dijual. Tidak ada ahli UMNO selain daripada beberapa Ketua Cawangan yang berani menentang Najib. Kalau nak harap UMNO jatuhkan Najib, tidak mungkin.

7. Ini bukan UMNO lagi. Janganlah berlagak sebagai ahli UMNO yang kononnya tidak sanggup melihat saya bersama Kit Siang. Yang tidak sayang UMNO ialah kamu sekalian, kamu yang membisu, kamu yang pekak dan buta kerana semua anggota ini sudah ditutup dengan dedak dan lain-lain.

8. Jangan soal saya. Soal diri sendiri. Apakah kamu berjuang untuk bangsa, agama dan tanahair apabila kamu melindungi perbuatan Najib menghilangkan duit rakyat dan sekarang menjual tanah yang dibeli dari Kerajaan berharga RM60/- satu kaki persegi dan dijual kepada Tabung Haji dengan harga RM3,500/- satu kaki persegi, mengenakan cukai G.S.T. keatas rakyat dan menghapuskan subsidi untuk bayar hutang 1MDB sebanyak 42 billion Ringgit, memiliki 2.6 billion Ringgit dalam akaun peribadi yang disembunyi daripada rakyat, kononnya untuk PRU 13 tetapi, kononnya belanja lebih dari 1 billion Ringgit untuk PRU 13 tetapi kemudian hantar balik kepada penderma 2.03 billion. Tak masuk akal 2.6 tolak 2.03 tinggal berapa? Dari mana datang 1 billion lebih yang kononnya dibelanja untuk PRU 13. Perbelanjaan yang begini banyak menyalahi undang-undang.

9. Najib memalukan negara kerana Malaysia sekarang dikenali sebagai 1 dari 10 negara yang mengamal rasuah terbesar. Najib sendiri dicemuh diseluruh dunia. Inilah pemimpin yang awak sokong dan pertahan. Ini adalah pengkhianatan terhadap UMNO, terhadap orang Melayu, terhadap negara.

10. Rakyat lebih benci melihat ahli UMNO yang menyokong Najib daripada ahli UMNO berada diatas pentas bersama Kit Siang untuk menjatuhkan Najib.

11. Kami tak makan dedak sesiapa.

cakap cakap....just this once can we ALL agree on one thing?

I think we are getting ourselves in a muddle in the matter of how much money was credited, deposited, transferred or laundered into the account of Najib Razak. 

How much of that money is "clean" and how much of it is "dirty"?

How many  countries was the money transferred through to obscure its origin?

How many banks were used?

Did the money come from the Middle East or was it from 1MDB?

The reach of the global financial market makes it possible for cash to be moved from a country with bank-reporting laws to a country with bank-secrecy law. So many questions and so few answers!

Normally the type of criminals who need to launder money are drug traffickers. They deal with cash, and cash causes logistics problems. Cash is very heavy. U.S.$1 million worth of cocaine weights about 20 KG while a stash of U.S. dollars worth $1 million weighs 116 kg.

One Million Dollars worth of Cocaine

One Million Dollars Cash
One Point Nine Million Hermes Birkin Handbag

Najib Razak is not a drug dealer (well at least not at the last time I checked with PDRM!)  but he is a criminal.  So spare a thought for our "Cash is King" PM. It is not easy for him to carry all that RM 2.6 billion (and counting!) cash around! Of course FLOM the Flop can carry her millions easily on just one hand!

But I digress......

As I was saying at the start of this article..."we are getting ourselves in a muddle in the matter of how much money was credited,deposited, transferred or laundered into the account of Najib Razak". 

For the purpose of clarity can we all just agree that Najib Razak is corrupt and leave it at that?

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT : One problem facing Malaysia have just been resolved! Syabas Najib!

Quickies : What are the problems facing Malaysia? This is one of them!

Remember the above posting I did a few days back? I am please to report back that the government of Najib Razak has taken heed of my posting and done the necessary to resolve the above problem : and here is the proof!

On behalf of the people of Malaysia, saya "steadyaku47" dengan rendah diri megucapkan ribuan terima kasih kapada Perdana Menteri, (Datuk Seri Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sanrobone), Mohd Najib Abdul Razak aka Bugis Warrior (NOT!), aka Isteri kapada the FLOM who is a flop and still prime minister of Malaysia (for the moment!)

Najib Razak has now come to realised that corruption is corruption even in MECCA!

Everything must be done according to the law and the Constitution, says PM.

KUALA LUMPUR: Elections are the only way to change the country’s leadership,…

steadyaku47 comment : He knows the people wants him to leave. We know he listens and hear the rumble of discontent and contempt for him that intensifies by the day. He sees himself and his wife  being constantly depicted and disrespected as clowns, kleptomaniacs and thieves in writings on the walls, on the NET and everywhere else that openly tells him of our frustrations in the manner he conducts government to benefit his personal self and his cronies. He reads and understand the depth of odium and disgust the people are expressing everywhere for him and his wife.  All that he senses around him tells him that the country and its people no longer wants him as their leader. The intensity and adversity of these vibes not only troubles him daily but has now force him to vent the troubling thoughts within himself:.
..."elections are the only way to change the country's leadership" he says!  

..."everything must be done according to the law" he says.
This coming from a man who puts a man convicted of corruption to head FGV!
This coming from a man who put a paedophile to head Risda.

This coming from a man who has billions of unexplained "donations" in his personal account!
This from a man who became prime minister not though an election but because he was complicit in the removal of his own leader before the end of Pak Lah's term of office.
This coming from a man who received less votes and yet became prime minister while the rightful victor of that election is jailed. 
This from someone who is already...I repeat...already...the subject of criminal investigations by four governments for criminality in financial transactions estimated to be in the hundreds of millions.
This coming from a man who heads a government already embroil in skulduggery, scams, swindles, harassment, intimidation and murder of those they consider a threat to their hold on political power.
The words that he utters seems to make sense but like the proverbial sheep boy who shouted "WOLF" once too many a times, to too many Malaysians, Najib Razak is a liar who is no longer believed even when he is telling the truth. 

Are elections the only way to change the country's leadership? Ptui...did not his own father
became prime minister in the same manner as he did - by default - because their predecessor left before they finished their term of office?  And in both instances the leaving of their predecessor were their own doing?

And he talks about rule of law? Huh! Kugan, Teoh Beng Hock, Aminurasyid, Altantuya, Ahmad Sarbani, Kevin Morais, Hussain Najadi and many more - all of them are dead because PDRM and MACC follow the rule of law to the letter?
Anwar Ibrahim, Mahyuddin, Gani Patail, Mukriz ...are not all these individuals and many more the victims of your interpretation of "the law?"
Najib Razak has now come to realised that corruption is corruption even in MECCA!

Nothing will save him and his wife anymore! Least of all prayers or the rule of law that he has abused and used time and time again for his own political survival and agendas. 
Let us be comforted in the knowledge that Najib Razak is more than troubled by the tidal wave of odium, contempt and disgust that millions of Malaysian now have for him. 
He is not only troubled, but, by his utterances, we know he now fears that his days in Seri Perdana is inevitably coming to an end. 
The relentless assault on his personal self, on his flop of a FLOM, on his leadership in Umno and in government, on his sense of greed and entitlement has become too much for him to continue to ignore and it now eats into his own sense of self worth  - enough to make him question if he will still be in office tomorrow!
We have before us the responsibility of making this pathethis excuse for an eldest son, this scumbag that is the very essence of greed and the very example of what any leader in any country should NOT be, this useless MP from Pekan, this so called statesman who has brought shame and embarrassment to Malaysian as the world has now placed our nation among the most corrupt in the world.......we now have the responsibility to make that final push that will rid our people, our country and our future...rid us of this bogus Bugis Warrior and restore once again to our shores a sense of accountability,responsibility, decorum and grace among those who think themselves capable of leading us all to the Malaysia that we all aspire for!
So let us all not forget what we have to do.....


Wednesday 30 March 2016

cakap cakap...BERNARD KHOO

My dear Bernard.....everytime I see your images, each time I think about our "conversations" and any mention of you on the NET takes me back to those times when we were fellow bloggers....united in purpose and driven by our focus to try and bring change to our beloved country. Rest in peace are still with us! And to those of you who will be at the piss-up....surely Bernard must be smiling at you guys for using him as an excuse  for a piss-up!

Sirul Azhar : Can his Malaysian Lawyers get Sirul what Sirul wants? Let me tell Sirul why this will not happen!

For those of you who think that Sirul has something earth shattering to say about the murder of Altantuya....please lah....THINK! 

Sirul is a Corporal who was ordered by Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri to accompany him on a job. If you are in PDRM or even the Army, you know that there is no way that Corporal Sirul will ask Chief Inspector Azilah where they were going, why did they need the C4 for, nor was there an option for Corporal Sirul to do anything but do as instructed by Chief Inspector Azilah. 

He did not ask Chief Inpsector Aziah why Altantuya's body was to be wrapped in C4 after they have shot her dead with two shots to her head. He followed the orders of Chief Inspector Aziah to the best of his abilities.

What about Chief Inspector Azilah? What did he know of Altantuya whom he was  about to terminate and then blow to pieces? 

As much as Corporal Sirul knows. 

We know the sequence of events from the time Corporal Sirul got the order to go out on the job to terminate and blow up Altantuya but we are yet to know who gave the order to  Chief Inspector Azilah to termintae and blow up Altantuya.

That order has to come from Najib's aide, DSP Musa bin Haji Safri and the Malaysian court, in all it's wisdom, has deemed is uneccessary to find out who ordered DSP Musa bin Haji Safri to terminate Altantuya. 

Just a thought. Razak Baginda was in trouble because Altantuya knew too much about the Scorpene Submarine caper - and she threathen to reveal all if she was not paid her dues. As Aide to Najib Razak, DSP Musa Safri takes instruction from Najib Razak not from Razak Baginda. Razak Baginda is a good friend/advisor to Najib Razak. In the trouble that Razak Baginda was in, DSP Musa Safri will only act with specific instructions from his boss, Najib Razak, to do the neccessary to resolve Razak Baginda's problems with Altantuya! The veracity of what I am saying can only be resolved in a Malaysian Court out to find out the truth and nothing but the truth. That Malaysian Court does not exist at this point of time.   
Now on to Sirul.
Sirul does not want to go back to Malaysia. Simply said he has a better chance of staying alive here in Australia then in Malaysia.....but.....and it is a big "but" ....the money, if he can get his hands on it, is in Malaysia! 

This is what Sirul wants for himself : 

He wants to stay unconditionally in Australia with Azhar, (his sixteen year old son now in Sydney), with his seventen year old daughter (who is now being cared for by friends in KL) and with his mother who is now in Taiping.  In his simple mind what is so hard about that? He and his son are already in Australia and all the Australian Immigartion has to do is to allow his daughter and mother to join him in Australia.

Then Sirul wants money to keep quiet about the events before, during and after the Altantuya murder - the amount of which is still being negotiated by persons unknown on behalf of persons unknown with persons unknown.  
This is what his Malaysian Lawyers are now trying to make happen - who pays his Malaysian Lawyers and under whose instructions they work is not known to me.

These are his Malaysian Lawyers:

Kamarul Hisham Kamaruddin and Hasnal Rezua Merican
The Chambers of Kamarul Hisham & Hasnal Rezua
Sirul's Lawyers do what other Lawyers do when they have a client that would be their ticket to a retirement where yachts, mansions and unheard of wealth may be possible...and what did these two Lawyers do? 
They Isolate Sirul from anyone and everyone who could possibly give Sirul "advice" that would allow Sirul to think for himself and decide what is best for himsef and his family.

Can his Malaysian Lawyers get Sirul what Sirul wants? 

Let me tell Sirul why this will not happen!
This is Australia. Not Malaysia. There are laws and regulations to be adhered to and conditions to be met. 

Sirul must convince the Australian Minister of Immigration that it is safe for Sirul to be released into the Australian community. He has to satisfy section 501 of the Migration Act 1958 which refers to the Character, general and criminal, of a visa applicant.  

Is this to say that the Australian Government have never made any "back door" arrangements on a G to G (Government to Government) basis before? Yes they may have and will continue to do so in matters of "national interest". Sirul is not a matter of "national interests" to Australia thought he may be of "national interest" to Malaysia. 
Immigration Australia have not allowed Sirul's daughter to enter Australia to be with her father - not even on a visitors visa that would allow her to stay for three months - because they know that once she is in Australia she will do what her father and brother did when they came over on a visitors visa....stay indefinitely in Australia.  

The Minister will not generally  override the provision in the Migration Act where public interest is involved. To do so would be political suicide. The Minister  will not release Sirul, a convicted murderer, into the Australian community. 
After the recent airing of "Dirty Secrets" by  60 Minutes and "State of Fear" by Four Corners the Australian Public will be better informed of Sirul and why he is here....and you can bet anything you like that the Australian government will NOT do any sweet heart deal with Malaysian that will allow his daughter to come over here or allow Sirul free to go into the Australian community and make a life for himself in Australi until the Immigration Department is convinced that Siurl clears his character issues - that he committed the Altantuya  murder because he was "forced " to do that he was not a criminal...just a UTK officer following the orders of his superior. 
The Malaysian government wants Sirul to return to Malaysia (because they and the powers that be will have sirul by the balls! italics!
Sirul will not return to Malaysia without being granted a pardon for the killing of Altanayuya and thus become a free man...or he is prepared to go through retrial provided he is guaranteed to be proven innocent of the same crime. And, of course, there is also the matter of the millions "requested" by Sirul. 

His Lawyer cannot get a pardon or another trial without Sirul FIRST returning to much strings as those Lawyers can pull...there is the matter of due process to be adhered to if a Pardon or another trial is to be "arranged" with a prearranged verdict as requested by Sirul. 

There is always the possibility that the Malaysian government can give a formal undertaking to the Australian government that it will not hang Sirul and commute his death sentence to life imprisonement.....and ask for his extradition. 

What Sirul will do in htis situation is for him to know and for us and the Malaysian governmnet to find out!
So ...stalemate. 

As for the millions "requested" by Sirul....masih di runding.....boleh di runding...akan di runding....sedang di runding (strike out whatever you feel inclined to do so).

How much of all of the above Sirul understand is suspect.
All that his Malaysian lawyers have done so far is appoint this Datuk Ganesan (the Datuk title is from parts unknown because it certainly did not come from parts unknown in Malaysia!) to take care of Sirul's and his son's financial needs in Sydney  - with money remitted from KL (from where and from whom is a matter of conjecture or guesswork)...though I am certain that if you trace the paper trails of all the monies remitted to Dato will lead to you know who lah.
This has been the situation since February 2015.

Note : More to come with emphasis on what Sirul has to do to stay in Australia, about Siirul 16 year old son living in Sydney on a "bridging visa" and about that myterious Datuk Ganesan with links to the Sultan of Sulu! 

Chill....Life is Good!

steadyaku47 comment : Yes I was thinking of my wife when I was listening to this song....and yes I do love my wife very, very much! Life is good.

Quickies : Camni boleh ikut cara ARAB!

Commerce Minister receives parking ticket for parking in a handicapped parking space


KUWAIT: Commerce Minister Dr Youself Al-Ali received a parking ticket yesterday after parking his car in a handicapped parking space while making a tour of the electricity and water branch offices in Ishlibiya. Afterwards, Commerce Ministry Undersecretary Khalid Al-Shamali sent a letter of appreciation to the Interior Ministry, thanking him for applying the law on all equally. — Photo from social media.


If you are a Malay what more do you want?
Bukan kah nama negara kamu MALAY sia?
Nama Parti memerentah United MALAY National Organisation.
Prime Minister - MALAY.
Minister di dalam cabinet - predominantly MALAYS.
Yang di Pertuan Agong - MALAY.
Sultan MALAY.
Governor - MALAY
Tentera, Polis, Civil Serice - semua di ketuai dan ramai kaki  tangan mereka MALAY
All that matters are in the hands of, control by and dominated numerically by MALAYS. 
The religion that MALAYS practise, ISLAM, is dominant in all aspect.
What more do the Malays want?

If you are a non-Malay what more do you want?
You are allowed to reside in a MALAY country.
A MALAY is prime minister but nothing prevents a non-MALAY from becoming PM.
There are non-MALAYS in the cabinet.
There are non-MALAYS in the Army, the Police and in the Civil Service. 
Non-MALAYS can do business, have their own schools and practise their own religion.
What more do you want?

The problems only starts when you are a MALAYSIAN! 
I want my country to be called MALAYSIA not MALAYsia.
I do not want a MALAY political party to dominate - I want a MALAYSIAN party to govern.
I want a MALAYSIAN Prime Minister.
I want MALAYSIAN Ministers in the cabinet.
I want the King and Heads of State to be MALAYSIAN.
I want the Tentera, the Police and the Civil Service to be Malaysian in thoughts and deeds.
I want freedom to worship whomsoever MALAYSIANS choose to worship.
I want all that matters in MALAYSIA to be in the hands of MALAYSIAN!

What more do I want?

I want what has been decreed in the MALAYSIAN Constitution : That we are all MALAYSIANS, to be the guiding light by which any MALAYSIAN government governs:

Article 8 by clause (1) provides that all persons are equal before the law and entitled to its equal protection.
Clause 2 states: “Except as expressly authorised by this Constitution, there shall be no discrimination against citizens on the ground only of religion, race, descent, gender or place of birth in any law or in the appointment to any office or employment under a public authority or in the administration of any law relating to the acquisition, holding or disposition of property or the establishing or carrying on of any trade, business, profession, vocation or employment.”
The exceptions expressly allowed under the Constitution includes the affirmative actions taken to protect the special position for the Malays of Peninsular Malaysia and the indigenous people of Sabah and Sarawak (collectively, Bumiputras) under Article 153.

I want that the "exceptions" allowed under the Constitution that includes "affirmative actions taken to protect the special position of the MALAYS or Peninsular Malaysia and the indigenous people of Sabah and Sarawak(collectively, Bumiputras) under Article 153" to be applied exclusively for the benefit of these special position of the Bumiputras and not for the political gains of any individual, any race or any political entity!  

That is all that I, as a MALAYSIAN, want. Nothing more. Nothing less! So help me GOD!  

And if you are a MALAYSIAN then the NEGARAKU should make you yearn for the MALAYSIA that we once were before the corrupt and arrogant polictics of the "come-lately" Umno leaders have burdend our land, our people and our future with. 

I am one, with you we are two...who else will join us to make MALAYSIA MALAYSIAN once more?