Sunday 31 May 2015

Quickies : 1MDB : This bloody BN government under Najib "sold" to 1MDB the two properties for RM1.9 billion just four years ago. Now this same government is buying that same two properties for close to RM10 billion?

Another Bloody Idiot aka Mat Husni Second Finance Minister.

Let me first try and get this right.

Amongst other things 1MDB had two projects :
  • The Tun Razak Exchange : A 70 acre Financial Center within Kuala Lumpur
  • Bandar Malaysia : A 500 acre development in Sungai Besi.
Second Finance Minister Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah announced on Friday that Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) and Bandar Malaysia will be “established as standalone companies, with full autonomy and accountability for their operational and financial performance”......

Which in essence means that this fucking BN government under Najib Razak will buy the two projects from 1MDB.

This bloody BN government under Najib "sold" to 1MDB the two properties for RM1.9 billion just four years ago. Now this same government is buying that same two properties for close to RM10 billion?


Fuck you Mat... are you, as Second Finance Minister, telling me that 1MDB is not accountable for their operational and financial performance? What good has the shareholding by the Ministry of Finance done to 1MDB and all the various other "businesses" where massive fraud, scam and outright swindling of our nation resources has occurred right under the very nose of the Minister of Finance cum Prime Minister of Malaysia!

I do not understand high finance but I do understand a scam, a swindle or plain daylight robbery of the Rakyat's money when I see it!

Kepala bapak engkau lah Mat! This just another ploy to bail out 1MDB using billions of ringgits of taxpayers funds AGAIN! May the fleas from a 1000 camels infest your armpits and may your hands not be long enough to scratch yourself there! Ditto for Najib!


THE ARROGANCE OF POWER : Do as I do. Go talk to one person and bring him or her into our fold – then one by one we will slowly but surely build up our strength and strike down UMNO and Barisan.

steadyaku47 comment

I wrote this for Lim Kit Siang blog on Monday, 7 September 2009........over five years ago.... my sentiments remain the same...nothing has changed. If anything the arrogance that those in power now have have worsen. God help us all.

The Arrogance of Power

When you are in power for over fifty years, every now and then there is that temptation to bend the rules and sometimes even the truth to suit the political needs of the moment. You can be forgiven if this inclination does come up once in a blue moon – though the colour of the moon can be said to be blue every month if you are powerful enough to want it to be so. So here lies the problem. When this inclination becomes the norm where does that put good governance?

Almost daily now we are subject to the painful and most uncomfortable sensation of having our leaders take us for fools. They boldly stand in front of us through the medium of their Television Stations, their Media or even at times in person and proceed to tell us what they want us to know – not what we should know. Is there nobody amongst them that can tell them that what they are doing is like peeing into the wind?
Have the educated, intelligent and rational generation of Malays all left UMNO leaving our nation without some of its best people in government even when we need them most? Najib is in a world of his own. He lacks the ability to make sense of what is happening around the country. Surviving day to day is hard enough for him. UMNO has sworn blood oaths that they will defend themselves from PAS, from DAP from Keadilan from everybody – no matter what. In desperation they have ventured into territory where they violate all democratic conventions almost on a daily basis. When we question the legality of their actions their answer is that ‘might is right’.

When the court initially finds in favor of the opposition as in Perak – they appeal its decision confident that the Judiciary is ultimately theirs to instruct and manage. When a death in custody happens the usual suspects are paraded. A commission, an inquiry, no stones unturned….and then slowly but surely nothing will come of it. They play the Judiciary as if it was their own – and why not when the Chief Justice is indeed their own. Whenever a situation arise that will give problems to them they no longer even have the decency to pay lip service to placate the Rakyat – now days it is deny, deny deny.

Deny there was ever any intention to humilate the Hindus in the cow-head incident. Deny that there was any reason to not renew the IGP again and again. Deny that there was anything wrong in the caning sentence of Kartika but nevertheless no less a person then the Prime Minister himself has asked her to appeal for a reduction in her sentence.

Arrest 16 people for carrying yellow candles and red and white roses who were seeking freedom of religion in this country and yet deny that Muslims stepping on the sacred head of a cow is doing anything to incite another race. They invoke the name of ALLAH at their whims and fancies and see no sin in promoting the very sins that Islam frowns upon. For surely corruption and greed is also corruption and greed whether in Mecca or Malaysia? That all this has become the norm for UMNO frightens me. This is the arrogance of power that I am talking about. Perhaps the most outrageous example of this arrogance is their inability to understand that there are another points of view to be considered other then their own. To them any deviations from their point of view is a conspiracy to undermine their ability to hold on to power – no matter what. I try to do this. By my writing if I can turn one person against UMNO – just one – then we are one person ahead towards our ‘brand new beginning’. Do as I do. Go talk to one person and bring him or her into our fold – then one by one we will slowly but surely build up our strength and strike down UMNO and Barisan. 

Go do it now!

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And I Love Her....

cakap cakap...early Sunday morning.

Sunday Morning : 8.30 AM.

How good it is to awake in a city that is good to you. In a country that is good to you. All this happening at a time in my life when my health is good, money is not much of a problem, and the living is as you have imagined it to be as you enter your twilight years - past 65. 

We went to bed early last night but I awoke in the early hours of Sunday morning to see Arsenal go up the stands to collect the FA Cup from William for the twelfth time after crashing Aston Villa 4-0...all this without the sound on as my wife was still fast asleep beside me.

After this there was no question of further I awoke. Had a shower, made myself a cup of organic tea and forcibly sat myself in the living room to think for a while. I said forcibly because normally what I would do was to take the cup of organic tea and go straight to my Apple to check my emails and what else has been happening elsewhere in the world...and on steadyaku47....but this morning I wanted to start the morning thinking about life. 

Life is good. Australia is good. Try as I might to think of anything that I might lack, need or want for, took to much of an effort. Nothing came to me for now - and so I turned my attention to what was around me. 

If things work out as planned my son would be moving to his own apartment in the same building within a few weeks. It has been wonderful to have him with us all this time but I would be remiss if I do not say that both  - him and us - have agreed that having our own living space would be good. And after speaking to Crystal, that bubbly and caring manager from Urban Communities that manages this apartment, we were informed that Zack could have his own apartment and we keep ours with no increase in the rental we are now paying - so why not! And so the planning - him and me - about how our respective living space will be once we are happily parted - have already started. 

For a start this will be the dining table - the GLIVARP dining table with TOBIAS chairs - I will get for our apartment. In fact on Friday I went and got two of those TOBIAS chairs second hand for half the price that IKEA sells them for, from a couple who were selling their stuff because they were going overseas to work.
I have a lot of IKEA stuff all over the house - all bought second hand at a fraction of the price that IKEA sells them for. The bed we sleep in, the table and chairs I work on are IKEA, EKTORP Sofa, Shelves....even an IKEA trolley to move them around!

The above is my favorite chair that I sit on for hours and hours working on my blog each week. Comfortable and simple yet functional - IKEA all over it in design and function.

I need to simplify the living room to make it easier for my wife to move around. Now days either my son or me will have to help her move around the house - so there must be space for two people to maneuver amongst the furniture. I have already rid ourselves of a three-seater sofa a few weeks back and now will have to give some thought as to what we would need to achieve the minimalist look and yet be comfortable.

The TV will go on a wall bracket so that there will be space under the TV for something else - possible shelves for books....and so my mind meanders in and out of these thoughts. 

Even on a pension we can do this in Australia. Ask yourself what you need to earn to afford IKEA furniture in Malaysia?  
A GLIVARP dining Table in Malaysia costs RM$999 at IKEA Damansara. A TOBIAS chair RM$325 each. To get that dining table and four chairs it will cost you RM$2299. Two thousand two hundred and ninety nine ringgit! Aiyoh how to afford unless you are really earning the big bucks lah!

Here in Melbourne, a pensioner like me can actually afford to get that dining table without being financially stretched at all. Need I say any more?

Maybe you can begin to understand why there are so many "good" when I write about life for me and my wife over here in Melbourne. 

What about the costs of food, you may ask. Let me share with you what we had on Friday night for dinner. We were not in the mood to cook anything and so I went to the COLES supermarket nearby at around 8 pm to see what we could get that was easy to cook - heat and serve. And what did I see there?

Hot Roast Chickens $8 at Coles

Hot Roast Chickens $8 at Coles 

Family size fresh hot roast chickens $8 at Coles (Save $3) today only.

And that is what we had for dinner! Fresh hot roast chicken with stuffing...and there was enough left overs after the three of us had all that we could eat for dinner. Enough left overs for lunch the next day - and all for Aud $8 ! 

The weather sometimes is wet, windy and very cold but three years into Melbourne have taught us what to wear to keep warm, The heating in our small apartment allows me to be comfortable in my sarong and slippers....and I have yet to experience anything more invigorating and more sinful than a hot shower on a cold winter evening! 

So here I am in Melbourne, early on a Sunday morning, trying to decide if I should put on my shorts to really give the place a real clean up, steam clean the kitchen floors, go through everything in the apartment and see what I can store or throw away to make the place more "minimalist" ...and generally celebrate a good life in a good place at a good time in a good life. Life is good.   


flyer1668 ....Stop wasting public funds to maintain PAC. Put the funds to better use by helping the rakyat..."

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Pak Hussein,

Thank you very much on the article.

Also to share this...

It all end up like this...

"...That’s the problem with Malaysia’s administration. It embraces mediocrity and dumps competency, accountability and transparency.
Why are time and money being wasted in maintaining such a useless committee?

The PAC is just the government’s panel tasked with window-dressing assignments aimed at whitewashing scandals and giving the impression that it practises accountability in managing the country’s wealth.

Has PAC ever recommended any action?

And, if any, can anyone remember the government taking any action?
Imagine, when the AG pointed out in one of his previous reports that the armed forces had paid RM7 for a packet of Maggi instant noodles under a procurement, was any action taken?

Stop wasting public funds to maintain the PAC. Put the funds to better use by helping the rakyat..."

A proposition...?

This is how PAC & LKS/Tony Pua should conduct their investigations (including our Fort Knox boss)...

"How much of that shitty deal did you sell to your clients?" Goldman Sachs Hearing -

Jul 21, 2009 -Alan Grayson: "Which Foreigners Got the Fed's $500,000,000,000?" Bernanke: "I Don't Know" -

Feb 11, 2009 Alan Grayson on the Worst Deal Since Manhattan Was Sold for $24 in Trinkets -

Feb 10, 2010 Rep. Alan Grayson: $12 Trillion Gone and No One Punished -

To rob a country, own a bank  -

12-Year Old Child Reveals One of the Best Kept Secrets in the World -

You be the judge.

Saturday 30 May 2015

cakap cakap...Abu Hassan Adam.

Abu Hassan Adam

Saudara Hussein,
Saya baru saja selesai mengerjakan solat Subuh dan membaca tulisan saudara menyebabkan saya terus memberikan komen ini. Pertama sekali saya amat simpati dengan keadaan yang saudara alami. Orang Melayu kata betapa berat mata memandang lagi berat bahu memikul. Saya juga kadang-kadang berfikiran dan berperasaan seperti saudara walaupun saya tidak dalam keadaan seperti saudara.
           Kadang-kadang saya bertanya diri saya sendiri. Apakah betul dan 'berfaedah' dengan apa yang saya lakukan. Kadang-kadang saya merasakan seperti anjing menyalak bukit. Golongan pemimpin terus menerus 'merompak' harta negara dan kita tidak sampai hati melihatkan rompakan berkenaan. Kita terus menerus memberikan komen agar para pemimpin kita sedar. Tidak juga nampaknya. Malah semakin rancank rompakan itu. Dan yang menyedihkan para wakil rakyat kita terus menerus ghairah juga sama-sama merompak, tanpa mempedulikan rakyat yang tertindas.
          Pendek kata saya juga berfikiran seperti saudara. Apakah sudah sampai masanya kita berhenti menulis dan hidup seperti yang dialami oleh orang lain. Mahu rasanya berfikiran seperti orang lain yang membiarkan 'si Luncai terjun dengan labu-labunya'
         Mari kita sama-sama memikirkannya. Saya doakan isteri saudara cepat sembuh. Dan saya juga pernah merasa apa yang saudara alami itu, ia itu ketika arwah bapak saya masih ada.Bapak saya dulu juga mengalami keadaan sedemikian.
         Sehingga berjumpa lagi. Salam.

30 Mei 2015

Hussein ABDUL HAMID shared this via Google+

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Saudara Abu Hassan...saya mula menulis pada pukul 5 pagi hari Sabtu ini...dan apabila saya menerima "comment" saudara di atas saya sangat merasa terharu. Memang kandang kadang kita mesti bertanya diri sendiri apakah betul dan berfaedah dengan apa yang kita lakukan. To be honest (maaf saya "speaking" sikit) I have already decided to stop blogging last night but by the time I awoke this morning, I know that I must try to do my part to stop the lunacy that is not destroying our country, our people and of course, our race. And so I write! Salam. 

Najib and Rosmah are the kind of human beings that we hear people talk about most often in some tin-pot alley countries in Africa, the the Middle East and some countries in Eastern Europe.

Berita Daily

29/05/2015 08:54 AM
The bigger they are, the harder they fall
History has so many stories to tell of leaders who think that their position is God-given and it's only a matter of time before they fall from grace
Hussein Hamid

History has often told us that men and women like Najib and Rosmah will ultimately pay a price for what they do. Not in the hereafter but while they still breath and are able to understand what is happening to them. We have seen this with Marcos, with Suharto, with Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisa. With Gaddafi, with Ceaușescu, with Saddam Hussein, with Mubarak of Egypt.

Even Kings are driven into exile. King Farouk of Egypt, King Constatine of Greece and the Shah of Iran to name a few. History has so many stories to tell of leaders who suffer from delusion of grandeur and those who think that their position is God given. Their fall from grace is not if, but when!

Najib and Rosmah are the kind of human beings that we hear people talk about most often in some tin-pot alley countries in Africa, the the Middle East and some countries in Eastern Europe.

Somehow through accident of birth or by some sleight of hand they secure political power and take their undeserved place in government.  Without further ado they proceed to reign and lord it over that country for the advantage, gain and glory of their personal self ,oblivious to anything else but their own welfare.

And very soon they are lost in their own vainglories!

So what will be the fate of Najib and Rosmah?

You and me....we have a front row seat to bear witness to their fate and the ultimate price they will pay for their intransigences.

We have all been following their fortunes in the past few months with much interest.

click here to read more at Berita Daily

cakap cakap...The time to decide if my time is better spent working on this blog or in the care of my wife has come.

The time to decide if my time is better spent working on this blog or in the care of my wife has come. I can no longer do justice to doing both at the same time - and there is no question who or what comes first. 

It is now close to midnight and my heart tells me that blogging about current affairs in Malaysia is not the thing to do when I can better spend the time in the care of my wife. You see I have had to pull my hands away from her grasps, get out of bed and go to the desk beside our bed to write this. And as I did that it woke her from her sleep and she is watching me questioningly as to why I had to do that. And I know I do not want to do that anymore than is necessary if I can help it. So that is why I need to tell you all that I intend to do just that. Spend more time with my wife than work on this blog. 

That does not mean that I will stop writing all together. I do not think I can do that as I know there are still many things I want to write about - but it will not be as often as I am used to doing.         

It just occurred to me this evening when I realized that she is increasingly more frail as I watch her eat. It may be her dementia but I know that eating, as is doing any other physical thing, is an effort for her. 

I see and can feel her hand trembling when she reaches out to me for support as I walk her to the bathroom in the mornings. Walking is an effort for her and this I can see in her eyes every time I reach out to take her hand to help her walk. And there is nothing I can do about it but to be there for her to make these things easier for her to do. 

So tonight as we went to sleep together I made the decision to devote more time to her and less time on steadyaku47. I hope you will understand why steadyaku47 will no longer be what it was before - a labor of love for me because my love needs me more than this blog. 

But write I still will as and when I can.

There is just too many things wrong with our political leaders who are in charge of the affairs of our nation for us to keep silent. Until we are rid of these toxic and cancerous blight on the well being of our people, our nation and our future, each of us, in our own way, must do what we can to rid ourselves of them. I will continue to write.     

Wednesday 27 May 2015

cakap cakap...Najib giving up?

You want to know what it will be like in the coming days as a desperate Najib tries to hangs on to his job? 

Glancing through yesterday's headlines, the following are just three reports on 1MDB and the ramifications of its current malaise - or as some wags would have it, its impending demise.    

  • Need for PM's approval on 1MDB deals a known fact, CEO says.
  • The requirement to obtain the prime minister's written approval for any financial deals undertaken by 1 Malaysia Development Bhd was never hidden from public knowledge, the troubled fund's chief executive said today.
  • Bank negara confirms told about 1MDB-BSI 'cash' issue by Singapore.
  • Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) today confirmed receiving a report from its Singapore counterpart on a complaint lodged by BSI Bank about 1Malaysia Development Bhd's

  • Tenaga loses RM6b after shares drop amid rumours of buying 1MDB assets.
  • Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) has bled RM6 billion after speculation that the electricity company may buy 1 Malaysia Development Bhd's (1MDB) power assets caused its shares to drop in the share market.

In a nutshell it confirms what we already know about 1MDB.

The first report confirms that Najib Tun Razak approved all financial deals undertaken by 1MDB. In short he had knowledge off and approved in writing all financial deals undertaken by 1MDB. The same financial deals that has caused 1MDB current RM42 billion debts.

The second report confirms that 1MDB has officially reached that level that has made it necessary for another country's financial authority - in this case Singapore's Nasional Bank  - to inform Malaysia's Nasional Bank of a complain lodged by a Singapore Bank against 1MDB.

The third report heralds the impending financial Armageddon when the 1MDB shit really hits the proverbial fan! Just on a rumor that it might be involved in a 1MDB "bailout" has caused TNB to lose RM6 billion. 

And are there still Umno leaders waiting in line to praise Najib Razak for his wisdom and sterling leadership of our nation? 

The same Najib that is now being called a LIAR to his face by Tun Mahathir? 

I am running out of adjective to hantam Najib with but "village idiot" seems appropriate given the present conundrum he is now in. 

What do you think he will be thinking about while doing his morning ablutions today? He is standing naked in the middle of Seri Perdana's master bedroom bathroom and he is trying to decide whether he needs to empty his bowels, brush his teeth or  have a shower first. He cannot decide because his brains are all scrambled with thoughts of 1MDB, thoughts on whether he will still be PM at the end of the day and most worrying of all, with thoughts of what Rosmah would do to him if he did lose his job as PM. 

So Najib is standing naked in the middle of Seri Perdana's master bedroom bathroom dithering about what he should do : like a village idiot trying to decide whether he has enough time to unzip his trousers before he pees even as he has already started to pee in his pants. And I think the state of Najib's mind this morning would see him doing all three - empty his bowel, brush his teeth and have a shower at the same time -  because that is how he is running our nation from the time he became PM. Like a village idiot who has no clue as to what he is doing!

But stupidity alone does not explain what Najib is doing. 

It takes a village of idiots to keep that idiot of a Prime Minister in office! 

BN, Umno and the PMO has plenty of them - all putting up their hands eagerly waiting to be counted as a fellow idiot.  And you must not forget the large contingent of "rent an idiot crowd" that are called upon from time to time by Najib and his village of idiot to front up in public places to "show" their support for that idiot of our Prime Minister! 

I have said it before and I will say it again. We are past the tipping point.  Give up lah Najib...give up before they come for you and have their way with you. 


Tuesday 26 May 2015

Flyer1668 comment on Arul Kanda giving the finger to PAC

steadyaky47 comment: Just when we thought that this Najib feller cannot do anything more stupid than what he has done so far ...he comes up with more!

Does anyone in Bolehland think that Arul Kanda would dare to give the finger to PAC if Najib had not given his nod to Kanda to do so?

Najib o Najib....aku panggil engkau bodoh engkau marah pulak!

Najib is on a one way trip, no stopping at go to collect $200, no about turn, no u turn, no diversion....not left or right turn....he is on a one way trip to Hell and there is no turning back. Read what flyer1668 has to say about it all. I agree!  


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"Arul Kanda giving the finger to PAC"

Pak Hussein,

Just to share this...

"He also stressed that when concerns began to be raised pertaining to 1MDB, he has ordered the A-G and the PAC for a detailed explanation."

“I have ordered the A-G and PAC to investigate 1MDB’s books.

Anyone found guilty of embezzlement or misappropriation will be brought to justice..."

May 17, 2015 - 1MDB: Najib Promises To Bring Those Guilty In Embezzling To Justice -

Well, Arul Kanda has been well advised & groomed by his "Masters" & so the same finger also applies to PAC's from his Master...!

"...There is something about a court of law that scares Prime Minister Najib Razak and wife Rosmah Mansor. Why?

Because in a court of law, anything you say will be recorded for public record and you would not dare, unless intentionally, lie in an open court.
So when the issue of calling the first couple to take the witness stand in the sodomy trial against Anwar Ibrahim came around, both Najib amd Rosmah took the easy way out - show us the subpoena!

The KL High Court was told they had refused to co-operate. Interviews are usually conducted to determine whether a witness will be called to testify in a trial. “They have refused to come to court, to be interviewed by the defence unless they were served with a subpoena,” Solicitor-General II Mohd Yusof Zainal Abiden told the court.

More than likely, Najib and Rosmah may have been briefed by the Attorney General, who must have assured the first couple it was fine to hide behind technicality. Both husband and wife have been accused of hatching the sodomy charges iagainst Anwar in a bid to tarnish and derail his political career.

A subpoena or summons is issued by a court of law to compel a person to be a witness in a court of law. It is provided for under Section 34(1) of Act 593 - Criminal Procedure Code. And this is the technicality that Najib and Rosmah are hiding behind. Until and when a judge signs a summons order, the two are not obliged to appear in court.

Judiciary muzzled since the 80s

This bit of technicality enforces the fact that the Judiciary in Malaysia is in such a broken state that law and order is dictated by an elite few who hold high office in Malaysia.

The 1988 Malaysian constitutional crisis (also known as the 1988 judicial crisis) was a series of events that began with United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) party election in 1987 and ended up with the suspension and the eventual removal of the Lord President of the Supreme Court, Tun Salleh Abas, from his seat.

The Supreme Court in the years leading up to 1988 had been increasingly independent of the other branches of the government.

Matters then came to a head when Mahathir Mohamad, who believed in the supremacy of the executive and legislative branches, became Prime Minister.

Many saw his eventual sacking of Salleh Abas and two other Supreme Court judges as the end of judicial independence in Malaysia, and Mahathir's actions were condemned internationally.

Since 1988, there have been regular calls for an official review of the government's actions throughout the crisis.

In 2008, newly appointed de-facto Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim said the government had to make an open apology to the sacked judges, calling the government's actions during the crisis "inappropriate". Not long after, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi called the crisis one which the nation had never recovered from, and announced ex gratia compensation for the sacked and suspended judges.

And though all the above was done by Najib’s predecessor, it had not return the judiciary to its former state. Instead, Najib himself has successfully manipulated the courts so as not be called as witness even-though his involvement in both the Scorpenes and Sodomy II cases are glaring..."

You be the judge.

Monday 25 May 2015

Quickies : Arul Kanda giving the finger to PAC.

1MDB chief Arul Kanda to skip PAC probe tomorrow

KUALA LUMPUR, May 25  — The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) will not get to grill 1 Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) chief executive Arul Kanda Kandasamy tomorrow as he has excused himself from attending the parliamentary committee hearing.

It is understood that Arul and his predecessor, Datuk Shahrol Halmi, had written in to inform the committee that they would not be able to attend the hearing as they are currently overseas.

steadyaku47 comment : 

This is the reaction of a number of people who were asked for their reaction to Arul Kanda Kandasamy excusing himself from attending the parliamentary committee hearing on 1MDB. I have nothing to add to their comments.

cakap cakap... Syiok sendiri aja!

Hi has not been a good week for me....blogging wise lah....not life wise! Life is still good but blogging wise I got that once in a blue moon dreaded "mental block". I simply did not have the mood to write and when that happens I know better than to fight it....thank God that changed over the weekend. Back to speed as of Sunday!

Winter is upon us in Melbourne - and Winter in Melbourne is wet, windy and cold but no complains from me because its all good when you are dressed for the weather. Even the rain is a welcomed bother when it comes because it gives a sense of calm and freshness all around me. 

I am now writing for Berita Daily.  At 67 years of age I am loath to put myself to any writing datelines and it took some thinking for me to do this but a friend there asked that I do so and knowing his work ethics, I had no hesitation in doing so. It still gives me a "kick" to see my articles published there. Syiok sendidri aja!

For a few months I was with Nuffnang and has adverts plastered all over my blog. I worked hard at increasing my reader base and managed to more than double the clicks that I normally have but after a few months all that translated into was about RM$10 income a week. I just did not see the point of having adverts all over my blog for that amount of money I cancelled out of Nuffnang. Has anybody else earned more from them?

 I have stopped viewing those beheading and execution videos that is all over You Tube. I do not think I can stomach anymore of those kind of insane brutality - what one human being can do to another human being is beyond belief. And I am getting sick of the constant Muslim/Islamic bashing that is also all over the Internet! Can you get it into your head that people are different from you? I have never tasted Avocado and I hate Chilies. Does that make me an evil person to someone who likes Avocado and loves Chilies? If you have something against Muslims, Christians or Buddhists then just leave them alone. Do not go looking for things to say or do against them. Just accept that there are people who are different from you, have views that are different from you and do things that are different from you. And leave them alone....unless they intrude into your personal space.

Now politicians are a different kettle of fish. They intrude into my personal space all the time - especially those in Malaysia. They are ruining my country, bashing my people and making a mockery of all the morality and ethics that they have promised to uphold and practice. So must hantam them lah!

Almost noon on a Monday and I have to think about lunch and plan for dinner. No washing to do this morning because I did all that I had to do on Sunday. Another week to live out and another day to go through with those that I love close by. May the coming week be as good for you all as I will make mine to be as good as I want it to be for me. Peace.     

Is Najib and Rosmah suffering from delusions of grandeur?

Berita Daily

25/05/2015 08:34 AM
Is Najib suffering from delusions of grandeur?
The fight now is whether to allow that delusion of grandeur of the PM and his wife to fester and blight out economy, our government, our future and our way of life
Hussein Hamid
So why is Najib the way he is? A bumbling "I walk into walls" kind of Prime Minister who seems oblivious to the fact that his tenure as Prime Minister is under severe threat?

Why indeed! He wants to remain Prime Minister for all the wrong reasons!

He and his wife have grown accustomed to living in Seri Perdana. Grown accustomed to the Police out riders and security details that follows them everywhere. With the Private Jets at their beck and call to go where there is government business to do - to Milan, to New York, London...places where the shopping do not get any better! And of course there are those millions if not a billion or two of ringgit to be made if anyone is inclined to abuse and misuse the office of Prime Minister for financial gain.

The office of Prime Minister in the hands of Najib and Rosmah gives new meaning to money politics, nepotism and what arrogance in high public office constitute - especially when there are no consequences or punishment for what they do.And this we have seen happen time and time again as the Prime Minister and his wife eagerly tests the limits of what a Malaysia Prime Minster and his wife can do while in office.

Najib is President of Umno, head of Barisan Nasional and Prime Minister of Malaysia at the pleasure of Umno, its office bearers and its members.

How that ' pleasure' is given and sustained between periods of Umno's party elections is a fascinating mix of money politics, patronage and factionalism as decided by those seeking those high office that are on offer from time to time during Umno's party elections.

How this has been done in the past and how it is being done now has been the subject of countless discussions, debates and many many articles written more times than there are seconds in a minute, in an hour or even in a day. Suffice to say that matters have come to a head within Umno because Umno has once again agreed to disagree amongst themselves.

Click here to read more at Berita Daily

Are the Police really bastards?

In the 1960's and 1970's being a Police Officer was an honorable vocation heavy with the burden of responsibility. Responsibility of keeping the peace and the Rakyat safe and secure. The uniform was worn with pride and was also looked upon by the Rakyat as being a symbol of authority and the "go to person" when there is trouble of any kind. The calming effect of seeing a Policeman in times of unrest and troubles was certainly one that the Rakyat appreciated and was grateful for. Their presence was enough to bring order and calm to any untoward situation.

Today, to many Malaysian, the IGP is seen as a clown tweeting himself into the realms of the Pak Pandirs and Bujang Lapok genre but without the accompanying affection that we look upon these "clowns" who bring laughter and joy into our lives. What this IGP brings into our lives is a wonderment tinged with disgust that someone of his stature is unable to understand when what he does as the head of PDRM descends into comedy and farce. He will forever be seen as that tweet of an IGP!

I sometimes wonder how is it that PDRM has become what it is today - the object of deserved contempt and disgust from the Rakyat. The Rakyat who have too often seen and been the victim of  police corruption, The Rakyat that have seen police brutality and police disregard of their rights and need for safety and security in their lives.  

Do not get me wrong.

There are still good people in the Police Force who worry about the state of our nation and are concerned about the safety and security of the ordinary people. They understand that their bosses now have no choice but to play politics of the Umno kind if they want to get ahead in the force. They know that some of them pander to the wishes of their political masters not only to get ahead in the Force but also for financial gain. Politics and the underworld all have potential for those who wants to make a profitable living while in the Police Force. "Cari Makan" they tell me with a shrug of their shoulders. Politics wins over the underworld because there is money and promotions for the taking if you are prepared to be the running dog of your political masters.  

The power entrusted to those in the Police Force is enormous. They are armed and if they are want to, can be dangerous capable of inflicting great harm, even death on those whom they perceived to be deserving of their wrath. We are mindful of this for they have inflicted unwarranted physical harm and mental anguish on many, many of our people. The rule of law today is no longer ours to determine. It is determined by those who are entrusted with the duty and responsibility of carrying it out and more often than not it is abused and used for political expedience of the worse kind - that of suppressing dissent against the BN government.    

But if you surf the net and look at some of the videos posted on YouTube, you will see that  many Malaysians are no longer afraid of PDRM. The following video in indicative of how Malaysians are now reacting to PDRM.  In this video it is one man against a number of Policemen and yet he is not afraid, not intimidated and certainly not worried about what the police would do to him.

Yes there is the threat of physical harm when the Police gets you on their own terms but what you see that guy do in the face of so many Policemen is heartening. He stands up for his right. He faces the Police squarely and asks what they are doing to him.There are cameras capturing every moment of that confrontation...and this is what the Police are mindful of now days.  

Today there are many who will stand face to face with Police officers who comes to arrest them.

Today there are many who will confront Ministers and even the Prime Minister and say to them in their face what they think of them.

Today there are too many Malaysian who are no longer cowered by physical threat from PDRM.  They no longer fear arrests. They no longer fear the midnight knock on their door by Special Branch officers. They know that the minute they are arrested the world will know and they know that even within PDRM there are many sympathetic to their plight.

For by now the public have had enough of the bullying tactics that PDRM have time and time again wreck upon those whom they are able to overpower by sheer numbers. The following video is a good example of what a herd of cowardly policemen will do to one of our own when they are in numbers.

PDRM thinks that might is right. But only when they are in numbers large enough to ensure their own safety.

Watch the video below  and you will see how cowardly they are when faced with just one irate Indian who is venting his anger upon the police. We know that if that Indian was in a police cell he would have most probably be brutally beaten but the Police will not do anything if they are going to get hurt in the process. 

Three policemen against one are still not good enough odds...maybe ten against one Indian would be good odds for these police bastards!

I have always wondered how much Malaysian would endure before they retaliate against any authorities that inflicts physical harm on their bodies? 

They have already retaliated against politicians who they think do not deserve  to hold office. This you can already see with the loss by Umno of their popular mandate to govern in the last general election.

When do we start to retaliate against the Police for being bullies? When do we start retaliating against the police for being so corrupt and causing so many of us great financial hardship by demanding bribes?

I think now is a good time as any.

The flood of comments posted on the Net belittling and making fun of the Tweet of an IGP is heartening! Even he must not fail to see the thousand of adverse comments made against his him - and yet he continues to make an idiot of himself.

Let every mobile phone user be our eyes to expose police corruption, police brutality and any abuse of PDRM's powers upon any Rakyat but let us also highlight the good that many in PDRM also do. Let us remind ourselves that there are more good cops than bad cops in PDRM but as always it is always the bad ones that gives the good cops a bad name.

Sunday 24 May 2015

Quickies : Dumb and Dumber

 Laurel and Hardy

 Sony and Cher
Smart Girl Stupid Guy.

Very Smart Girl very Stupid Man.
Ditto as above
Ditto as above.
Dumb and Dumber

Friday 22 May 2015

Why can't Najib realise the folly of his ways?

Berita Daily

22/05/2015 12:45 PM
Even if he is unable to comprehend everything before him, he still has enough advisers who should be able to guide him and make him understand 
Hussein Hamid

Sometimes a voice in my head tells me that we Malays already have enough on our plates. We do not need one of our own to wash our dirty linen in public. I, me and myself sometimes discuss, argue and debate  into the early hours of the morning on what I should and should not write about the Malays and more often than not we agree to disagree.

We disagree on whether Malay leaders have the interest of the Malays at heart. We disagree on matters of Royalty and their place in the Malay psyche. We disagree on the good or bad that Ketuanan Melayu does.

We disagree on whether Bahasa has united the various races at the cost of curtailing our ability to go forth into the world where English is a prerequisite for anyone to do well in any chosen field of endeavour.

We disagree on the increasingly invasive role of Islam not only in the lives of the Malays and other Muslims but also in the use of Islam to advance the agendas of political parties - but we are in agreement on one irrefutable truth. Malays against the Indians and the Chinese are a people still in its infancy for history to judge.

Our trials and tribulations consists not of enduring great wars and conflicts, we are more the descendants of travellers who braved stormy seas and harrowing journeys over land to live and trade where we can.

My ancestors are Bugis. It seems that they landed in this part of the world on their way to the holy land to take shelter from stormy seas and decided to settle here.

Whether that was after the trip to the Holy Land or whether that trip to the Holy Land was forgotten is unclear - what is certain is that they settled in these parts of the archipelago.

My grandfather was born in 1889 in Pekan and his father was born in 1869 in Singapore... and so it goes back... back to the time when my Bugis ancestors first landed in this part of the world.

In truth I do not feel myself a Bugis. A Malay maybe. A Malaysian certainly. All things considered I am now me - a husband, a father and an avid blogger who lives in Melbourne.

True, I am a product of all that have come before me but today I have become the person I want to be without any concessions to my Bugis ancestors, to my Malay race or to my country of birth or my country of residence. And so what I write reflects that "me" that I have now become.

Good or bad I have done "growing up".

Click here to read more Berita Daily 

Balle Balle

Ray Charles : Take These Chains from my Heart

Thursday 21 May 2015

Muhyiddin makes his stand in 1MDB. Kalau Najib tak faham lagi....

steadyaku47 comment: And this is what I wrote on 21st April:

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

cakap cakap.... As of this week that balance is poised to tilt. Tilt Tun Mahathir's way!

Perception and reality. Good or Evil. Right or wrong. Truth and Lies....these are just not only words that can evoke much passion within us all but these are also values that can stir within us all  emotions that will drive many of us to make right what is wrong, make good what is evil and expose truth where there are lies.
For most of my adult life politics has been nothing more than a momentary distraction that comes and goes as elections are held and done with and life then goes on as before. From time to time there were other distractions. PAS and DAP were the main culprits, but always Umno emerged triumphant and all was back to normal.
Rule of law prevailed. The Police kept the peace and left us feeling safe and secured. The Judiciary was just. The Civil Service was...well the Civil Service - slow, plodding and pedantic but functioning without political undertones - its neutrality a given.
And then came Anwar Ibrahim and everything changed.
You and I became aware that what was good in Umno was in reality evil. Corruption, arrogance and nepotism was rampant.
What was right was wrong - Ketuana Melayu was being abused by politicians for personal gain.
And the truth were really lies - Umno was not the champions of the Malays nor MCA and MIC the champions for their respective race. 
And since you and I took more than a passing interest in politics things have happened. Pakatan Rakyat came into being, the loss of BN's majority in Parliament, State governments changing hands, the emergence of a credible two party system in Malaysia, the loss by BN of the popular mandate to govern, the passing of Karpal Singh and Tok Guru Nik Aziz and the incarceration of Anwar Ibrahim.  
We each, in our own personal way, did what we thought needed to be done to adjust to these new realities. Good or bad we had to live with the choices we made. For me personally, at age 60 I started blogging.  
Now fast forward to today : April 2015.
Why has there been an outpouring of support bordering on hysteria and adulation for what Tun Mahathir is today trying to do - the removal of Najib Razak as Prime Minister of Malaysia?
The same Mahathir that has been reviled and the object of much odium and scorn by many for the things he did while in office? The same Mahathir whose creed was the ends justify the means - even if that meant interfering with the Judiciary and using the ISA to manage his political opponents?
Two words : Najib and Rosmah.
Impossible as it may seems, these two  attracts more odium, disgust and contempt than Mahathir ever did. The outpouring of support for Mahathir is in direct proportion to the angst people have over the antics of Najib and Rosmah. Like water finding its own level the people of Malaysia too are finding their own level in their support for Mahathir and against Najib and Rosmah.
As of this week that balance is poised to tilt. Tilt Tun Mahthir's way!
Whether real or perceived Najib increasingly fells isolated. A desperate  Najib begins to feel that the walls are closing in around him. The office of Prime Minister can no longer shield him from the demands of Tun Mahathir and the people of Malaysia for him to explain why his six years in office has come to this : 1MDB, Rosmah and a Prime Minister explaining perception and reality to his people!
But it will only start to matter when those within Umno begin the process of realigning their loyalties with whatever side they think will remain standing after Najib Razak and Tun Mahathir have fought the last battle.
Already Muhyiddin and two of Umno's three vice president have publicly distanced themselves from Najib. The first Ketua Bahagian to break rank and come out in support of Tun Mahathir will herald the beginning of the end for Najib.
For now we can only wait.
We live in interesting times. Let the games begin!    

Monday 18 May 2015

Is it not time we be in charge of our nation?

Berita Daily

18/05/2015 09:54 AM
Is it not time we be in charge of our nation?
Anything said and done by anyone in public office is now minutely scrutinised and broken down into bits and pieces.
Hussein Hamid

The leaders we have today in government and in opposition know that increasingly they are being judged by what they do in public office.

The remnants of the past where unbridled political power had breed arrogance and a haughty disregard for the welfare and wellbeing of the very people upon whom their political power originates are over.

Yes, you can still get away with the abuse and misuse of political office but you will be pulled up and be made to explain what it is that you have done and why.

Your spouse and family can still get away with pushing their weight around and take unfair advantage of their ties with you but they do so knowing full well that what they do will somehow be within the public domain for all to see.

click here to read more at Berita Daily

This is what weak leaders do.

Berita Daily

They try to make things happen that they think will strengthen their weakness.
Hussein Hamid

In the times of all the other prime ministers before Najib Razak, the office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia was still one unsullied by the antics and demands of individuals who should be far removed from the highest office of our nation.

Individuals who would not, in normal circumstance, have even considered going to Putrajaya to plead their case, can now have the privilege of having the prime minister be judge, jury and executioner of their case - and have these judgment made to favor their cause!

No carpet seller in their right mind would consider gong to see Tun Razak, Hussein Onn, Mahathir Mohamad or Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for any other reason than maybe sell them carpets - what more claiming himself to be a "confidant" of the wife of the prime minister.

Would someone with a tale of being sodomised be able to make an appointment to see Mahathir when he was prime minister?

I doubt if any minister in Mahathir's cabinet would entertain that thought for they had other more pressing national issues to attend to.

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Sunday 17 May 2015

Nib Mihar : Then we have Petronas...To save our country's ass!

 A Poem by Nib Mihar.

Let us look back over the years
All the agony, all the tears
In this land of ours
The scandals which were enormous

The Bumiputera Malaysia Finance
The scandal that got out of hands
Billions lost at our expense
When loans were given to friends

Jalil Ibrahim was murdered
He knew too much it was rumoured
His body was discovered
But the truth remained covert

Two dollar Maminco was created
To control tin price it was intended
Still the tin price went absurd
Billions lost was never expected

Bank Negara Malaysia made a loss
Played Forex like George Soros
RM30 billion were lost
All at taxpayers cost

Perwaja came to the fore
Industrialization was the core
Losses made but still they want more
Our money to save the iron ore

Crony Eric Chia appointed to rescue
To make profits that was overdue
But it became more 'haru biru'
RM10b lost our money too

Then we have Petronas
To save our country's ass
Konsortium Perkapalan losses amassed
Whose company, make a guess

Paid out by the billions
As instructed by those lions
We became servile minions
Even if we lost trillions

MAS shares at eight ringgit
Were sold to a so called pundit
At less than half the price of it
Tajudin Ramli the name of the culprit

MAS got worse
And it burst
As usual, bail out we must
To save it from further rust

Now we have PKFZ
Another money making target
By those idiots who set
To make as much as they can get

Then came the NFC
RM250 million paid to a Minister's family
Agreement not signed but paid already
The intention to buy cows overseas

Taxpayers money were used
To purchase condominiums we are not amused
That was really an abuse
Don't make it an excuse

They say this is the mother of all scandals
1MDB created by those rascals
Should we throw at them our sandals
To show disgust at how they handle

Tabung Haji meant to rescue
Do you think they have a clue?
Under instruction, it is true
From you know who

But what have we done?
Just sitting under the sun
All these scandals one by one
We still elect them to run

Then why complain
About the rain
And the pain
We are not going to gain
Our anger all in vain
Because we select them again
Again and again

Keep sharing the poem...until someday there is light at the end of this nightmarish tunnel!

Friday 15 May 2015

B.B. King Dies.

Blues legend B.B. King has died in Las Vegas aged 89, his lawyer confirmed on Thursday.
Attorney Brent Bryson said King died peacefully in his sleep at 9:40 p.m. PDT at his Clark County, Nevad home in Las Vegas. 
King, widely regarded as the 'King Of Blues', sold millions of records worldwide, won 15 Grammy Awards and was inducted into the Blues Foundation Hall of Fame in 1980 and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987.